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  1. If only the real draft fell the same way as Fanspeak’s drafts do.
  2. That 4th down play just highlights the fact that this team is limited in what it can do with its receivers. Anderson isn’t the guy you want running that route in the end zone. The Jets didn’t have a viable red zone receiver on the field last night. It’s tough getting by with slots and deep threats inside the 20. Hopefully we’ll see a better group next year. As far as Gase goes, does he ever run outside the tackles? Ever? I get the O line isn’t great, but look at how the defenses are stacking the box, not only are there 8 guys up but they are all between the tackles. It’s just so predictable. It’s maddening to watch and he simply doesn’t adjust his game plan.
  3. The Jets roster is light years away from winning the AFC.
  4. The more I watch Mims the more I like him. Him and Higgins are perfect compliments, throw in Crowder in the slot and you finally have a complete group. 4th round may be a little rich for Harris, but I do like his game. He’s better as a receiver than I thought prior to this year.
  5. But Fournette had way more lateral movement than Dillion. Just watch what Fournette did at LSU. Plus I think it could be a stretch that Dillion runs under 4.6. Maybe he will. Dillion could be a nice complimentary back though.
  6. Assuming everything stays status quo with the current picks here’s my extremely early mock WR Tee Higgins C Tyler Biadasz OT Walker Little WR Denzel Mims RB Najee Harris.
  7. I think the “best class ever” tag applies to only the WR group, not all offensive skill positions. The RB and TE classes aren’t really loaded.
  8. Shanahan has one of the more creative running games in the NFL. Some of the stuff they do is pretty unique. Gase really needs to look at some of that tape because Gase probably has one of the most unimaginative running games in the league.
  9. Are you really asking why Fournette was such a highly graded RB and why Dillion isn’t being mentioned in his class? Just look at their running styles. Dillion has little to no lateral movement, he’s a straight ahead hammer. Fournette had way more lateral quickness and wiggle for a big back. Some people are saying that Dillion’s best value may be to switch to a FB/H-back in the NFL.
  10. Who’s giving up anything of value for Bell with that contract? Lucky to get a 5th round pick back.
  11. It’s a bad look for Bell and the Jets. What makes this worse is that Bell is doing nothing on the field for this team. It’s a giant waste of resources. A horrifically bad signing. There was no competition to sign Bell in the offseason for a reason.
  12. This franchise has failed miserably at waiting for mid to late rounds to select their offensive playmakers, miserably. This needs to change. The 2014 WR draft, failure, the 2017 RB draft, failure. This notion that just because a draft is deep at a certain position that you can wait, is a flawed strategy. A few of us around here have tried to illustrate this over the years. You are never going to solve ALL you’re problems in one draft, but you can really address a couple position groups in a single draft. IMO you NEED to get 2 WRs and 2 O-linemen in this draft.
  13. I checked Stubhub at 9:30 yesterday morning and found a bunch of tickets in 111 rows 10-15 for under $50 each, mezzanine club for the same price. Upper deck for $8-15. Price is no longer an issue, even for the good seats. I was voted down however since we had family in town.
  14. They don’t deserve to go to the Orange Bowl, but it’s the conference tie in game. The ACC is just so bad right now. They can’t keep a team ranked for more than one week. They even let UVA keep a token 24th ranking after losing so badly just so they didn’t have an unranked team in such a big bowl game.

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