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  1. If Zach Wilson is as great and fantastic as everyone keeps telling us, then why can’t the Jets be decent this year? We’ve seen rookie QBs come in and play well right away, certainly a rookie with the arm talent that Wilson has should fare just as well. At what point are we allowed to expect to see competitive, winning football? If the Jets only win 5 games this year it will be a massive failure on all parts.
  2. Texans select Jonathan Cooper OLB Ohio State. @Greenseed4 is OTC @Wonderboy is on deck
  3. Agree about Perkins. Edge is one position group where I think the testing metrics matter the most. We’ve seen where the successful players at the position almost always have great testing metrics. Perkins has some nice tape but the lack of elite athleticism should be a worry, especially because he relied on his speed and quickness to win in college. He’s not going to bull rush any NFL OTs, I’d be disappointed to see him taken with one of the Jets first 4 picks.
  4. Texans select Sam Ehlinger QB, Texas @HawkeyeJet is OTC @SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN is on deck
  5. Texans select Demetric Felton WR/RB UCLA @TomShane is OTC @HighPitch is on deck
  6. He’ll be a thing next year no doubt but, he’s losing A LOT of playmakers from this past season and will be interesting to see how they reload.
  7. Since there isn’t any sort of official visits where those are tracked and documented by teams for league purposes, I think teams are talking to a lot of players. I doubt teams are making public every player they are talking to. Plus teams may be asking prospects to keep things quiet.
  8. This thread always reminds me of @RobR. I’d like to hear his dont draft list because they usually end up being Jets. Come on Rob, give us your list.
  9. Exactly. When the first Mahomes comp was floated I shook my head. If people think they are getting the next Mahomes in Wilson they will be sorely disappointed. The arm talent isn’t on the same level, that’s not a major knock on Wilson because not many people on earth can rival Mahomes arm talent, but labeling this kid the next Mahomes is only setting him up for disappointment.
  10. Texans select Marlon Williams WR UCF @WhartonJet is OTC @Matt39 is on deck.
  11. Texans select Monty Rice, ILB Georgia @Jetlife33 is OTC @Wonderboy is on deck
  12. How many times have you watched The Sopranos?
  13. You’re right about the “insiders”, the vast majority, if not all of them don’t actually know anything and are just speculating. Once someone “reports” something the rest run with it. I’d say very little people know what JD and his small circle of staff are thinking.
  14. Totally agree. I think Gase was just a miserable fit with a very young developing QB. I don’t think he is good at teaching or coaching an offense to inexperienced QBs. When you consider that Gase didn’t even have a QB coach for Sam, you really see the incompetence and arrogance on his part. Having talked to a lot of college coaches over the past decade or so, they will tell you how you teach and coach your philosophies varies from QB to QB. There isn’t a one size fits all approach, kids learn and retain differently and knowing how to adjust your approach is critical. Again, I t
  15. Agreed. I don’t even “love” Fields to be honest, I’ve just grown tired of hearing some of the stuff thrown his way when it’s completely unfounded. The same with all the “love” for Wilson, that hype train got up and rolling quickly and hasn’t slowed down, and it’s apparently hit quite a few people in its journey so far. There’s stuff to like, but also lots to be concerned about. I’m FAR less concerned with who the QB pick will be than I am about how the rest of the roster will be filled out. Ultimately the success of whoever is drafted will be determined by many other factors.
  16. Agreed. I was going to take him with the very next pick.
  17. @BroadwayBen is OTC @Wonderboy is on deck.
  18. Texans select Hamilcar Rashed Jr. OLB Oregon State.
  19. More of the “woke” crowd making stuff up in defense of Fields...Lol https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/justin-fields-did-insanely-well-aptitude-test-mark-sanchez-says
  20. He’ll eventually flame out on someone and get himself banned at some point. He’s very thin skinned.
  21. Lol...are you serious. YOU dismissed an article on the premise that it was written to defend Justin because he was black and the author was somehow politically motivated. You injected all of this into the discussion and when called out on it, you run to @Maxman and complain? That’s pretty righteous
  22. Lol...we’ve had some of the best football discussions here in the draft forum over the last decade or so. Rarely does everyone agree on prospects but it doesn’t resort to the thin skinned responses we see here today. Mostly really good debate and sharing of info. I love the “go do your homework” and “go watch some tape” stuff, looks like this forum has finally been infected, took a long time though, it was a good run.
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