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  1. So, why can't we just say he has been doing a good job so far? Is that going to cause some died-in-the-wool SOJF head to explode? To say Wirfs is better, IMO, is incorrect. Becton was a more natural LT, which is what we needed. So, to say that we picked the poorer of the two LT would be like arguing over missing out on Jerry Rice because we drafted Michael Irvin. While Rice was better, there would be no issues in having Irvin. There was three great receivers left on the board when we picked, and JD rolled the dice that one of them would be there within the next 10 picks. What's wrong with saying it was a ballsy move that worked. Because that is EXACTLY what it was. Just like there isn't anything wrong with saying signing a retired centre last year was a bad move. It was. It didn't work. Again, lets be happy with competence, because we haven't had it for awhile. We will hold the genius talk for around 2022 or 2023 after three or four drafts and F/A periods.
  2. Yeah, getting those two first round picks and a third for an always hurt safety who isn't making a difference on his team. You're perspective is getting moronic.
  3. Yeah...No Sh**t. Have you seen our last 10 drafts? I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner.
  4. Not at all.....But so far, the results have been pretty good, considering what we have to work with. One draft isn't going to fix this franchise, no matter how much everybody wants it to. THAT would be a rosy outlook. I have said in all of my posts, and I will say it again here: Lets all meet back here after the draft in 2022, and see where we are, for to criticize anything right now would be pointless. Just like it would be pointless to be over zealous. But as of right now, there is hope. What we have seen from the rookies has been pretty good. Lets see what next year looks like.
  5. Okayish....Holy sh*t dude. That is WAY too harsh for a first year assessment. When you can have your first round pick showing he could be a perennial pro-bowler, and have two others 'flash' as you suggest, a decent player in the 6th, two players who haven't played yet, and another who you rank disappointing (which IMO is FAR too critical of Perrine), I would say that is a F'ing great draft for a draft that has played a little more than half a season. This is, IMO, why Jets fans are so critical. Expectations that are WAY too unrealistic for rookies half a season into their career. Lets take a look in two more years with all of them to see.
  6. Ryan Leaf: I actually thought there was something to the battle between who was better: him or Peyton Manning Vernon Ghoulston: I knew he was a work-out warrior and was absolutely not the final piece of the puzzle. There were MANY who thought that as well, but back in those times before everyone declared they saw that train wreck happening, there were MANY who were on that band wagon....amazing how time affects your perspective. But I DO remember that one quite well.
  7. So, 31 GM's in the NFL apparently don't have eyes.....twice as a matter of fact.
  8. I was always amazed by the arrogance of New Yorkers outside their own little bubble when I worked in Banff during the 1990's. I remember one of my co-workers (who worked in the main cocktail lounge), coming down to the ski lounge (where I worked) and telling me how one of the guests actually said they were looking forward to heading back to New York because they were sick of looking out a window and not seeing buildings. This was the window they were looking at when this woman said it:
  9. Same can be said of the people who think there is zero chance he doesn't force a trade. You play for the team who drafts you.....period. Maybe the same people who are telling him otherwise should stop filling his head with the notion he is Peyton Manning or John Elway, because he isn't. If he is as good as some people think he is, he will be able to go to whatever team drafts him and they will win, especially a team with about 3-4 sold young players, the most money to spend in a year that will see a LOT of players available, and 5 picks in the top 100 this coming draft. All that can turn a franchise around pretty quick.
  10. Then Woody should get TF out of the way and let his football guy make the decisions....Kinda like staying out of the way and letting the business people run Johnson and Johnson!
  11. Clearly the humor did not come through in this, given a few people's reactions now!
  12. Pick me up along the way and we'll make it a roadtrip eh!
  13. No I know dude....It was a joke. There is NO way Matthew Stafford is coming here, unless he wants to take a $30 million pay cut. Who WOULDN'T want to lose $30 million and join the Jets!
  14. Jesus SAR, I will give you one thing: when you go down with the ship, you make sure you drink as much Kool-Aid as you can, even while you're under water.
  15. If we could draft a QB with our number 1 pick AND get Matthew Stafford to back him up if he struggles....ABSOLUTELY!
  16. Sorry guys, don't see it this way. The line wasn't that bad yesterday. Sam had plenty of time on many throws, but held the ball too long, or made terrible throws. The run play-calling was a disaster, but the line played WAY better than it did at the start of the season. I wouldn't sit on this product, but they are not as bad as many are making it out here.
  17. Has anyone noticed there have been a few players who do something well, and then don't get touches the following week? Ty Johnson makes a 34 yard run, and then doesn't touch the ball for 4 weeks. Herndon finally catches some passes and gets touchdown, doesn't get targeted the following week.
  18. Cut down on the SOJ Kool-Aid...First of all that s**t is green. Second of all, its very intoxicating, and clearly you're drunk.
  19. I AM 100 PERCENT SURE OF THE FOUR FOLLOWING THINGS: 1) Joe Douglas will be retained 2) Adam Gase will be fired 3) I am tired of discussing IF Joe Douglas should be retained. 4) I am tired of discussing IF Adam Gase will be fired.
  20. I haven't watched more than 7 quarters of football, but today I watched most of the game. That play call on 4th and 1 I could telegraph sitting in my living room with my limited knowledge of the game. And what's best: you DON'T run behind the 6'7" 360 pound guy! No receivers, nobody in motion, single back in the backfield. Just god-awful playing calling.

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