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  1. The term “slot safety” will become a very en-vogue term in the NFL in the coming seasons.
  2. Aside from Wesco and Cashman, I’d add Shepherd and Cannon. Not surprise cuts, but guys who were only on the roster because there was little depth.
  3. What QB doesn’t need their receiver to save them from time to time?
  4. Huh? You do sound confused. Every QB needs a safety valve they can go to even if he’s covered. Not sure what the Fitz comparison has to do with anything.
  5. That is the most important aspect of drafting Mims. Sam desperately needed someone who even if covered in a one-on-one situation, he could throw it up to and have a reasonable chance of a completion. He also needed someone to play the back shoulder game with, there was nobody on this roster for the last 2 years that had that skill set. With defenders having to respect Mims speed that should open up some back shoulder opportunities, and given Mims physicality and ability to win contested catches, should make Sam a happy dude.
  6. All WRs aren’t created equal. Teams have certain roles for the receivers they select. Denver double dipped at WR, going Juedy in the first and Hamler in the second before Mims went. After selecting Juedy there is no way they would go Mims there, especially when they have Sutton already on the roster. San Fran went Aiyuk, who fits exactly the role they were trying to fill, they already had Hurd on the roster. Then once you got to around pick 42 with Jacksonville taking Shenault (which I think will be regretted by them in a couple years) you had teams who already taken a receiver( Denver, Dallas, Philly, Minnesota)or didn’t have the need to take one that high (Cleveland, Seattle, Buffalo). Plus, let’s face it, teams get their evals wrong all the time, that’s something we as Jet fans should know all too well. The Jets lucked out IMO, Mims is exactly the type of receiver this team needed.
  7. First, I would bet that 95% of the receivers coming out of college, and the vast majority of NFL receivers don’t run every route in the tree, it’s an over-blown attribute. Second, if you watched Hill at Ga. Tech you could see the severe limitations he had, it was an easy eval. Smith, was about straight line speed, he possessed nothing else. Being fast is about the only thing Mims has in common with Hill and Smith.
  8. How exactly have we “seen this movie before” regarding Mims? Mims is nothing like Hill or Smith. So other than being drafted in the second round how have we seen this movie before?
  9. Exactly. Go look at the players under contract for the 2021 season. Their 6 highest cap hits are all on the defensive side of the ball, and that’s not even accounting for Judon who is playing on the tag this year. But yet somehow they are interested in trading for and having to a pay Adams?? Sheer lunacy.
  10. Gary Meyers is really trolling you “trade Jamal” guys.
  11. Jets currently have $26M in cap space tied up in just Mosely and Williamson this year, easily the highest paid ILB duo in the league. The Jets roster has been built backwards for the last 5 to 7 years. So many resources wasted on positions that don’t move the needle.
  12. I don’t think the emergence of Davis will increase Adam’s value at all, if anything it may highlight Adam’s deficiencies is pass coverage and decrease his value.
  13. I tend to agree with you. I’ve never really had this hatred toward Brady during his ridiculous run with the Pats. I tend to not really despise many players at all, just certain teams and college programs. Other than a couple seasons with Rex, the Jets did absolutely nothing to build a team that could compete with Brady and the Pats, nor did the rest of the AFCE. Brady’s run through the division was easy for over a decade. To be honest, I have way more disdain for certain Jets GMs and coaches than I do Brady.
  14. This situation is very simple for the Jets right now. If Adams wants his money NOW, then there is no way he gets $17M per year. The Jets control Adams for the next 3 seasons via the 5th year option and a possible franchise tag. The cost to keep Adams for 3 more seasons is as follows, 2020....$3.5M salary total cap hit of $7.1M. 2021 5th year option....$9.8M. 2022 franchise tag.....approx. $11.5M. Based on those numbers Adams has zero leverage to demand upwards of $17M per year. Adams can yell and scream all he wants, but there isn’t much he can do. If he REALLY wants his money now he’ll lower his demands.
  15. You guys are giving WAY too much credibility to a tweet from a former writer for the Dallas Morning News. It’s an obvious troll job by Jerry to stir stuff up again. You guys are lapping it up like little puppies.
  16. I’m so glad that incompetent coffee drinking hack is gone. Allen was such an obvious choice at the time, just one of the many blunders made by that buffoon.
  17. Jets would be wise to wait until next year to sign Adams. There is a really good chance revenues take a hit this year thus causing the cap to stay flat or even decrease a bit. That should give teams less money to throw around and keep FA dollars down. If the Jets were going to trade Adams he would have been gone already.
  18. Ross has a lot to prove to be considered an “elite” prospect. He needs to grow up and be a big boy this year, last year he was a bit of a p**sy IMO. I’d be extremely surprised if Ross is taken in the first round. Higgins is so much better when the ball is on the air and is a lot more competitive. True freshman EJ Williams will give Ross a run for his money this year.
  19. Ruggs and who? Again, the top 5 guys in 2021 don’t compare to the top 5 guys in 2020, and like I said earlier, the depth is poor in 2021 compared to 2020. Higgins, Pittman and Mims would be in the top 5 of this class and they all went in the second round this year. It’s just not a great WR class in 2021, I would be shocked if you had 5 WRs in the top 50 overall players. Its a silly argument.
  20. One receiver doesn’t make a class. We’ll see what Chase does this year before we go too crazy about this class. You can take any 5 guys from 2021 class and compare them to the top 5 guys from 2020 and it’s not close. Now go 5 through 15 and it’s a landslide. There may only be 2 to 3 receivers in the top 40 players in 2021.
  21. The issue with that suggestion is that the cap-exempt salary for each season can be too easily manipulated. Meaning you can load up on a player’s salary for a given year, exempt him, and then have him play at an artificially low salary for the next 2 or 3 seasons and then play that same game with another player for another year.
  22. The whole “according to CSimmsQB” part makes me pretty skeptical this an accurate report.
  23. I still don’t get the whole “Gase didn’t find a way to use Bell” argument. He’s a RB not a WR, how many times did you want to line him up outside or throw screens to him? They were stacking the LOS and keying Bell pretty much every play since there was nothing else to worry about on this offense. Add in the fact that Bell looked sluggish at best and you get a disgustingly low 3.3 YPC. He was a poor fit and horrific signing from day 1.
  24. 2021 WR class isn’t nearly as good as this years was. The depth isn’t even close to what we saw this year and the top 4 or 5 guys don’t stack up to the top 4 or 5 guys from this years group. Like any class there are some nice prospects, but overall it doesn’t come close to what we saw this year.

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