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  1. don't know. I don't read twitter much. Mostly just the twitter re-posts here. But it seems like the entire generation of players is addicted to saying whatever comes to mind, no matter what it is, on social media... so not an unreasonable generalization. In any event... someone here will undoubtedly invest the time digging into Mims' soc. med. history to find out now. As I said before... one of these days I'll get used to it. Maybe.
  2. Apparently math is hard for you. This wave is constituted of a significantly larger number and percentage below-60 year olds who are afflicted. They don't die as readily (but many do suffer from some serious damage to organs... some are very extreme). So that is why the death rate is lower. This wave is not as ravaging on nursing homes, prisons and veteran retirement facilities like the first one was. So sure... the DEATH rate is not up. But the virus is spreading exponentially in areas and it may and probably will work it's way back to the parents, grandparents and instituionalized people at greater risk... subsequently increasing death rates.
  3. Hmmmmm But let's be strategic here. What added perks can management offer for 40%?
  4. It takes some getting used to... especially for us boomers... this social media stupidity. But you are correct. Social media inappropriate comments are the new normal and guys like me just have to accept it. But it is about as fking stupid as stupid can get. IMO. Allow us to air our grievances on this message board. So I'll say this: I get that social media post stupidity is here to stay and there is nothing we can do to stop it. But this board is for whining, complaining, kvetching et. al. so is it ok by you if we still whine about it? Please?
  5. NBD. But a yellow flag as to his being ballsdeep in social media stupidity.
  6. As long as the field isn't 100% mud in the AFC Championship game, we'll be ok. Somebody better check if Don Shula is still buried. Just to be sure. And be sure to pour a truckload of mud on top of the grave before you leave.
  7. agreed. We are the most deserving. We've been tied to the whipping post for 50 years. It's not even close.
  8. Even better, we should all have the ability to delete certain posters posts. That would be fun for about 5 minutes on a rainy day.
  9. Philly is fine. But that's not thepoint. WHy use soc media to crap on it? I don't get it. Philly isnt even a Jets rival. This was one dumbass tweet. No purpose other than to stir ppl up in a look-at-me manner. I'll wager Mims doesn't even know that the Jets have never beaten the Eagles in the regular season. 0-11 since the AFL-NFL merger in 1971. another mouthy?
  10. Otis Smith had one amazing individual game in the Meadowlands.... I think vs the Bills with multiple picks. ...and just like that, it was gone.
  11. I just hope the price for Dallas has a premium compared to most other teams.
  12. yup. Perfect for this list. I'll add one of my favorites: and the other #29, Adrian Murell
  13. there's this place 10 miles outside of vegas where you get both.
  14. Mehl on the outside? Nah. He was the commander and chief out there in the middle.
  15. Yes. How easy we all forget how much we relied on him and liked him. He should move to the top of the list.
  16. one play that I remember (no, not the infamous "clock play" in which Marino tricked rookie Aaron Glenn) was on ST when Glenn returned a missed field goal (it dropped in the end zone away from the goal posts) for a TD. DOn't remember who it was against.. but it was dazzling.
  17. Glenn was better IMHO. Glenn was one of the best corners in the league at the time (much like Mehl at MLB at his time) so it is hard to call either of them "median".
  18. Love Mehl and Lewis. Shade Tree too. Lewis and Jones are more "medianish" IMO than Mehl, who was among the league's best at the time.
  19. Darrol Ray In 1980, he was drafted by the New York Jets. He played 5 seasons with them, finishing his career with 21 interceptions, in which he returned for 581 yards and 3 touchdowns. He also recovered five fumbles, returning them for 131 yards and a score. In a 44-17 win over the Cincinnati Bengals in a playoff game after the 1982 season, Ray set an NFL playoff record by returning an interception 98 yards for a touchdown. Chances for appearing in the Super Bowl were lost when the Jets lost to the Miami Dolphins two games later in the American Football Conference championship game*. * a/k/a "Mud Bowl"
  20. off topic for a minute... why do your posts always make me so depressed? No matter the topic... players, coaches... you gloomy Gus, you! Chrebet was a pretty good #2 WR for us for a while. Not elite in any way but good, so I think he qualifies as an upper end of this newly created "median" rating.
  21. How could I forget?!!! #56 Lance Mehl but he too doesn't fit "median" was one of the better ILBs in the league until injuries wrecked him. I'm thinking "median" is more like Lageman, Calvin Pace or something to that effect
  22. Cotchery for me and Victor green too. Two lunchpale consistent "median" (whatever that means) players. I was thinking Marvin Powell, but he was a lot better than "median" Same for Fields, Mawae and many others

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