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  1. Keeping up with the Tank.

    No, I don't think head to head has anything to do with it. It's just strength of schedule, and then coin flip. That's it.
  2. It looks like defenses are starting to fear Anderson, giving him big cushions and easy underneath yards...
  3. So in: pic.twitter.com/21zqIXpm9q you're pointing out that the announcers were wrong when they said that Adams blew his gap assignment, right?
  4. Jets Climbing NFL Draft Board

    If you look at http://www.tankathon.com/nfl , they correctly take into account the winning percentage of all teams on the schedule, not just all teams they've played already. So their SOS will only change based on how much the winning percentages of teams on their schedule go up or down. So we're currently 8th, but very close to the SOS of Houston. But to the original post - I think predictions of us drafting higher are pretty fair - there are a few teams below us that should end up with better records than us.. (For example, Denver, Indy, and Houston.)
  5. Remaining Schedule

    To me, the question is, when are they mathematically eliminated from the playoffs? Because that's my last hope as to when Petty starts...
  6. It *was* a safe pick, in that his floor was high - it's extremely likely he'll be a starter for many years. No one is saying he's a bust. No one is saying he shouldn't start. The issue most people have is that it's extremely unlikely for him to be a real difference maker - and that was somewhat easy to predict even before the draft. Despite all of the announcers gushing over him (which I don't get), my feeling is that his impact on the defense is somewhere around the level of Demario Davis's. Probably less than Davis. Sure, Adams is a rookie, but even with growth, I think people have a hard time imagining someone playing his position (whatever it is) can be a consistent game changer.
  7. Kurt Benkert (Virginia)

    Well, this is essentially his 2nd year playing, and his completion percentage this year is 60.4%. CAREER STATS SEASON CMP ATT YDS CMP% YPA LNG TD INT SACK RAT RAW QBR ADJ QBR 2017 265 439 2876 60.4 6.55 81 25 8 26 130.5 46.0 52.2 2016 228 406 2552 56.2 6.29 84 21 11 31 120.6 47.2 50.5 2014 8 10 58 80.0 5.80 22 0 1 0 108.7 - -
  8. Claiborne is the only one I'm not sure I agree with... Has he really been that good?
  9. Sure, he's often covered, and no, he's not a #1 receiver. But if you're implying that he's never really open and he just wins 50-50 balls - he's definitely wide open a lot of the time... Here are some examples from this season. Or this one against the falcons Or his 69 yd TD against the fish: I agree that he's somewhat of a one trick pony - but it's a damn good trick!!
  10. He's a little skinny guy, undrafted - I have a soft spot in my heart for him...
  11. Thanks for the analysis! I don't get why Anderson doesn't get more love on this board. He seems to get open deep very consistently for someone who supposedly is a one trick pony, and he high points and catches the ball very cleanly...
  12. Film Review: Week 9 Jets vs Bills

    Thanks for the post! Any idea what's up with Adams and his ankle tackles? He seems to be always diving at people's feet... Is he overanxious or something?
  13. I agree with most of the article, but the part above is kindof like saying "the Jets got good value because the Jets think they got good value."
  14. They should bring back gladiator fights too. $200k to the winner, $100k to the loser's family. Because nothing can possibly be wrong as long as they know what they're getting into. (Not that football players knew.)
  15. Thanks for getting the shot of the play where Anderson throws his helmet. It did seem like he had inside position. But he must have been getting frustrated through the game, was probably open deep a lot...