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  1. I remember a lot about those small school kids. How can you forget that Brandon Bridge to Wes Saxton connection at South Alabama? Lol..
  2. Mycole Pruitt, another one of your favorite small school TEs is a free agent as well.
  3. That may be the case here. It is a cruel joke the universe is playing on me now. First it dangled Trevor in front of me for most of the season only to rip that away late in the year. Now the universe is teasing me with Deshaun just a month later. Just a cruel joke.
  4. I wouldn’t mind a trio of Davis, Hunter Henry and Matt Breida. Hunter might be costly though.
  5. But why? JD needs to wait and let Deshaun go full James Harden and torch every bridge back to Houston before he offers anything. The trade value will only lessen once there is no chance of him returning to Houston. There’s zero reason to rush into anything right now.
  6. Perhaps, but Deshaun may be waiting to see who the hire is before officially makes his demands known.
  7. Sure, but there is no urgency for either side to do anything until the league year opens. It’s going to be an incredibly busy free agency season, you have numerous teams in need of QBs. Unless the Jets offered something stupid for Deshaun, why would the Texans be in a rush to do anything right now?
  8. Save your sanity, nothing will or can happen for another 6 weeks. You’re just torturing yourself.
  9. Waddle fits the YAC type receiver that will do well in the “shanny” system. I’d rather Kadarius Toney a little later though.
  10. I think they are going to utilize the college pro days as the primary evaluation tool. You may see some players from smaller programs attend larger programs pro days however. For example, you may see some Furman, South Carolina State, players attend the Clemson pro day. Typically the major programs will schedule their pro days so that there isn’t a lot of overlap on the same day, this year I think there will be even more of an effort to space these out a bit.
  11. From what I watched of UNC this past season, Williams’ balance is as good as any back in this draft. He always seemed to keep his feet underneath him. Plus he looks very comfortable catching the ball, he may not have the long speed of an Etienne, but he’s more than fast enough IMO.

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