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  1. I “disagree” with your statement (for a lack of a better word). There’s a stark contrast to how Jets fans ON THIS MESSAGE BOARD view Adams vs. how everyone else does. National football pundits LOVE the guy, and so does every Jets fan I know personally, including many very knowledgeable ones. It’s only a few turds on this message board who go out of their way to create negativity around everything he does and says (both on and off the field) and a couple sheep who follow their lead and let them create an opinion for them that they themselves did not previously (or justifiably) have. Keep being sheep people.
  2. If you watch this video, Darnold and McCown take the snap at the same time. Look how much faster McCown gets set, gets rid of the ball, and how much sooner the receiver on his side who is running the same route at the same depth makes the catch. Not a knock on Darnold, I'm pumped to have him. But this is why (most likely) McCown is going to start. Every split second counts in the NFL and it takes time to make these adjustments and play at the game speed the NFL requires.
  3. And he deserves his ... just not what he is asking for. $12-$13M per year and he should be back in camp. Holding out for Asomugha money is ridiculous.
  4. And the Jets stomach's just got a lot more uneasy. Revis: "See, that is exactly why I'm holding out. Elvis got his before getting hurt." Jets: "See, that is exactly why we have to be even more careful with just handing him fully guaranteed money (not to mention that he is holdout happy and will probably holdout again in 3 years and forget we gave him a ton of money upfront.")
  5. MRI confirms torn pectoral muscle. 4-month injury at minimum, so most likely done for the season, AT BEST he could return for playoffs but not guaranteed (or probably even likely). Just will further dirty the Revis situation for both sides...
  6. Well something changed because now there is a "GO box" next to the drop down menu so when I select "Jet Nation mobile," I can click "GO" and it changes. What is a pain though is since I'm logged in on both my computer and my BB, when I change it on one it changes on the other as well. Would be cool if it could tell the difference of when I'm on my BB vs. when I'm on my PC.
  7. Neither do I. It is obvious they want Revis there just like all of us do. But an injury to either of those guys makes it more likely Revis gets more money when he finally does sign than he would otherwise, thus muddying our cap situation for years to come. If you don't think Revis and Schwartz will do a little fist pump if they get the news that Cromartie or Wilson injured their knee than you are kidding yourself.
  8. My biggest concern is an injury to Antonio Cromartie or Kyle Wilson which is probably exactly what Revis and his camp are quietly rooting for. This would put immense pressure on the Jets to get Revis in camp and make them much more likely to cave to his ridiculous and greedy demands.
  9. Aso earned that deal from his team though! Has Revis? Aso completed his entire rookie contract under it's original terms. Did Revis? Aso then played TWO full seasons as a franchise player will no insurance for his future if he had a career threatening injury. Did Revis? Aso did a lot, then was put through a lot by the Raiders. Even though I think the contract is absurd ... you can argue he earned it by putting his @ss on the line for a terrible organization against his will for 2 seasons after being a good soldier and finished out his low-paying rookie contract. Has Revis? The answer to everything above is "No." Revis on the other hand held out for this contract he currently has as a rookie, hasn't completed it, made more than the players drafted in front of him, and is now holding out again.
  10. Jeter's contract isn't a blatant loophole to get around a set of rules governing contracts like Aso's is. Not comparable.
  11. Hit "quote" rather than "edit" and can't delete this post. Where is the "Delete option" Max?
  12. I'm sure any contract offered including LOTS of guaranteed money. Do you really think the Jets are offering him a contract with no money guaranteed? REALLY? Or by "Bonus" do you mean straight up "Signing Bonus" and you're counting that as separate from guaranteed money?
  13. See, I disagree with this. Tannenbaum is quoted as saying the short-term offer they made to him was a "band aid" type of offer like everyone in the media has been reporting the Jets should offer. Jason La Caforna from NFL Network has been the lead on that story and has used the exact term "band aid" when talking about the Jets and Revis. He has repeatedly said he feels that if the Jets were to offer $30M for 3 years he is confident that a deal would get done. Sounds like the Jets made that type of offer and it didn't get done. All actions and quotes we see and hear from Revis are 100% pointing to him wanting to be paid more than Aso.
