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  1. sec101row23

    2019 Senior Bowl News and Invites.

    True, I like that they try to be ahead of the curve on projecting these guys though, I like diving in beyond what is the “consensus”. It counteracts the volumes of chalk mocks and discussing the same 5 guys at the top of the draft.
  2. sec101row23

    2019 Senior Bowl News and Invites.

    I’d add Garrett Bradbury C from N.C. State as well. He looked like a nice 4th or 5th round guy and all of a sudden Ledyard throws him in the middle of the first round in his latest mock...Lol. We’ll see how this plays out though.
  3. sec101row23

    2019 Senior Bowl News and Invites.

    Absolutely. Wish they could do this with more prospects, maybe expand the Shrine Game to include some underclassmen.
  4. sec101row23

    Jets Expected to Hire Frank Pollack OL Coach

    The job was made pretty easy for him based on who they drafted. He may be great, he may suck, but when you have the horses up front it’s not rocket science.
  5. sec101row23

    2019 Senior Bowl News and Invites.

    Practices start tomorrow at 1pm on NFLN.
  6. sec101row23

    What are we doing at WR this offseason

    No. They have neglected the position in the draft. Go back and actually look at how many receivers they have drafted in the last 20 years. It’s the fewest by far.
  7. Tyreek Hill strangled and punched his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach, but since there is no video, all is well in Kansas City. The Chiefs have been incredibly hypocritical in how they have handled the Hunt situation. He’s probably going to get 8 games minimum, so if you do bring him in you still need to bring in another back. A backfield of Tevin Coleman and Kareem Hunt could be really nice. Let Coleman and McGuire hold it down till week 9, then have one of the more dynamic backfields in the league for the rest of the year.
  8. sec101row23

    Okay... it has to be Josh Allen

    Good breakdown of Allen, can’t post the article, but it has some good video clips as well. https://mattwaldmanrsp.com/2019/01/20/rsps-mr-jackson-josh-allen-kentucky-second-best-is-plenty-good-enough/
  9. sec101row23

    East-West Shrine Game

    Yea. He is on the South roster for next week. #31
  10. sec101row23

    East-West Shrine Game

    They need to throw him some balls, let’s see those hands. I suspect they will be looking hard at that next week in Mobile.
  11. sec101row23

    East-West Shrine Game

    Next week will be big for him, stack two good weeks like this and he’s off and running.
  12. sec101row23

    East-West Shrine Game

    Oh my...Hills making money today
  13. sec101row23

    East-West Shrine Game

    Best player on the field, and it’s not even close.
  14. sec101row23

    Thoughts on Devin white?

    I’m sure he will make a very good ILBer for some team, just not the Jets.
  15. sec101row23

    East-West Shrine Game

    I see you Wes Hills.... @Paradis

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