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  1. thshadow

    Bridgewater trade-market; DEN

    I had said I'd prefer a 5th to keeping him, if that's our only choice. Of course, I was also confused by "OT Ben Ijalana on IR", so there's that.
  2. thshadow

    Our OLINE; officially DEFCON-2

  3. thshadow

    OL Ben Ijalana Out for Season

    Unfortunately no, I was genuinely confused... 😕
  4. thshadow

    OL Ben Ijalana Out for Season

    Oh, I guess offensive tackle... Maybe OL would have been better, but whatever...
  5. thshadow

    OL Ben Ijalana Out for Season

    Just curious what the "OT" in the subject of this post means? Because this is definitely *not* off-topic...
  6. thshadow

    We need to sign or trade for a QB

    That's fine, he'll probably be available again in a few days...
  7. thshadow

    We need to sign or trade for a QB

    I hear there's a former second round pick that the Raiders just cut, maybe we should bring him in.
  8. Keep in mind that Parry Nickerson and Trent Cannon were 6th round picks, and Brandon Shell was round 5. None of them are Tom Brady picks, but I'd definitely rather have a 5th round pick than a bag of nothing. The picks at least *might* turn into something, while keeping Bridgewater for the year will definitely amount to nothing. It's just a question of how we can get the most for him...
  9. thshadow

    Josh Norman on Darnold

    For any of you that just read the summary or the sportsdaily blurb - you should really watch the video at the top. It's actually *more* positive than the writeups can convey...
  10. thshadow

    Hackenberg signed by eagles

    As someone who has seen him play - I'm not convinced this is the best strategy for him...
  11. I must have missed his TC injury...
  12. I think that's only if you subscribe to NFL game pass (or do the free trial).
  13. Yeah... A lot of people are poo-pooing Mayfield's performance, but if Darnold looks the same as Mayfield did last night, we're all going to be ecstatic.
  14. thshadow

    Darnold #1 after pro day

    I came over on the (final) scout exodus. I'm surprised no one has mentioned COOKIEMONSTA!!!! Didn't he make a post or two over here as well? And people are saying borga........... but ............ do you mean ...................... bongo