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  1. of course it's false. 49er fans think the writer is a-hole and f.o.s. This forum will believe anything thrown at it. Stupid, gullible Jets fans we are.
  2. Stanford's Simi Fehoko to Dallas. I really hope Joe Douglas has this kid on his radar for a round 5 pick. Very intrigued by his write up and watched some videos. I think he's got a good chance to make it in the NFL. Dallas can't pay Gallup in 2022 and is slated to pay Amari cooper $20 million each of the next 3 years. With the payday Dak got, Dallas has to some serious roster turnover in the next 2 years. Talent at affordable prices. That's the consequence of Dak's contract. Bye bye Amari Cooper after 2021 and Gallup. Fehoko is worth the chance here. Tony P's write up: https://w
  3. With pick #179, the Dallas Cowboys select Stanford WR Simi Fehoko. Obviously, that Dak contract changes the entire face of the Dallas Cowboys salary cap. Amari Cooper cannot be paid $20 million each of the next 3 seasons. One more season and he's out. Gallup out too. TIme to build with young cheaper offensive weapons around Dak and Zeke. Simi, no not the character from Coming to America, is this year's late sleeper. @GREENBEAN OTC - Washington @King P Vikings on deck
  4. I just checked in and saw @heymangold sent me his picks. Guys Guys guys.. send it to all 4 of us. Thats why there are 4 of us. I was off line for the last couple hours. Anyway.. the Ravens select Daelen Hayes, DE, Notre Dame @GREENBEAN OtC @Lith ondeck
  5. I read elsewhere that if there is any truth to it, it was a 23 to 12 trade up with perhaps other picks involved as well. But 23 to 12 is the equiv of a mid 2nd I think. Much better than what Douglas got. Eons better. But the truth of the entire thing is in doubt. And there may have been other picks from the Jets to go along with 23. There is nothing to trust or see here
  6. that's one toxic meal Crusher.
  7. A dispensary and a bar? Sign me up.
  8. Yes indeed. The one with Jack Bauer in London. It was excellent. But hey brought back key characters like Audrey (and then they kill her off for like the third time in the series), William Devvane and more. I'll give it a shot because Dexter was a great show right up until Deb learned what he was. After that it was 100% total sh*t. The only way to do this correctly is to have Deb take over the "ghost" Harry role. They can pop her in and out like they did Harry. That could actually work. A ghost who curses like a sailor.
  9. with the 138th pick of the draft, Dallas focuses on beefing up the protection their franchise QB and opening up lanes for their franchise RB. The Cowboys select Alaric Jackson, OT, Iowa. Just like Iowa's Yanda and Scherff, the expectation is that Jackson will kick inside to guard and thrive just like them, while also providing depth at OT. Fortifying this OL with youth is essential due to the cap constraints Dak's contract will present, sooner than later. @HighPitch OTC @Paradis on deck
  10. This one is our fault. We have a list from Sam Sam Son of Sam. With the 126th pick, the Tennessee Titans select Jaylen Twyman, DE, Pittsburgh @Integrity28 OTC @Paradis on deck
  11. Cowboys select Jordan Smith, LB UAB @T0mShane Giants OTC @GREENBEAN Washington on deck
  12. Very funny. Blame Belichick for the forfeit, not the mock draft.
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