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  1. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER pay a guy top F/A money who has ONLY put up numbers in his career year. It shows you the effort only comes out when there is money to be made. There is about 1,000 of these examples across all four major sports.
  2. Its the fact that we consider Kare Vedvik a strike that I just can't seem to rap my head around. The guy was literally signed off the street, and if I was ambition enough to find them, there were multiple threads started on how Vedvik should be our target as the kicker to tryout. We got him and he missed a field goal and EP and we blame Douglas. This was NEVER on Douglas, it was on Mac because he didn't want to spend a couple of million dollars on a Pro Bowl kicker, but rather $100 million on a CB that may never play in the NFL again two years after getting a fat contract. The guy can't do anything being hired after FA, the draft, and cut-downs. The cupboards are bare. Lets see what Douglas does from this point on before we start talking about his replacement. I know you are not going there beer, but there are many on this board who already stated that Douglas should be gone and to not let him have even one FA/draft period.
  3. Jesus, here we go again about Douglas having a strike against him because of a kicker found on the side of the road.
  4. I wasn't sold on Paxton Lynch, but he was the draft pick over Darron Lee when you need a QB. You HAVE to have a FQB in this league or you go nowhere, so you keep drafting QB's until you find one. Turns out, neither picked worked.
  5. Woulda coulda shoulda....but didn't. Face fact: Robbie's value in today's market with his production is in the $7-10 million a year range. Just because you guys think he sucks, doesn't make it so. I never said the Jets should spend the money, especially at the higher end. But the reality is, his production and deep zone threat will get him paid.
  6. His production compared to others in the price range.
  7. Resign Poole. We currently have 4 of the top 100 picks. IF they do wind up trading Jamal Adams, that would possibly give you six of the top 100 picks. IF we were to have six of the top 100 picks, I would most definitely consider a CB in one of those.
  8. He can ask for $13-15 million a year. Of course he can. I believe Robby's value is more like $7-10 million a year.
  9. While Adam Schefter is usually bang on, there is NO way I believe there was a STUNNING offer for Williams. He might have all the potential in the world, but he didn't show THAT much potential that someone was going to offer a boatload for him. Not a chance.
  10. Yah, we'll agree to disagree on that. He most definitely is a solid no 2, but I would agree he is not a no 1
  11. Well that's good to know! Now, the problem is, Anderson's not a number 3. Nice things for the Jets ya know....
  12. Don't bother....Logic and Jets fans in many ways does NOT mix well.
  13. And that is fine....We will have a choice of probably Austin Jackson, Alex Leatherwood, Tristin Wirfs as well where we are drafting. Don't like Adams? Sub in one of the others.
  14. Hey Dunnie, just so you know, its not 1997 anymore. Players of Anderson's caliber go for about $10 million a year.
  15. I saw a mock draft where we got the following: 1st - Trey Adams - LT (6'7" 315 pds) 2nd - Creed Humphrey - C (6'4" 328 pds) 3rd - A.J. Terrell - CB (6"2" 190 pds) 3rd - Colin Johnson - WR (6'6" 220 pds) All these players are ranked in the top ten at their position for this draft. You do that on draft day AND get another 1 and three for Adams, which could mean a edge rusher like A.J. Epensesa and a RB like J.K. Dobbins, this team would have the potential to be a WHOLE lot better in one year. Drafting well with six picks in the top 100 can really turn a franchise around. I like Adams, but you have to ask yourself is this team better with Adams and the contract he will demand, or a Edge rusher and another RB on their rookie deals?
  16. Jesus....enough with this "The GM didn't properly evaluate him." The GM was here for two weeks for crying out loud! If you want to bitch about who didn't evaluate him, bitch about the former GM. Bitch about Gase. Bitch about the OC. Bitch about all the other O coaches. The GM got here and said "give me your evaluations on what you need." He was told we need a centre, and he went out and got the best he could find after the table was picked clean at the garage sale. If Joe Douglas goes out next year and craps the bed with his F/A signings and his draft, then we can start assessing this kind of blame. If Joe Douglas keeps the original kicker and doesn't fix the problem, then you assign blame. But to blame him for this season when he came in as late as he does is just postulating. Another reason in a long line of reasons why the NY Jets can't have nice things.
  17. Does Darnold ever get more than 3 seconds in the pocket? Absolutely horrible job in the past decade dealing with the O-line. You know what you need to do Joe Douglas. Go do it.
  18. Wouldn't it be awesome if we had a defense that could actually get off the field on 3rd and long?
  19. Anybody else think we don't need about 3-5 new starters on the OL line next year?
  20. How PATHETIC was that final two minutes by the Jets. THIS is the reason why we suck. This team has no idea how to win.

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