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  1. sec101row23

    $35.7 Million Left in Cap Space

    But the money you paid the guy for this year would have been added to next years cap.
  2. sec101row23

    $35.7 Million Left in Cap Space

    True, but you carry over unused cap space from year to year. Even if it’s a one year deal that’s money that you could spend next year.
  3. sec101row23

    Montez Sweat

    What makes you say Sweat isn’t a good fit for 3-4 OLB? His speed and agility are actually better than Allen, they are actually very similar as prospects and both are better suited for 3-4.
  4. sec101row23

    $35.7 Million Left in Cap Space

    Save some for next year. If there is no one worth signing, just roll it over. Spending just to spend is foolish.
  5. sec101row23

    TE Tomlinson and OL Qvale re-signed

    Tomlinson was the biggest waste of a roster spot last year. He will continue to be if he is on the roster this year. Zero value added.
  6. sec101row23

    2019 Center Prospects

    I thought he gave up a lot of ground in those one on one drills. A center that gets pushed back 5 yards like Bradbury was is a bit of a concern for me.
  7. sec101row23

    2019 Center Prospects

    I feel like Bradbury has been given too much love now. He moves great but, he seems easy to push around. I thought he got exposed a little at the Senior Bowl.
  8. sec101row23

    Trade down scenarios with reasoning

    Barr was never the edge answer to begin with. Very versatile guy, but not the edge this franchise has been missing for over a decade.
  9. sec101row23

    Warning: walterfootball trojan

    That site sucks anyway. Haven’t visited Walter in a long time.
  10. sec101row23

    Trade down scenarios with reasoning

    I’ve made my peace with Allen at 3 if they go that route. Quinnen will be a different story.
  11. sec101row23

    Trade down scenarios with reasoning

    Gettleman has been more inept than Maccagnan thus far, so who knows. Their reasoning for trading away OBJ is insane, who cares if he doesn’t get along with Eli, Eli is gone by next year anyway. They need to sell the fan base on something this year.
  12. sec101row23

    Trade down scenarios with reasoning

    What about trading back getting Sweat at 6 or so, plus a 2nd, 3rd and future 2nd?
  13. sec101row23

    Bridgewater resigning with Saints

    Good move trading him for a 3rd when the Jets did. He wouldn’t have yielded much as a compensatory pick anyway.
  14. I’ll say this about Nick Bosa. He isn’t his brother. His brother is an inch taller and 15 pounds heavier. His brother is smother and more fluid than Nick. Nick is a nice prospect, but I would be careful in anointing this kid as some ultra elite talent that’s a MUST get.

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