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  1. All safeties are covering lesser receivers. Nobody puts a safety vs. the other team's #1 or #2 WR. I hate Kerry's attitude and lack of hitting also, but when compared to his peers, he is very good in pass coverage even with far less attempts. I go back to my original statement: Kerry Rhodes is no where near as good as he thinks he is, but he is NO WHERE near as bad as most here make him out to be.
  2. So he doesn't suck and has made a lot of plays this year. All I was saying. What happened to you man? You are the grumpiest dude on the internetz these days.
  3. According to this link here, Kerry Rhodes was tied for 3rd amongst safeties in passes defended, same amount as All-Pro Adrian Wilson. Darren Sharper - 15 Michael Huff - 14 Nick Collins - 13 Quintin Mikell - 13 Kerry Rhodes - 13 Adrian Wilson - 13 http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/sortableStats?div=NFL&stat=intPd&table=interception&dir=descending&sortType=offense&seasonState=regular When you take into consideration that the Jets were 26th in the NFL in pass attempts against, it makes the 3rd place ranking (and Revis' 1st place ranking) all the more imp
  4. Posted it yesterday. Check page 2 or 3. It is comical. All it really shows is just how dominant Revis really is.
  5. That was last year when Mangidiot had him playing 20 yards from the line of scrimmage. He made a lot of plays the 3 years before that and he tipped away a lot of passes this season even though he hasn't made a ton of interceptions. Seriously bro. You know it. That "get there late and flail his arms stuff" was all last year. Haven't seen that ONCE this year.
  6. Kerry is no where near as good as he thinks he is, but no where near as bad as most here try and act like he is. His unwillingness to lay a big hit is super frustrating, but he is good in coverage and a very good blitzer.
  7. Ha. I said Seth Joyner in the other thread also. Everyone deserves a little fail from time to time.
  8. Haha. I wasn't posting this one because I thought it belittled Revis. Should have made that clear. I posted it just for why you said ... shows how freaking dominant this guy is!
  9. Another Football Scientist (Seth Joyner) article about throwing the ball (or at least trying to) at Darrelle Revis. Felt it should have it's own thread as it is unrelated to the other. Tries to create the argument that "it can be done," but pretty much just proves that Revis is a one-man wrecking crew.
  10. I love Seth Joyner's stuff and I know a lot of other people here do also. What he has to say here doesn't make me feel too good, still don't see the Bolts running on us though:
  11. I want them to now do this for your father also Jaspegs! Sorry for your loss.
  12. You don't think Mangini could have lured Bart Scott, Jim Leonard, and Marques Douglas from Baltimore, and survived only having Kris Jenkins for 5 games, and still led us to both the #1 Defense in the NFL in both yards and scoring? All that with a rookie QB throwing 20 interceptions and setting up the opposing team with great field position all the time?
  13. Dude, All he is trying to say (do) is use this as another example of how Tanny knows what the hell he was doing. He is not saying that he SHOULD have made the trade, nor is he saying Austin would have put up the same numbers here as he did in Dallas. All he is doing is commending Tannenbaum (and the Jets scouting staff) for being on top of things and recognizing the talent this kid had when 95% of the league (and posters on this site) didn't think sh1t of him.
  14. All I remember is people around here crying. "Waahh! Woody blew our chances at Cowher. I don't believe him when he says he had zero intention of coaching. If Woody didn't insult him he'd be our coach. Waahh!" Rex Ryan for the MFW!
  15. Revis said all the right things on his twitter page this morning: congrats to Charles Woodson on making the Defensive Player of the Year. I was close but maybe next year. about 13 hours ago from web the bigger goal is goin to the superbowl and winning it. about 13 hours ago from web i know some of u guys and gals are mad but me nor you can control this situation. thanks for the support but i look at it as go make more plays about 13 hours ago from web
  16. Not a fan of this. Revis is a victim of his own talent. Rex himself said that Green Bay uses Woodson to do a ton of things like blitz, hang in zone coverage where he can read a QBs eyes and try to make a jump on intercepting passses, etc. He said in some ways it is unfair to Revis because he is capable of doing all those same things as good or better than anybody but since he is just such a lockdown CB that they don't give him the opportunity. They strictly tell him to go out there and take the opposing team's #1 WR completely out of the game which he does every week. He said that if
  17. David Harris. There is nothing the kid can't do. He can play sideline-to-sideline, he can take on and then shed blockers, hits like a train, never misses should-be tackles, and even covers well. Lots of close 2nds (Cotchery, Leon, Revis, Jenkins, etc.) but David Harris gets my vote without thinking twice about it.
  18. Strong comprehension skills on display here fella.
  19. Mike Tannenbaum is flat awesome at his job. He manages the cap with the best of them, proves he can seal the deal in both signing free agents and trading with other teams, and he has a number of VERY successful drafts under his belt. The only blemish on his resume is the Gholston pick. Reports out there say that Mangini was the leading force behind the Gholston pick, and while I believe them, even if they aren't true that one mistake (ALL gms make them) is not enough to tarnish his rep with me. Mike Tannenbaum FTW!!!!
  20. The question discussed was whether or not Austin's skill set made him worth a 2nd round pick. I think it is clear that his talent would have been well worth a 2nd rounder. Especially considering we gave up a 3rd for Edwards and: Austin >>>>>>>>> Edwards
  21. And that lots of posters here may not be.
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