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  1. this is worse than last year. Beyond the injuries, too many years of this team being a colossal sh!!t-show. We deserve better as fans. The ownership of this team should be ashamed and embarrassed. They are the problem and the reason for our misery.
  2. Hell of a time to join here @Ira From Staten Island. This place is psychotic and unreadable the last week or so. Let's hope for better times ahead.
  3. The AT&T transition was completed a couple of years ago and now they are neither consumer-friendly nor reasonable with attempts at negotiation. Those days are long gone, though I did squeeze it out of them a year ago, but it wasn't worth the effort or agony of the conversation. We will be hard wiring all rooms in the next couple of months and will be returning all their garbage equipment ASAP.
  4. that does it for me. Mosley is one of the biggest pieces of sh*t in the NFL.
  5. but at least the monkeys know enough to NOT throw off their back foot when they want to hit something. Sam can learn from them.
  6. They don't need Kittle to beat the Jets. He sits Whoever his back up is will be an instant star in the NFL. So it is written... so it shall be. The story of the NY Jets.
  7. You are so wrong about Gase that it is astonishing.
  8. He's got to go. It's and open & shut gase for sure.
  9. Robbie Anderson: 6 rec 115 yards
  10. Is that a new cannabis strain? Only this one increases stress and anxiety.
  11. I guess the point of this thread is to proclaim that Mahomes is way better than Darnold at this point. Thankful for that revelation. I would have never figured it out on my own. What would we ever do without the collective brain power of JN?
  12. May the Lord "bless" our CB unit. It really needs divine intervention. So please... bless Bless and the rest.
  13. beat me to it The most consistent and predictable pattern of events in the NFL in the last 15 years. What needs tobe added is that Fitzpatrick is also a rookie QB killer.
  14. You are obviuosly a diehard fan and avid follower of the NY Jets.
  15. thanks for nothing CJ Mosely. What a difference that defensive unit would look like.

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