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  1. Colin Turd claiming why Baker Mayfield is undraftable:
  2. This would suck..

    none of them are signed. Keenum and Bradford are UFAs. Bridgewater probably too but he may wind up being RFA. Injury issues and eligibility with him. All they have is a rookie drafted late last year. They would want Cousins as much as Denver or the Jets. They have decent cap room but woould need to juggle a few things. They are a win now team that almost did it with Keenum. Cousins is better. Watch them land Cousins while we take Keenum.
  3. This would suck..

    Tom Coughlin is senile. and thanks, Idzik.
  4. Florio has already recanted his "Jets will give Cousins completely guaranteed contract" speculation. You know it's really bad when you get put in your place by Manish Mehta.
  5. I respect that. But disagree. Marino could never lift the Dolphins for a variety of reasons. Constantly awful defenses in many years, bad running game in many years... but I have no doubt you would take him. Very similar. Now, I'm not saying Cousins is Marino. I could only wish. But the analogy of circumstance is what I am trying to demonstrate. The Dolphins never gave him quite enough. Washington has given Cousins even less to work with and that once RG3 was out of the picture, he brought them to 9, 8 and 7 win seasons. Prior to that they were 3-4 win teams. Team was structured for RG3's contract. I think the guy has really good talent, and showed steady improvement once he got the job instead of just filling in for RG3 IMO, he is easily a top 10 QB in the NFL.
  6. very good! Where did you find that? Was it his high school yearbook pic? If we send pics, then this one definitely has to go to:
  7. keep this pinned until the Golden anniversary.
  8. good point. Bowles is so laissez-faire that Peters would swallow him whole and spit him out on the sidelines.
  9. Is it? Mac needs those picks for a likely trade up.
  10. LOL. So if we weren't in the Cousins hunt, we would have traded picks for Peters? lol lol lol. The fiction created on this message board gets richer with every day that passes. I don't want Mac trading picks for anyone on the trade market now.
  11. his time was up the year before we cut him. Never should have got that ridiculous extension. At least they didn't make the same error with Mangold, whose performance declined immensely in his final 2-3 years.
  12. LOL. Now Cousins is a compiler. You're funny.