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  1. I did not read the other thread.
  2. Dcat

    Can we talk receivers?

    this is wrong. Eli's accuracy (catchable passes) was among the highest in the league. Engram's yds per catch were in the same range as other TEs. Nothing special or unique. And finally, your claim that Engram is better than OBJ is just stupid, no... actually, stoopid!
  3. Dcat

    Can we talk receivers?

    Engram? I don't know about that. I just read this earlier this morning: Evan Engram was extremely inefficient last year. He caught 55.7% of his targets. That was by far the lowest catch rate of any of the top 20 fantasy tight ends. In fact, a lot of the elite tight ends had a catch rate well over 70%. Was it because Eli was inaccurate? Probably not. Overall, 75.8% of Eli passes were considered catchable which was 5th best in the league. Engram dropped 11 passes according to PFF and he dropped 5 passes according to Fox Sports. That was the most dropped passes for a tight end according to PFF and the second most dropped passes for a tight end according to Fox Sports. PFF gave him an overall grade of 42.2 which ranked 67th out of 71 tight ends. PFF gave him a receiving grade of 55.8 which isn't much better. Did Evan get 64 catches, 722 yards, and 6 touchdowns solely because he was a warm body on the field and someone had to get some stats? Is Engram set up for a sophomore slump because Eli will have superior receivers to throw to?
  4. This is wrong on so many levels, it's hard to begin. Quinn? He's not an alternative. He's HC of the Falcons and has been to a superbowl with them. He WAS an alternative during the HC hiring process in which we wound up with Bowles, but then too he was on his way to the superbowl and Woody didn't feel like waiting. Nobody 'hates' Adams. They just criticize him that his mouth is incommensurate with his on-the-field play. That's understandable. Very few people enjoy a loud mouth jerk who doesn't live up to his self-prescribed hype. We ALL hope that changes and are rooting for him to play better as a sophomore. The criticism of Adams is legitimate. Bowles... well Bowles has already shown us what he brings and doesn't bring to the table. Him, I can't stand as my team's HC. So there you have it. I think Bowles is a TERRIBLE HC, for a litany of reasons that I'm not going to repeat here. Period. Can't wait till he is replaced. As a life-long ardent Jets fan and as a 30 year season ticket holder who is paying through the nose, I have the right to express this as often and as loudly as I want. If you don't like it... well too bad.
  5. bye! Sooner than later, please.
  6. Dcat

    I Need Some Advice From Homeowners

    I see. Yeah... this might be your fault to some degree. But read this: http://www.transatlanticplantsman.com/transatlantic_plantsman/2011/09/how-to-kill-a-leyland-hedge.html Chances are she wasn't doing regular maintenance each year and she let them become overgrown. So much so that, even if she had trimmed off your side herself this year, the trees would have died. Her failure to do annual trimming on your side (and her own) is what caused your trimming to kill the Leland Cypress hedges. Again.. whatever you offer her, make sure she signs an agreement that pays your reaponsibility in full and that she has no further claims against you with this matter.
  7. Dcat

    I Need Some Advice From Homeowners

    I don't understand "too deep on the sides". Did you cut more than just overhanging branches? You can trim branches right down to the trunk and it shouldn't cause harm.
  8. Dcat

    I Need Some Advice From Homeowners

    1st, I don't even believe that your trimming actually killed her trees. As long as you don't cut up more than 1/3 the height of the tree, "trimming" won't kill them. How high up did you cut? More than 1/3 of the way? If it's 1/3 or less, then her trees were sick to begin with and your trimming didn't cause their death. You do realize that she has to prove you killed her trees. Now if you cut up beyond 1/3 the height... say half way up or more, then you are indeed in part to blame. At that point you shoud throw her a bone and give her $500 or something. The moment you give her anything, it can be construed as an admission of liablility.. so if you do pay her, make her sign an agreement that says she can't ask you for or sue you for any more than the amount you agreed to.
  9. Dcat

    I Need Some Advice From Homeowners

    She is trying to fleece you for half her cost. She is not going to be happy with a settlement for anything less. You, sir, are being manipulated by a neighbor. If you are worried about her happiness, then pay for it all. That will make her love you.
  10. ok, so now you are pulling the "everybody does it" defense. Are you a Patriots fan? Just stop. Herndon is a mess. He almost killed himself and others. He needs counseling and I hope the Jets/NFL provide it so he can approriately redefine who he is. But as of the moment, he is a public threat.
  11. p.s. I have my share of embarrassing moments, but none of them could get me arrested and none of them jeopardized the lives of others or my own. So not only did you falsely claim that I said Herndon will be defined by this 'for the rest of his life' but also you equate the dangerous crime with an "embarrasing moment". Newsflash: those are not the same.
  12. Dcat

    I Need Some Advice From Homeowners

    I'd call her bluff on this. You can trim on your side. If her trees died, then they were too close. If she files a suit, I'm not kidding... counter sue for the cost of your labor and any other damage her overgrowth caused on your property. My guess is she won't file suit. She'll just despise you, which is fine. If she files suit, then you can start to consider settlement. But not until then. Frankly, I'd just ignore her until you can't. And then tell her she get's nothing and to have a good day.
  13. No one said he has to be defined by this "for the rest of his life". I didn't say that and didn't imply that. But it suits your purpose here in blindly defending him and, worse, Bowles. (You might want to rid yourself of your habit of putting words in other people's mouths because you do it often.) He can and should recover from this. But for now, 100+ MPH on I-80, putting innocent people's lives in danger while being significantly over the alcohol limit is EXACTLY who Herndon is. When he is done with counseling and rehab, he can redefine himself. But for now, he is a person who nearly killed others as well as himself. Let's see him get over this the same way ASJ did. Then he can say "it is not who he is". But until then, he is what his arrest record says: a dangerous, irresponsible young man who put multiple lives at stake for no reason than his own pleasure.
  14. But according to Herndon: "That's not who I am." I guess it was somebody else driving drunk in excess of 100 mph on I-80. Loser. But as Bowles would say, 'it's unfortunate, but what can you do?' boys will be boys, right?