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  1. ESPN Radio = Home of the Jets

    Francesa is all about ratings, and he's still the ratings King. That said, Rex/Woody made the Jets the talk of the town the last 4 years. Twice they've figured out ways to take the spotlight fresh off of Giants superbowls. With that, ESPN has weekly interviews with the Jets, things the organization won't set up with Francesa. So while Francesa still owns the afternoon drive, ESPN is coming in hot with access to things WFAN doesn't have. And a lot of it is just the Jets willingness to do interviews with 1050 over WFAN.

    Couple that with Francesa's career long schtick of saying things for ratings and you have a fiery-red, steaming Mike Francesa. As if Rex stole his lunch money.

  2. Yeah sorry for not clarifying better.

    Hanlon is a complete buffoon. He is literally a monosyllabic moron who is a living, breathing, gag reel.

    You're right though, if there is ONE person who has no room to talk..it's him.

    As someone else mentioned, he was actually cursing out Giants fans in the pre-season on twitter and message boards....lol

    And what's actually his role? Is he in fact a PR guy?

    Hard to knock him, as Tom Shane said not much gets out of that locker room. But he doesn't exactly lead by example.

  3. I think you're exaggerating a bit, and being kind of biased. If we had a loudmouth coach that bashed your team non stop for 3 years, proclaiming ourselves the real "kings of New York" without proving anything, and then YOU won the Super Bowl (after an essential playoff game with the other team), you don't think your players or fans would be doing that same thing?

    To say that Giants players are "constantly" comparing themselves to the Jets at every turn is simply not true. A few SELECT people made a few comments in response to questions they were asked by the media, is more like what really happened.

    I personally think it's stupid, but Rex alone has said more himself in the past 3 years than the entire Giants organization has combined.

    As pointed out before, Rex re-ignited the entire feud, which up until 3 years ago was pretty much a pre-season bragging rights feud.

    (either way I always pray for a Jets/Giants super bowl every year)

    I understand the mindset. But who the F is Pat Hanlon. I'll take it from any player or coach on the Giants. But it seems obnoxious coming from a PR guy. Ironic too, when you take into account the 'class' thing the Giants play up.

  4. I find it hilarious (and kind of sad) how unbelievably obsessed the Giants and their fans have become with the Jets over the past three years. If it was meaningless as they all try to sell it as, they wouldn't feel the need to endlessly ramble on about it, even when the team hasn't played in over a month. The truth is, despite the fact that the Giants are still (clearly) the more successful team, the idea that the Jets are anything more than yearly doormats and at times, were even seen as being the better team, is not something they can handle. I don't know a single Jets fan who could give a flying **** what the Giants are doing when the Jets are having success, yet the vast majority of Giants fans seem to think that their teams success means more if the Jets are failing at the same time. Frankly, if the positions were switched I would be more than thrilled to see the Jets having that kind of success and would care less about the Giants either way. It's almost some sort of strange, twisted inferiority complex, because despite them being the more successful team, the Jets dared to actually receive any positive press and have some (albeit limited) success.

    I've been saying it for a couple years now.

    Giants fans think they're Yankees fans, and act like Mets fans.

  5. Is it possible the playoffs impeding his growth? I think the 'just don't F it up for everyone else' gameplan could have slowed Sanchez' his growth. Never really had the chance to just huck the ball around regardless of outcome.

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