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  1. If the NFL season is canceled, why would you think there'd be a college one? I'd think that there's no college season, no draft, everyone gets another year of eligibility.
  2. Huh? Are you saying Tua is a dual thread QB?? What's the 2nd threat? I agree he can beat you with his passing, but I don't think he can beat you with his injuries...
  3. We're all ecstatic about Mims, and I agree - but there's definitely something up behind the scenes that had him fall. It's not like teams took other positions - they took other receivers! With DJ Metcalf last year, he dropped because of concerns he was a workout warrior, his 3 cone was bad, he was stiff, not a good route runner, etc. I don't even know what the criticism of Mims is. He dropped some passes as a junior? I feel like there must be something else. Failed drug test maybe?
  4. 2016: A collection are at: https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-draft-grades-all-over-the-board-17107513 including: NFL.comChad Reuter, Draft Analyst Grade: A- The skinny: In five years, Lee has a chance to be one of the best linebackers in the NFL. This is really good value. Hackenberg is an enigma, but an okay second-round pick. But if Ryan Fitzpatrick refuses to sign after that pick, it could mean disaster for 2016. Jenkins is a really good pick in the third round, and should excel as a linebacker setting the edge and rushing the passer. Burris gives good depth in the secondary. Shell will be at least a long-term swing tackle, if not a future starter for the Jets. Edwards has a big leg and would have been highly recruited as an undrafted free agent. I like the Peake pick late in the draft, though he'll need to prove he has the hands to stick in the league.
  5. 2015: Grade = A NEW YORK JETS: The Jets made sensible moves throughout. They had good fortune when DE Leonard Williams, probably the best defensive player in the draft and perhaps the top overall player, fell to them at No. 6. They got WR Devin Smith early in the second round. He should step right in and help. The Jets traded down in the third round and ended up with solid LB Lorenzo Mauldin. A badly needed prospective quarterback of the future arrived in the fourth round with the selection of Bryce Petty. He immediately becomes the most promising quarterback on the roster but the Jets will have to resist the temptation to go to him too soon. He faces an adjustment from Baylor’s offense to the NFL game and won’t be ready to play in the foreseeable future. Grade: A The best player in the draft fell to us! I love draft grades!
  6. If you're comparing Mims and Metcalf on combine numbers, you can't forget the 3-cone drill. Best-in-the-combine 6.66 for Mims, vs a pretty bad 7.38 for Metcalf (though he's obviously heavier).
  7. Here's another one. He might be one of the fastest (4.38) and quickest (best 3-cone time in the entire combine), but he can't catch for sh*t https://www.espn.com/watch/player?bucketId=5342&id=27830442 Not sure how anyone can like this pick. [this is sarcasm, for the humor impaired]
  8. Mims looked good during his senior year - but he shot up the draft board during senior bowl week. Note that this isn't the same as shooting up the board during the combine. According to PFF in this article about him (which I can't read all of because I'm too cheap to have a subscription ) And according to this article which references the PFF article that I'm too cheap to get, Here's a video of all of his reps at the senior bowl: He's definitely physical. At 0:48, he karate chops the defender's hands off of him. Then the next rep at 0:52 he Becton's the CB. You know what, just keep watching. Puts the CB on the ground with his move on the next rep. Next rep he gets wide open and then makes a 1-handed catch... Another angle on that last catch: Well, just watch the video...
  9. Picked a punter, now 9 different positions in 9 picks.
  10. I think some people here like Quez Watkins, no?
  11. The positions that JD has drafted so far are (not in order): OT OG (if you count Clark as a guard) WR RB QB DE / edge CB S 8 picks, 8 different positions. Do you think he prefers to get positional diversity in his drafts? As opposed to double dipping... I guess time will tell...
  12. [pointing out the same thing two others said, so never mind] I would think that YAC is strongly affected by the routes you run. Lots of slants and go routes - good yac. Lots of back shoulder throws - no yac.

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