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  1. It helps that 6 games are against the rest of the AFC East. The Jets, Dolphns and Bills are the cake.
  2. I hope so. Otherwise we have insane people running the show.
  3. Oh, I agree with that for sure and Crowder's talent pales in comparison and is useful in the slot, not on deep routes. AJ is great but won't do anything for the Jets in the long haul if he misses so many games. As he has aged, the injuries have increased. Despite the great talent he would bring, JD should pass on him (unless of course, Cinci is dumb enough to take Leo for him. Sign me up for that!)
  4. Great talent that's on the wrong side of 31, at the back end of his career, who gets hurt every year and misses games. Now there's a plan for you.
  5. Pats will find any way possible to screw everyone possible.
  6. not as bad as stretching before watching a 2019 Jets game.
  7. yup. And when that doesn't work, I write a short post to make Villain flip out and write a 17 paragraph response, complete with pictures, quotes, arrows and a legend at the bottom.
  8. I'll bet Drew is wrong. Maybe he'd like to place a wager.
  9. should change his screen name to "Speaking Football!" ROFLMAO!!!!!
  10. Plus, Schott's offensive plan is still the same: run first. Only now he has a QB who can profit from that strategy and it is working.
  11. See, this is what I don't get. In college, Mayfield's accuracy was off-the-chart great. It's what made him an appealing draft choice. What Browns fans should be worried about is that he doesn't have the same amount of time he had to escape in college, and he is throwing off his back foot, weakly across his body, and in horribly unbalanced situations. His accuracy is now just pitifully awful it seems. Mayfield isn't adjusting well to NFL defense QB pressure. Add to that his decision making has been horrible too. His coaching staff better get moving, assuming Baker is coachable at least a little.
  12. youare correct. Toxic implies a far more degenerative situation. Mayfield is NOT "toxic". Yet. Let's wait until he starts throwing his coaching staff and/or teammates under the bus (which we all know he will eventually do based on what we've seen him say and do so far). Then we can use the word "toxic". But if I were to place a wager on it, I don't think it's too far from happening. Maybe even this season. Would it surprise anyone?
  13. good. Because nothing has changed. You are a walking billboard for an opposing team's QB here on a Jets Board. You've been promoting him here for a long time now, yet you deny it. Maybe you can fool yourself, but not others, pal. Go Mayfield! Rah-rah for Baker.
  14. Running from the cops didn't make him an a-hole. That was a RESULT of his already being an a-hole. What makes him an a-hole? We'd would have to go back to his childhood probably to discover the cause. But who cares what makes him an a-hle? The fact is that he is an a-hole. Especially to his peers around the league. Never seen anything like his awful comments on Daniel Jones. Yuck. Why would anyone who is not a Browns fan like him or root for him? As of this point, he is toxic.
  15. ^this the myriad of limitations on practice/training/physical conditioning time that the CBA allows the teams to demand from the players has significantly damaged the NFL product, particularly in the first 3-5 weeks of the season. I hope both sides address this issue in the upcoming CBA negotiations. Something has to change.

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