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  1. He's pretty boastful in this video, and people that don't like his personality are going to like him even less after watching this... But I found it fascinating to watch. Just how much goes through the head of a defensive player pre-snap. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/how-jamal-adams-is-able-to-predict-plays
  2. Smart from what point of view? P&L? Or the Jets? I could care less about Woody's bottom line. And if the Jets become known as the place where coaches and staff are really well paid, that'd be great.
  3. I also think Chris Johnson made a very smart move. (I assume that's the point you were making?)
  4. Some of the things he's done seem to be smart from a business point of view. From the negotiation of his own contract, where he got a really good deal for himself (without pissing anyone off), to his not gushing about players...
  5. OK, sure. I was just thinking of adding a [wrong!] at the end or something.
  6. I really can't figure you out. With your username - you can't be serious, can you?
  7. I personally don't think Darnold ever looked "lost". He had a bunch of "bad" interceptions, i.e. didn't see a defender, misread the defense, threw it right to the other team. Like his very first pass. These are often called "rookie" interceptions for a reason. I think he was on a pretty clear upward arc however. He seemed to learn from his mistakes. A very different feel from Mark Sanchez - who just would always make the occasional horrible decision. And he also made a ton of terrific throws. Especially given his (relative) lack of QB experience (even compared to other rookies), I think there's no question he'll be improving. My only question is - how much will he improve.
  8. Woah, a pass that was an easy pick 6 should not have been thrown?? With insight like that you should work with the MNF crew!
  9. Forcing him to work with someone new, even if it's his second choice, can also work out well.
  10. The article said " with an NFL-record $107.9 million guaranteed ". That has a very specific meaning. "Guaranteed" means there no conditions (other than if it's only guaranteed for skill or guaranteed for injury). Note that overthecap currently shows this https://overthecap.com/player/carson-wentz/4715/ "based on tweets" (i.e. still preliminary). overthecap shows it as only having $20M guaranteed. So maybe the initial reports of $108M guaranteed will turn out to be wrong?
  11. Not sure why people keep saying "guaranteed" in quotes. Guaranteed has a very specific meaning for NFL contracts. The only "kindof" guarantees are guaranteed for injury, or guaranteed for skill. If the article says $108m is guaranteed, then either (a) that's wrong, or (b) he will get that $108M eventually, even if he gets cut tomorrow. Again, if $108M is actually guaranteed, then Philly has no way to get out of the $108M.
  12. $107.9M is guaranteed according to the article. IOW, pretty much all of it.
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