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  1. BTW, is there some story that motivated this post? Which rookie paid $50k for dinner?
  2. "dismissed" from Penn St? That doesn't sound good...
  3. Definitely call your doctor and get the antiviral if you have comorbidities...
  4. I think what you're saying is that in total, we overpaid by about a late fifth round pick. Because you're including *all* of the picks. What many people do is try to figure out what the value of the 3's and the 5th are - which I guess is like a late 3. So then, you can say it cost us a late 3 to move up from 35 to 26.
  5. Huh? Isn't this about Jameson Williams? [Thanks for adding the start time in the video]
  6. I'm pretty sure when he thinks about his future career, his favorite color is green.
  7. What was he supposed to be doing today, if he stayed?
  8. As someone who is here only because of Scout's path of destruction... Do what's best for you, Phil - but thank you.
  9. Howard didn't de-escalate the situation, or even respond in kind. He escalated. "Be the bigger man" is what every coach should be. Or if you're the littler man, grab Alonzo Mourning's leg and hold on for dear life like Van Gundy.
  10. How would you have felt if he took a swing at the ref instead of the coach?
  11. Come on, are we going to get revved up about every bit of disinformation that gets released?? I seriously doubt this is for real...
  12. If the draft board is at all like this - who is going to want to trade up?? Maybe the best hope is if the 2nd best OT is rated a lot higher than the next one, and someone wants to get in front of the Giants.
  13. Do people really need to necro 2 year old threads? I never see the point of it...
  14. I think both parts of this are very accurate. The 2nd half he seemed to be executing the offense as called - which didn't seem to involve many shot plays. It's not exactly game manager, but it seems like only short and intermediate. Whether that's the way it will always be, or just that's the way it is now, we'll see. And WRT coachability - no deep plays is probably the direct opposite of his instincts. So the fact that he could run a controlled offense is a very good sign IMO. And of course the truth / obviously correct thing is that we have no idea of whether he'll be a great QB or not. He'll need to take a big leap from year 1 to year 2 (and probably another one from year 2 to year 3). Which is not crazy to hope for, it happens a lot - but we'll just have to see...
  15. He also had covid, right? I just saw something that a lot of the soccer players with covid in the premier league are taking ~30 days to get back to full strength, so maybe that's part of the delay in his returning...
  16. Sucks, I was hoping he'd play the last game. https://dknation.draftkings.com/2022/1/6/22870563/elijah-moore-injury-week-18-jets-vs-bills-fantasy-football-jamison-crowder Elijah Moore not practicing on Thursday for Week 18 We break down the news that Elijah Moore is not practicing for Week 18 By Chet Gresham@ChetGresham Jan 6, 2022, 10:30am PST Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images New York Jets wide receiver Elijah Moore was working on the side with trainers on Thursday, per Brian Costello. He hasn’t played since Week 14, when he injured his quad. The rookie has had a strong season and was just breaking out as the team’s tru No. 1 when he suffered his injury. Over his last six games, he has 34 receptions for 459 yards and five touchdowns, but it looks like his season is likely over after not practicing Wednesday or Thursday. The Jets could get Jamison Crowder back this week, but Braxton Berrios and Keelan Cole would still see a boost in work.
  17. Becton also showed *waaay* more than Mims ever did last year. It's easy to believe that what many have speculated about Becton is true - that currently he's not dedicated enough to taking care of his body. Like even though the knee was healed, the coaches wouldn't let him play unless he got himself in better shape - and he never did. If Saleh is consistent - and there's no reason to think he won't be - Becton is just not going to play, period, unless he gets a better attitude and work ethic. If that doesn't get through to him - nothing will. As you said: I guess we'll see...
  18. I know this isn't an answer to your question, but QBs always rise before the draft, and I think Detroit will take whichever one they convince themselves to fall in love with. Though, if it goes Thibodeaux, QB, Hutchinson - is it really clear cut that we take Neal?
  19. I think the big question is whether or not there's a QB that stands out to be traded up for.
  20. Did anyone see the play where he was hurt? I didn't see what happened...
  21. How do you say you're going for the tank without saying you're going for the tank
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