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  1. Ownership, in case this Johnson and Johnson thing doesn't work out.
  2. Any ranking you read shows that Shell is average to above average. Like they said, you can't have elite talent at every position. Replacing Shell, unless his injury is far worse then expected, is one of the last things we need to worry about right now.
  3. If I can get some shots from the show, I will share them!
  4. Read this article. I think it would have been better for them to call it quits about 10 years ago. That said, I will enjoy the bombs and understand that a man who has been singing 100 shows a year for almost 4 decades is going to lose his voice. If he needs a little filler, so be it. People who are shredding Paul Stanley for this are pissed that they go to a factory for their jobs rather than stand in front of 10K people for their's, and still have women half their age want to **** them.
  5. you bet! I will actually be seeing them March 20 in Toronto. It will be my 20th show. I figure I will fly to wherever the final final concert is....that is, until they announce they are not TOURING but then they will have Vegas shows a few times a year. How else do rock stars pay for their retirement except for playing live?
  6. Oh, I wouldn't sign both and then draft both positions. I would perhaps sign Paradis and draft his replacement and then have the center play guard. Again, if we go LT and C with the first two picks, I would be looking at a WR and a project edge rusher in the third.
  7. If the Jets can somehow pick up a second round pick this year, meaning a team high enough in the 1st who picks early enough in the second, we could literally pull a 2006 and draft our LT and C for the next 10 years. Even if you sign a center this year for a few years, drafting a guy who can also plays guard means you have an answer after the free agents contract runs out. This would not be sexy, but it would go a LONG way in setting this team up for a good run.
  8. If anything, it is just as dangerous to fall in love with someone because they can run real fast in a straight line with shorts on as it is to not fall in love with someone because they put in a poor number on a test. These tests can show you a lot. But college production, the ability to absorb football teaching and knowledge, love of the game, and team spirit should be four things that trump anything else.
  9. So, the entire NFL combine events are created to study a variety of physical abilities; abilities which are meant to judge translation to NFL skills. BUT.... we should ignore it all?
  10. Yeah, but don't you know! You just go to school and do what you love. What makes you feel good. Take that 13th century French poetry class! Get that degree English! You will know how to critically analyze things! There is a WHOLE world of $75K jobs just anxiously waiting for you when you graduate and lift you up high on their shoulders, shouting "GREAT JOB!"
  11. Man, you gotta admit Source, he would go off on those that didn't fully agree with his political outlook....including me!
  12. HOWEVER....without the real-life financial situation and education, you would not have been able to save up and buy those Doritios. Unless you stole them, which, well, kinda means the real-life financial situation education is irrelevant.
  13. Does Tony post here like he did at the old site. CBTNY. Classic stuff, especially in the political forum!
  14. Holy crap, the roster is not trash. Are we a Super Bowl contender? No. But we are certainly not the 2016 Cleveland Browns either.
  15. That's a private conversation that should be in a private message....with him.
  16. One mediocre NFL caliber QB in the past 40 years does not make for a bucking trend. Unless the NFL is trending toward lineman/linebackers in the 5'11' range as well.
  17. 5'10" is the shortest QB to play in history. Your exact quote is this: I would be willing to wager that we will see much more QBs of this prototype in the near future. If by prototype you mean athletic, mobile and short, my comment will stand. There is a reason why guys run rampant in the College ranks, and then can't make an NFL team. Height matters at the QB position. Guys like Russell Wilson have shown you don't need to be 6'4", but you also can't be 5'9".
  18. What, QB's in the 5'8" - 5'10" range? I'll take that bet. Actually, not only will I take that bet I will just go on and declare myself the winner of that bet.
  19. Whoever drafts this guy is going to be facing a Johnny Manziel/Ryan Leaf EPIC disaster. Is someone REALLY dumb enough to draft him with a top three pick? SERIOUSLY?

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