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  1. sec101row23

    Time to step away

    It’s going to be a LONG 10 days around here.
  2. You just knew there would be this reaction though. Especially since Baker came in and looked effective. They were never winning this game, but the way they lost has made some people around here delusional.
  3. sec101row23

    Todd Haley in 2019

    I don’t care who you bring in here to coach, unless you get a guy who can draft well and recognize you can’t build an offense with a bunch of late round picks and UDFAs, ain’t nothing changing.
  4. sec101row23

    What a bunch of b*tches up in JN.

    That’s it, Bowles thinks games are only 48 minutes, not 60.
  5. sec101row23

    This offense

    Totally agree about Bowles. He coaches like he has a top defense and wants the antiquated “ground and pound” playbook. The sad fact is, he doesn’t have a top defense and the entire league is geared towards throwing downfield and scoring points. I’m waiting for the color coded wristband to appear again.
  6. sec101row23


    Carpenter looks lost in this system, which in turn is making Beachum look poor as well. Then combine that with TE’s one on one with premium edge rushers and it all looks like a disfunctional unit.
  7. sec101row23


    I’m not an O line coach but, it appears that this zone blocking scheme needs a lot more work. They are definitely not functioning as one unit, which a zone blocking scheme needs. They also have been getting into some really bad matchups in pass blocking. Too many times a TE or even a WR has been assigned to block the opposing teams best pass rusher. We saw TEs assigned to block Wake against the Dolphins and I saw Kearse, of all players, assigned to Garrett last night. I also don’t think Powell or Crowell are suited for the scheme either. Crowell is kind of a slasher, but he’s too slow IMO, and offers little as a receiver.
  8. sec101row23

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    Exactly right on why Williams dropped to 6 that year. He’s not an edge guy like Fowler is, that’s why the Jags took Fowler. Mac took the easy way out, selecting the “no brainer” player at the time. If he had balls he would taken Beasley, who combined with Sheldon would have been a MUCH better combo of players.
  9. sec101row23

    This offense

    Agreed. Also, when Sterling comes back Tomlinson needs to be banished to the bench. That guy has what? 5 penalties so far?
  10. sec101row23

    This offense

    Seriously though. Other than a year or so with Braylon and Santonio and a year with Marshall and Decker, it’s been a position of need seemingly every year.
  11. sec101row23

    This offense

    Again, Landry was TRADED. Not a FA.
  12. sec101row23

    This offense

  13. sec101row23

    This offense

    Yes, you could argue they are devoid of pegs all together.
  14. sec101row23

    This offense

    Agree, you need to take shots no doubt. They have rolled him out some, but those are usually for shorter passes. The problem with designed roll outs on deeper plays is that it cuts the field in half and allows the defense to get over the top easier, thus making those plays much harder to complete.

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