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  1. Mainly because it is a really weak WR class, especially at the top, so I think he’s getting pushed up based on that, same could be said for Jaxson Smith-Njigba. For Johnson, I just don’t see a natural catcher of the ball and don’t see enough all around ability to warrant a high selection. He has good size and could function well in traffic and the red zone, but I don’t see him being a good value as a top 20 or so pick in this years draft.
  2. Quentin Johnson will be dissected and given the full scrutiny, would not be shocked at all if he went mid to late second round. He’s being extremely over valued right now.
  3. Tee has been as advertised. There was way too much concern over his injured foot leading into that draft. He was always going to be a really good pro.
  4. Lol….you and me both. I still don’t know what actually happened to him though. It’s like he fell off of the face of the earth. I’m surprised he flamed out as bad as he did.
  5. You and I are still suckers for these tall prototypical X guys. I watched Perry a bit at Wake, he could be a good move the chain and red zone target. I forget what site it was but I read some one gave him a Hakeem Butler comp…Lol.
  6. Exactly. Zach is persona non grata. None of these moves have anything to do with wanting to or trying to resurrect Zach in any way. It’s about trying to extinguish the stench of that colossal bust. If somehow Rodgers comes here, it is in no way shape or form to help mentor Zach.
  7. He should be fine by the start of camp, he’ll definitely be in the mix for RT. Will be interesting to see if there is a change in blocking scheme when the new OC comes in. Lots to sort out before we zero in on specific guys and their fit in the new system.
  8. Agreed. I really like Rashee. I thought for the prior system he would be perfect because he can give you some boundary X ability, while also having the lateral quickness to use in bunch sets and intermediate routes. He may test faster than thought and it may push him up the board a little. Interested to see him in Mobile and how he runs some different routes. There’s not a ton of versatility on tape from him given the SMU offfense.
  9. Thank god you aren’t the GM.
  10. There’s a good chance he may not even play next year. We’ll see how his injury progresses over the off-season.
  11. Betting on Becton to come in and become one of the starting tackles is a failed plan from the start. I would bet large sums of money that JD doesn’t go into next season without adding some more legit starting options at the tackle positions. Aside from QB OT and center are the biggest needs on this roster. There will be new blood brought in.
  12. That’s seems like a foolish plan. Brown will be 38 years old and coming off a season where he played through an injury that should have ended his season. Becton is a gigantic question mark who hasn’t played in 2 years. Cant go into the season with just AVT and Mitchell as your starting tackles. While AVT played well at tackle, he’s still better at guard.
  13. I wanted the Giants and Jaguars to go to the Super Bowl so that Saleh can shove all of his “instant coffee” talk up his a$$.
  14. What’s funny when reading all these responses about who the top priority and option for QB should be, is that the Jets aren’t going to be the preferred top option for any of these guys being mentioned. It will most likely be a game of musical chairs and the last one standing will be forced to be the Jets QB.
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