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  1. As Ive been saying... he's Schotty all over again. The script shall not be altered Even though he claims othrrwise. Absolutely hate this guy.
  2. I thought he was on the commisioner's 'exempt' list, meaning he can't play. For anyone.
  3. I think it was more Rex that wanted him out. I'm sure there were reasons on and off the field for Rex booting him.
  4. ouch But that would be Walt Frazier anyway and he was pretty good, IIRC.
  5. wife? He was quite the playboy when he was a Jet you know. There are some stories out there that are pretty interesting.
  6. That must have been very upsetting and painful for you and your parents when that idiot said those things! . .
  7. LaFleur? Adjust his script to suit Zach Wilson's strengths? I doubt it. We got ourselves a big problem with this guy. This is not a good situation for Wilson at all.
  8. Sure helps when you get D Hopkins for a 2nd round pick in the prime of his career.
  9. This was from October 2006. He stopped by our tailgate (16B in the old place). One of my all-time favorite Jets. He may have has one too many here, but he was absolutely great with the fans.
  10. I only saw segments from one of his games and all they showed was trash. It's good that the Bears' coaches are designing a scheme that fits him. Do you hear that LaFleur...? Saleh..? Helloooooo? Anybody home McFly?
  11. Citifield is awesome. But next to it there's the giant tennis stadium there. The rest is water, the GCP and LaGuardia. Maybe the Jets can buy one of the LaGuardia runways, or just a total Flushing Meadow park do-over into a Gotham City-like atmosphere with a stadium next to the globe.
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