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  1. I would have offered if given the chance. He was very engaged with the two men he was visiting, one a very old timer wearing an old Section 111 tan and green hat (Section 111 were the best seats behind the Jets bench at the old dump of a stadium) and what looked to be his son/relative accompanying him. Before he left he gave them both a big hug and chit chatted with other fans (as seen in my photo). It's the first time I have seen him without a cup of coffee in his hand.
  2. Dcat

    The Wife Wants To Move To NJ

    Prepare for absurdly high state and local property taxes. NJ is sick with over taxation. Not s bad as Long Island or Westchester, but the cost of living can be close to double that of South Florida. Don't forget how much it costs to heat your house for 6 months here too.
  3. Dcat

    Amari Cooper

    The Raiduhs exercised Cooper's 5th year option (for 2019) last April. Cooper is guaranteed $13,924,000 for the 2019 season. Based on his spotty performance, I think that would be a mistake for the Jets. I'd rather not trade a third round pick for an expensive 2019 rental that rarely performs up to expectations.
  4. Sat 2 rows in front of us for almost a quarter.
  5. Dcat

    RIP To An Institution: 200K Post/ Hot Chick Thread

    Borgo would have loved that thread.
  6. ^This has been the key for me! And freaking everything out there has processed sugar or the worse alternative sweetners. So tired of reading labels because it's almost always the same result. But necessary.
  7. Dcat


    Why is it that you forget or simply choose to ignore that this is largely due to a porous OL and that Sam Darnold has very little time?
  8. Dcat


    I don't know why, but I just have a feeling that Robbie has a big day. (disclosure: But he is still benched on my fantasy team)
  9. Dcat


    This thread is useless without cursing.
  10. Dcat

    Keep Mac and bowls

    ^This is enough for me. Mac has to go.
  11. Why? His draft record is flat out bad. He's made some reasonable trades. FA acquisitition has been a coin toss. But it's that way for most NFL teams. Overall, he's done a poor to mediocre job.
  12. Dcat

    Keep Mac and bowls

    Are you Mrs. Bowles or are you Mrs. Maccagnan? This pair of dunderhead clowns has been here for FOUR freaking years, dude. Each year gets worse. So it is time for them to go. Sooner than later preferably.
  13. INDEED. Hoping for a swift and healthy recovery.

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