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  1. IMO, just based on watching Bama games this year, Wills looks like the smoother more natural OT prospect than Leatherwood. Also, Tua was left handed, which makes the RT his blindside protector. I havent paid much attention to Austin Jackson, most of the time I was watching the WRs when watching USC this year. If they both come out, which they should, there could be some OT prospects sitting there for the Jets. OTs and WRs by the bunches this year, let’s see if Douglas is competent.
  2. Robby will look great next year in a WR group consisting of Tee Higgins, Denzel Mims, D. Thomas, Crowder and Robby.
  3. I agree. It’s either extend or trade for Adams come March.
  4. So, other than impact Edge rusher, #1 CB, the entire O-line, WR help, all is good and this isn’t a rebuild? Edge Rusher, CB and LT are the hardest positions (other than QB) to find long term solutions at, plus there are 5 starting O-linemen. If that’s not a rebuild, I don’t know what is. This roster will be flipped on its a$$ by Douglas come next April.
  5. That’s really it. We may like his qualifications prior to coming here, but until we see some free agency periods and some drafts, we have no idea how he will be. People were optimistic about Maccagnan because he had a scouting background, but he presided over the worst 5 year draft stretch that any GM has ever had with this franchise.
  6. Totally agree. Draft well, be smart with the money you hand out and you shouldn’t have any problems once you pay Darnold. You can set yourself up for 2-3 year windows where you can make a serious run, if you don’t win a Super Bowl, then you re-tool, absorb some dead money for a season and then get back at it. Kind of like what the Rams are going through right now. Again, you need to draft well, that’s ultimately where you win championships.
  7. I don’t think you get compensation if a transition tagged player signs with another team.
  8. Robby is who he is, he’s a role player that could be a nice compliment in a complete receiver group. He’s not a main cog in that group. This team has been void of legit receivers for so long that people forget what they look like. They talk themselves into thinking a group of Robby, Crowder and Thomas is somehow good enough to compete week in and week out in this league. It simply isn’t.
  9. Agree one million percent. I made a similar point in another thread about the need to draft WRs and revamp this receiver group. Good receivers make adjustments and make plays on the ball. This receiver group needs perfectly placed balls right in their hands. There is no go to guy that will fight for the ball. Robby can run, but he’s so weak when the ball is in the air, zero fight. There are no red zone targets in this group. It’s just a flawed group.
  10. Does it really matter if someone “starts” ? What percentage of the total defensive snaps is he playing? He’s actually played the highest percentage of snaps Of all the Buffalo DTs.
  11. Carolina may be looking at a college coach to bring in. Makes sense considering Conference Championship games are this weekend and then it becomes open season on the college coaches.
  12. If it’s O-line or bust, then Wills from Alabama may be my guy. He’s better than Leatherwood and a little better positional value than center.
  13. Obviously the final book isn’t written on Quinnen yet. BUT at some point during the rookie season a player should give you signs as to why he will be successful in the future, especially one drafted 3rd overall. No one is expecting him to be Aaron Donald, but there should be glimpses into what kind of player he can be at this point. Look at the players selected in the top 10 of his draft class, all have shown something this year to make you feel like they can live up to their draft selection.
  14. 2014 and 2015 were Tannehill’s best seasons. They were not with Gase as HC.
  15. This isn’t some defense of Gase but, the 3 years Gase was coach Tannehill only played in 24 games for Gase. I don’t think people were saying Tannehill’s abilities were holding Gase back, it was just his availability.
  16. That’s just a fallacy. The current talent at those positions isn’t nearly good enough to win a Championship. You guys are putting everything on the O-line, Robby, Crowder and DT are not winning you anything in this league.
  17. Agreed. We’ve been so starved for talent on the offensive side of the ball that we try to convince ourselves that this group of mediocre receivers is competent enough. They are not. Once we finally get some legit talent in here people will realize just how poor this group was.
  18. Again, don’t kid yourself into thinking this WR group is good enough to beat the better teams in the NFL. They are not. They’ve beaten some bad teams, with bad secondaries.
  19. It’s all good, I was responding more to the “professional” draftniks coming around on Wills now.
  20. Hmmmm, I remember someone saying this about a month ago in this very thread.
  21. The O-line is the easy scapegoat, but there needs to be an infusion of talent at WR and RB. If you think you can wins games consistently with a WR group featuring Robby, Crowder and DT then you are sorely mistaken. O-line needs help yes, but the rest of the offense is far from competent.
  22. You have a team with a bunch of ordinary to bad players on it, especially on offense. There’s no one to go to when this team needs a play to be made. Every receiver on this roster needs a perfectly place ball in their hands to make a reception, even then they drop some. There isn’t a guy who can go up and beat his defender when the ball is the air. Just a bunch of slow, soft receivers and a $15 million dollar a year RB who is slower than most DTs right now. Combine that with a bad O-line and we get what we saw today. Need to flip this roster fast.
  23. So your solution to players not being ready for the NFL when they come out of college is to reduce the number of years they need to stay in college before becoming draft eligible? Might want to think that one through again...Lol

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