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  1. If I were Mac...I'd turn over the dirty deeds to freestater. Then I'd go back to my casting couch and intensely view and probe the candidates for cheerleading squad. And make the hardest decisions possible.
  2. Smell... The stench of Murry to the Cards is overwhelming. No deodorant that I know of will make it go away😷
  3. It makes sense to me that Klingsbury made it known in his discussions with Cards, that coming on board as HC, that he wanted Murray. He's always liked Murray. Prefers a highly mobile dual threat QB over statues in the pocket. Thank Gods 'O Canton, Jets never had to choose between Allen or Rosen...and they blessed Jets instead with Darnold.
  4. He can be a decent starter for a couple of years and give Jets a chance to draft and groom a future starter at C. Sign him!
  5. GreenReaper

    Robert Quinn

    Gase & Williams familiar with him...Quinn could be a JET! Yea!
  6. GreenReaper

    This will make your day...

    Darnold...Adams...Le'Veon...Mosely...Enunwa...Robby...Crowder...Herndon...#3 pick(or big draft haul)...Gase & Gregg...Jets are coming baby!
  7. Neither do I. And...Eli also received his $5 Mil roster bonus which indicates to me, he will be Giants QB this year. So if they don't want Haskins, they'll get one next year.
  8. GreenReaper

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    I would like that move. And why stop there? I'd trade down again...and pick up a 2nd if the opportunity came. Two 1sts...a 2nd...three 3rds😛 Draft competently...you should be able to get a couple of cheap starters and future starters plus depth.
  9. GreenReaper

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    https://www.profootballrumors.com/new-york-jets-rumors-news After a two-year stint with the Ravens, the former undrafted free agent had spent the past three seasons with the Bears. He was relatively productive offensively between 2016 and 2017, hauling in 29 total receptions. However, he went without a catch in 2018 despite appearing in 14 games (he also contributed on special teams). Pro Football Focus ultimately gave him adequate grades despite his low snap count. In New York, Brown should have a chance to play a backup role behind starter Chris Herndon. The Jets are also rostering Jordan Leggett. We heard last week that Brown had met with the Lions. That was the only reported meeting for the tight end.
  10. GreenReaper

    OL Tom Compton signs with Jets

    Jets sign an OL! Most likely guard depth only...not C. https://www.ganggreennation.com/2019/3/18/18271861/tom-compton-signed-by-the-jets Compton is a veteran journeyman. He has been in the league since 2012, and the Jets will be his fifth team. He spent 2018 with Minnesota, starting 14 games at guard. I would imagine he projects as the primary backup at both guard spots. Compton doesn’t really solve the issues the Jets have in the starting lineup, but he does profile as a functional depth piece for the Jets. Over the last few years, the Jets’ cast of backups comprising of the Ijalana’s, Qvale’s, Harrison’s, and Dozier’s of the world has been subpar at best and unplayable at worst. This is at least an experienced guy who has some track record of credible play. Even if you don’t want him starting for 16 games, he is better than a lot of the backups teams are running out there in today’s NFL. MOST READ FIND TICKETS New York area events happening soon: From our sponsor
  11. GreenReaper

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    Probably for depth at TE and ST's https://www.sny.tv/jets/news/jets-sign-former-bears-te-daniel-brown/305402398 The Jets signed former Bears and Ravens tight end Daniel Brown to a contract, according to his agent. Brown, 26, played in 14 games last season but did not record a completion on offense. He spent most of his time on special teams. Since debuting with Baltimore in 2015, Brown has 35 catches for 317 yards and one touchdown. Brown's signing adds depth to the Jets' rostered tight ends. New York also has Chris Herndon and Jordan Leggett after they did not tender deals to tight ends Eric Tomlinson or Clive Walford.
  12. GreenReaper

    Your 2018-2019 Knicks thread

    Super Mario dethrones King James😛 Download video
  13. Dunno...habit I guess. Better then picking my nose...Lol

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