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  1. Internet sales are anonymous. Nobody knows who is buying their tickets. The old days are gone. Get over it. When anyone sells tickets on Stub Hub or the other internet ticket sites, you do not get to chose your buyer. You are living in the past if you think pointing your finger at a season ticket holder for selling tickets on stub hub or ticket master is some kind of "wrong" thing for a Jets fan to do. You and a few others just love this incredibly false narrative. Complete nonsense. I wish people would stop this incessant bullsh*t that they have been whining about for the last 10 years. If people are tired of seeing so many opposing fans, especially the loud complainers here who are NOT season ticket holders (and being a former season ticket holder doesn't excuse anyone), then buy some tickets and fill those seats. Otherwise they should STFU and get off their slippery soap box.
  2. Wrong. Herndon indeed hit another vehicle and either a passanger or driver from it was sent to the hospital.
  3. fluff piece. Lee hasn't done sh*t yet for KC other than don his uniform. We'll see just how well he fits in there or if he's going to suck there as badly as he did here. Best of luck to him. He's a head-case.
  4. You're the one the took the bait. He gets credit for that. T0m is an excellent phisherman
  5. Prison Breakout? But I thought he got community service. I'll be here all night. Actually I agree completely. I saw a chemistry developing between him and Sam.
  6. What I want from Wesco is incredible blocking and the occasional surprise reception for a 1st down/score to throw off the other team.
  7. No. Just no. Graham is nearing the end of his career and he wasn't any good in Seattle or even Green Bay. Youth. I have high Hope's for Herndon after he returns.
  8. I've reached the point where I'll listen to a rewind of a show of theirs I've missed rather than a live different show with other hosts. However, I do appreciate Polian's boundless knowledge and endless ability to provide real NFL examples. Like him or not, he is great on the air. They have Marvez there to keep him from rambling. He does a good job of keeping Bill on a leash. I rarely listen to NY sports stations any more. And even though it's a national show, there's ample Jets discussion. Kirwan loves to talk about his time at Hofstra and drop little nuggets of info about the Hess-Jets when he was there. I sometimes find myself trying to figure out what unnamed Jet from the 90s he's talking about. Funny, he never tells us just how much he sucked at his own job.
  9. Who is the other TE in 12? Wesco? And no 12 until Herndon returns from exile. I'd prefer 11 with Q and Crowd, but you're right that it makes sense to keep Q on some kind of pitch count. Need him there for the whole season. I'd prefer more 21 with Powell, Montgomery or McGuire, whichever makes the team.
  10. Quoth all the ex-Ravens: "SOJ? Never more!" The house that Ozzie built.
  11. My immediate reaction is that the Vikings can suck my _ _ _ _ . But yeah... Id think Waynes would be worth a mid round but only if we can get a fair contract done beyond this year. Otherwise not giving them a pick for him.
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