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  1. The throw at 2:40 is one of my favorites from him last year. How he fits it in over the short man, in front of the deeper guy. And this was on a presumably designed roll-out - and he was unable to set his feet properly.
  2. thshadow

    Browns @ Jets week 1 MNF

    Don't forget that over the past few years, the Jets are perfect on opening night MNF games... In fact, I can't remember the last time they lost one!
  3. thshadow

    Rosen Update

    But do they actually need to trade up? Are the Raiders the only team that might take a QB?
  4. The other way to look at it is - they were all right a year ago, there's not much talent here, but some QBs are getting hyped now just because the QB-needy teams need to take *somebody*...
  5. in the upcoming AAF dissolution draft... Maybe we can nab Hack again?
  6. thshadow

    Best photos of new unis

    Hmmmm........... I'm not sure "productive" means what you think it means...
  7. thshadow

    Best photos of new unis

    I have a stupid question - why are there 3 color schemes (white, green, and black) instead of just 2? Home, away, and .... ?
  8. They've only had 1??? Didn't Idzik have like 3 or 4 in one year?
  9. I think that this is the reason that a trade doesn't get done until draft day. If someone trades up to the Jets spot - then suddenly the 49ers spot is in play, and someone might want to jump up to 2. Once the 49ers make their pick - that's the only time someone will trade to 3.
  10. Isn't there pass interference on like every play?
  11. thshadow

    Fun fact..(Sam Darnold stat)

    So many amazing plays from 2015 though. I remember play #1 in that video. I was like crap, well there's a pick - oh wait, maybe it'll hit the turf and it won't be intercepted - oh, touchdown.
  12. thshadow

    Fun fact..(Sam Darnold stat)

    I was thinking of play #1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfTgSY3ve3g Brandon Marshall was amazing...
  13. Huh? Just the AFC east?
  14. thshadow

    2 Bluechip Prospect Draft - We Pick 3rd

    I personally think this is more like a 0-blue chip draft. I mean, is there any draft in the last 10 years where any of these guys would go #1? Or even #2? These guys are getting some buzz - because there's nowhere else for the buzz to go. We really need to trade down, no matter who is on the board.
  15. thshadow

    Backfield Routes Darnold/Bell

    What's a backfield route? I'm guessing it means the receiver started in the backfield?

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