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  1. Another thing is that you guys don't run the ball very successfully. LT was GREAT but seems to have fallen off a cliff. Your run blocking is not as solid either but now that Hardwick has returned, it could improve. Vs. most teams your running game might get you 2 yards on 1st down, and 3 on 2nd down setting up a 3rd and manageable 5 (especially with a QB like Rivers). However, if we can keep you to 3rd and 7 or more (which I feel most teams don't but we can), it might not sound like much but it could be the difference between less 3rd down conversions and stalled drives than you guys a
  2. If you had Jamal Williams still I would be far less confident than I am. The fact that you don't means our OLine should open holes all day and Jones/Greene should both put up solid numbers. Teams that can stop our run are teams that scare me the most, and without JWill, you guys don't do that too well. Gun to my head I'd pick you guys strictly because we have to fly cross-coast and the wining percentage of teams flying across the country to play are miserable, plus you're the home team in the playoffs. However, I see no reason we should be intimidated by your team so I see our chan
  3. You just ride Phillip Rivers' nuts. That's why you don't feel good about it. And as for how we're going to win? Here are the 4 answers you're looking for. 1. Rex Ryan 2. Darrelle Revis 3. Our OLine 4. Shonn Greene
  4. No. He is my favorite player. Has been since his rookie year. Simply love the way he plays.
  5. Just got an authentic (real Reebok authentic) Revis jersey for under $100 (I know a guy - PM me if you want details). So pissed they don't make Harris. He is my favorite player by far!
  6. I got a bunch of them also. Just more proof that our suffering is real.
  7. There is your problem right there, brah. Get some game. When you're hooking up with a different chick every weekend going out is fun.
  8. If you shake it more than twice you're playing with it. NTTIAWWT.
  9. http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2009/12/10/crimesider/entry5961829.shtml
  10. Sharper, Allen, and Woodson should all be ahead of Revis right now. In what order is up to you. Revis and Dumerville are next on the list though. Again, order is up to you.
  11. JMJ

    Halal Food

    Streat meat! Nothing like it. (no homo?)
  12. I said it 3 weeks ago as soon as he got injured; Pennington being out would be BAD for the Jets, not good. There is no way Pennington makes some of those plays that Henne made last night. Simply no way. The Phins are a far more dangerous offense without The Noodle. I don't know why anyone here was happy to see Chad go down for the year.
  13. Had a large Quizno's prime rib peppercorn sub for lunch today. So win and so worth the 1,400 calories!
  14. Fixed. Thanks for the heads up. Have images turned off.
  15. Uncle Rico >>>>>>>>> Both of us for sure
  16. Jets-Dolphins on MNF and one of my fantasy league games hangs in the balance tonight. Life needs a FF button sometimes. WTF?!!?!!?
  17. I asked him if there were any trade talks ongoing for him with the Jets and his answer was, "As far as I know. I hope they are." Chances are he knew Tannenbaum and Mangini were discussing a trade. Anyone who thinks the trade happened overnight is silly.
  18. Awesome! I opened this thread saying, "Why the hell would someone feel so important that they had to make their OWN thread about their feeling towards a trade rather than just posting their feelings in the trade thread itself?" But after reading this ... BRAVO! This so ... SO ... SOOOOOO did deserve it's own thread!
  19. I've always contended that wearing green jerseys on a green field could not help our QBs when it comes to finding receivers quickly or when under duress. The fact that the Eagles do the same thing though and have been to 5 NFC Championship games in the past 10 years (led by a great QB) always make me second guess if I'm overthinking it but I still can't see how it helps. Regardless of whether or not it is a minus, it CERTAINLY is not a plus. A brighter color that stands out could only help a QB.
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