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  1. Unfortunately for Landon...that's illegal motion on the football field.
  2. JD had Saleh-LaFleur-Knapp-Calabrese do individual film study of the five top QBs. Then each gave their analysis of those QBs. After that the entire group watched the same clips together. And came to a consensus that narrowed it down to their top two QB prospects. This isn't PR...this is a well planned out process that was carried out. Bit...I know your argument about strength of schedule is valid to some extent. And I can't imagine that this point...as well as many others... wasn't thoroughly discussed as part of the many hours and days that they devoted to this very importan
  3. When the 18-0 Pats played the 10-6 Giants in the Supe... Giants had a mediocre secondary. But their front seven D got hot towards the season's end. And It carried over into the playoffs. They put tremendous pressure on opposing QBs. And that covered up for their secondary's weaknesses. Entering that Supe...the Brady-Moss lead offense was a record breaking one. But the Giants front seven dominated the Pats. Holding them to just 14 points. It ain't easy to defeat Brady or Mahomes in a big game like that. But having a dominant pass rush that can apply relentless pressur
  4. I would hope he could trade down and get more picks. But if JD stays at #23. I hope he picks OL. Or if defense...Jaelan Phillips for edge.
  5. He's not just small in height. But very small arms...28.25". Smallish hands for a receiver too at 8.75". With a multiple injury history. None of this translates to a 1st round pick. I think these pundits just like to troll the Jets and us fans.
  6. He's got very small arms...like 28.25", to go along with 5'7" height. Slightly smallish hands 8.75". He's not gonna reach out and pluck the ball in the air one handed OBJ style for sure.. And with a multiple injury history? No...I wouldn't take him in the 1st round. I like him though. Very fast, athletic and strong. I just don't know how much of his game can translate to the NFL against good athletic corners. He's not Tyreek Hill...no one is. And Hill was taken in the 5th round. JMO...I think he's being overdrafted if taken in rounds 1-2.
  7. I'd like that. It could free up the necessity of using a 1-3 rounds pick on a corner. And instead use that draft slot for OL-RB-TE. Then...if necessary...just get a more developmental corner in the later 5th-6 rounds.
  8. In my simulated mocks I've drafted Davidson in the 5th round and hope Jets do the same. He was almost never available in later rounds. He's definitely getting noticed.
  9. That's how I've been drafting them on simulators. Consensus seems to see them having a better fit at guard.
  10. Next year should be much closer to a normal NFL-college season. Evaluating draft prospects should be cleaner. Less a risky crapshoot like it probably will be this year with many prospects opting out from playing in 2020. And with many college programs having scaled down their schedules both in quantity and quality. So next year's picks could be potentially more valuable and meaningful. Keep'em...por favor
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