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  1. Then stop doing it. JD has brought in some great players. Has all of the worked. Of course not. There isn't a GM in NFL history that comes close to batting any better than 50-60 percent of their moves work out. And you are right; after Tannenbaum, Idzik, and Mccagnan, he does look better. How can he BOTCH a head coaching find when there was NOBODY to find? All we have had for two decades is first time coaches. We are not going to agree on this. I am with Joe Namath on this. I like what JD is trying to do. But we can't seem to get coaches in here who can actually get the work done with what the GM provides. Perhaps its time to try something off the wall, like hire a guy like Sean Payton.
  2. Sorry, but this is RIDICULOUS. JD has brought some great players in here. This team is NOT prepared from a coaching standpoint. I never wanted to go here, but it might be time for the Johnson family to get their heads out of their asses, and go get a WINNING coach, not a coach that is a first timer. Other than the 2 seasons of Adam Gase, this team hasn't hired a head coach with experience since Bill Parcells. BILL PARCELLS! This team has too much talent on it to consistently look this out of position on defense, and come out completely flat week after week on offense.
  3. I think this defense might actually be worse than last years, and THAT is saying something. This team, right now, will give up a MINIMUM of 30 points a game.
  4. No clock in Flacco's head on that one. Completely on him.
  5. Good. Someone looks upset on the D-line that they can't play worth sh*t. So someone should!
  6. We make a stop, we have to give them life with a stupid penalty. We can fix the mistake, we not only CAN'T get to the QB, we allow another TD because we can't tackle. This defense is an ABSOLUTE joke....again.
  7. This ******* league is a joke. That said, defense's know not to do this. They can't stop shooting themselves in the foot.
  8. We have a kicker for 1.1 games so far out of three. Lets see if that can eventually work its way to 2/3
  9. 21 straight games we have been behind at some point. WHY? 1) We can't score fast enough. 2) We can't stop people from scoring. There is your answers.
  10. This ******* defense and their inability to EVER have a pass rush is sickening.
  11. The vaunted Jets D pass rush. Until this team can either get players who can get their, or a DC who can scheme players there, this defense will continue to disappoint for a LONG time to come.
  12. Both are on this team until 2024 guaranteed.
  13. Not sure where everyone is getting this about Max keeping him on the bench. It would be Max keeping himself on the field instead of George Fant. Brown would be playing LT.
  14. I voted no, since there is no delusion. Why can't people be excited about how well Flacco has played as a back-up? If this was Mike White, we would be pounding the table for his Canton call. Flacco is 1-1 and in the top QB statistics right now. GREAT! Exactly what we wanted from a back-up QB. And when Zach is ready, he will be playing. There REALLY REALLY REALLY isn't anything to see here.
  15. I would agree. To me, he has MAXED out high picks on the line. OL is one of those positions that should be drafted almost yearly, so you an be developing interior guys to start, perhaps an RT or LT as a starter if your lucky, or at least quality depth. I too feel like that is one area JD should look at. I get it; your an OL guy, and want to spend, spend, spend, on the position. But bigger picture for the entire team: OL isn't fixed by throwing a shi_ ton of money at it and then ignoring it. OL needs constant R & D.
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