  14. What leads everyone to believe that is that Revis himself is on record as saying it.
  15. We all agree he deserves a new contract .... so do the Jets. They are the ones who approached him about it, not the other way around. No other CB in the league makes more than $10M per year on average other than Aso and his contract is a ridiculous aberration. If the Jets signed Revis to 6-year contract averaging $12.5M per year (25% higher than all other CBs not named Aso) I'm sure every Jet fan alive would be thrilled. It is the fact that he is demanding a contract higher than Aso's deal that is pissing off the entire fan base as it is a totally unfair and unrealistic demand. Do we think he should get a new contract and do we want him to get a new contract? Yes. Do we want it to be $16M or more per season for 6+ years? Hell no.
  16. He did. He did it to beat the system of having to sign Aso to a single year franchise tag contract year after year which would piss Aso off as well as prevent him from using the franchise tag on another player if it seemed fit. So essentially, Aso got a longer term commitment like he was looking for, but at the money he would have received if he were to sign 3 separate one-year franchise tag contracts (44% increases year after year). Al did it to beat the system and still have his franchise tag at his disposal.
  17. I normally support players holding out as it is a business and you can’t blame someone for trying to do what is best for them financially. However, in this case, I don’t support Revis since it is clear he is holding out for Asomugha money and that contract is a ridiculous aberration. The highest paid CBs in the league after Aso only make $10M per year and the only reasons Aso got the contract he did was: 1. Al Davis belongs in a loony bin. 2. The Raiders had already franchise tagged him twice. Doing it again and again year after year would have made them subject to increase penalties of 44% each year (http://raiderbeat.com/?p=684). So in turn, they just signed him to a 3-year deal at the cost of what it would have been to franchise him for the next 3 seasons as a way to beat the system so they could still have their franchise tag available to use on another player if need be. The fact that Revis and his camp are not treating Aso’s deal as a (ridiculous) anomaly and are demanding a contract higher than that makes what he is doing nothing but greedy, greedy, greedy, and unfair to any National Football League team.
  18. Yo Max, New site is great. However, when visiting from my blackberry I can't switch to the mobile site. The drop down box you mention is there in the lower left, but when I drop it down and select "Jetnation Mobile," nothing happens. Page doesn't automatically reload or anything and it just stays there stuck on Full Version. Any suggestions?
  19. I normally support players holding out, and I think Revis should get a new contract, I just think he is totally wrong for wanting more money than Aso. That's being equally ridiculous as it is greedy.

  20. I wish I knew more about his bump ability. That is one of the things that makes Revis great. He is so physical at the line of scrimmage that a receiver and QB's timing is screwed up from the word go because he just never lets a receiver (even big ones like AJ, Colston, and Owens) to get a clean release. Cromartie certainly has the size to be a good bump guy (listed at 6'2'' and 211 lbs), but his biggest knock has been his lack of physicality. If he can bump well then he will certainly be MUCH better in this defense than he was in a zone defense. If he doesn't bump well and is afraid to get physical, I don't think much will change. Bumping is HUGE in a defense like ours that blitzes a ton. Making the QB hold the ball even for .5 seconds longer than he wants to when he has 6 pass rushers coming at him will lead to tons of incomplete passes and many turnovers.
  21. That was definitely a zone defense, but Cromartie obviously had deep thirds and no other receiver entered his zone. So essentially, he was playing him man-to-man and just bit on the little out move. Only thing you can say is if it was man-to-man then Cro could have been up in his face bumping him, and you'd never do that when you have deep third responsibility. So you are right (zone defense), but also kind of wrong (because Cro had deep responsibility and covered Johnson man-to-man post snap).
  22. Anante's contract is 6 years and $57.14M Dunta Robinson's contract is also 6 years and $57M ... $25.5M guaranteed (44%). That is an average per year salary of $9.5M on both deals (Dunta's has more guaranteed money though). So if he Jets give Revis 6 years and $66M ($11M avg) with $33M guaranteed (50%), he should accept in my opinion.
  23. You could easily make the argument that they should be ahead of the Packers and Ravens.
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