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  1. Watch how discussions will change around here when Jets win this opener. They can do it!
  2. Offense: Herndon and Perine. Also...Becton ...he'll be a Beast in 2nd half of season. Defense: QW-Ashtyn Davis-Bless Austin.
  3. IMO...Jets have the best QB in the AFCE. We'll see what happens when the season starts. Can't wait for some football!
  4. I don't see JD trading any of his chips at this point in TC. More likely he'll just add another veteran wideout for depth. I'm thinking a veteran like Paul Richardson or Demaryius Thomas.
  5. I know he's still a very young veteran QB. But Darnold may be underrated as a QB that's capable of helping receivers develop. That he can get them to play at a level up to their talents. I think he helped both Robbie and Herndon. Also TE Ryan Griffin had his best year with Darnold...and that got him an extended contract. The injured Vyncint Smith showed promise for this year too. Perriman certainly seems to have a lot of confidence for this season. And his praise for Darnold appears to be a good part of that. Expecting Darnold to connect well with Mims...when he eventually star
  6. Sounds like he put in the work to come to TC in very good shape. I'm hoping he'll break out this year and be an impact player. Near 8 sacks, with lots of knockdowns...hits...hurries and TFLs. All while being double teamed. Jets need that type of season from him. IMO he has the tools to be a Pro Bowl caliber player. Now he has to go out there and prove it. If he can't...then this was another wasted high draft pick for sure.
  7. to one year deals. Use the CAP and sign a Clowney or Everson Griffen...and Logan Ryan. Also either Paul Richardson or Demaryius Thomas for wideout depth. It all comes off the books after year's end.
  8. JD is going to build this team primarily through the draft. And top off the roster with FA-trades at reasonable costs...for experienced players at positional needs. I think in most cases, JD would only go all out after a premium type of player via FA-trade...if and when ...the Jets need that player to catapult the team from playoff contender into landing them in the Supe. To get to that point of Jets becoming a perennial playoff contender...JD will focus on the draft. And expect his HC-CS to develop those players as starters...future starters...or significant role players/depth pie
  9. I don't see JD signing anyone right now to a long term contract. He has two 1st round picks and five through rounds 1-3 for next year. He will focus on Edge in the draft for sure. Hopefully Edge and WR are addressed with those two #1s.
  10. For me....Moncrief was just a good 4th round big speedy type receiver prospect to develop. 3rd round was too rich to take him there. He had the tools. Don't know whether he has problems grasping a playbook and running his routes properly. Reading the defenses or just plain poor concentration. I'm sure it's a combination of at least some of those things. IMO he's nothing more then a #5 depth piece. I would prefer a Paul Richardson or Demaryius Thomas signing over Moncrief. JMO.
  11. Conor Hughes talk on Becton play so far...gets me really excited on what he can be. He needs to get the experience from reps, and refinement of his technique. But his potential and upside is enormous. That potential could be one of the most...if not the most...dominant OL in Jets history. He could be that good. Can't wait to see Becton on that football field.
  12. I don't think he's going to pull a trade off. But maybe a Paul Richardson or Demaryius Thomas signing.
  13. I feel your pain and frustration bit... I may not be in step with all you said here. But some of your points I do. The battle is won or lost before it's ever fought. Because the mental aspects of such physical confrontations...is a huge factor in deciding the outcome. No different in football. A losing culture is a mental disease that's hard to cure. Losing breeds more losing for sure. And it seems like you're just ending up waiting for some Messiah QB to come along...to pull the team out of the hell hole of losing...into soon after...hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. For Jets
  14. Goods news...definitely a healthy Herndon returning this year is a huge plus for Darnold and the offense.
  15. I don't have a great deal of confidence that Bell can have a big year. Just hoping for some decent production in the run game, and continue being effective catching passes. Of course I hope I'm wrong and he kills it. IMO...Perine is a complete back that is solid in pass protection. Explosive through the hole. And can effectively release downfield. I wouldn't be surprised if he's playing a big role in the offense by the 2nd half of the year. What's at stake for Bell? Have a big year and he can be traded rather then cut. Which means he can keep his contract and salary status
  16. "Please...just call me Camilla"
  17. If his knees hold up...Bless could be starting alongside Desir. With Bryce Hall in the wings as a potential future starter. Wilson is a solid depth piece. If a season looks guaranteed to happen...maybe JD signs Logan Ryan for 1 year. Even without a Ryan signing...CB unit looks better then last year. If Jets can mount a pass rush...the CB play will be fine. Meanwhile Austin...you look Blessed...
  18. Chris is adjusting much faster then Woody did as an effective sports owner. Seems to have a better feel for the state of the Jets. And makes better decisions because of that. Doesn't appear to have to use consulting firms as often as Woody did. In order to size up situations and make decisions. He realized Macc was in his own little bubble...and not in sync with his HC-CS. Chris surprise timing and firing of Macc...and eventual hiring of JD...may turn out to be the signature moment...that finally put the Jets on the right track to perennial playoff success. I've never felt more
  19. Totally agree. Was very impressed with JD's draft. Becton...Mims...Davis...Zuniga...Perine and Hall. Can't wait to see them play. I'd also like to see how the FA additions turn out this season. Especially see how much the OL has improved. And Desir at the corner. How the trade that landed McDougald works out. UDFAs Like Cager...Huff, etc too. Oops...almost forgot...excited to see a big breakout season from Darnold. Life can suck...not be very fair. Like it is right now. That stuff shows up on the football field too. Violent...graceful..unpredictable t
  20. In that 2017 season...the Steelers over utilized and abused Bell. 321 carries...106 passing targets with 85 receptions. His carry average the previous three years was 4.7; 4.9; 4.9. Then plummeted down to 4.0. All signs his body was DOA for 2018. So...from what I saw last season...I concluded his leg strength and drive was gone. Maybe I'm wrong. Certainly hope I'm wrong. If Le'Veon is lighter...and determined...on a mission to show all his doubters their wrong. Maybe he'll do just that. His career stats through 2017 season had Bell on track for the HOF. Last season
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