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  1. Calvin Ridley (AKA low Hanging Fruit) gets a year for betting on games his team played in while he was injured (Protect the inegrity of the game!) NFL will not have the nads to give Watson more than 7-8 weeks.
  2. The proof will be in the pudding. I loathe all these "look at how hard I train" videos. He had the same ones last off season before getting his azz handed to him during TC by Lawson. He seems to have a chip on his shoulder which is good. TC will give some insight on where he's at.
  3. McDermott is ten times better than Gase. Arguably, no HC has done more with less than him the past years. Top 5 defense against WR/QB with limited reps, new OL..and it’s the Jets. not expecting fireworks at all.
  4. 1st drive we'll look awesome, then unprepared. False starts, 12 men..
  5. Crusher posts stupid all the time. Sam will be fine!
  6. I was talking content of the offense not just Darnold. I’m still on the bus.
  7. It's the content not the result. that bothers me. 4 INT's from a rookie, if we're moving the ball up and down the field, I can live with.
  8. It's hard to watch high octane offenses (Saints, Chiefs, Rams...) and compare it to our Sundays. It's like we're not playing the same sport.
  9. After the stunt he pulled on the Colts, he'll never get another job offer, and shouldn't.
  10. Doing great, you? 4 day weekend coming up (you knows us frenchies we never work).
  11. Honest question: when a draft pick doesn't pan out, where's the line between bad scouting and bad coaching? Maybe a guy like Adarius Stewart could have become servcieable at the least. Who's the last late round pick that was groomed by this coaching staff into a legit starter?
  12. 8-8 with our roster on offense and a rookie QB definitely gives you a chance for next year. Not a fan of it, but it is what it is.
  13. Bruce Arians 2019 - get on the bus.
  14. The game is going to change whether we like it or not. We can expect rule changes like this for the next few years which will go significantly against what we consider football.
  15. I wouldn't mind if the next generation doesn't have such a head up on everyone else (probably because we haven't had a Top 10 QB in decades). In the end it is a bit unfair in the sense it's not great coaching/Scouting or whatever. You either hit gold in the draft then your contender for the next 10 years or you do'nt and you putz along at 8-8 forever. I wouldn't mind if the QB position wasn't as predominent in the outcome of your season. All this becomes moot if our next pick is a stud.
  16. Darnold has a weird face. I can’t root for that face.
  17. Two words: Awe Some Watched it last night, couldn't fall asleep until 2 I was so amped.
  18. Great post. I agree with the idea that today you play knowing what you’re getting into now with all the info that’s been released, but that doesn’t mean the NFL doesn’t have an obligation to make the game safer. Guys playing 20 years ago didn’t have the info, with doctors like Pellman saying “you’re good to go, there’s no link, if you have a concussion you’re not prone to others…etc “ was downright criminal. The documentary League of Denial was eye opening for me specifically when you see CTE is found in teenagers who’d never had a recorded concussion. So it’s just the DNA of the game which causes damage. Saying “these guys are getting paid” is lame because kids all over the country are doing damage and a vast majority won’t get to that point where they get paid for taking the risk. Like you said, the impact of the risk you take are too far away for guys to think twice. The game has to change unfortunately.
  19. Dunno, from my couch it seemed Johnson snapped the ball too early and took everyone by surprise.The entire OL didn't move.
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