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  1. thshadow

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    The most hopeful part: This really seems like, going forward ,they are going to do what is blindingly obvious to everyone - which is focus on building the offense around him.
  2. thshadow

    Breer Nugget

    It seems like the things we pretty much know we'll get with Sam is: Great arm Great leadership Very good accuracy. Can anticipate throws. Excellent throwing on the run In the "likely / hopefully" category is - we think he'll do a good job picking up the playbook. The main unknown - and really this is unknown for anyone drafted - is can he read defenses? Is he capable of knowing what's going on both pre-snap and post-snap, and does he understand the play in enough depth to know what is supposed to happen, both blocking-wise and where he should go with the ball? We're all more excited than we've been in years, because we finally have a (young) QB that checks almost all of the boxes. And for the cerebral part - we have some evidence to think he'll be good. And even if he's not right away, it's about the only thing on this list that's likely to improve with experience.
  3. thshadow

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp Day 2

    Suckworthy Sam
  4. thshadow

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp.

    Definitely has an impressive arm. Those long passes were completed 50 yards from the LOS by my count, and it looks completely effortless.
  5. I guess they showed his agility testing in the pro day video posted by jetstream? (Can't find it now for some reason.) Not that I've seen a lot of these drills by other players, but he looked *really* stiff. I will (guess / hope) that his hamstring was still bothering him. If not, I can't see how he can play the slot, with straight-line speed but no agility. (Of course CBs with balky hamstrings are their own problem...)
  6. Is that true? Where did you see that? I just looked at his combine results and there was nothing listed...
  7. thshadow

    Petty Cut

    At least the Hack Attack is alive and kickin'!
  8. It was definitely noticeable that, unlike your typical highlight reels, the receivers were tightly covered. I still remember looking at the highlights of Stephen Hill and thinking "wow, that dude is always totally wide open".
  9. Thanks!!! One thing that seemed pretty impressive to me. In the very first 3rd and 13 video, he's kindof falling backwards - and yet he still places the ball in the perfect spot 35 yards down the field... Maybe it's the slo-mo, but in general, his throws look effortless...
  10. Yeah, well, but the next one will be about his flaws...
  11. Plus thank goodness we were able to hang on to Petty, so we can use him as ammo for a tradeup in next year's draft...
  12. No, I think short arms and a long wingspan is like a t-rex.
  13. Well .... at least it's not a safety???
  14. thshadow

    Watching the draft on your phone

    Yeah, sorry, streaming isn't going to cut it.... Though maybe if I had some headphones... ???.
  15. Say that you have to be somewhere tonight between 8pm and 9pm, like at, I dunno, a marriage counselor. Any recommendations for checking the draft results, maybe with a little, you know, subtlety?