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  1. Has he been activated? Maybe he hasn't yet, hence doesn't need to be listed. https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-injury-report-week-6-vs-cowboys-wednesday Table inside Article Player Position Injury Wednesday Thursday Friday Game Status Henry Anderson DL Shoulder DNP Trenton Cannon RB Foot/Ankle DNP Nate Hairston CB Knee DNP C.J. Mosley LB Groin DNP Kelechi Osemele OL Shoulder/Knee/Illness DNP Josh Bellamy WR Shoulder LP Jordan Jenkins LB Calf LP Demaryius Thomas WR Hamstring/Knee LP Quinnen Williams DL Ankle LP Robby Anderson WR Back FP Ryan Griffin TE Finger/Ankle FP Arthur Maulet CB Thumb FP Kyle Phillips DL Hand FP Brian Winters OL Shoulder FP
  2. On the bright side, one of those 2 might get better...
  3. I'm pretty sure the playbook is: 9 different ways to hand off the ball to Bell 4 different ways to pass the ball to Bell WR screens
  4. I didn't see this posted. From Cmini's article: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27761284/jets-sam-darnold-says-feels-ready-risk-life
  5. Have you tried to contact the Jets medical staff to let them know of this critical fact?
  6. Well, if you think there's essentially a zero percent chance, then you should give me like 1,000 to 1 odds. So sure, I'll put up $0.10. I'm not saying they *will* make the playoffs, but I'd say that like 20:1 to 10:1 odds would be fair. I just think it's stupid when people say "OMG the season is over", when honestly our chances of making the playoffs is only a little bit worse than it was when the season started...
  7. "Essentially zero" chance of the playoffs?? Sheesh, people are so bipolar. If the jets Oline starts playing like they've actually met each other before, and Darnold plays like he did last year and/or improves, the Jets can easily finish 9-7 or 10-6. Now those are two big ifs - but there's more than a zero percent chance that they both happen...
  8. One thing I was struck by, which I didn't remember at all - he actually had decent pockets on lots of his completions. Obviously it's looking at a very biased sample if you only look at plays where he completes the pass, but the protection wasn't nearly as horrible as I remembered...
  9. I think people who are trolling are not going to like it, so ... good!
  10. So you're saying we have a chance to score twice as many points as the Pats have given up all *season*???
  11. 2 years ago, there's no way in hell that's a penalty. This year, with the new rules, I can see them calling it a penalty... Or not... But how the heck is it a fine??
  12. Lol, is this really what people want to talk about on a Jets board??? I guess it's better than a lot of other topics we discuss... He would say that weather forecasts aren't probabilities. The chance that it rains tomorrow is either 0 or 1 - you just don't know which one it is yet (because "tomorrow" is a specific day). Which I always thought was kindof lame, because what the weather forecaster really means is that this is the chance that it rains on day n + 1, given the approximate weather conditions of day n. So yes, 8.2% is a probability, in the sense that what it really means is that "if I run whatever hokey simulator I made up, the Jets will make the playoffs 8.2% of the time". And it's of course difficult to tell how accurate a simulator is - you would have to run it many times, make a histogram bucketed by prediction percent, and then compute correlation or RMSE or something like that between the prediction bucket and the actual observed value. And related to that analysis, I can't believe how bad Mac's draft record is...
  13. I can't believe you guys are arguing over semantics, but for the record, you're wrong. Statistics analyzes and interprets existing data. Like 0-2 is a statistic, or averaging -3 passing yards per attempt. 8.2% is a probability. And my MIT professor would have argued that 8.2% isn't even a probability, because "the Jets making the playoffs this year" is a 1-time event, not something that can be repeated - but that's a more philosophical question.

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