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  1. North Team notes: Chase Claypool WR Notre Dame: Claypool had a standout day today, pleasantly surprising me. He isn’t the fastest guy but he knows how to use his 6’4 frame well and looked more fluid in drills than his Notre Dame tape suggested. A strong opening day for him. Claypool said the Steelers were looking to meet with him. Antonio Gandy-Golden WR Liberty: Gandy-Golden was about what we expected coming into this week. I’ve seen a few people say he had a great day, but to me he was just average and didn’t up his stock in any way. We knew he could separate physically and could use his size to his advantage, which he did today. He didn’t show signs of improvement in any other areas that were bigger concerns, such as long speed or beating press. He did show up well in the run blocking drills the North ran in practice, however. Just felt like he didn’t really elevate his stock in a positive direction on opening day KJ Hill WR OSU: Hill was one of the biggest winners of the day, in my opinion. His tape didn’t suggest a great athletic profile nor an ability to really play outside but he looked surprisingly fluid and showed off that he could take reps outside. Albeit, in a limited sample size. He sent numerous DBs to the dirt and skyrocketed his stock. Denzel Mims WR Baylor: Mims came in as my highest-ranked receiver in the Senior Bowl and did not disappoint. He dominated 1 on 1s all day long and showed off in the 7 on 7s. I thought he was the most impressive finisher and showed off his explosiveness in the drills. Separated against almost every DB he went off against. He had his issues with drops during the regular season but he caught every pass I saw go his way in the drills, which is encouraging for that problem being fixed at the next level. Michael Pittman WR USC: Pittman had a good day to open the practice session. He dusted Nebraska’s Lamar Jackson to kick things off, and then made Wake Forest’s CB Essang Bassey fall to the dirt after he toasted him off of the line of scrimmage. There were plenty of concerns about Pittman’s agility and speed, but he answered those concerns well today. He only caught about half of his targets however, which is more drops than he had on the season. Nick Harris C Washington: Harris was smaller than I had realized, but he was able to his own very well today. His technique was excellent and he showed an anchor you wouldn’t expect from someone his size. Harris is a top 50 player, and played like it. Charlie Heck OT North Carolina: Heck was the winner of the weigh in. His length was evident and his frame is ideal. He was strong in individual drills and competed well in the 1 on 1s. Heck has legit starting tackle upside, and could be a steal on Day 3. Josh Jones OT Houston: Josh Jones is the best lineman in Mobile this week. His physical abilities are off the charts, and he was a winner of the weigh-ins this morning. He did not seem to carry any bad weight. Jones wasn’t as dominant as I wanted him to be today, but he did nothing to damage his draft stock.
  2. These notes are from Pro Football Network staff. South Team Notes: Collin Johnson WR Texas I’m not sure a receiver really stunned people more today than Johnson. A lot of people were skeptical of Johnson’s ability as a route-runner, but he wowed in drills with his routes and separation ability. I wrote about him as a potential riser as a prototypical H/W/S receiver, and he certainly showed off today. He had a rep against Pitt CB Dane Jackson that had the stadium wowed. A phenomenal start for him. Juan Jennings WR Tennessee: Jennings was physical all day. He wasn’t particularly great in drills but flashed impressive physicality throughout his routes. He was overall up and down, but didn’t really showcase a skill set outside of what he already has on tape. Devin Duvernay WR Texas: Duvernay came in as one of my favorite players in this class, but really struggled today. He’s a speedy target and after the catch plays like a running back. However, his stiffness showed up in drills today, and he really struggled catching the ball today, which surprised me because his hands were not an issue at all on his tape Lloyd Cushenberry IOL LSU: Cushenberry was the best overall offensive lineman I watched today. He was the only person who could manage a stop against Javon Kinlaw in 1on1s. He was dominant from the get go and his stock is rising. Justin Herbert QB Oregon: Herbert looked phenomenal on Tuesday displaying all the physical tools and leadership skills necessary for the next level. He was right on the money with many of his throws and his pass placement was off the charts. He made plays in and out of the pocket, displayed a next level arm and great athleticism. His incomplete passes were more about drops by receivers rather than missed throws on his part. And when his receivers dropped a pass Herbert was there to take charge. Terrific day by the Oregon quarterback.
