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  1. The Johnson's are clueless owners. And because of them... Sadly...this will always result in no guarantee the next bunch up at the plate to swing for GM-HC...will ever work out better then what Jets fans are happy to have just been rid of. It's most likely to be another endless circle-jerk all over again.
  2. I got my NYK to look forward to for sure
  3. IMO...immediately ending the JD-Saleh Era before the end of the 2022 season isn't the answer. I understand the frustration and emotions leading towards the direction of next GM-HC up. But if you don't let them play this thing out...it's only going to get worse in attracting future quality GMs-HCs to take a shot at coming here and turn Jets fortunes around. As for players... Between the media...knowledgeable and demanding fans...New York area is one of the toughest for athletes to perform in the World. Many wont sign here, and will look to play their sport in a less scruti
  4. I'm a Mims man. Was very happy with the pick. But I don't believe Mims is a victim of some sort of conspiracy. IMO fans are grappling at straws. Cause Mims isn't going to "save" this team or the season. Right now...this team looks broken to me.
  5. Sad to read of Savage passing away. Remember reading his posts back in the days of Jets Insider. Always enjoyed his observations and sense of humor posts. Very knowledgeable source of Jets history back to the days of Namath. R I P Brother
  6. Besides Roten being all gas...no gase. He also comes across as someone confident that under LaFleur's wide zone scheme, he and the OL will be much better this year. Hope he's right and GVR plays well. ZW and those weapons will benefit big time if both the right side, as well as the left side of the OL, play much better this year. Since JD only drafted AVT, and made minor additions in FA. He's expecting good OL play this year too.
  7. If I had to rank them before the start of the season... Josh Allen ? ? ? I have a good feeling about ZW in the long term as a strong candidate for #1 in the AFCE. Maybe no worse then a hair short or two of being that Numero Uno. To me...it will all boil down to which team drafts and coaches well. If Jets are very good at it...ZW can dominate the division. JMO.
  8. Unless the QB has experience in the Shanahan-LaFleur offense...I don't think they're that concerned about "mentor" veteran QB's at this stage of the process. They may pick one up for TC-preseason. But there's no guarantee the guy makes the team going forward into the season. I would hope so though. Saleh seems intent on getting max reps for the rookies and 2nd year players. Willing to take a hit in the W-L column to get his young ones max experience. JD-Saleh-Lafleur-Etc....seem confident that no matter how much Wilson may struggle this year. He'll be ready to take the team to
  9. I can imagine the play below being way more effective with AVT at LG alongside Becton. And Michael Carter as the RB. Together both Becton-AVT can plow their way to the 2nd level. Wesco lead blocking. The quick cutting Carter finding the hole to explode through and making a big gain out of the play. After establishing some success with plays like this. Then ZW play action and with a quick compact release hitting the receiver in stride downfield for a big chunk gain. Maybe a score. IMO...this offense is going to be a breath of fresh air to see. Jets on offense...should be
  10. In another thread I have him down for 62 catches x 15.8 avg = 980 yards. And add 6-8 TDs to that.
  11. Clock management mistakes can cost you games. And replay challenges can be crucial too. Matt Burk is an experienced coach. Should be able to be helpful in not only taking pressure off a rookie HC. But also a rookie QB in being more efficient in the 2 minute warning situations. I can easily imagine heads here exploding...if there's a f***up on clock or challenge issues...and it factors into Jets ending up losing a close and winnable game. Good to see FO-HC looking to be as prepared as possible...to quickly handle various game situations as they may arise. It's all abo
  12. Off the top of my head speculations... Total Catches - Corey Davis_ 70 - 75 catches Total Rec Yards - Denzel Mims = 980 yds (62 catches x15.8 avg) Total Rushing Yards - Michael Carter = 806 yds (179 runs x 4.5 avg ) Mystery QB...mop up time only
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