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  1. Agreed. He puts in more effort than all the other beat guys put together during his camp reports.
  2. I know people don’t like this guy because he is supposedly a Dolphin fan, but he gives a decent account of what is happening on the field. He does seem to understand the game enough to be able to describe what’s going,on.
  3. Hopefully they are in pads tomorrow.
  4. I think when the pads come on and we see more tackling, Sherwood is going to carve out a spot in this LBer group. He could be the best tackler in the whole group. Plus I think he could play SAM or WIL. Going to be interesting to see how Saleh uses the two rookie safety converts.
  5. The trio of Davis, Cole and Moore will be on the field the most. Jets will be in 11 personnel the majority of the time, so that trio of receivers should see the most snaps. You’ll see all 3 lined up inside and out, they are the most versatile combo as well.
  6. Agreed. You should go watch a practice if you can. It’s definitely a different perspective. For me, I prefer watching practices up close in person than I do going to games. I learn more by watching them in drills and in walk through than actual games. Regarding “stats” in training camp, they are essentially useless. A QB may have thrown 3 picks, but without context it means little. The only position group that you can make clear 1st team, 2nd team distinctions is the O-line. Those guys generally always play as a unit and for the most part coaches like to keep the units t
  7. Thank you. I’ll be there on Wednesday I think. I don’t write anything down, they’re just my observations. I think when watching these practices it’s important to realize that they are working specific packages and situations. They aren’t lining up in a “scrimmage” mode and running the whole playbook. When you watch the walkthrough and the drills they do before the 11 on 11’s, you can tell what they are going to be working on. People will say that Zach “checked down” a lot today, well yea, that was by design. They were working on getting the ball to the RB and the slot W
  8. At times they are, you see it in the run blocking more IMO. The O-linemen need to get their hands up under the defenders pads to move them when run blocking, when they aren’t wearing pads it’s harder to move and turn the defender one way or the other. The defense has a big advantage in just jersey’s.
  9. The LBer came up to take away the RB, so the read is to throw where the vacated LBer came from, Moore running an in behind the LBer and in front of the safety. Ideally you would like him to recognize the LBer taking the RB and get the ball out quicker to Moore. All in due time.
  10. Agreed. Some guys are just obsessed with their ex’s or the girls that blew them off.
  11. He looked like a rookie, not a big deal. Everyday is install day at this point in camp.
  12. It will be interesting to see if the o-line looks better once the pads go on tomorrow. I suspect they will since it’s harder on the o-line when the pads are off.
  13. He’s going to get burned no doubt, but you can tell they aren’t giving him anything too difficult yet. It’s a lot of 2 read hi-low or even low-high in some cases. I believe on that play to Moore they took away the flat and forced Zach to look downfield.
  14. He gets a little jumpy sometimes, but he is really good carrying out ball fakes and bootlegging. The stuff they were running today was mostly all short stuff designed to get the ball out fast, so he looked decent.
  15. When you standing next to these guys you really get how big and fast they are. Men that big shouldn’t be able to MOVE like that. lol....I fixed it.
  16. It’s stupid how big he is. It really is. Here is AVT.... C929009E-589C-4FF0-BD36-EBA84542B1DD.MOV
  17. Also, Michael Carter RB is ridiculously quick as a receiver. He gets in and out of his breaks so fast and so smooth. There were a couple packages with him out there with Cole, Davis and Crowder at WR. They run jet motion with Davis and set up either Davis in the flat or come back to the other side with Carter in the other flat. Nice looking play design and one where you can set up other stuff off of it. Zach is really good with ball fakes and is quick to get the ball out in these situations He’s really smooth with his movements It’s a stark contrast to Morgan who looks like Fr
  18. I was behind the end zone in between the two fields.
  19. Just got back from practice. Beautiful morning out there. They were working on throwing to the RB in the walk through and in individual drills,so I wasn’t surprised to see a lot of short passes during the 11 on 11. Davis and Cole are going to be lining up inside more than people think. Moore was outside most of the time today, again a lot was the stuff they were trying to do. Davis and Cole are good blockers in the open field. Kickers didn’t do anything, I asked Mann why they weren’t kicking and he said they don’t kick everyday. Lol. I got some good shots
  20. Some of you guys are funny, it’s day 3 of camp and there are 90 players on the roster right now. You guys have no idea what packages they were running or what down and distance they were working or what defensive look they were getting. Way too much is being read into this.
  21. How early do they start running the shuttle buses from the hotel?
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