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  1. Peyton Manning year one 1998 Indianapolis 16 575 326 3739 26 28 71.2 15 62
  2. 68 percent completion rate in two games, averaging 290 Yards a game, 3 TD's throwing, 1 rushing, 1 INT, with a QB rating over 100.00. McCaffrey only accounts for 89 of Darnold's 580 yards though. Pretty close!
  3. Listen, I wanted Sam gone too. Didn't look like it would work after year one. But ya got to admit; he has looked pretty good his first two games with an OL, a good WR corp, and a great RB.
  4. If it smells like garbage. If it sounds like garbage. If it acts like garbage. Then, well......its probably
  5. Two games, and I guess we are giving up on him. No wonder this franchise takes one step forward, and five steps back.
  6. Then you were told wrong. Very few here said such. He was a good prospect, but not a generational talent ala Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, etc.
  7. Considering how bad Zach played in the first half, being down 10 points is not insurmountable, especially the way the offense played last week after a stinker of a first half.
  8. LOTS of bad decisions being made right now throwing the ball. Sure he is feeling some jitters.
  9. I was actually just saying Mims was inactive. I didn't know until I read the clicker. Sorry it sounded some other way.
  10. Where he hits his WR in the hands and it goes right through them.
  11. Huh....Who would have thought talent meant crap. I could have SWORE that is what we were looking for. Maybe its time we change direction again as a franchise.
  12. So, all those catches last year don't matter, and the one ball thrown his way on Sunday he caught for 40 yards doesn't matter. Got it.
  13. Um...so if Zach Wilson's development > everything. Period; wouldn't it make sense to put Mims in to help Zach's development by having competent players out there to throw to?
  14. Very true: not deniable. Also fact: He is a 22 year old male learning one of the most important jobs, outside of QB at an insanely competitive level working for a team with a fan base so rabid to see success that some are ready to cut every player after one season if they are not playing at a pro-bowl level. His first season was pretty darned good for a 21 year old kid playing his first season in the pros in a team with almost zero talent on the o-line. Also also fact: It could take some time to make that body ready for the pros. It could take time to develop strength, cond
  15. And, also determined by the guy on this side, I will continue to be annoyed if I find it annoying. I think that's fair!
  16. I get it: Ten years of no playoffs wears thin on a fan base. But changing GM's and coaches like diapers won't work. I hope JD gets the five years he should get. It's the only way to see if a guy has an eye for talent, and learns from mistakes when he misses the mark. But some Jets fans want guys replaced when they don't bring a Super Bowl in the first year. Gotta admit; that gets tiresome to listen to, when you just want to talk about the team, the actual players drafted, etc.
  17. Yeah, suggesting that a GM be fired after two drafts is criticism. Sounds more like the picture. Knock yourself out.
  18. You are one truly annoying human being. You must work hard at it. I presume you'll be applying for a job within the organization soon.
  19. I am a Becton fan Doggin....but something isn't jelling with this kid. I think that has been obvious to just about everyone. He played extremely well for his first year, and showed up overweight and has struggled mightily so far this year. I am not sure what there is to argue about. I am not suggesting we cut him. I am not suggesting we fire JD. But there isn't a problem with protecting the team by drafting another dependable LT either. Only the ones that aren't annoying.
  20. Jesus, go f***ing cheer for another team then.
  21. Jesus, some of you are just absolutely annoying to have to listen to. Truly.
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