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  1. Dcat

    jets staying with 3-4

    I don't get this. Are you predicting events to happen next September? By then, all this will long be resolved.
  2. #85 stopped by our old lot 16-B tailgate one game (many, many years ago). He was hanging at all the tailgates in that row. Posed for a zillion photos and signed autographs for all. One of my top 5 all-time Jets.
  3. Dcat

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    I was thinking SFO or even Carolina. But Carolina is too geographically close to Pittsburgh. NFC + about as far away from the Pittsburgh markets as physically as possible = San Francisco. Bonus: Brown wouldn't play in Pittsburgh until 2023.
  4. Mod: thanks for fixing the double negative thread title!
  5. Dcat

    Are the Jets an expansion team?

    Would have been a great story line for HBO. They be some hard knockin'.
  6. Dcat

    Brown or Bell

    This thread: Epic poll pfail.
  7. Dcat

    Brown or Bell

    Well Los, maybe it's time for a reality check.
  8. Dcat

    Brown or Bell

    To answer the bolded question: Brown. His elite WR talent is much harder to find than a consistent RB. But bring his personality, salary and the costly draft picks into play and I'd rather have Bell.
  9. Dcat

    Brown or Bell

    LOL. this is going well. That's exactly what happens when there is a poll that makes no sense at all.
  10. Dcat

    Brown or Bell

    why not? Why did you even set up the poll since it has no basis in anything close to reality? Are you trying to find out which primadonna Jets fans like better or dislike more?
  11. Dcat

    Brown or Bell

    makes no sense. why bother since you are asking about a completely ficticious scenario? The two things are not the same because one costs draft picks. No way to change that except in one's imagination.
  12. Dcat

    Brown or Bell

    But all things are far from equal. Brown will require giving up precious trade capital. Bell will not. They are not alike. Why pretend the consequences are the same? Not having to cough up draft picks is a pretty important difference. For that reason alone, Bell is the superior choice But if Brown were a free agent, then Brown for sure.
  13. Dcat


    Johnson did very well in Jets camp last pre season. But he had a few drops and misses that hurt his chances. He should be on an NFL team for sure.
  14. I just added this, but I can't find the actuial drop-dead date for declaring 5th year options foir 2016 1st round draft picks. Does anyone know the exact date? Can't find it anywhere online, but it is usually in early May. Early May (If anyone has the actual date, please send to me an I will update): Deadline to exercise 2020 5th year options for 2016 1st round draft picks (Darron Lee)
  15. correct. For all his talent, Brown is a locker room disruptor and quit on his team. He can go somewhere else. Brown will not be a Jet. So you can hope all you want, but it's not happening.

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