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  1. Again....I am not against picking offense. But you HAVE to be flexible. If Jamarr Chase, or Sewell, or Pitts falls to 23 and Kwity Paye is there as well, I take Pitts without hesitation. BUT If Kwity Paye is sitting there, but we take Najee Harris or Travis Etienne at RB, or we take Ver Tucker at T, or Rashad Bateman or Rondale Moore at WR, or Josh Myers at C, that is just INSANE. You can't get a player like Paye later in the draft, but you sure can get all those offensive players listed later. This is another deep draft with offensive talent. We are arguing a hypothetical
  2. Well, than all I can say is me personally, glad you ain't running the show! Because if the Jets pick a guard when the draft is deep with guards and Kwity Paye is sitting there, my TV will go out the window.
  3. And by all accounts, we will take one at #2. We signed two WR in F/A and some camp bodies for the line. We signed a RB and a blocking TE. We signed OL depth and resigned some guys on the line. We will be drafting players on that side of the ball. BUT... If a guy like Kwity Paye falls to #23, you take him. Cut and dry. There will still be plenty of opportunities to get a C, guards, TE's, WR's later in the draft. The odds of Paye falling are minimal. But you don't go into the draft saying "we have to take offense no matter what for our first 4 picks.
  4. LOTS of options. If Kwity happened to fall to #23, you take him. But there is a chance here to move down from #23 and #34, and STILL get some great picks on both OL and CB.
  5. Really? REALLY? Let me guess, you love Jamal Adams. Well, personally I'm glad he's gone, and we got two firsts for him.
  6. And again....why? If a guy like Kwity Paye falls in the draft and we have to take offense. No way.
  7. What do you think Hubbard's 40 time did? Most mocks had him going in the 4-5 round area. Ya gotta think that has changed?
  8. Joe Douglas might not work out. His draft picks might not pan out. BUT.... I have been a Jets fan for over 40 years, and I haven't seen this level of competency since....well, 40 years. In today's day and age, everyone wants results NOW. I get people wanted us back in the playoffs after this one season. You gotta give this guy two more drafts. After that, if we aren't in the playoffs, he is going to be in trouble. But this was a VERY bad football team, thanks to 8 years of drafting poorly. If Kansas City had drafted as poorly as the Jets the eight years prior to Mahomes co
  9. Sorry dude, this thinking just makes no sense.... So, you mean to tell me that it is better to take a guard at #23, even though this draft is deep with OL, if Kwity Paye fell somehow to 23? Mind-boggling.....truly.
  10. Cue the usual suspects (we all know who they are) in 5, 4, 3, 2, ......
  11. Because we aren't getting anyone other than a Hoyer, or A.J. McCarron, or Geno Smith, or Robert Griffin II, or Nick Mullins....That is all there is. We could roll with Morgan, but I think a few people's heads would pop off.
  12. Well, these are Jets fans. Everyone presumes that every player wants to play here, and its always the GM's fault when we don't sign every available player.
  13. You're right...They should call Texas and see if Watson is available for a 3rd, and see if they can get Brees to come out of retirement and back him up. Maybe kick the tires on Josh Allen while they are at it.
  14. The Pitts dream is over. We can grab a CB at either #23 or #34 and a guard at either #23 or #34. We also have Cameron Clark who might push for playing time as well.
  15. Just to help you out, because I wouldn't want you to sound silly: Jamal, Leo and Robbie don't play on our team big fella! And WOW! Three picks in eight years. Maybe you could be the one to go over to John and Mike's house and give them gold stars for all their great work! Then, you could head over to JD's house and fire him since, well, you know he hasn't made the team great in one year like they do in Madden.
  16. Tom Brady says hi. I get it though. Had we have taken Davis instead of James Morgan, who knows? We might have gone 3-13. Guess we'll never know.
  17. So, eight consecutive drafts where there are no picks on the team, and you expect a Madden-like recovery in one draft. You then suggest 9 wins and 23 loses as if that means we should be on, what, our 3rd GM since JD? Seriously dude....Either get some knowledge, or stop posting. This is getting beyond stupid.
  18. Wow....Great for you! Not sure if you realize this is NOT Madden football. It will take at least three drafts to start getting out of the mess that the last season of Mike Tannenbaum, two seasons of John Idzik, and five drafts of Mike Mcgagnan. But you and your clan keep going on about a 4th round QB selection as the evidence for JD's pink slip. You seem to be having fun with that.
  19. I'm surprised you weren't the first person to comment on this thread with, well, you know....agenda and all.
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