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  1. I don't want to get picky here...but Sauce does Just...
  2. As long as Sauce isn't holding...or is extending his hands in a pushing-forward manner into the the receiver...he shouldn't be called for PI. And when a receiver is the first to use his hand on the CB, then it's not going to be PI if Sauce responds and puts a hand on the receiver. The ball belongs to whoever wins the battle. So the physicality between receiver and CB is legal, if neither is pushing off or holding. Sauce seems to be unique in covering this way legally. Using to his advantage his height and octopus like wingspan to blanket receivers. Will Sauce get called for PI...correctly or incorrectly...yea. On occasion that happens to even the best corners. I'm sure there has been discussions with the league officials...on how Sauce covers. And what he can and cannot do. So I don't think the CS is trying to change dramatically the way Sauce covers. But just probably tweak it.
  3. Pissed Jets lost twice to the Pats. Anyway... I still have hope for the AFCE title. That's why I wanted this outcome of a Bills win. I mean...why not? Jets just one game behind the two teams...Bills-Dolphins...they've already beat. For sure Jets need to take care of business against the Vikings, etc. From now on in...every game is a playoff game. Each one gets bigger then the other. I love how this season has unfolded. Just win baby!
  4. Skinny thin surrounding their little gray cells...
  5. Vikings = W Bills = TBD Lions = W Jags = W Seahawks = W (allowed Raiders to run for 283 yards last week) Dolphins = TBD The TBDs against the division rivals...will decide Jets fate in the AFCE. And where they place in the playoff picture. This is not easy. But IMO...doable.
  6. In this tight AFCE race... Jets are 0-2 vs Pats...1-0 vs Bills...1-0 vs Dolphins. So... If the Jets beat the Bills again...they have the tiebreaker on them. Same goes for another Jets win against Miami. But...if Pats beat Bills and Jets are tied with them...Jets lose on tiebreakers. So... I want the Bills to win. Then for the Jets to sack the sh!!t out of Allen-Tua. Run and pass efficiently behind Mike White vs Bills-Dolphins. And win the AFCE on tiebreakers. With the championship level defense Jets have blossomed into. Plus the resurgence of Jets offense behind Mike White. The above scenario I laid out... May not be easy...but it's doable.
  7. IMO...both Pats games could've been Ws with White at the helm. His post snap read-progression decisions...plus his accuracy...is far superior then what ZW has been giving Jets. Combine that with good enough arm strength and mobility. For this season at least... White gives Jets best chance for a win. With six games left...4-2 is doable. And that gets Jets into the playoffs for sure. 3-3 could also get them in. White's level of consistency of play...shouldn't get him to a quick hook that easily. He'd have to be absolutely horrible for like six straight quarters for that to possibly happen. So...I'm all for White playing out the string. We've seen nothing but erratic play from Zach through 20 games. Lets see what happens with Mike White as QB NYJ for at least six more.
  8. Does White get the Jets a W against Pats in foxboro? IMO...yea. Also in the that home game vs Pats too. Arm strength...mobility...efficiency = best chance for Jets to get a W. Zach Wilson could be done as NYJ QB rest of season. And maybe forever. Don't know if White is the long term answer. But he answers the bell for remainder of this year for sure. Mike White is a great story. Hope it continues. Goo White...goo Jets Baby!
  9. ZW...may be done. I never expected Zach's play to get at this level of bad. His development is lagging behind the many other 22-24 year olds on their rookie contracts. So his play is holding the team back. His poor footwork didn't hold him back at BYU. But you can't get away playing like that against NFL defenses. Still doesn't read-process fast enough to make the timing throws necessary in a WCO. Is inconsistent with his accuracy and velocity because of poor footwork too. None of this adds up to FQB NYJ. Not easy to rid bad technique habits that's accumulated over years of playing that way. I don't think Zach is guaranteed to start at QB next year. Or be on the team either. IMO...ZW has lost the locker-room. Maybe his job too. Again...very disappointed. Hope I'm wrong and he bounces back. But I doubt it.
  10. His footwork is in the toilet. And I don't see him ridding his footwork problem soon...maybe never. It effects his accuracy...and velocity too. His read-processing isn't quick enough right now either. Add that to the fact that he needs to make a lot more timing throws in a WCO. He excelled with his bad footwork in college. But can't get away with it in the NFL where coverages are too good. I didn't expect this from Zach this year. The team has developed faster then Zach has. He's holding them back. Very disappointed...cause this team has a championship caliber defense and good enough offensive skill players to compete with anybody. But a "next man up" chaotic OL and shaky QB play is holding Jets back. It's a mess. He may not be FQB ready next year either. Again...very disappointed.
  11. "With the 32nd pick of the draft...the New York Jets select..."
  12. Never thought I'd be saying this... Right now...everything is on the table. Every game going forward is magnified now. Jets need a win in Foxboro. Then they'll be in the drivers seat with a W against all AFCE rivals. All this kind of talk was to be shelved until next year. Not anymore. Am I dreaming... Well...
  13. No way would I trust Zach... Around the wife...a girlfriend...or a Mom too. Granny might be safe with him...but you can never know for sure. But I do trust him to dedicate and give it his all for football. Manage the game. Make some special throws with that arm talent when needed. Don't turn it over. Just keep winning Zach baby.
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