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  1. He was a limited, soft one trick pony at best when he was fully healthy. Now that he has lost a step he is essentially useless and will probably be one of the players in the first round of cuts this summer. Even without the injuries he was an extremely flawed second round pick. Another poor eval from Mac.
  2. The overall premise of the article is fairly accurate. Whether the Jets are 32, 30 or 28th is irrelevant. They are in the bottom 5 of the league. There isn’t really and speed beyond Andersen and a bunch of injury question marks in Pryor and Enunwa.
  3. Except when you are evaluating corners you have a much larger sample size of them in coverage. The problem with Lee was the incorrect assumption because of his “athletic ability” he would be good in coverage, when in fact he never really showed that ability in college. Combine that with his safety like body and you have what we are looking at now, a very flawed and wasted draft pick.
  4. There definitely was, but that wasn’t the major flaw in Lee’s evaluation by Mac. It was the assumption that because Lee was fast and athletic that he would somehow be effective in pass caverage in NFL. That was the fatal leap of faith from Mac regarding Lee.
  5. If I’m Stidham I immediately start wearing headbands and run around grabbing my crotch after any completion over 10 yards. All about that “moxy”.
  6. Well, at some point need HAS to factor into your high draft picks.
  7. The notion that you can “cover” your way to more sacks is simply a fallacy. Good offenses can scheme around that if they have to. It’s by far much harder to scheme around a very good pass rush. Like Beerfish said, the Jets have all but ignored edge rusher in the draft, which wouldn’t be nearly as bad if they didn’t use all those first round picks on defense. Give me an above average pass rush over an above average secondary any day of the week.
  8. Agreed. This defense still doesn’t have a pass rusher and we’ve seen Bowles do absolutely nothing to generate one. Add to the fact that there really isn’t a difference maker on offense right now, I’m not sure how you could reasonably expect more than 7 wins.
  9. sec101row23

    5/30 OTA Pictures

    Bridgewater still wearing those gloves on his throwing hand isn’t a great sign.
  10. sec101row23

    Can we talk Flowers?

    Someone asked why he went undrafted, I explained why. If you think he’s the next Tom Rathman that’s fine. But he went undrafted because he isn’t overly athletic and on the slow side.
  11. sec101row23

    For the "Trade Teddy" guys.....

    I tend to agree with this as well. If, and it’s a big if, he looks healthy and strong again give Bridgewater the McCown money next year. Now if someone gets desperate due to injury and is willing to offer some premium picks I wouldn’t pass that up. But I’m not dealing him for 3rd round pick.
  12. sec101row23

    Can we talk Flowers?

    He went undrafted because he ran a 4.89 40 and isn’t overly athletic. He catches the ball nice but most feel like his lack of speed makes him a question mark in the NFL. I think the Richie Anderson comparisons are a bit of a reach as Anderson was a much better runner and more athletic. Time will time though.
  13. Kind of a bullsh*t premise that Howie Roseman is changing anything. He hit on his highly drafted QB, without that there is no “formula”. The rest is just being a competent GM and surrounding him with talent. He traded for Bradford as a hedge against the possibility of not being able to get the 2nd pick to select Wentz. He’s done a good job, but let’s not get crazy and say he is changing or revolutionizing anything in the NFL.
  14. sec101row23

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    Public generally means the “public”. Open to reporters is not open to the public.
  15. sec101row23

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    I don’t think there will be anything open to the public until training camp.