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  1. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    I totally agree. But I also think the Mayfield=Manziel is crazy. That was the only point I was trying to make.
  2. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    Why draft Allen when we already have the Hackmaster?
  3. I'll just point out that the people that are getting paid to scout aren't reporting their opinions publicly. So you have to decide who to believe (or form your own opinion).
  4. Look at it this way, based on the histories of the 2 franchises. If I'm the Browns, is it a better strategy to take the QB that I like, or to take the QB that the Jets *don't* like? Seems like a no-brainer to me...
  5. I think if we have the choice between Rosen and Mayfield, Macc takes the big armed QB, the one without the health concerns, i.e. Mayfield.
  6. Combine Results Thread

    Sounds like a bad fit for us then...
  7. I'm pretty sure when they ask him why he went defense with his first 3 picks in the 2018 draft, he'll say "I like finding offensive players in free agency."
  8. I haven't read through 12 pages of posts - but what do people think we *should* do with all of our cap space? It's much better to throw it at a QB, who may or may not work out, then say some corner or whatever. And even if we drafted a QB at 1 this year, and he was amazing, we wouldn't need to pay him for 4 years. IOW, the "opportunity cost" of blowing $30m of annual cap space doesn't seem to be so great... Do we have any great players coming off their rookie deal soon? Leo is the only one I can think of in the next few years...
  9. Draft value chart

    Wow. I looked up 1983, but I never thought to look at that dumpster fire...
  10. Draft value chart

    I'm not saying that the combine *should* be a deciding factor. But just going from recent memory - all the flaws, real and imagined, come out. If Mayfield measures at 5'11", I bet people are going to slot him for day 2! Has there *ever* been a draft when 3 QBs go top 5? And it's not like this QB class is so spectacular... Nor are there more QB-needy teams than in years past. The sucky teams always need QBs... This is always the time of year where we all get in a tizzy, and we assume that everyone in front of us will all draft the position we need... But that's not what happens...
  11. Draft value chart

    I think the most likely scenario is: - The top 2 QBs go simply to the Browns and Giants. - We stay put and take Mayfield at 6. After the combine, it's going to be clear that even 6 is a huge reach for Mayfield. He'll be there. Whether or not we take him - TBD. I hope we do...
  12. Who on the OL do you think should / could be back? Or asked slightly differently, in what order would you cut them? I suspect Johnson is at the beginning of the cut list. It seems to me that (other than QB) our OL is the worst unit by far...
  13. another qb, andy dalton?

    I would rather start a random unknown QB we draft this year than a mediocre vet who has already hit his ceiling... I would have much rather suffered through this past season with Petty (and then Hackenberg) instead of McCown. Maybe one would have turned out good - yeah right - or much more likely we'd have a much better draft position. If we have to go through a McCown v2 next year - please shoot me...
  14. Hey, if Brady wants the ultimate challenge to show how great he is, he should come here...
  15. If Darnold / Rosen go 1/2, what QB do we think is going in the 3 spot that we need to trade up for? I seriously doubt that the first 3 picks in this draft will be QBs.