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  1. Jets marketing is like an embarrassing mother. Don't worry about us, we're pretty cool on our own, we can figure it out.
  2. ESPN Radio = Home of the Jets Francesa is all about ratings, and he's still the ratings King. That said, Rex/Woody made the Jets the talk of the town the last 4 years. Twice they've figured out ways to take the spotlight fresh off of Giants superbowls. With that, ESPN has weekly interviews with the Jets, things the organization won't set up with Francesa. So while Francesa still owns the afternoon drive, ESPN is coming in hot with access to things WFAN doesn't have. And a lot of it is just the Jets willingness to do interviews with 1050 over WFAN. Couple that with Francesa's career long schtick of saying things for ratings and you have a fiery-red, steaming Mike Francesa. As if Rex stole his lunch money.
  3. It was a joke, but by rule... And yes, pure marketing ploy.
  4. I THINK** by NFL law all teams are required to wear alternates a certain amount of times each season. Remember hearing that at some point.
  5. Nothing will have you working faster and more effecient than Electric Area. Channel 52.
  6. Forget gambling. Pool parties. Best part about vegas.
  7. If we aren't mathematically eliminated come Week 17 than I'm happy. Nothing worse than a season that doesn't matter by Week 9.
  8. And what's actually his role? Is he in fact a PR guy? Hard to knock him, as Tom Shane said not much gets out of that locker room. But he doesn't exactly lead by example.
  9. I understand the mindset. But who the F is Pat Hanlon. I'll take it from any player or coach on the Giants. But it seems obnoxious coming from a PR guy. Ironic too, when you take into account the 'class' thing the Giants play up.
  10. I've been saying it for a couple years now. Giants fans think they're Yankees fans, and act like Mets fans.
  11. Wiener. Funniest god damn word ever.
  12. Pretty sure JonE was being sarcastic. And WTF is a ballon?
  13. I firmly believe Bill Belechick is the greatest leader of all time. Beats out George Washington, Alexander the Great, Ihmotep. All of them.
  14. Is it possible the playoffs impeding his growth? I think the 'just don't F it up for everyone else' gameplan could have slowed Sanchez' his growth. Never really had the chance to just huck the ball around regardless of outcome.
  15. Im still not convinced that Denver isn't living out a real life South Park episode and the Devil rips off his Tim Tebow costume while accepting the Super Bowl MVP award.
  16. You can't hate something that isn't real. Can you?
  17. Doesn't matter, NFL logos are what makes merch look terrible. Not the hat makers.
  18. Whats the JN ruling on Tebow/Religion threads? Anyways, I'm flawed at the fact that people still partake in any religious 'faith' or comment on others.
  19. Youtube rippers work, but they're usually sh*tty quality and don't have ID3 tags.
  20. Thats the way to go for albums. For individual songs, I usually do a simple google search and add the word 'zippy' to it. I've only done that with house music, unsure if that works for normal people music. Example would be; Alesso Pressure Zippy Download from zippyshare.com
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