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  1. I'm creamin just visualizing a touchdown machine like Breece getting into space on Highway 77. Can't wait!
  2. He has a menacing quality about him. His stare can make one wet their pants. Kind reminds me of this guy...
  3. Rumors...there was a couple of videos that mentioned this... Jets offered their 38th pick...and all the rest of their picks...to move up to #28. But Packers wanted Jets 2023 #2 pick. And JD said no. That was their first attempt to get Breece. If this is true...it just goes to show you how much JD coveted Hall. Which is about as much as I did. Breece was my favorite pick...the one I coveted the most. Thank you JD! See 05;40 mark... Download video
  4. Breece Hall may have been possibly the most explosive offensive weapon of the entire 2022 draft. He has high end speed (4.39) and power...to go along with agility-athleticism. In college that combination made him a TD machine. He had a record setting 24 straight games with a rushing TD. He was a very good receiver and a solid blocker too. For the Jets...he's definitely their most dangerous weapon. Whether he's schemed by LaFleur...or from his own efforts......by run...or as a receiver...any time he can get into space...it can turn into a big explosive play...or end taking it for a TD. Hall can break a tackle...make a cut or spin move...and he's off to the races. That ability will force opposing DCs to devise game plans to try and contain him. Allowing the rest of the offensive weapons to make plays. Especially off of play action...allowing GW and Moore opportunities for big plays downfield. And Hall will help take pressure off of ZW too...and enable him to execute play action more effectively. Hall-Carter duo will be like a Batman & Robin dynamic duo...that can make explosive plays by run or pass. With Jets having three 2-way type TEs...and a revamped OL with the additions of Becton's return and Tomlinson...the Jets in 12 man formations can be dominant. And ram that rock down opponent's throats. Dictating how defenses have to play them. Forcing them to focus on containing the run. Allowing play action to be more effective. Jets will move the chains and sustain longer drives. Give the Jets defense more rest. They can then be fresher in that 4thQ to go after the QB. For all the above reasons...that was my vision for adding Breece Hall. And I'm glad JD had the guts to go against most expectations for that pick 35...and grab Breece. This...is what opposing DCs...will have to game plan to stop... Download video Can't wait!
  5. GW is a legit #1WR prospect with very good hands. The Three Amigos at TE will catch everything. Corey Davis will be more relaxed...settling into where he belongs...a #2 wideout. So he'll catch better. Moore will be clutch-reliable in his year two. The RBs are solid catchers. And my favorite pick...this guy...can make like a Kamara-LeVeon type...great hands... Download video
  6. Jones is a ball hawking LB...as in five pick6s in six years. All five of them when Ulbrich was coaching him. All eleven INTs under Ulbrich too. His last season with Ulbrich he had 4.5 sacks and 10 QB hits. He's 27 y.o., can make plays...and a former Pro Bowler (under Ulbrich). A reconciliation sounds like a good idea to me...for the both of them.
  7. With all the additions to upgrade the pass rush...if Lawson comes back in the 90s%...
  8. He did cardio vascular with his girl friend...got her knocked up.
  9. Jacob Martin is a keeper. He's the sleeper of this pass rush. He's very explosive off the LOS...26th fastest among 125 pass rushers. He's in his prime at 26 y.o. Martin is going to feast as a situational pass rusher in Saleh's D. https://fullpresscoverage.com/2022/04/06/new-york-jets-flight-brief-4-4/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=new-york-jets-flight-brief-4-4 "Last season, Martin earned a 69.9 pass rush grade, and a 67.3 overall grade. He recorded 32 QB hurries throughout last season."
  10. Yep...no free rides...or road rage on Highway 77...gonna pay a heavy toll. The free rides are reserved for Breece Hall-Michael Carter...and any other Jets doin reverses and sweeps, etc..
