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  1. If Zach goes down, I want to see Morgan play, not someone named Nick. Also, I'm pretty sure Vegas isn't changing our super bowl odds based on who our backup QB is...
  2. You have 2 mortgages and are investing in crypto? I hope you're safe, in case anything goes south...
  3. There very well might be a short squeeze on AMC, but the above isn't accurate. Their current ratio (at least end of Q1) is 0.64. Because it's less than 1, it means they don't have enough cash on hand to pay their liabilities that are currently due. Their book value per share is *negative* $5.13. If you think they won't go bankrupt, that's fine, you're likely right. But to say they're financially set and there's no chance (or even to say there's very little chance) of bankruptcy is just wrong. There's a reason there's such a huge short position in the stock.
  4. WHERE ARE THE BUSHES?!?!?!? You better be careful you're not spotted...
  5. Keep in mind that even though Jason says he wants a dynamic chart, not a static one - all he's doing is a points system modified by position. It doesn't take into account anything about the talent available. (Which frankly would be impossible without seeing teams' draft boards.) And I think it's totally fair to say we overpaid a ton based on a draft value chart modified by position, given that we took a guard. But it's all kindof stupid. Obviously JD valued the G he could get there over the G / OL he'd take at 23 by a lot. From his point of view, the logical thing to do is to pay not
  6. Any thoughts on one concern: it seems like he always has all day to throw. That's ... not going to happen here... Forget about pressure off the field, he's going to face a ton of it *on* the field.
  7. Here's a maybe more interesting question than about pure BAP (and I think we all agree that no GM does pure BAP with every pick). Is it better in FA to try to get passable / decent players at all spots, or to get plus players at some spots and leave more glaring holes at others? In the first situation, you can go much more BAP with your picks, while in the 2nd situation, you're somewhat locked in at least for your first pick. I would say that JD did more of the 2nd than the 1st (whether by choice or not I don't know). For (1), you can give the draft picks more of a chance to develop (t
  8. Is it better to be forced to pick OL and to then pick one, or to be in desperate need of one and to pick a DT? Let's say they stayed at 23, AVT fell to them, and they picked him. If he does well, it will be exactly as hard to sign him no matter where we drafted him - trading up or not won't make any difference. And if at 23 we got someone else, who didn't play as well as AVT did, they would be easier to resign... But is that really better??? If anything, he *was* cognizant of the cap, as he drafted IOL, which should be cheaper than say DE or CB.
  9. I'm still mad that they drafted Michael Carter 1 and Michael Carter 2. What is this, a Dr. Seuss book??
  10. BTW, this was implied by the OP, though I wasn't 100% sure. AVT's arms are 32 1/8.
  11. I still remember the pick 5 he had against the pats...
  12. Keep in mind that the value chart says we'd have to drop like 17 slots to pick up a 3rd from the same team. Obviously we're going to get more than the chart. But don't expect to drop 4 slots and get a 3rd.
  13. Can no one read??? If they have big hands ****OR***** long arms, they will be a good QB ****OR**** a bad one. It's simple science people.
  14. You're saying you think the top 3 picks will be QB? No way. Has that *ever* happened? I don't know when 3 QBs have been taken in the top *5*. It hasn't in the last 10 years at least... And it's not like this is some unbelievable crop of QBs.
  15. While maybe teams *should* think that way, I doubt they will. They're not all going to say "either Wilson or Fields, idc". They'll end up deciding they prefer one or the other, and then pay to be able to get him.
  16. You might be right - but I think there's often a prediction of a run on QBs leading up to the draft. And it doesn't usually happen. In fact, correct me if I'm wrong, but the top 3 picks haven't been QBs in - forever? I'm not even sure when 3 of the top 4 have been QBs. Without any other info, if I had to bet today, I'd bet that either Wilson or Fields will still be there at 5. (Obviously if you strongly prefer one to the other, that won't necessarily be much of a consolation.)
  17. There's no way I'd swap picks with them for their 2 and their 3. I'd expect a 1 next year too. But maybe you're right, you can't fleece them if they're just trying to get a lineman.
  18. More like the 90s when the parents can no longer smack their little snowflake to get him to shut up. Even though, God bless him, I know Max tries...
  19. How are we at #3 with no QB to draft? Or are you saying Miami wouldn't trade with us? Because we'll certainly be able to make the best offer - and it will still be less than what Cincy gave us.
  20. The following seems eminently reasonable (and likely) to me. Am I wrong / missing something? Cincy really wants Sewell. Presumably so does Miami. So Cincy offers us a haul to move up to 2. Miami should certainly be willing to give up their 3 to swap with us (instead of letting Cincy trade with us). But let's say they don't offer enough, and/or they think we're bluffing. So we take the trade and drop to 5. Now Miami is on the clock. Seems like they'd either take Chase or trade back. I'd think they'd take Chase. But if they want to trade back - who has more ammo than us? We s
  21. I agree with what you're saying. Though - where did you get the stat that Becton only allowed 3 sacks? I feel like I can think of 3 sacks off the top of my head, 2 of which were forced fumble sacks... I've seen others say 9 or 11 sacks.
  22. I don't understand this. You convince everyone you love Sewell. Then Cincinnati says "we want the #2." And JD says, what, "I hope you don't take my guy!" You want to mislead people so that they'll trade *over* you - they won't trade *with* you!
  23. thshadow


    Thanks. (I also didn't remember when in the game that happened.)
  24. thshadow


    You might be right. But if Mims was the first read, it was pretty clear he was going to be wide open a split-second after his stutter. Right when Fant was getting pushed into his face. Seems to me that he could have slid left a step or two and had an easy play. But it wasn't clear Darnold was even looking at him...
  25. Has anyone looked at Zuniga when he's been on the field? He's had just about no impact AFAICT. Any idea what's going on with him?
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