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  1. Trust me: I can fellate myself with my head where it is.
  2. Thanks guys, for a bit of fun. Can we have a truce for a bit? I know you really love me, deep down.
  3. Can we open that thread back up so I can point a few things out? I mean, come on, guys. Its extreme exaggeration. No one really believes that I want them to go do these things, do they? You guys should relax. Oh, and for all the talk about breaking peoples noses and such, Boro: you sure listen to some fag music. Just saying.
  4. I wasn't the only one adding filth to that thread. And thank you for putting your font size back to normal. I was beginning to think you were compensating for something else.
  5. What neighborhood? If so, then you'd know that nothing was sacred, and the if you were wound too tight, you'd get ridiculed constantly.
  6. Come on. The guy PM's me and says he wants to fight. That's hilarious!
  7. OK. How about this? If you can prove to me that you're not an *******, I will ban myself.
  8. By the way, you were an active participant in this thread, you were going along with all the craziness. It was funny. Now a day goes by and you feel bad about what you said, and you hijack a legitimate football thread that I start. Then you PM me saying you want to meet me in the school-yard at 3. Come on, you're just a dick.
  9. Gagoots


    I'm just saying that its been reported that Ainge has been playing the best. And why not let the best guy play?
  10. CAn I fight your grandfather?
  11. Hmmm. Perhaps the board should vote on a Gagoots ban. And Boro, come on. You know your taste in music sucks, don't you?
  12. Gagoots


    Hahahahah! Gotcha. Jesus, you're really mad. How are you gonna blow your grandpa with all that talk coming out of your glory-hole? LOL.
  13. Hey guys. This is hilarious. I just got this PM from Arse-is!! He's joking, right? Anytime you want to back up all of your **** talking I have no problem with that. You and your toughest friend. I know you will make a gay joke about it because you are a sad little bitch who can do nothing but talking ****. Hahahaha. Help me laugh at him!
  14. Gagoots


    Wait. A. Minute. I start a thread about our QB competition, and you troll all over it. Boogerface.
  15. Gagoots


    Back from Grandpa's already? He must have cum quick.
  16. That makes TOnS of sense.
  17. YEah, but who the hell wants to go to Brixton? You'll get shot.
  18. Gagoots


    If the season started today, Ainge would (if we believe that the Jets want the best player to start) start the season. I hope this guy gets the nod. He's no nonsense.
  19. If there's one thing this thread has taught me: Boroguy has a REALLY bad taste in music. Thank you.
  20. Oh, crap. That was YOUR wife? Sorry dude.
  21. Man, those beaners like to eat!
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