  11. IMO...the key to the success of this draft was the intensive interaction between JD-Saleh...and most importantly...their staffs...that refined their collaboration...into one that truly put forth the the best interests of the team building process. It was a War Room on draft day...that had victory as it's goal and outcome. The JD-Saleh team succeeded...it was mission accomplished. You could see the uniqueness of this collaboration...during the Combine Week. When it was arranged for Saleh...and many of his staff...to stay at the Jets complex...and go through intensive film study and independent player evaluations...during Combine activities. Some position coaches would then leave the complex...only to view activities for their position players. And live video feeds were set up at the complex...to interview the players. Never heard of anything like this happening before. This was the clearest symbol for me...on how thorough the Jets Brain Trust cooperated...for the purpose of making this roster the best it could be....with what they had available. The success of Jets draft...was due to this unique collaboration. I would not be surprised...in this copy-cat league...that other teams try something similar in the near future...in the hope of having the same success.
  12. When I came out of the shower...this guy popped into my head. I mentioned Pete Kendall...Mike DeVito...Damon Harrison. As players either cut or UDFAs that Jets picked up and became solid contributors as starters. Now I'll add...Damien Woody! A two time Supe winner with the Pats. He was cut...by Det.?...and Jets picked him up and he became a three year starter at RT. A big part of that strong run attack Jets had that got them to those 2 AFCCGs. IMO...that OL...which Damien was a crucial part of...was from 2008 to 2010...a top 3 one. And in 2009...the #1 OL. Damien was a steal pickup! So...JD-Saleh...may have a plan...or an opportunity...to fill needs at positions...like LB...maybe Safety too. And also strengthen the run defense. After what the JD-Saleh collaboration has accomplished in rebuilding this roster over these last two years. I trust that they can still add a player or two to this roster...to fill needs...and improve team depth. There's plenty of time left for them to do so.
  13. I remember Jets getting Pete Kendall when he was cut. A versatile G-C who started for 3 years. UDFA Mike DeVito was a solid run stopper DL in those years Jets went to an AFCCG. Another UDFA...Damon Harrison...IMO...was the best run stuffer on a Jets team that had Mo Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson. Getting solid contributors before the start of season...can be done. JD-Saleh may have capable targets in mind that they can still add to this roster. Especially by UDFA and waiver cuts.
  14. Well...I now am looking at it from hindsight. I had no idea that JD was going all out for quality over quantity. Which is what he's done with this draft. If it was Sauce-Deebo-JJ-Hall...yea...I'd be ok with that. Or would it have been just Sauce and Deebo only? Having traded away a good chunk of the rest of the draft cache? Then no. I like those extra two shiny bright toys...JJ and Hall...way too much...to give them up now for Deebo. Jets got four 1st round impact talented players. All four can be dominant Pro Bowl types. IMO...Jets needed this draft...the way it turned out. Jets also saved a good portion of that $25 Mil a year contract Jets would've dished out for Deebo. Now that $10+ Mil or so...can be banked forward...to be part of another trade or signing...probably in 2023 offseason. To help make this team more complete. So I'm Glad the Deebo ship has sailed. Jets instead got 4 Horses Of The Apocalypse...to bludgeon the opposition with. And the cherry on top...home grown Ruckert to boot. And added some depth in the trenches...players who could be starters in a year or two. Be glad with what the Jets hauled in...I am for sure.
  15. Can't say it often enough...best draft I can ever remember. The first four picks all legit 1st round impact players. With three of them a Consensus best at their positions. The fourth one a top 2-4 Edge player. And the fifth... Ruckert...well...Chris Simms has him #1 TE. Many have him top 5. Mitchell-Clemens...solid depth pieces for the trenches. One or both could end up a year or two down the road as starters. I'm so giddy man. JD-Jets...won this draft...knocking it out of the park...
