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  1. Wasn't Cole a "game time decision" last week too? Maybe Saleh is just from the BB school WRT discussing injuries, and just wants to say as little as possible all the time.
  2. Interesting that Adam Schefter said 4 - 8 weeks, while there are tons of people here on this very thread who know that the surgery means he's done for the year. I guess I forgot that Schefter is known as someone who tweets things that are clearly wrong.
  3. Wow, speculation that he'll be inactive Sunday is pretty surprising to me - though maybe not after him (not being) used on Sunday.
  4. Only 3 points in the 2nd half should count for something... Pressure can accomplish something even without sacks.
  5. But he's someone I've heard of!!!
  6. Is there any Jets fan that *wouldn't* use some of our cap space on some OL help?
  7. We're on pace to have 17 losses, and Elijah Moore will have -51 receiving yards...
  8. I know we want to predict, but I think the clear answer at this point is "too early to tell". There's no way to make any judgment at all on Saleh and staff at this point, after 1 game. His draft this year might have been really good - helped partially by his good trades to get more picks - but again, no way you can make anything close to a definitive judgment. WRT what he did well, I also think the FAs he signed this year were good. Corey Davis might be an actual #1. And then I guess it depends a lot on whether you credit him for signing Carl Lawson, or not, based on the injury. Moses
  9. It's like QB rating though. If you have your RB throw a pass, and he completes it for 20 yards, he gets a QB rating of 154, right? Highest rated passer! I think Mims was only on the field for a couple of plays. So one big catch in a couple of snaps is a high rating...
  10. Maybe a mod @The Crusher can change the title of this thread?
  11. Obviously below I'm just pulling random stuff off the internet, but what you wrote doesn't necessarily seem to be true (unless you have inside info): On Nick Chubb: https://www.nationalfootballpost.com/2008-2018-nfp-archive/the-training-room/monday-morning-md-mcl-injuries-abound/
  12. Tell me what matters besides Zach being good.
  13. I think that at least some of this is trolling / being ironic. At least that's what I tell myself...
  14. This is probably at least partially wishful thinking on my part, but if they're really trying to get it signed now, that makes me think 2021 is the last season. Negotiations heat up when it's close to the deadline, I can't imagine directv has *two* more seasons to go...
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