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  1. As of right now the Jets don’t have any picks in the 6th or 7th rounds, so I don’t think it’s wise to draft a kicker in the 5th.
  2. Taking a quick look at the Saints cap situation, they don’t have many players they can trade and still not incur a lot of dead money. It’s pretty bad for them. I would say almost everyone should be available though. They are going to need two full seasons to purge all of this.
  3. I would like to see LDT signed, having some continuity on the O-line would be nice for a change. They finally started playing as a unit and looked good. Replacing just RT won’t be that tough.
  4. We see it every year, there is a reason these players are allowed to reach free agency. There are also position groups like Edge, WR, CB and LT that rarely have the quality that is worth paying above market price for.
  5. Free agency in general produces these kind of results. I’m sure if you go through every teams free agent classes you will find similar results. Look at all of the free agent WRs from 2021, it’s an abysmal group. Free agency is a roulette wheel.
  6. I’ll keep saying this, it’s about edge rushers and WRs. You have to be able to rush the passer with 4 linemen and you need guys to make plays in the passing game.
  7. We’ll see. I wouldn’t sign them and expect to get a full season.
  8. Even 7 months is September plus ramp up time. You can’t sign any of those guys and expect them to be camp ready.
  9. Agreed. But for guys like Godwin and Michael Gallup that tore their ACL so late in the season, they most likely won’t be cleared for contact until late September early October. Hopefully you get them up to speed by November.
  10. Wilson is going to jump close to 40” in the vertical. You don’t see him high pointing a lot balls in college because he gets so much separation, but in the NFL he won’t have the luxury of having that much space and I think his vertical game could become more of a factor for him. I’m not saying he’s going to be living above the rim but he has some more potential than he’s shown.
  11. The problem is that Patterson doesn’t posses 1/10 of the receiving ability that Deebo has. You’re not replicating the Deebo role with Patterson. People have become too obsessed with this notion. Go spend the FA money on an actual WR.
  12. That’s a great week. Make sure to attend the Senior Bowl Summit. It’s a really good seminar and they have some pretty interesting speakers. I think Nick Saban is there this year. Plus a lot of the scouts are there.
  13. Well if the head coach and GM aren’t “bullish” on the team, who the hell else would be?
  14. Agreed. Ruckert is the guy who will do the dirty work in this receiving group. Make contested catches with guys hanging off of him, be the much needed red zone target and chain mover.
  15. I think some are discounting him because he’s a 5th year senior so maybe they don’t see much room for growth or development. Plus he might be a bit too stiff for some peoples liking. If he’s drafted where he’s currently being projected (late 4th-5th round) he’ll be pretty good value.
  16. It will be interesting to see how high his stock rises because athletically he’s not the most dynamic for the position. I remember him coming out of high school and he was 6’5” 230 but running in the high 4.8’s. Since then he’s put on 20 pounds at OSU and probably looks like he’s running in same range. He’s most likely a solid late day 2 early day 3 guy.
  17. I really like Bryant, he’s being vastly underrated at this point.
  18. Agreed. A couple things are pushing the Hamilton hype. One is a weak draft class, the other is that a lot of the draft Twitter-sphere thinks they are having some rare nuanced take by proclaiming a safety as one of the “best” prospects in the draft. Hamilton is a nice safety prospect, his size makes him a rare prospect for that position, but not a “generational” one.
  19. Add Kiper to the list of people who have Trey McBride going in the first round. That drum beat is getting louder.
  20. Agreed. Between the TE and LBer groups you can certainly see what the Jets are taking a hard look at in this class.
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