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  1. I'll trade you my signed Clyde Gates photo for it. Once a hot item in the Jets Rewards program.
  2. I've thought it was a foregone conclusion for a while now.
  3. Sweat or Dillard at 15.
  4. what about frying pan hands? Becht. Blech! And then there was Dustin.
  5. Dcat

    Draft Trade Rumors

    you relly need to post a source or is it merely an opinion?
  6. Bills will take sweat if he is there. He's not falling to 10 or to 15.
  7. Dcat

    Draft Trade Rumors

    the Edge defenders I like (i.e. Sweat) will be gone by 15. I don't regard Burns or Ferell as much. If we trade back to 15 and Sweat is there, then great. But if it comes to either Burns/Ferell, then give me Dillard, Ford or Taylor right there and we'll put some of the draft capital together obtained from washington and move up for another pass rusher.
  8. Metcalf will probably go in rd 1. Or early 2. They are considering trading Anderson for a 3rd. I guess this means you are not a fan of trading him for a 3rd.
  9. Maccagnan should get punched in the face if he trades Anderson for a 3rd. Or even a 2nd.
  10. Dcat

    Frank Clark to the Chiefs

    Unless your hall of fame head coach is planning his retirement and is getting impatient. This screams now or never.
  11. Dcat

    Frank Clark to the Chiefs

    Yes the Chiefs paid handsomely for Clark, but they are going for a Championship and while Mahomes is cheap they can spend to get that ring. It makes sense for the chiefs and obviously for the Seahawks. This, I think, increases the value of those top ranked Edge rushers in this draft. The QB-like contracts that good Edge players are getting,and not even those in the top 3, make drafting one for 5 possible years a must. Bosa, Allen, Sweat, and the others just increased a tick in my "must draft" folder.

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