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  1. So we've got a couple of open roster spots now, don't we? Obviously they needed to clear the spot for JuJu.
  2. They're going on IR too? Or am I misunderstanding you...
  3. The issue with Mims is that he essentially missed his entire first training camp. Mental reps are great, but so is actually running routes and catching passes. He'll catch up, but missing TC was a heck of a lot worse for Mims than it was for Perriman.
  4. Given that we haven't seen a single play run by any of them (no preseason), and we're only learning of stuff by the occasional tweet - we have almost no idea who will / should be kept.
  5. Also, would he really re-sign? Has he signed with us before?
  6. Remember when we signed Justin McCareins because he had a good game against us? At least we didn't give Moncrief a 7 year contract (!)
  7. With this team, it's possibly - I'm not sure if "better" is the right word - but... I think he *is* going to see a lot more reps than he probably should early on. There's like no one else - so he's probably going to be learning on the field in real games... Yay for us?
  8. I thought his footwork was OK / better his rookie year than it was last year towards the end. So I think it's not too much of a stretch to hope he at least gets back to his rookie season's footwork. To me, it's really a question of whether he was ruined by the OL last year. I personally think he'll recover.
  9. I think that's the biggest issue. It seems last season he developed some bad habits, sometimes terrible footwork, probably due to his terrible protection. But no excuses, he's got to correct that.
  10. I looked up influenza: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Influenza No mention at all of coronavirus or covid. So I'm confused. Where did you discover the relationship? You said it's repeated ad nauseum, so surely you can point me to a single reference. And qanon doesn't count...
  11. It seems that 176,000 dead *while completely shutting down the country* is pretty f'n serious... Let me know next time there's any disease that kills 200,000 Americans with most people isolated in their homes for months on end.
  12. Huh? Given that you don't trust the media and go to primary sources - can you educate me and give me a link that shows me this?
  13. I have no idea if that's true or not, but it could be an explanation of why he dropped a bit in the draft. (I don't think I've heard any other plausible reasons.)
  14. Can we ban people that bump threads from 10+ years ago for no reason?

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