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  1. Ok...yes, can this "war" just end, as I've said before, I see more maturity in my high school by the freshmen than by some people in this "e-fight." But I do have to say that Sooth is being really arrogant and (insert bad word that would probably get me banned) in the Jetsbabe birthday thread.
  2. I sadly might have to leave the game a little early (for the first time ever) which lot would get me out of there fastest?
  3. I think it's getting a bit confusing who is here and who is there.... So if you're a complete jump, or just partial or whatever you're doing, list it here. I'll start. JetsPennyFan- 1/2 and 1/2...I'll mostly remain over at JI only for the politics stuff, which is where I mostly was on Monday-Saturday anyway.
  4. and the funny pic thread is something you will LOVE once you see it.
  5. Only problem I'm having here is that the pages only hold 10 posts, I think that needs to be upped.
  6. I'm loving the user title...yet why are you attacking me on JI?

  7. Who needs Paulie when you have me!?!?
  8. How did you manage to have over 5,000 posts already? How did you get your post count changed?
  9. oh and did Tyler Durden make the trip?
  10. no politics? Only thing I don't like about you guys is that rule...I guess that'll be the only reason I go back to JI.
  11. Free is here! Are you perma-here? Or gunna split time?
  12. WCO IS HERE TOO! This is complete maddness now! There should become a JI castaway member forum here.
  13. YO! You follow me here just to insult my satires haha!

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