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  1. So Mayfield didn’t like Johnson going to the media and say he wanted a trade, but little Baker has no problem with himself going to the media and complaining about Johnson?? Lol....a little hypocritical no?
  2. I’ve always maintained that this was one of the more important aspects of evaluating players. Knowing what you want and what skill set you are looking for is essential. Need to know specifically what skill set and what role you are trying to fill. Good to hear that stuff.
  3. They don’t really have ideal personnel for either IMO. Maybe Polite can provide some speed off the edge, but they lack athletes coming off the edge in either scheme. This team is still deficient on the edges of this defense both up front and in the secondary. Which isn’t great considering you really need to better outside than you do inside.
  4. So the “Tampa 2” defense is now known as “Bowles’ defense” ? When was that change made? Lol.... Using so called success in the AAF isn’t exactly concrete proof of anything.
  5. All depends on the price. He won’t get nearly what he made last year, but at the right price it wouldn’t be terrible. He made $7 million last year, if he’s still on the street come mid July I would offer him a 1 year prove it deal at around $3-4 million.
  6. Lol...yea it’s like a dead zone between Jefferson and Sparta. That monastery is up there. We used to go fishing back there like 30 years ago.
  7. Jerry Reece lived in Jefferson right next to the Sparta border on Glenn Road when he worked for the Giants.
  8. If Linsley is such a “high end” young center why did they draft Jenkins? My guess is they move Jenkins to guard where he may be best suited anyway.
  9. Rather have Jeremiah or Savage come over with Douglas.
  10. Not sure what McShay makes over at ESPN, but I imagine it is like quadruple what he would make with Jets.
  11. Why waste a roster spot on him at all then? What skill set as a RB does Cannon actually posses? He’s built like a small WR and has questionable hands at best. I really don’t see a need for him on the 53 man. Henderson would be a better option as the 4th back right now.

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