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  1. All those draft pick Browns 0–10

    No....nobody plans on being bad. Nobody tanks. Tanking is just a BS theory made up by fans in the hope to land THE player that will save a franchise. You draft where you draft. It is up to the GM to make it all work out by drafting the right players, and making the right moves to get said players if they need to.
  2. Gumption AND mustard do NOT go well together....just sayin!
  3. You mean, $6.50 with tax and tip, right?
  4. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Sounds like the whole NFL is going to tank for Sam Darnold. Because that's what professionals do...they tank. Always tank.
  5. Bowles Sees no Need to Play Young QB’s

    I am not disagreeing with what you are saying: But if he was safe, and he knew it, I think he would be willing to play the younger guys and see who is what. But he is coaching for his job, and it isn't going very well, IMO at least
  6. Bowles Sees no Need to Play Young QB’s

    To me, this is Bowles showing his hand here. IF he was safe this year, he would be playing the young guys and seeing what he has so the team can assess the QB's on the team and plan for drafting next year. But by playing McCown, this tells me he is NOT safe, and that the only way to 'prove' he is worth keeping is to win as many games with a team that was picked to come dead last. It really is the only thing that makes sense to me as to why Josh McCown keeps getting sent out there every week.
  7. Because they are TRULY offensive. Can we get 4 new starters next year?
  8. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    Technically, I think the Browns are still in the playoff picture too!
  9. Baker Mayfield

    Okay....can't wait until we get our next GM. The interview process will be LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG, given the number of brilliant minds on this website.
  10. Bowles Sees no Need to Play Young QB’s

    Dude....seriously? Read the posts first. Everyone for 8 weeks is bitching about us winning and why we are trying to win. Newsflash, because that is what players and coaches do. So if that means McCown is REALLY the best choice, then he will be put out there unfortunately. I would LOVE to see Hack and Petty out there. They should be playing, to see what we have. But unfortunately, Bowles sees things differently on how we should be trying to win.
  11. Baker Mayfield

    Why is it SOOOO hard for some fans to understand that players and coaches do not tank?
  12. Bowles Sees no Need to Play Young QB’s

    HA! Soooooooo true....
  13. Bowles Sees no Need to Play Young QB’s

    Its not about genius stuff. Players and coaches who actually play the sport play to win. End of story. Armchair GM's and athletes 'tank' for better draft positions in hopes that 'next' year is the one.
  14. Bowles Sees no Need to Play Young QB’s

    Problem is, what kind of power does Mac have to do anything about it IF its true that Bowles reports directly to Woody, rather than answering to the GM? IF this is true, which it has been stated many times here that it is, this was/is doomed from the start, and will be again unless Woody relinquishes control to his GM>
  15. Can it happen soon? Like, really soon? Like tomorrow? Or maybe sooner?
  16. Baker Mayfield

    That puts him better than most guys who have played QB here the past three years.
  17. When can we Fire the Offensive Line?

    There are 4-5 guys this year who might be available in the 3rd this year. Might be a good spot to draft a guy.
  18. When can we Fire the Offensive Line?

    I have no problem with that, or a QB and one o-lineman and filling one spot at FA. Problem is, there is a LITTLE bit out there for LT, but they will get resigned, so the draft will have to get us a potential starter. Beachum will be here another year thanks to contract, but... There is a little more hope with finding a C in FA, or perhaps you get lucky and find a starting grade in the 3rd-4th round. There is MOST definitely options at Guard, but Carpenter has been good for us, and I don't think Winters has been as bad as everyone makes him out to be (career-wise). This year he has been a bit of a penalty machine. You have to wonder just how bad Wesley Johnson is that perhaps he brings the play of the guards down because they are having to compensate. Same goes for Beachum. Shell has been alright, and with another year could be good. And Qvale has planned decent as a fill in. I can't help but wonder why they don't play Dozier at C. Can he REALLY be any worse than Johnson?
  19. When can we Fire the Offensive Line?

    Carpenter was a good signing. Convenient though. Beachum was all there was when Ferguson retired, but his play has dropped off. And I am not sure what has happened to Winters. He has turned into a penalty machine. But I get it.....everything is Mac's fault, but our next GM will have 12 pro-bowlers on the roster in one clean-sweep!~\
  20. Draft Gurus....HELP!

    Okay....I want to learn about QB's here. All I see, week in and week out this whole season, is Mayfield lighting it up. I was told to watch Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma St. tonight for the 'fireworks.' Mayfield throws 5 TD's and runs in another (granted, he threw 2 INT's), but he has been doing this all season long. Now, GURU'S, tell me....Why should I ignore what he has done all season because he is too small, comes from the wrong offense, doesn't face the right defenses, etc, etc,....and tell me why Sam Darnold is SOOOO much better, is ranked 30+ positions lower, is throwing a TD/INT ration of 2:1, and is overall just not looking that good. BUT....Sam Darnold is going to go #1, and if he DOESN'T. the franchise NOT picking him is idiotic, yet, Baker Mayfield will be lucky to go high in the second round...., Someone more educated than me PLEASE explain what is so great about this guy that I am NOT, repeat, NOT, seeing.
  21. There isn't a big enough word to describe the collective dump this team is taking today
  22. When can Buster Skrine be Unemployed?

    Not bad....it only took two posts until it turned into a "FIRE MAC" thread. That's impressive, even for this group.
  23. Again, what is he suppose to say? He was a waste of a pick? You can say that when you've got Rex Ryan's current job after the fact. You can throw all the people under the bus you want. But in the meantime, they are all great, or they are improving.
  24. Mock Off Season

    Drafting Rosen is MUCH less stomach-churning than giving up all those picks to get him.
  25. Mock Off Season

    As long as the Jets don't trade up for Rosen and give up all those picks, I would be in.