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  1. Anyone already sick of waiting for primetime games to start?

  2. Cause its awesome.

  3. Charity Washinton is an awful human being.

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    2. Ghost


      Her name is Charity. How can you take her seriously?

    3. Jbro22


      Banner, she was talking about our back up Running Backs fumbling as if to Leon Wouldn't be fumbling. Keyword there would be backups.

      Why do people think McKnight is Leons replacement?

    4. JiFields


      McKnight is poop.

  4. Does this count as Tweeting TS? I thought you lost another bet?

    1. Jbro22


      True, but I thought I was safe from his 140 character thoughts.

  5. Dolphann4life you must be the biggest tool on the world wide web.

    1. dolphann4life


      comming from a guy that has BRO in his user name...thanks.

    2. dolphann4life


      i'm actually an even bigger tool in person.

    3. dolphann4life


      anyone ever tell you, you look like joba chamberlain

  6. DolphinFan4Life PM'd me tell me I hurt his feelings. lolz

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    2. Jbro22


      Sounds awful.

    3. dolphann4life


      oh well it's no Drake concert....

    4. Sharrow


      lol, he's a sh*tty director too.

  7. Each year the upcoming Jets season always eases the pain of the ending summer. Just as the inevediable collapse makes makes for an even colder and depressing Winter. Deep stuff right there.

  8. Forgot Justin Miller was a Cardinal.

    1. JiFields


      They are the new Redskins.

  9. I knew it was down, but I still checked the forums out of habit...

  10. I like Turtles.

  11. I like Turtles.

  12. I wish there was a live feed into training camp.

    1. war ensemble

      war ensemble

      Ask Jetsrule--he might be hiding in the bushes with a camcorder somewhere...

  13. Its Green.

    1. T0mShane


      That is one sweet fitted ball cap you have there.

    2. Jbro22


      Ha, I've been meaning to change that picture. Its from a while ago when I was fat(er).

  14. Jets were playing much better with DUI and Hot Reporter distractions. Just Sayin'.

  15. Joe McKnight will be the first draft pick in your 2011 Fantasy league.

  16. Joe Namath mention in Mad Men last night. I knew it was bound to happen.

  17. Kleck, think Lowery meant he knows the deal, as in he understands why Revis is doing what he's doing. Just how I read it tho.

  18. Lets see how many times we can start a thread about the same thing.

  19. My comments are getting deleted and I'm being reprimanded like a child on Revis' Facebook wall. And I'm alright with that.

  20. Not thread worthy but just wanted to point out that Schefter just endorsed Incarcerated Bob on Twitter.

    1. Lil Bit Special

      Lil Bit Special

      LOL! I saw that!

      Adam_Schefter Adam Schefter

      Not Friday, but two worthy follows: Redskins OLB @rak98 and Twitter friend @incarceratedbob.

    2. JiFields
  21. Now WTF are we gonna talk about?

    1. BroadwayJoe12


      Give it time. There will be something new to piss and moan about within the week I'm sure. We are Jets' fans.

    2. Larz
    3. JiFields


      gays in football

  22. So are we gonna do one of those 'Pictures of Dead Dophins' threads? By far my favorite thread of the season last year.

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