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  1. As long as she stays away from certain BMW's, she'll be fine.
  2. Martin Barre makes that easy to do. His work on the Aqualung album alone is iconic. Trying to pick my favorite track in that album for him. It might just be the title. Like starting right at 3:25. must have listened to this like thousands of times way back. It and so many others will be in my head long after I die.
  3. Considering RBs less than average NFL lifespan, one would think that more, not fewer, RBs would come out early. One more year to make some money and they have fewer years than most other positions.
  4. Angry owners are again teetering on issues that could potentially raise the issue of loss of exemption from anti-trust laws. The other owners attempting to strong-arm a new owner regarding fair compensation for his coach would be prohibited. So, criticizing him afterward for giving Rhule that contract is as close as they can get to crossing the line. You're right. F**k the other owners, and when it happens, make sure Woody gets it from both ends.
  5. and why did Flores trade Tunsil when the OL was allegedly so bad? To clean the up the stench of the Gase house, that's why. Gase got rid of Drake because the fans were screaming for him to use Drake. It's Gase's way or the highway apparently. Gase sucks and always has. He was a huge mistake. Thank the Johnsons for more years of misery. It looks like there will be a spring full of mindless, illogical defenses of Gase. The more I see that nonsense the more I want to retort and point out just how lame and pathetic the reasoning is behind it. We are going to be very disappointed if we adhere to the "close my eyes and wish it to come true" approach for Adam Gase.
  6. thank you. There is NO EXCUSE... none...nada for Gase not using Bell as a pass catcher. It was absolutely ridiculous. Gase ignores, for a full f-ing season no less, one of Bell's strongest skills. Explain that. You can't. It can't be blamed exclusively on a bad OL. It is on the coach's offensive play calling and design. ANd with repsect to that Gase has been horrible in both Miami and NY. And we all know Manning called the plays in Denver. I'm sorry. Stop defending Gase. He is horrible. The more I see these absurd excuses (not reasons), absurd after-the-fact reasoning defending him. Edit: The more people defend Gase, the more hostile these threads are going to become. Every shred of evidence points to Gase being a BAD OC, a BAD play caller and a BAD play designer that suits the skill players he has. The defending posts have concocted an absurd narrative that tries to blame everything on personnel. Sorry guys, but you fail with that. If Gase sucks again next season, he is gone. Or should be. To date, he has been an abominable HC.
  7. No SAR. It is not "on Bell". It's on Gase. Gase calls the plays and sets the offense. You're trying to blame it all on personnel and that is pure bullcrap. Gase's offense is amorphous and it cannot be blamed exclusively on personnel.
  8. any truth to the unsubstantiated twitter rumor (same time as the Wyatt garbage) he showed up at the facility reeking of alcohol?
  9. then explain why he benched Drake in Miami? I just think he has no clue what he is doing. Could be the biggest NFL farce in many years.
  10. Frankly, I think there may be stuff about Bell and his relationship with the Jets that we don't know. Just rumors/heresay from twitter.
  11. Post of the year. Right there. January 16th.
  12. I understand. I'd feel the same way.

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