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    I pick things up and put them down.

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    too many
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    Yeah, investment gold you know.
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    too many, but thank you for asking........ I think.
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    the cute one
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  1. Dcat

    OT: JN Group PM

    I grew up in Queens in a mostly white neighborhood. Went to schools where kids from Jamaica Queens (nearly 100% of color) were bused or otherwise transported to the Jr High and HS in that neighborhood (1970's). There were indeed racial issues and there was little connection between the majority caucasian students and the students who were bused in. Why were there only a handful of black kids that me and my 'liberal minded' friends hung out with outside of school? I'd love to believe it was mostly geography, but there was no effort by anyone to cross borders outside of school. You see, it doesn't matter if you are from IA or NYC. It is always worthwhile to hear what others say which is why I am all in on joining. I'll probably stay silent most of the time.
  2. Can you ban or close any threads immediately that use Mehta as a source? It's time to make a statement. Think about how he would feel if anything he writes is banned from here. It will drive him crazy. Maybe.
  3. I heard on Fox News that picking your nose frequently is almost as good as wearing masks (just need to wear gloves). Joe Walton has a built in defense mechanism. Just pluck those viral boogers out with your index finger.
  4. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Get better JetNut. This board has many many years of debate ahead and you need to be there to help balance the sanity level around these parts.
  5. You, sir are in my prayers. Try to keep moving around as much as possible. We are here with you... so keep posting if possible. You can beat this thing... yes you can. Are you in Florida?
  6. In the cool of the evenin' when ev'rything is gettin' kind of groovy I call you up and ask you if you'd like to go with me and see a movie First you say "no", you've got some plans for the night And then you stop, and say, "all right" Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you You always keep me guessin', I never seem to know what you are thinkin' And if some fellow looks at you, it's for sure your little eye will be a-winkin' I get confused, 'cause I don't know where I stand And then you smile, and hold my hand Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you Spooky spooky yeah, yeah If you decide someday to stop this little game that you are playin' I'm gonna tell you all that my heart's been a-dyin' to be sayin' Just like a ghost, you've been a-hauntin' my dreams So I'll propose on Halloween Baby, love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you Spooky, yeah, yeah
  7. We need to stop new threads with anything by Mehta. He and his fabrications should be persona non grata.

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