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  1. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    Petty seems to get hurt easily so I'm sure we'll get to see Hackenberg at some point. Sure to be a spectacle.
  2. the answers here all depend on whether Mac signs Clairborne. (Hopeful he does)
  3. why lose the 5 Lbs.? So he can be quicker in his inability to cover anything?
  4. .....says the guy who whines more than anyone else about other Jets fans.
  5. What are u listening to right now?

    nothing as good as a well played Hammond
  6. i'll never understand how people don't get this. We have some very stupid fans on this message board if they think that Morton would have, or even should have, responded any other way. For everyone taking Morton's comments as though they mean McCown is next year's starter... you need to start using your brain a little more.
  7. Word Association

  8. Extend the misery! Dilly, Dilly!
  9. What? You are not buying in to the OP's contention that the Jets ruined Sanchez so therefore Sanchez's ineptitude while on the rosters of all his subsequent teams is irrelevant? LOL. That is about the most ridiculous argument I have ever seen anyone post on these forums.
  10. Why? Simple: Because the Giants ownership made this decision (not the coach or GM) and the Jets owner is busy in London kneeling before the Queen while licking Trump's balls and his dopey brother thinks its great to win 6 or 7 games instead of getting a franchise QB in the draft. One franchise has its eye on the future while the other myopically can't see beyond the coming week. Although the Giants have become a publicity disgrace and handled the decision poorly, it is still the smart decision. They need to know if they should bring Geno back to be the 2018 back-up or whether that can be Webb. They also need to know whether they can rely on Smith or Webb to start next year in the event that their 1st round QB pick is not ready. Frankly, the logic behind the Giants' actions is flawless. There were probably better ways to respect Eli while doing this, but nonetheless, it is the smart decision. Jets ownership is flat out dumb. Woody and Co., have below average intelligence and no ability to plan for the future.
  11. so are you suggesting that JN is the infamous "Pit-of-Misery"? Dilly, Dilly!