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  1. LOST (Merged 13X)

    I think I know what the "loose ends" and "promise to an old friend" that Ben told Jack about at the church were and why it left him all beaten & bloody. I think he killed Penny! Remember how he promised Widmore he would kill Widmore's daughter in revenge for Widmore being behind Alex's death? He even made the pay phone call to Jack at the marina! And wouldn't that be the absolute ONLY thing that would drive Desmond to go back to the island - to hunt down Ben! I hate to think of Penny as dead but it's the perfect plan to get Desmond back to the island and it fulfills Ben's vow to Widmore! Any thoughts? Also, Jack and Kate have creepy makeup sex = pregnant woman on the plane.....
  2. How can you guys not see this one?!!? Sooth and Max are in on this together.... Think about, the whole thing was started to induce this exact response. JI & JN get huge spikes in clicks, great for the advertisers, and long time posters of both sites are now very much engaged in monitoring both sites very heavily and a dramatic increase in posts on both sites. This entire controversy was pre-planned and very well orchestrated which JN & JI both seeing massive spikes in clicks and posts. Objective. Accomplished. Nicely done guys. Personally, I go where Fishhooked goes (no homo) that fool is funny!
  3. Allow me to introduce myself.

    Hahaha, the funny thing about that, my girlfriend laughed at me when she read your response, and right after, TBS fixed the issue......and I was like, here we go....... And, no worries, schmuck.....
  4. Allow me to introduce myself.

    This place looks oddly familiar...........