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  1. I can't stand the suspense. We all know where Woody ranks. And where Hess ranked before him.
  2. All those years of being in the same division with the Baltimore Colts. Bert Jones. I think there is no chance in hell that the ravens are removed from the Steelers and the Browns. None.
  3. More like clueless. I guess he's never been around real team fans before. This guy is a jerk off and I'll bet his spelling, vocabulary and grammatical mistakes are intentional. Either that or he is just in the bottom quartile at best for those skills. South Florida education.
  4. Love these. Chad Pennington, the amputee. Finally solved that shoulder issue.
  5. Tell him the reason he is a niners fan is now managing the Jets in Florham Park.
  6. Rookie Darnold Jersey here. At least its not the ugly new unis. That + Darnold would be too much to bear.
  7. gee, ya think? No matter what he says, he can't get over the Gase butthurt. That's what all this is really about. Don't believe anything else written.
  8. DJ Bien-Aime was born and raised in South Florida. He is a product of Florida's terrible school system and it shows. Gold standard for the NYDN obviously. Well the NYDN switched form a conniving little weasel to a barely literate Dolphins fan. Well done snot-rag!
  9. goes back way further than Becton. Geez it feeels like Baldy has been around the Jets alot since Parcells days
  10. Do your research on the history of W-L record for rookie QBs in the past 20 years or so and get back to me. Sure it can be done and has been done on really good teams. I guess the Jets are a really good team in your eyes. I agree that they can be a good team. I have to see it first. And a winning record just doesn't play out often for starting rookies in the NFL. I won't be upset with fewer wins if the team shows regular improvement, desire and progress. Particularly at the QB position. I sure as hell won't be using a random cut off number as my end-all excuse to repeatedly attt
  11. See PM. Also see my one-man thread. It's $175 right now but prob going up to $200.
  12. I guess mine costs too much? I have a pair of openings in two long standing leagues. See my post in this thread.
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