  16. Just responding to the portion I made bold. It's not just BB's system that guarantees success. It also has a lot to do with his assistant coaches. There the ones coaching and implementing the game plans. Here's an example...Scarnecchia retired in 2013. After that...the OL didn't play up to usual standards. So Scarnecchia was coaxed back out of retirement. https://www.nfl.com/news/longtime-pats-ol-coach-dante-scarnecchia-to-retire-0ap3000001099550 "Scarnecchia has been one of the best offensive line coaches in the NFL for years. After his return, he helped solidify a previously struggling O-line in front of Tom Brady, as the Pats won two additional Super Bowls following his return. " Sure BB is a HOF coach. But he has to rely on his CS to be of quality to implement the system at a high level in order to succeed. Over those last few games of 2021 season...Matt Jones's play tailed off. And that last game of season defeat in Foxboro...at the hands of the surging Dolphins. Was a bit shocking. Not just to me...but to Pats fans...and probably the Bills too. That last game Jets played the Bills...who needed to win in order to seal the AFCE title over the Pats. Who they assumed would win at Foxboro. They played that game like their hair was on fire...with an all out effort...like they were already in the playoffs. Where...if you lose...you go home. IMO...the Pats didn't play that way. And when they played the Bills...in actual playoffs...they couldn't force them to punt once...is my recollection. What am I getting at? Are the Pats in decline? What will the Pats offense be like if in the hands of some other OC not named Josh McDaniels? Who was one of the best OC's in the league for over a decade. Will the offense and Matt Jones take a step forward without McDaniels...or will they miss him? How about Cole Strange in round one? Strange indeed! Many thought he'd be a 3rd round pick. Does that be the pick if Scarnecchia and/or Josh McDaniels is there? Maybe...maybe not. BB does have the last say. To sum up... Jets have the horses to compete with any team. Coaching and game planning...as well as ZW's development...will play a big part in how much success Jets have this season. Same goes for Pats and Matt Jones's development too. We'll see how Jones develops and plays with someone else...as OC... doing the coaching and game planning. I really like Jets chances against the Pats this year. When the 2022 season unfolds...we'll find out who's on the rise...who's in decline. You already know where I'm leaning... Go Jets baby!
  17. I was so excited when JD stopped teasing me...and finally drafted Mims in that 2nd round of 2020. I was really pumped...believing Jets just drafted a #1 wideout for the NYJ. This past year I just couldn't believe what I was seeing from Mims. Balls bouncing of his chest instead of catching it with his hands out and extended. Meandering (look it up) around on that football field like he was a lost soul...wandering around in a maze. Going in and out of bounds running a route. Silly penalties. It was like Mims lost his mind. I would truly want to believe he's going to look...and perform...like his impressive college tape indicated he could. I'm excited...and a bit giddy...after this bounty of four...1st round talents drafted. Then a hometown fan of the Jets...becomes a player for the Jets...Ruckert...now instantly a favorite of Jets fans. Then you top it off with two mean nasty prospects for the trenches...Mitchell-Clemens...that should be solid depth pieces with potential as future starters. So...yea...I'm feeling real magnanimous (look it up) that I'm gonna actually hold out hope for Mims escaping the insane asylum he was imprisoned in this past year...and be behind his recovery...of coming back to being a productive receiver again. I know that's foolish of me...but that's what fans do. Act like fools...
  18. Oh I'm sure He'll give Malik a helping hand...
  19. No doubt I should've included safety. Also I forgot to mention the 4th round Clemens addition at Edge. He plays with violent savagery. With that kind of passion and energy...I'm sure it intrigued JD-Saleh that his game can translate and be further developed into a solid addition to a 24/7 relentless pass rush. And be a potential starter a year or two from now. I've enthusiastically posted many times that ZW is going to roll with this revamped offense. How he finished the season displaying being much more calm and poised in the pocket. Even when his OL and weapons were dropping out with injuries. And all that time not throwing an INT during those last five games. Very encouraging signs for him to manage the offense well this year. And play to the strengths of his weapons. Again...ZW is going to shine big time...IMO.
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