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  1. I chose JD because I get the impression that he and Gase, are on the same page, as to how to build a roster for success. Especially around a FQB. Giving Darnold the necessary tools to consistently lead the Jets into the playoffs. Eventually landing the Jets into the Supe...and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. No more shotgun marriages. Three such unions in a row should get through to the Johnson's incredibly thick skulls, that it's a recipe for failure.
  2. Ok...eventually is now. I really think it will. And you make a good point about Anderson's production. How much better will he be if less doubled too? QW will see to that.
  3. IMO A Tag and trade would be more beneficial. Leo and QW should work well together. In just his 2nd year, Leo had 7 sacks and made the Pro Bowl playing with Wilkerson and Richardson. He didn't see double teams while playing with those two. And with QW...he wont see doubles either. Instead he could be in for a 8-10 sack season playing with a stud like QW alongside him. As well as being better utilized and schemed under GW. Also there's a symbiotic benefit for QW having Leo around for his rookie year, as well as a benefit to Leo. The whole should be double scarier then the sum of its parts. That up the middle pass rush should be especially worrisome to Tom Brady and the Pats. Gase has probably already pissed off Bell and Mosely...thanks to the Media. Does he want to add GW...his guy for DC...by taking away one of his pet toys in Leo. Again...compliments of media sh!!ts like Cimini & Mehta. I too believe Leo not likely to get an extension. But I'd sure would like to see them play together at least this year. Leo is poised to have a big year. And add more value to a tag and trade next year. For this year...it should be fun watching Leo-QW wreck havoc up the middle against Brady and Rosen. Hope it happens.
  4. I've thought about Jets having an outside chance to compete for the division this year. Gase has been able to split the last 4 games with the Pats (2-2). So it's possible to go 4-2 or 5-1. Then go at least 6-4 on remainder of schedule. IMO the biggest factor is injuries to starters. Especially QB-OL-CB-WR-TE...they need to avoid any long term injuries And of course the play of Darnold. And he's got improved weapons with Bell and Crowder. Q and Leo giving Jets strong pass rush up the middle can be very effective against Brady, forcing him to abandon the pocket and make throws on the move. This would give the Jets a chance to split with the Pats. Which is a must if Jets are to have that outside chance to win the AFCE. Which is the surest way of making the playoffs. If you don't win the division...10-6 isn't a guarantee you're in as a wild card. 2020 season and moving forward, I have a lot more confidence Jets can have a decent shot to take the AFCE. Gase and a new GM that he has confidence he can work with, is very important to bring in the necessary pieces in FA-draft, to strengthen the roster. Providing Darnold with the tools he needs to succeed winning the division...advancing Jets in the playoffs, and eventually to the Lombardi Trophy. For sure...I'm excited about this season...can't wait!
  5. At least 3 Lombardies will do just fine. Then...It's off to see Canton...lah dee dah dee dah!
  6. Jets-Knicks-Mets. With Jets-Knicks on the rise, and Mets going nowhere.
  7. Looking forward to Jets competing for the AFCE title. QW will force Brady into retirement and collecting his NFL pension...as if he needs it.
  8. Tannenbaum was not a football visionary who had a plan for success. But merely a facilitator. Which he did especially for Ryan and Woody. Example...a GM who doesn't put his foot down and say no...and allows the Tebow Circus in JetsLand. No GM worth his salt would allow that stain on his resume. This shotgun system of forcing a GM-HC marriage was implemented by Woody and the baton passed on to Chris. IMO it is a poor formula for success. Chris better give Gase whoever he wants as his GM companion. Hopefully that's Joe Douglas. But who knows if he wants to be GM NYJ. Cause most knowledge able persons in NFL FO positions, consider the Jets setup an embarrassing joke.
  9. I'm still feeling optimistic about Gase as HC mentoring Darnold. That Gase has what Peyton Manning experienced working with him. A very good offensive mind and is a good coach of QB's. Maybe he's a Jim Harbaugh type HC...high strung and difficult...but also very talented and capable. Harbaugh got the 49ers to 2 NFCCG's. And in one of them landed them into the Supe against Ravens and his bro John. There's 4 years left on Darnold's rookie contract. So like Harbaugh...Gase has time to get Jets to a Supe before he may possibly flame out here in JetsLand. Of most importance with the Jets is to provide Darnold with some stability. You don't want to give him right away another HC-OC and playbook. The worst is for Gase to get canned after just only 1-2 years here. So...as far as Gase goes...the die has been cast...and the Rubicon has been crossed. Give Gase what he wants...someone whose on the same page he's on... and can confidently work with. Again...Sam Darnold needs stability and development. And Gase should be able to provide that. Then give Darnold some tools...and he will string out playoff appearances...and in one of them...land Jets in the Supe. He'll make everyone look like a genius. IMO...Darnold's that good. Can't wait for the season to start. Let the games and the W-L, finally create some real drama around here in JetsLand.
  10. There should be an NFL rule, that if ownership's team doesn't achieve a Super Bowl appearance in something like 15 years, then ownership should be forced to sell the team. Fans deserve this. How many Jets fans are still alive that witnessed that blessed event called Super Bowl III? Most have expired. Remainder soon to disappear from memory. The Johnson & Johnson's should have the decency to at least offer cryogenic services to those fans and families 60 years or older. Then unfreeze them when Jets finally stumble into the Supe. Jets fans deserve this.
  11. Oh no ya don't get off that easily... Download video Download video
  12. Mo only considers it if gets a huge singing bonus that exceeds the amount of the contract.
  13. And the biggest loser in this could be the young FQB Darnold. Who needs stability between FO-HC-CS, as much as he needs to be surrounded by talent. So this isn't the case. Look...Darnold can't be given another HC-playbook. He wont get better and lead Jets to the Supe on his cheap rookie contract. And Gase hasn't earned the right to shop for the groceries. That didn't turn out well with the Phins and got him fired. I don't want him bringing over his b!!tch for GM to shop for him. So Jets are stuck between a rock (Macc) and hard place (Gase) What needs to happen is a setting in of reality...and becoming grownup parents, that will to do what's best for their child prodigy Darnold. To make sure he grows into becoming a young fine Super Bowl winning QB. Parents make these kinds of sacrifices all the time...if they want the result to be a healthy happy child leading a productive life. In this case becoming a star QB that hoists the Lombardi Trophy. Gase...GW...Macc don't have to like each other in this forced shotgun marriage situation of owners doing. They simply have to look each other in the eye...shake hands...roll up their sleeves, and do what's best for our NYJ. And right now that means doing what's best for Darnold, to give Jets the best chance to get to the Supe on his cheap rookie contract. That's what professionals do. And I think they'll do this. Right now I have no real concrete knowledge if there's coups and GOT shenanigans really going on here in JetsLand. The media are opportunistic predators for dirt...sharks smelling blood...and masters at creating turmoil. Where there's smoke could simply mean the steak got over broiled. And the house...wasn't no where close to being burnt to the ground. But the media sure will make it seem that was close to happening. I'm excited about this season and media foolery or fan's jitters, ain't gonna spoil it for me. Macc-Gase-GW may have differences of opinion, got pissed off at each other...just like we fans do in our every day lives with family, friends and the boss. The only difference is we're not newsworthy. No clickbaits or money in it. IMO Jets are poised to becoming a serious team over these next couple of years. And the ESPN's don't like it. Never liked our NYJ. Controversy drama... not success drama is what they like best for Jets My answer to the Media...GFY...Jets are coming!

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