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  1. Comparing Watson and Mayfield is silly. Two entirely different styles. As far as the intangibles thing, you couldn’t be more wrong. Watson never blew off a team interview because he felt he should be drafted before that team is picking. Their off field personalities are entirely different and their leadership abilities are worlds apart.
  2. Agreed 100000%. The hype around Mayfield has become beyond comical at this point.
  3. I don’t really think you are grasping the point here.
  4. Except it isn’t. I can find a thousand high school QBs who can throw it 70 yards with a ton of air under it. A guy with a “very strong arm” makes those throws with far less air under them. Petty isn’t capable of doing that because he has average arm strength.
  5. Have you ever watched him throw a deep ball? Can’t get it down the field without having a punt like hang time. He does not have a “very strong arm”. Not even close.
  6. I tried making that point about Petty well before the draft, his arm was not nearly as strong as people were saying. That was all exposed once he played a few snaps in NFL, even when he tried to put zip on it, his accuracy was abysmal. He went in the 4th for a reason.
  7. I guess your mommy has changed your diaper yet... keep crying she's bound to hear you. ;)

  8. I have a feeling.....

    Great point, beyond the obvious gifts that dropped in his lap at the 6th pick, when Mac has had to actually make decisions he has been pretty bad IMO. Maye over Cook, Stewart over Hunt....etc, etc. On a side note......the next great Clemson WR is about emerge in a big way this year. Check out Tee Higgins, if you liked Mike Williams you’ll love this kid.
  9. David Carr on the Draft Qbs

    Rosen’s arm is actually stronger than Ryan’s coming out of college. But I get the comparison.
  10. David Carr on the Draft Qbs

    He’s also head and shoulders better in the pocket than Mayfield. Which, the last time I checked was a pretty necessary skill for an NFL QB.
  11. David Carr on the Draft Qbs

    Not only that, but the most ”pro ready” on day one? From that system in Oklahoma? Makes no sense.
  12. Chronology of Jets draft rumors

    Agreed. It insulates them against any criticism of why they didn’t get to number 2 and miss out on the guy they “really wanted”.
  13. Chronology of Jets draft rumors

    I still think it’s Darnold or Rosen. With Darnold going 1 I think they need to get Rosen. IMO I see a decent gap between those two and the rest of the QB prospects.