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  1. Fanspeak mocks

  2. Many mocks have Arden Key falling to the top thirdof round 3. If he's there, Key should be the pick.
  3. Key vs Turay?

    Assume they are both available at 3.8. (and that Mac has decided to wait on OL at least through this round). That's the choice. Key or Turay?
  4. at this point, I think Brandon Marshall has more of a chance to surprise than Jalin Marshall.
  5. Mark Walton, Miami & Jaylen Samuels, N.C. State come to mind Either one would be great to get in rounds 4 - 5 The only interior OL I would consider in rd 3 would be Braden Smith, Corbett, or Ragnow. There aren't many tackles at the top of the draft, but there are many solid 2nd/3rd rd options and I am sure there will be one there at pick 3.08. Jets signed a couple of C/OG in free agency. Nothing spectacular, just guys, but enough to hold the fort for a pick-starved team. One of Crosby, O'Neill, Okarofor should be there and Christian might be there in round 4.
  6. Ballage in round 5 would be really good value I think. I just don't see them drafting a back this year.
  7. there is a reason why we went out to get TEs and RBs in the leftover-section of free agency. Because of the traded round 2 picks, that pair of positions can wait until 2019 or later. Jets have enough on the roster to hold the fort and I think they really want to see what they have in Leggett and Sterling and also the kid they got that Minnesota released from last year's draft. And I agree that Crowell might just be better than expected. I think the 3rd and 4th round picks will focus on Edge defender and OT. Perhaps even a solid 3-4 DE in rd 3 or 4 to replace Wilkerson.. someone like Dashawn Hand in 4 or Breeland Speaks in 5 or 6. Claiborne is on a 1 year deal, so a CB in 4 or 5, maybe Yiadom or McFadden although it's not an immediate need, it seems like such a deep CB draft, that it makes sense to get one mid to late rds.
  8. I worry about Rosen's lack of mobility. Also some of the analytics have not been as favorable as I expected. Mayfield's analytics are sky high and the PFF guys demonstrated that it's not just based on the short passing and conference he's in. He had the by far, the best ball placement in ANY situation. Rosen reminds me of Bledsoe a bit and I think he is the most fragile, with Josh allen's shoulder making him second most brittle.
  9. I've changed my opinion in the last couple of days. Up till now, I have been 1-Darnold, 2-Rosen, 3-Mayfield. After listening to the PFF guys yesterday on Serius, as well as a couple of other nerdy analytics people they have had on for the last few days, my preference is now 1-Darnold, 2- Mayfield, 3-Rosen. I voted accordingly. And as to the survey, all 4 of them will be starters within 4 years, but since I had to pick one, I went with the biggest concussion risk, who happens to be the least mobile: Rosen most likely to be out first among these 4.
  10. Just the opposite. Jones has been shooting up the boards. On several, he has moved up ahead of Michel.
  11. No, they don't. Not like Phil. Even the other anti-Mayfield posters don't do what he does. It's not that he's "anti-Mayfield" It's that he adds NOTHING new each time he posts. He purposely wastes everyone's time just so he can hear the sound of his own voice bouncing around somewhere in that empty head of his. I'd say the same thing if he constantly repeated himself about any of the others.
  12. Repeating the same unpersuasive claim over and over is not particularly persuasive. You just don' get that, which is why no one will ever take anything you post seriously. You win the clown award when it comes to argumentative skills. You have none.
  13. sunny side of the stadium. Behind Jets bench. I like the shady side and seeing the Jets bench head on. You can get reasonably priced tickets in 137 or 140. Wider seats (cushioned). More leg room for you big gorillas. Worth a few dollars more than the 142/135 seats. No club access if that's something you want. Mezz clubs are always more expensive and the sight lines are good, just higher up. I sit half way up in the lower sidelines and I think that is the perfect height for the game.
  14. This thread is utter nonsense. For the record, the Jets also conducted private workouts with Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield and UCLA's Josh Rosen. They skipped a private workout with USC's Sam Darnold. All four visited the Jets' facility. it's not a carefully guarded secret, you know.