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  1. 2.5, not two. Math. But the level of improvement there is highly noticeable. They are mediocre with W-L, but they are no longer a zero win whipping post and the talent there has improved faster than here. The Jets, on the other hand, are no better on the field than they were last year. So Cleveland has improved a ton more than the Jets so far, if you can even say the Jets have improved at all. Uggggh. Mac has to be shown the door and it ain't happening. Just shoot me.
  2. Dcat

    IF Jets finish season with 2 more wins

    enough time has passed with no improved results. Replacing Bowles is not enough. Maccagnan is extremely blameworthy for this horrendous roster and nobody else. He absolutely sucks.
  3. Dcat

    Crowell to IR - Out for Season

    I'm more interested in seeing Henderson than Cannon. TBH, I feel like i've seen enough Cannon.
  4. no. I'd only consider if the Jets were in the bottom quarter of round 1. But with a top 5 pick? No.
  5. Dcat

    Jets playing in London in 2019?

    the teams with the very worst home attendance (and/or really crappy stadium issues). no coincidence. I'd wager that teams with PSL paying season ticket holders will never be forced to forfeit a home game.
  6. Probably because the Giants were adamant about not leaving NJ. Plus, a Manhattan stadium would likely be considerably smaller with significantly fewer seats. Giants a no-go for that. But they overlooked the chance for a huge revenue boost due to the roof, even though the thing would hold 15-20,000 fewer people. In another 20-30 years, maybe this will happen. Why would either team want to continue to play in what will then be an obsolete and truly hideous place (even moreso than it already is and was from opening day)? "Get out"... as soon as the MetLife mess is fully paid off.
  7. going to games at Shea with my Grandfather. In the good weather, we'd walk from Yellowstone Blvd & 62nd thru the park. His taking me to the games as a boy is why I am a Jets fan and why I am here. He meant well. Don't blame him.
  8. Only if they leave the NY/NJ Metro area. Otherwise: pipe dream. It would be an economic folly to build a pair of NFL stadiums near each other. This isn't MLB where each team plays 81 games at home. We are talking about 10 dates + a couple of possible home playoff games. Yup... Each team needs its own multi billion dollar stadium for a max of 24 dates total per year... LOL. So ridiculous that it amazes me that anyone thinks it is a good idea or that it could actually happen. When the Manhattan West Side stadium deal died, that was it for separate stadiums. Manhattan would have been the only legit reason (perhaps) to even consider two stadiums. Without that, it would be stupid. Notwithstanding all the foot stomping from the children here.
  9. thank you. This whole thing is just silly. Like it matters. Bunch of infants.
  10. no. It doesn't. That's nonsense.
  11. really! This is the most ridiculous thread ever. Whichever of you think this is an issue, you need to get a life. Two stadiums for the NFL in the NY metropolitan area was never going to happen and will never happen and not just here. Just like Los Angeles. Just like the Bay area. It's why Oakland is moving to Vegas. For Christ's sake, get overit already. Whining bunch of infants.
  12. This quote not only should have its own pinned thread, but should be placed in the JN Banner above.

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