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  1. Take the under on the total of 42 points.
  2. Depending on how this all plays out for the remainder of the season, I would be more in favor of just drafting Fields if he were to be available to the Jets. This way I can keep the rest of my draft capital to fill out the offense. So much of this will change however.
  3. Everyone knows that though, that’s why defenses play the Jets in a 10 yard box. Plus Gase has an incredibly predictable run game where he basically only runs it between 2 different gaps all game. Combine that with never getting Sam out of the pocket and the Jets become the easiest offense in the NFL to defend. The QB is always in the pocket and the RB always runs between the tackles. It’s a complete joke.
  4. Even Jacksonville’s roster is better than the Jets, particularly on offense. Tell me that DJ Chark, James Robinson, Chris Conley, Tyler Eifert, Keenan Cole, Laviska Shenault, Collin Johnson and Dede Westbrook isn’t better than what the Jets put on the field on offense.
  5. We are so far away from amazing talent right now, I would take competent NFL talent right now.
  6. Other than drafting Mims, there was little else done to help the long term health of the WR group. There will need to be a hell of a lot more done during this coming offseason to change that. You’re going to need at least two established veterans added as well as a fairly highly drafted rookie. I don’t care who the QB is going to be, you can keep putting your QB in a no win situation.
  7. Both Cinnci and Cleveland have better rosters than the Jets, I’m still not sure people realize just how bad this Jets’s roster is right now.
  8. For any of you even remotely thinking about the possibility of a Jets win on Sunday, please look at the players who will be active for the Jets for this game, particularly on offense. The Jets will be lucky to amass 250 yards in total offense. It will be uglier than last week.
  9. It’s good that they are playing but an 8 game season is going to lead to all sorts of drama when it comes time to select teams for the playoff.
  10. Vilma is great in the booth, he started out doing some college stuff and was always pretty good.
  11. Very true, and what compounds that mistake was to sign another ILBer for $85 million dollars. Mind numbing mistakes like that plague this franchise.
  12. People always want to bring up the misses, they never acknowledge the hits.
  13. That would be a really fun round table, you would have @Beerfish wanting to draft 6 O-linemen, I would only want to draft WRs who are 6’4” or taller, @Paradis would only want to draft players from the Sun Belt and SWAC conferences, @maury77 and @Lith would have to be the voices of reason in that group...Lol. I’m positive we would come up with some better draft classes than we have seen however.

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