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  1. Its not about it being our money, its called the salary cap. You can't sign everyone with less than $100 million.
  2. Some experts are suggesting there could be as many as 20 1st and 2nd round graded WR's in this draft. You could possibly be finding 1st round talent in the 4th round this year.
  3. Sorry dude, he's not the best safety in the NFL... Best safety on the Jets? Sure. The question is: Is this team better paying a safety $15 million a year? I don't think he makes enough of an impact to do that. This is on Mac (yet again) picking a safety when we needed a QB.
  4. In some draft circles, it has been suggested this draft is so deep with WR'S,there could be at least 20 receivers with a 1st or 2nd round grade. We don't need to get Jerry Jeudy to have a good option. That said, this might be a good year to double-dip if Robby Anderson walks in free agency. With having Crowder already on the team, and if Vyncient Smith develops at all, a lower-tier signing, and a double-dip at the draft, things could look good at the position. HOWEVER.....the key in this is a good lower-tier signing AND if the draft picks develop. Our last two GM's were not very good at, you know, drafting quality players.
  5. MIKEY MAC! We didn't know you were Fidelio Jet....How's things now that you are unemployed
  6. Fair....But DuCasse also played in the NFL for 9 seasons.
  7. I want $33 million a season for my job. But I'm not worth that much. Neither is he. Maybe if he has actually done something.
  8. My only argument is this: There is a presumption that Mac would have been smart enough to do all that. Its the same with Mahomes. Imagine if we drafted the position we needed over a safety? Would it have mattered? Mahomes stepped into a great team and Andy Reid to boot. I have no faith that Mac would have all of a sudden learned how to draft and done something. What does he do with the first rounder in 2018? What does he do with picks 37 and 49? What does he do with pick 34 in 2019? I don't think much of Allen's upside, so I would not think we would be better. However, the one I wonder about is Mahomes. I mean, imagine if we drafted him (and I FULLY admit I was against it), and still finished where we did? Imagine the picks we could have got at six, given everyone was hot for all the QB prospects that year. Imagine if Mac all of a sudden learns to draft, nothing changes but we have all the picks back? Would he go Mahomes that year, then go Mike McGlinchey in the first in 2018, followed by Braden Smith and Christian Kirk in the 2nd round. Then, in 2019 he uses that 2nd rounder on Cody Ford? So many possibilities, so little ability at the GM helm drafting all those years. Lets hope Douglas has a solid draft this year and next. That will go a long way in turning this team into a competitive franchise moving forward.
  9. I'm in, but I have NO ******* idea what this is about. Pretty much sums up a lot of my decisions in my younger days really.
  10. I can't tell you the last time the Jets signed a big free agent OL. But I can tell you about the QB's, the RB's, the WR's, the CB's, the Edge Rushers, and the DL which we signed to "big ticket" free agent dollars and they didn't work out. I never said don't sign people. I said, don't go after the Porsche dressed up as a Ferrari, when all you need is a Honda Civic. You get 7 plus new players every year in the draft. Find a way to do that well every year and this team, or any team for that matter, will always be in contention.
  11. 1. Jamal Adams is a pro-bowl player. Doesn't matter if you don't like him, he has earned that moniker. 2. He didn't get to choose where he got picked. Its not his fault our team took a safety at #6 when we needed a QB. 3. He is a vocal leader. 4. He is ALSO a safety; a position you do not pay top dollar for, unless you are either Ronnie Lott or Troy Polamalu. He is neither. 5. CB's and Edge Rushers have FAR more influence regarding a successful defense....of which, we have neither. Here is where the debate is: What makes this team BETTER: A. Handing Jamal Adams $12-15 million a year for the next five years, knowing we have to pay Sam soon B. Getting a capable safety, not of Adams skillset, but decent at a price half that of Adams, and then have potentially two high draft picks this year to help rebuild, and have a few million in the koffers to pay our starting franchise QB in about 2 years?
  12. So you take your time and you successfully build through the draft. Constantly wasting money on big ticket free agents has kept us in the sh*t hold for years.
  13. I'd LOVE to get a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick for Jamal Adams! Then, I woke from the same dream I am in where Salma Hayak is ******* me.
  14. That would be a GREAT trade.....for the Redskins
  15. To be fair; he didn't do anything in his career until lastyear, and then had a great game behind a great line against a bad rush defense.
  16. Brady isn't going ANYWHERE he couldn't play the Pats next year so he can beat them and be 4th in beating all teams.
  17. Unfortunately, we can't deal with this the way it used to be. The guard would have punched him in the face, and nobody would have helped OBJ, because everybody would have looked at him and said "You deserved that bro...you were being a dick."
  18. LITTLE early for that kind of talk. Like, 10 years too early.
  19. Again....Shopping for an All-pro at a garage sale. Lets see what he does with a F/A period and a draft, then we can talk.
  20. I have seen Espeneza going as high as 10 and as low as 65ish. I do hear you Bit....but all it takes is a failed piss test or an assault charge. Not wishing it, don't think it will happen. But, for sh*ts and giggles, lets say he fell to 11. I am just saying to Warfish that even though we need an LT, if Chase Young was staring you in the face, would you take him over O-line.
  21. I get it Bit, but you should know as well as anyone anything can happen at the draft. Was Aaron Rogers suppose to fall to 24? Was Randy Moss suppose to fall to 21? Was Dez Bryant suppose to fall to 24? What happens if there is a bad drug test, a DUI, an assault allegation? The odds are, Chase Young goes #2. But I remember watching that draft with Aaron Rodgers, and there was NO way that was suppose to happen....for any reason.
  22. It would all depend on how the draft plays out. We will have 4 picks in the top 100. What happens if Chase Young somehow fell to number 11? What if A.J. Epenesa fell to the 2nd round? What if Curtis Weaver is there with our second pick in the 3rd round? You never know how a draft will play out. Short of something like that happening, I would agree that our top four picks should be a LT, C, WR, and perhaps a RB. But if there is talent that slips, you sometimes have to take it.
  23. DANGEROUSLY close to a sexist joke. BE CAREFUL! The PC police are everywhere!

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