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  1. You still Mr. Funnyman over here? You haven't grown up on us, have you?
  2. All of your posts from beyond the grave r belong to me.
  3. Yeah. I did a little research on him and LOVED what I say. To be fair though, I loved the Doug Jolley trade at the time too. You win some you lose some.
  4. Haha. I assure you the JMJ is here to stay. They are my initials. Unless I pull a Chad Johnson, they're permanent.
  5. Haha. Thanks man. I appreciate that. It is somewhat telling though that when I started reading your post I was totally ready for it to end with, " ... I always thought you were one of the most condescending pricks over there." I like yours better.
  6. Check out that chest tat. That almost makes "Pfail Jam" cool.
  7. Fish's avatar told me to provide her the most memorable two minutes of her life so I f**ked her twice and had her make me a sammich.
  8. Where you pissing yourself when reading those PMs? In hilarity of course ...
  9. Haha. That makes him even funnier to me. He always talked so tough. Never understood the infatuation with him over there.
  10. Is JN officially our new home? I've known there was something wrong with GJ&H for yeeeaarrs. I used to die laughing inside when people would list him as "one of the best," or "one of the most knowledgable posters on JI." Dude is an overreacting loon and has been long before this whole EY drama. But needless to say, that whole ordeal was *****ing AWESOME! LOL
  11. Hey, Is this where all the cool kids hang out?
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