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  1. Here are some past variations that were appropriate
  2. "Bullish"? Well WTF are they supposed to be? Bearish? Crappy article title, crappy article. Maybe he meant bullsh*t?
  3. They should be questioning whether Kingsbury can win games late into the season. Looks like he has struggled down the stretch before at Texas Tech and in the NFL.
  4. it all starts with the first word you place.
  5. Here's a hint for today's wordle: A description of Bill Belichick Wordle 216 4/6
  6. so you're saying that Darnold's forehead is on the empty side?
  7. And I truly believe that JD believed that Wilson had that kind of quick processing ability over the other remaining QBs in the draft, making his choice an easy one.
  8. He does not figure out what the defense is doing until it's too late. IOW, he doesn't have the quick identification process for what's going on around him that the good QBs all have. The problem is that his processing is too slow. By the time he recognizes what to do, it's too late. It is essentially the same exact issue Mark Sanchez had. Just like Darnold, Sanchez had the body, arm and other measurables you look for. Unfortunately, their brain operate way too slowly for NFL success.
  9. Not even. Teams don't trade much in the way of draft picks for the privilege of negotiating a new contract for a 30 year old safety with an injury history.
  10. Every one of them has done better than the garbage Woody has hired for HC.
  11. translation: I suck at these This one is pretty good BTW: Wordle 214 2/6
  12. There's a severe shortage of Darwin award trophies due to the pandemic and all the accompanying manufacturing/distribution delays.
  13. Absolutely. And season #1 was good but not great. Season 2 and beyond were great. The movie will make no sense at all unless you've watched almost all of it. it was made for the irate fans who practically threatened felonies against Showtime for leaving it hanging before cancellation after 7 years. . This is one series where the character development (Eddie Marsan especially) is key to becoming attached.
  14. Any Ray Donovan fans? I've been a huge fan since it began. We just streamed the the final episode (a 1:40 minute 'movie'). For any die-hard RD fan, it is a must watch. With brilliant acting by that outstanding cast as always. It was a great ending for this series and had one huge unexpected surprise that makes a lot of things make sense.
  15. PFN just released its first round 1: https://www.profootballnetwork.com/1-round-2022-nfl-mock-draft-will-kenny-pickett-malik-willis-fall-out-of-the-first-round/ 4. Evan Neal OT Alabama 10. Kyle Hamilton S Notre Dame 1-2-3 Thibodeaux, Hutchinson, Booth
  16. Are you Cromartie's father?
  17. Wordle 214 2/6 Maybe I got lucky?
  18. Vaxxed and boosted and it felt like Mike Tyson used my chest as a heavy bag for about 5 days and still have a cough 10 days out. My 27 yr old nephew in LA unvaxxed and is now borderline hospital admission after a week of disabling fatigue... a kid with no prior issues. There are very few legit medical reasons not to get vaxxed and boosted (but there are indeed some valid reasons for some people, but he is not one of them.. just an anti-vaxxer with all the associated political stigmas). Worse, he spread it to his mother in the same house who is recovering from breast cancer. She was vaxxe
  19. Actually it was awesome that the Fish took Dion Jordan.
  20. The title of the thread made me think they put Berrios on the market. Maybe I'm dense, but that's the first thing I thought.
  21. Hey it's not like I bought him a Becton shirt or anything.
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