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  1. What I have been focusing on is that pretty much every week he makes some throws that I don't remember when / if I've seen a throw like that from a Jets QB. Like that short-range TD to Crowder... I think his body of work is short enough that it's not crazy to hope that his head scratchers get less frequent / go away. I'm a fan after all!
  2. It's not clear to me that his pick was him "forcing" it. He wasn't really under pressure, and he calmly delivered a nice ball - right to a sea of Ravens. No Jet in the area. And it looks like the ball went right where he wanted it to go. So I think it was just a bad miscommunication, not necessarily related to what had come before.
  3. I was actually more encouraged by the loss this week than the win last week. The oline actually looked semi-decent - or at least better than amateur hour. Sam looked good in the pocket - stayed when he should, moved as appropriate, and not afraid to take a hit. Delivered lots of balls confidently and accurately, and was able to make some plays against this tough defense with his extremely limited receivers. The pick was bad, but at least it wasn't a misread defense or a panicky OMG what are you doing throw - there was clearly miscommunication, and it's not like I'm afraid it's going to become a habit. The loss shows what we all know - that there are *major* talent deficiencies (especially with all the injuries). We just have to hope we have a really good offseason, and everyone gets healthy.
  4. So who the heck is playing receiver tonight? DT is inactive. So Anderson, Crowder, Vincent, and Berrios are the only active receivers?
  5. Great video - but isn't it cheating that they show footage from the NE game before the Dallas game? It's not like he recovered from adversity in the NE game and then played Dallas...
  6. Based on my experience with draft commentary here on this board, and the knowledgeable posters here, the love for Lamb means that he's actually going to climb up draft boards and end up going in the top 5. So unfortunately I don't think we'll have a shot at him.
  7. If the Jets signed *any* FAs on expired contracts (as opposed to those that had been cut), they would potentially not get the comp pick for Leo. The first step is just comparing the number of qualified signings and losses - independent of their value. If you've signed as many or more, you don't get any comp picks. Period. So if the plan was to get a comp pick for Leo, you'd have to be extremely careful, and probably limit what you could do in free agency (and resigning our own expiring contract FAs). Also, people should keep in mind that we get the 5th if not the 4th. So if he doesn't sign, we still get a 5th in 2021.
  8. Not sure how you can call it a "crazy" call. The announcers in the booth and Gene Stenatore both said that it would clearly be overturned, and then it was. An NFL receiver would have clearly made the catch without the defender pulling down his shoulder before the ball arrived. (The fact that the Jets don't have NFL receivers is not supposed to be taken into account.)
  9. It looks like he just picked out some of the QBs. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/stats/weekly/?sortStatId=QB_RATING&selectedTable=0 Darnold was 16th among QBs that had more than 5 attempts. But obviously his rating was higher than a lot of big names this past week.
  10. Well, Crowder would have had to make a diving one-handed catch, don't blame Crowder. I think Darnold has almost too much confidence. Why run for the first when he can complete this 15 yard pass? And of course his completions when the play breaks down is one of his strengths. So it's a bit of a tough balance. It's both good and bad that he won't just take a few yards running, and instead still looks to make a play. He just has to know the situation better.
  11. It looks like he might be throwing off of his back foot a lot more, instead of stepping into it. I'm not sure if that's it...
  12. Here is Sam when the ball gets in his hand. Note 0:07 Here is Sam getting pulled down. Note the 0:09 As a comparison, here is Dalton throwing his TD pass. Snap at 0:01: Released at 0:04. No one is remotely close to him.
  13. I like looking at individual plays, both good and bad. It's good to know where he can improve, then we can see next year if he has the same problems or if they go away. For balance, here's a good play - except for ugh the drop
  14. I think we all have a prediction for how he will turn out, and we also have a degree of confidence in our prediction. I have no problem with anyone's prediction, good or bad, but if anyone has a high degree of confidence of (anything), I seriously question that. Also, people have said that the line and receivers isn't an excuse. That may or may not be true, but we're never winning anything with our current OL and receivers, I don't care if he's Bart Starr. All I care about is how he performs if we have a decent to good OL and receivers. Hopefully we will soon. And if we do - can people confidently predict how he will perform then? I don't think so. We're all just making educated guesses.
  15. As was implied above - how much of this is scheme, and how much of this is beating a blitz requires your receivers winning very quickly? And if the defense gives a cushion, and they complete it quickly short, can the receiver make the only defender miss? Maybe it's the scheme, but maybe it's also exploiting our lack of talent at the receiver position.

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