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  1. Strange indeed. A lot of this could be what packages they were working on, so maybe he isn’t he buried as much as it appears. But, when I read that tweet the name Hakeem Butler popped in my head...Lol. We’re not there yet, but damn it’s frustrating.
  2. I mentioned this yesterday, this wasn’t going to extend beyond today.
  3. That’s good. That’s what I was originally told yesterday.
  4. This was pretty much done last night, thought Zach would have flown out last night. He wouldn’t have been able to practice anyway, so makes sense they announce today.
  5. It’s the best thing for Becton’s development going up against Lawson everyday. We’ll see how this matchup progresses as camp goes along.
  6. I know, that’s why I’m so tempted to sell up here in NJ right now, but my daughter has two more years of high school and we wanted to wait until she was done with school to leave.
  7. Agreed. I can’t imagine being bored. Eventually the grand children will come, but that probably won’t be a for a little while. Or at least it better not be for a while...Lol.
  8. We bought the house almost two years ago, have some friends that did the same.
  9. We’re going to Seabrook Island. Greenville is nice, but like you said, it’s not a retirement place IMO.
  10. I went into consulting a few years back for the same reasons, my wife is a few years younger than me and she is probably going to work a few more years after I retire. She can keep her same position and work from South Carolina. People tell me I’m going to get bored really quickly, we’ll see.
  11. Agreed. I can’t wait to retire, two more years and I’m done and heading south. Golf, fishing and Clemson football.
  12. Happy Birthday!! I turned 50 last year and that was a tough one for me. Something about 50 really got me...Lol. It’s also been 41 years since the last Georgia National Championship, just had to throw that in there..Lol
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