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  1. And he is not leaving that sweet gig he has right now to come play for the Jets.
  2. WOW....that's not too much of an over-reaction at all, is it?
  3. Yeah, because we were going to get a 1st or 2nd for this guy. As predicted, someone drastically overvaluing a Jet player's value on the open market.
  4. So your answer to fix the NY Jets is the following: 1) Trade for a 35 year old career backup whose best season was 6-6 in 2011. 2) Trade Sam Darnold for a 5th. Obviously, there is still a drug problem in the U.S.
  5. Its awesome being this smart after the fact!
  6. I'm looking forward to drafting O-line for the first 7 picks of Douglas' GM career.
  7. Yeah, Darnold is all to blame for our offensive woes. We should trade him.
  8. Older Jet Fans: When was the last time you remember a Jets defense actually stopping third and long? 1989? 1990?
  9. You would think there is enough on this team to complain about than having to invent stuff. If someone wants to believe there are concerns on Darnold, they are worthy of ignoring.
  10. He shouldn't be playing LT, but what do you do? We haven't drafted OL for a decade so.....
  11. Thank you Mac.... You're memory will live on for this franchise for at least a few more years.
  12. He should have thrown that ball away. That one is completely on Darnold. Better decision making.
  13. HOLY crap....an opening drive TD. Remember when everyone said Griffin was trash? He's been playing pretty good for trash these past few games.
  14. Get something going, huge penalty, kill the drive. Nothing has changed in 15 years.
  15. How is everyone from The Johnson family down to the long snapper in this organization not completely embarrassed by the joke this franchise has become?
  16. Don't worry guys, we are still going to the PLAYOFFS! Maybe in 10 years, but....

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