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  1. No doubt. Let’s face it, no one has done less with great recruiting classes than LSU in recent history. Les Miles squandered top 5 after top 5 recruiting classes. LSU has always had the talent to win Natty’s, they’ve lacked the coaching to do so IMO. Now, with this new offensive approach their defense doesn’t need to shut out teams to win. It allows them to take more chances on D because their offense can routinely score 30 points. I think they’re playing the best football in the country right now. Most balanced team out there. U of Florida should be dominating the state of Florida in recruiting, with FSU and Miami being as bad as they are, UF has no excuses for letting those 5 stars leave the state.
  2. Georgia loses and FSU is getting blown out, nice day for you so far. Hopefully the waves were nice this morning.
  3. Did you watch any of the OU/ Texas game? Ceedee Lamb is growing on me. I need to see him in more contested ball situations, but he’s looking nice IMO.
  4. I have a similar hatred towards FSU but for different reasons...Lol. Honestly though, I’m not super confident in CU blowing out FSU today. Things haven’t been clicking like last year for Trevor and the coaches have done a poor job of exploiting their talent advantages on offense. I hope the bye week has been used well and adjustments were made, the 27 point spread seems really high to me.
  5. Agreed. I would HOPE if that scenario played out that Douglas could get some offers to trade down.
  6. I don’t think it has anything to do with trade value, I just think GW didn’t want to trash the guy publicly and wanted to stay positive through this losing stretch.
  7. Don’t have to break the bank to get a competent FB...Lol. The 3rd highest paid FB will be making less than $2 million per year.
  8. Jets pick 5th, Tua, Herbert, Thomas and Jeudy come off the board. Jets draft Chase Young...Lol.
  9. So when the Bengals hang up on you and laugh their asses off when you offer them Leo for AJ, what is your plan B to acquiring AJ?
  10. Oh, I thought you were being serious about trading for Green? I didn’t know this was just a joke.
  11. AJ Green isn’t a Jet because Joe Douglas isn’t stupid.
  12. The safeties are already crowding the LOS, there has been opportunities to throw over them but Falk has either not seen them or the line broke down in protection.

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