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  1. One week from today the college game starts up again. Florida v. Miami. Florida is a 7 point favorite, easiest money you will make all year. Florida by 20+.
  2. Actually the college game is pretty restricted as to how long teams can practice, how many two-a-day practices can be held and how much contact teams are allowed. Coaches are only allowed 20 hours per week for on field practice and classroom coaching. You also don’t have pre-season games in college so all of the contact during camp is very much controlled. Guys get hurt in college too, it’s just that unless you are following a team closely you don’t really hear about the injuries like you do in the NFL. You also have much larger rosters in college so first team defense is rarely beating up on first team offense and vice versa. Also, the guys are younger in college 18-22 years old, so naturally there will be less soft tissue injuries with those age groups as opposed to guys in their late 20’s and 30’s in the NFL.
  3. The problem with having to “scheme” a pass rush is that it usually puts the pressure on the secondary. Unfortunately for the Jets their secondary is in worse shape than their pass rushers, especially at corner. IMO Williams is going to have to scheme around his deficiencies in the secondary more than he will his pass rush deficiencies. It is incredibly frustrating that after all the first round picks on defense and all the free agency money spent, the Jets still have major holes at CB and edge rusher, the two most important positions on defense.
  4. I think you replace Enunwa with a highly drafted rookie next year. You also are going to need to pay Anderson if he has a good year. There will be some legit WR prospects staring Joe Douglas in face in next years draft.
  5. If you HAD to play one of them at RB, McGuire is the better back. Cannon, for a guy who is supposedly fast, has the change of direction ability and the elusiveness of a snail. Plus, he’s doesn’t really posses a quick first step and takes several strides to get up to speed. If Bellamy or Thompson can be adequate at gunner, I think you cut Cannon.
  6. I still think this team is one more offseason away from being really good. Adding some better athletes at WR and CB will make this team a legit playoff contender. Thankfully next years draft should line up nicely for Joe Douglas and he can upgrade those positions in the offseason. Enunwa is ok, he’s just not a difference maker and has questionable hands IMO.
  7. Yes I’m in northern NJ. Dungey was a tough kid, used his feet more than Devito will IMO, but I think Devito is the better passer. True, that one 4th down conversion was the difference in CU’s season, could have been very different if they don’t convert there. It’s good to see a program like Syracuse become relevant again, if Dino can recruit the northeast like some of the Big10 schools he could keep a nice pipeline of talent coming in.
  8. I love what Dino is doing up there in Syracuse. He’s totally changing the culture there. Tommy Devito is a friend of my son and I have watched him since he was in 6th grade. They went to camps together from middle school into high school. He’s a great kid and really talented. Lots to be excited for up in Syracuse.
  9. Agree about Franks. It all rides on him. He needs to be better. No excuses for him this year, like you said the skill guys are there. I think you’ll handle Miami easily though. I don’t see them putting up much of a challenge, especially early in the season. Going to take them a little while to get going under their new coach.
  10. Today is the first official day of fall practice for most programs. Going to be an interesting year. Trevor Lawrence came into camp at 220 pounds and caused rainbows to form when throwing today.
  11. Maccagnan is eligible for unemployment. I thank God for that.
  12. Yes! Going to be an interesting year in college football. You have the transfer QBs at OU and OSU, Bama and Clemson should have some record setting offenses this year. Crazy amount of talent on those rosters right now. This coming draft is going to be full of WRs and CBs, two huge needs for this Jets team.
  13. Give me Higgins, Jeudy or Lamb next year and i’ll very happy.
  14. Take a look at what exactly? A broken down, lazy, self entitled bum? This guy was destined for failure the second he set foot on Ole’ Miss campus. I remember his high school recruitment, he was lazy then, and lazy now. Foolish to even consider bringing him in.
  15. Lol...the Lafayette game is at Lehigh this year. Should be a fun weekend.
  16. Well so much for that... Lol I have t really been paying attention to this stuff for a while. College football about to get going so I’m coming out of hibernation.
  17. If Jalin Moore is healthy and has a full camp, he’ll easily beat out Cannon and McGuire to make the 53 man. Jets need a banger in that backfield, Moore could be that guy.
  18. So Mayfield didn’t like Johnson going to the media and say he wanted a trade, but little Baker has no problem with himself going to the media and complaining about Johnson?? Lol....a little hypocritical no?
  19. I’ve always maintained that this was one of the more important aspects of evaluating players. Knowing what you want and what skill set you are looking for is essential. Need to know specifically what skill set and what role you are trying to fill. Good to hear that stuff.
  20. They don’t really have ideal personnel for either IMO. Maybe Polite can provide some speed off the edge, but they lack athletes coming off the edge in either scheme. This team is still deficient on the edges of this defense both up front and in the secondary. Which isn’t great considering you really need to better outside than you do inside.

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