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  1. I would be surprised if JD goes with a rookie center in a year where he is going “all in” with Rodgers and a must win mentality. I think plan A, B and C would have failed if a rookie starts at center.
  2. Heard all of the same things about Levis as well. He is going to be 24 years old in a couple months so this behavior should be concerning. I personally wouldn’t touch Levis before the 3rd round. Aside from the behavior stuff I just don’t think he possesses the skill set to be a successful QB in the NFL. There isn’t much fluidity or smoothness in his game, his footwork seems robotic and he doesn’t throw with any touch or finesse.
  3. So I’m still not giving him 5 guaranteed years.
  4. If Lamar is asking for 5 years fully guaranteed and similar money to the Watson contract, then I can see why nobody wants to even engage in talks. I wouldn’t go near him anyway, he’s vastly overrated and hardly worth that type of investment. Add in the fact that there will need to be significant draft compensation, and you have a less than ideal situation.
  5. Agreed. But it’s also that there just isn’t that many true blue chip prospects. When you look at the premium position groups ( Edge, WR, CB, OT) there just isn’t a lot to get excited about.
  6. This has to be one of the most uninspiring drafts in a while. I just can’t get into it this year. I wouldn’t blame JD if he traded away a bunch of picks this year for future picks or players.
  7. No doubt. If you declared someone the BEST QB prospect you have ever seen coming out of college, you would be clinging to “upside” as well. Lol..
  8. At this point, why bother opposing this? Just go with it and see where it leads. The alternative is a season of Zach and watching him throw up all over himself.
  9. Lol…how did you come up with this without pretend sources and “inside” information?
  10. This is true. Compensation was agreed upon before Woody and the crew flew out to visit Aaron.
  11. I see you have a Michael Penix Jr. pic. All aboard the Penix train….Lol.
  12. Agreed. Although I do think it’s going to take north of $40M per year to get Carr to come to the Jets.
  13. Except Trevor was way more mechanically sound and mentally tough than Zach was. The Urban Meyer regime was an absolute disaster, makes Saleh and his crew look like Andy Reid. A new voice may be nice for Zach, but his issues run deeper than just hearing stuff from a new OC.
  14. It’s not a bad option considering you don’t need to burn valuable draft capital to get him. You still have a lot assets to improve the rest of the roster and would allow you to bring along a newly drafted QB in 2024 slowly.
  15. They may have had concerns but felt they could “coach it out him”. Probably blinded by a workout with shorts on, not unlike Hackenberg.
  16. Agreed. I don’t think the Jets knew just how mentally soft Zach was when they drafted him. The optics of him on the sideline with 3 coaches huddled around him during his rookie season were comical and showed him to be a coddled baby. That also was probably the start of his teammates losing respect for him. Ultimately his poor play led to his benching, but it took losing the locker room for Saleh to finally pull the plug on the kid.
  17. MLF and Hogan are just the first couple of victims that Zach will leave behind. Zach is a regime killer.
  18. Mainly because it is a really weak WR class, especially at the top, so I think he’s getting pushed up based on that, same could be said for Jaxson Smith-Njigba. For Johnson, I just don’t see a natural catcher of the ball and don’t see enough all around ability to warrant a high selection. He has good size and could function well in traffic and the red zone, but I don’t see him being a good value as a top 20 or so pick in this years draft.
  19. Quentin Johnson will be dissected and given the full scrutiny, would not be shocked at all if he went mid to late second round. He’s being extremely over valued right now.
  20. Tee has been as advertised. There was way too much concern over his injured foot leading into that draft. He was always going to be a really good pro.
  21. Lol….you and me both. I still don’t know what actually happened to him though. It’s like he fell off of the face of the earth. I’m surprised he flamed out as bad as he did.
  22. You and I are still suckers for these tall prototypical X guys. I watched Perry a bit at Wake, he could be a good move the chain and red zone target. I forget what site it was but I read some one gave him a Hakeem Butler comp…Lol.
  23. Exactly. Zach is persona non grata. None of these moves have anything to do with wanting to or trying to resurrect Zach in any way. It’s about trying to extinguish the stench of that colossal bust. If somehow Rodgers comes here, it is in no way shape or form to help mentor Zach.
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