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  1. thshadow

    Our boy Sam

    I love it, though - what is the definition of a "game-winning drive"?
  2. I think / hope that it's a function of the QB on the team, not the franchise history. Now with Darnold, I think the job will be a lot more attractive than it was with ... McCown? Hack? Who would want *that* job??
  3. For entertainment purposes, we should take a pretend $1,000 and bet on one (or more). Then at the end, we can see who wins, and also how good these odds are (to help Sarge4Tide decide if he should become a bookie ). I'd put $500 on the field, and $500 on John Harbaugh. [I'm assuming this is all OK with Max]
  4. Exactly. That's why if he can walk, he thinks he's fine and can play.
  5. That was definitely classless. As was Harry Anderson blind-siding the 150 pound kicker..
  6. Yeah, in a perfect world, darniod would be horrible, and then we can be at the top of the draft for many years to come. Some of u guys are unbelievable.
  7. I just want to say that I appreciate (from an enlightening point of view) that these stats have comparisons to the league averages. It makes it quite compelling how bad he has been... Yay. And WRT 1st rounders - I think that's actually much more correlated with the fact that he's picking at the top of round 1. I do think he's been good with 7th rounders (and UFAs). Yay again.
  8. thshadow

    Mel and Todd

    I'd be happy with a Julio Jones-type WR, though I don't know if there is one in this draft...
  9. I just realized Bowles' strategy. He's keeping it a secret not because he wants to trick the Titans, but rather because he wants to trick Jets fans to watch the game...
  10. THE REVENGE OF DANNY WOODHEAD!!!! It tastes so sweet.
  11. thshadow

    Is Sam Gonna Practice Today?

    I guess it's likely that he won't play on Sunday, which is really disappointing. But the fact that he's practicing, and he was limited this week, means that he's going to be full next week, and then start the last 4 weeks of the season. So definitely disappointing, but he should still have 4 games left.
  12. thshadow

    Just give me two

    If the choice is between Darnold playing well and winning some games, vs Darnold playing badly and getting a better draft pick - I will be totally fine with winning some games.
  13. Through a mathematical oddity, it both doubles *and* triples them.
  14. Better go tell the wife, I guess my next Sunday is free too.

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