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  1. Dcat

    Word Association

  2. Dcat

    serby's on board with darnold

    Steve Serby has been mentally loopy and somewhat incoherent ever since the humiliating trauma of being thrown into and enclosed in a Hofstra locker by another Jet wearing #14. It will forever be his most memorable moment as a member of the media.
  3. I'm sure to Teddy it is unreasonable. Of course I am assuming that he wants to start. The above is simply a rich invitation to be a back up and he's not going to do it. Nor should the Jets.
  4. No one is ignoring any of this. Ppl here have been complaining about Lee since the moment he was drafted. Trumaine is and will remain a top 5 CB in the NFL. He got market value and the Jets had plenty of cap space. Maye is better in coverage than you givehim credit for. It's Adams that blows in coverage.
  5. Avery Williamson: ILB acquired from Tennessee to replace Demario Davis
  6. The issue is not whether the Jets could or should pay Teddy to remain a career backup. If Teddy was OK with that, Mac should run, not walk, to the table to sign that contract. No brainer. The issue is that there is no way on planet Earth that Teddy resigns himself to career backup status. It's not us. It's Teddy that won't do that.
  7. Unrealistic. Why would Teddy accept any deal that keeps him on the bench for most of his career? He wants to start somewhere and he will.
  8. good. Absolutely the worst. Homeristic to nth degree rendering him utterly useless and, to make matters worse, his whiny annoying voice. P.s. His former restaurant on LI was awful.
  9. So, expressing a high degree of optimism and hope is neither rational nor sane? OK, got it.
  10. why sift through that muck? Gameday is over. I never open those threads after the game is over. So let this thread be tthe "Spark" notes for those that didn't/couldn't watch the game yseterday. ("Cliff or Monarch notes" for you fans over 50 years old.)
  11. something the inept Mark Sanchez could NEVER do. It's nice to see our QBs read the entire field unlike the awful Sanchez and subsequent scrubs they've put out there ever since.