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  1. sec101row23

    2019 WR watch

    I’m not sure Renfrow makes it in the NFL. He’ll get signed as a UDFA by someone. Just doesn’t have the quicks needed to survive in the NFL. His hands are just so good though.
  2. sec101row23


    Considering Macs poor offensive skill evaluations, it’s not surprising. A 180 pound RB with bad hands is useless.
  3. sec101row23

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    Dozier as well
  4. sec101row23


    Plus, it looks like he has bad hands. Not good for a 180 pound RB.
  5. sec101row23

    2019 WR watch

    Every time I watch Tee I think of A.J. It’s been somewhat frustrating they haven’t used him more, but thats their offense. Justyn Ross a true freshman is right on his heels. They were cast from the same mold. Not everyday that the #1 recruit coming out of Alabama doesn’t go to Bama. Ross could be just as good as Tee. Might already be.
  6. sec101row23

    2019 WR watch

    He would be best in a 4-3. He’s a great kid too. Zero character concerns.
  7. sec101row23

    2019 WR watch

    I don’t think so. He’s a bit of a tweener. Kinda like Sheldon Richardson was. They are similar in a lot of ways.
  8. It shouldn’t f-ing matter what the head coach is influencing. If he allowed Bowles to influence him like that, then that’s another reason to jettison him away.
  9. sec101row23

    2019 WR watch

    BC is getting there, recruiting is getting much better. Wilkins is 315 pounds. Crazy athletic for a guy that big. He’s played ILB before and in the spring game Dabo let him play safety...Lol. Funny watching a 315 pound guy in coverage. Higgins is better at the contested 50/50 balls than Williams was. Plus he’s a little faster than Williams.
  10. Lol.....average? Average? Sorry, but Maccagnan has been well below average. Ignoring the offense and drafting a few defensive players isn’t an average performance.
  11. sec101row23

    2019 WR watch

  12. sec101row23

    Why is Macagnan escaping the purge?

    Go look at the Browns roster and then look at the Jets roster, then come back and try to explain how the Browns isn’t better.
  13. sec101row23

    2019 WR watch

    2020. Other than maybe Hopkins, Tee is the best WR prospect to come out of Clemson. Reminds me of A.J Green.
  14. sec101row23

    2019 WR watch

    Liking this WR class more and more. Would love to double dip and pick up two receivers in the first 3 rounds.
  15. It’s hard to say what players think during free agency. You have the ones like Tru Johnson, who just took the highest offer. Then there are guys that are willing to take a few less dollars to go to a better situation. Either way, you end up over-paying for just OK talent. You also have a pretty bad history of guys who sign big money contracts with new teams. The track record isn’t good when you look at these signings. Does a Harbaugh make this a more attractive situation? Sure, but you are aren’t going to get guys here on a discount because of that.

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