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  1. JD doing good due diligence here. JD gauging on how Long is feeling, and whether he's interested in playing this season. With Long's litany of injuries these past 4 years, I don't think JD would be necessarily counting on him as a full time starter. More of a talented player that can back up two positions at a still high level if needed. Whatever happens with this...it's a sign that JD is not through addressing positions such as OL-CB-WR. IMO...he's still looking to finalize those positions before OTAs (?) and TC occur.
  2. As pointed out in this article...and I've brought this up in other Mims postings...he was being groomed to be the #1 QB in high school. But he was just too explosive a receiver to keep him there. Also...when you're grooming someone worthy for consideration at QB position...you would expect that player would have a good understanding of route concepts and timing issues between QB and receiver. Now add to that...the football culture and genes within his extended family tree. IMO it's just overblown concerning his limited route abilities. He'll take to the coaching of Hines Ward and others, and refine his route running. It shouldn't be a problem for someone with his background. Mims is a smart and seriously dedicated football player. With his background football culture...and natural athletic gifts...I expect him to have a big impact this year. He's also pissed...at all those teams that passed on him. That was the first thing he said when on the phone with JD. My man Mims...is a complete football player...who's gonna surprise this year. This analyst sees it that way too... Download video
  3. QW...is the key factor in how good this Jets defense can be this year. He was dominant in the SEC. Given his talent and potential...he's capable of providing 6-8 sacks while double teamed. Wrecking havoc in the backfield...with numerous pressures-hits and TFLs. Freeing up others to be effectively schemed in GW's blitz packages and secondary play. Then...if you add as a final piece to the secondary...like Ryan Logan... Jets can be a top 5 D this year.
  4. He punted...like a typical politician...and usually shanked it.
  5. I think the only other team to top that was the one in which Vinny Testaverde, blew out his Achilles in the first game of the season. Then the team went into a dive...bottomed out at 1-7. Then rallied...and reversed that...to a 7-1 2nd half finish. That 8-8 season...was probably the best coaching of Parcells career. But "sh!!tty" Gase...only managed to bounce back from 1-7 start...with a 6-2 finish. Parcells goes to Canton. Gase gets quartered and lynched...in just about every 2-3 page thread. Lol...the irony in that🙃
  6. Smart move by JD. These prove it contract players are going to bust their behinds...knowing that if their play is exceeding the value of their contracts...they can get a pay raise extension...NOW!
  7. 20 - 30 pages of roller coaster clickbaiting excitement for sure😲
  8. I know this will be boring as hell to put up with. Your attention span will wane I'm sure. Sorry...but I have to do this...I can't resist...this Last Dance... Download video
  9. My Mims stats. I look at his tape...and I just feel it...envision it! The route running concerns are overblown. IMO...he's a complete player. A freaking steal. Can my stats be wrong...sure! But...Mims...really gonna surprise. So...when it comes to Mims...I'm with thems... Download video No...I won't back down... R I P...Tom Petty.
  10. Here's what I ate... Rex took a good talented team he inherited...and sent the Jets into back-to-back AFCCGs. Quaterbacked by a backup talent in Sanchez...that had only 16 college starts to boot. Outside of Supe 3...Jets never had this level of success before. He saw the talents of Revis...and schemed his defense around him. To compensate for a mediocre pass rush. Thus was born Revis Island...and Jets defense was transformed into a #1 and #3 one...in '09 and '10 seasons respectively. That's what I swallowed. That's what suckered me in. Everything else you said about Rex Ryan is true. He was an excellent DC...and never a legit HC. After those two playoff seasons...he was given too much power. And because he was Buddy Ryan's son...the offense went to sh!!t! Tannenbaum was a weak GM. With no vision for the team. He was nothing more then a facilitator for the whims and wants of Ryan and Woody. Thus...the Tebow Circus was allowed. Rex insisted that he have the 5th pick of every draft...to choose his very own toy to play with. And away we go! Eventually...the handsome attire he acquired from those playoff seasons...was stripped away...he was now in his long johns...for all to see. And Mercifully...he deservedly got fired. Again...it wasn't the aw-shucks hokiness that attracted me to Rex. No...I put up with that. It was those AFCCG appearances Rex provided...that as a desperate Jets fan like me...thirsted for! A chance to get into the Supe! Like I've said in a few posts before. This is the Last Dance. JD the last GM NYJ I trust. To transform the Jets into a perennial playoff team. That will one day land into the Supe...and hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

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