  3. He pulled out of the Senior Bowl. Had some medical red flags.
  4. It’s not that crazy though. Given how good some of these LT prospects are, and given how few true LT prospects are coming out of college now, teams may be placing higher values on these kids. If you look at the teams ahead of the Jets, you can make a case that at least 4 of them have a need at LT. We’ll see what Tua actually looks like come pro-day time, because I think he’ll be the key as to whether there will be 3 or 4 LTs taken ahead of the Jets.
  5. It really is. You couldn’t ask for a better draft class to solve offensive needs.
  6. That’s good for Kirby, because he couldn’t let another #1 rated QB leave the state.
  7. Damn. Mims has some long arms for a guy who is 6’2’”. For comparison. Pittman is 1” taller but has shorter arms.
  8. Harris has long arms for a shorter guy. For comparison, Mangold was 6’4” but had 31.88” arms. Mangold was also light, just 300 pounds at the combine.
  9. That sucks. Was looking forward to seeing Aiyuk and Prince work out.
  10. He was injured for part of this year but he has looked slower this year than he did last year. His draft stock would have been higher last year, this year he’s been lost in the incredibly deep WR class. Will be interesting to see him this week, but his best move might be to transition to a move TE and find a role there.
  11. Agreed. I love the Senior Bowl and being able to see these kids work out, but the hyperbole that comes out of this week from all of these “experts” is nauseating. They change their draft projection of a kid from rep to rep during workouts. First he’s a 3rd rounder, now he Looks like a 1st round, then it’s he might not be draftable...Lol.
  12. I didn’t highlight those guys, they were highlighted in the article for some reason.
  13. What nights did you book? Are you guys going to be there Thursday through Sunday? I might not be able to make it until Friday. Still maneuvering a few things right now.
  14. He’s a different kid, people around the program will tell you he’s just wired different. He really wants to graduate before going to the NFL and loves playing college ball at Clemson. He’s not that concerned about career earnings right now.
  15. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/2020-senior-bowl-preview--offensive-line 2020 SENIOR BOWL PREVIEW: OFFENSIVE LINE If you were to survey 100 different respected football minds or players on the state of offensive line play around the NFL, they would probably come to a consensus that it's better, but it still has a way to go to catch up to the defensive line talent entering the league yearly. The discrepancy with the athleticism between the two groups seems to be an enlarging gap, but the 2020 offensive tackle class should give the league plenty of hope. With a top-heavy class through the first two days of the draft, there is a lot of talent on the board. While the interior crop isn't nearly as good as past years, there are some gems contained in the group with a few participating in the 2020 Reese's Senior Bowl. Former long-time NFL coach Mike Tice put it best when he compared offensive lineman to the engine of a car. The core five up-front are at the center of the entire operation, but how it’s hidden under the hood of a vehicle; they rarely receive credit until obvious problems become apparent. As a result, offensive linemen will always be in high demand because of the importance of the position. Last season we saw first-round selections in Chris Lindstrom, Garrett Bradbury, Andre Dillard and Tytus Howard from this very game a season ago. Erik McCoy, Dalton Risner and Elgton Jenkins were other prospects who went on to become rookie starters. This year’s class could produce a similar level of talent. MOST TALENTED: JOSH JONES, HOUSTON Coming from a wide-open offense in the Lone Star state, Josh Jones has been one of the best-kept secrets in the country. You often hear the names Andrew Thomas, Tristan Wirfs, Jedrick Willsand Mekhi Becton, but a strong candidate in an impressive second tier is Jones. He was a 45-game starter during his time with the Cougars placed exclusively at left tackle. He seems to be very light on his feet, but it's his relaxed pass sets and hand timing are his best traits. Jones’ hands are deadly accurate, and he is keen on knowing when to extend and strike defenders. He is unafraid of being the enforcer. Jones is capable of leveraging his hands inside and locking his arms to immediately stop rushers in their tracks. His added arm length serves as an extra barrier between him and the opposition, which makes it very difficult to surpass and disrupt his rhythm. Edge rushers who attempt to unravel and detach are often unsuccessful as a result because of the marriage and strength between his arms, hands and footwork. Also a reliable run blocker, he's supremely athletic with climbing to the second level and showing patience to eventually cover up second-level targets. MOST POTENTIAL: PRINCE TEGA WANOGHO, AUBURN It's been a long journey for Prince Tega Wanogho to land in this spot. After moving to the United States in 2014, he was accidentally introduced to football the following year. Wanogho had aspirations of being a professional basketball player and Olympic swimmer but quickly realized both were unrealistic possibilities. However, after some success on the gridiron, he was beginning to get attention. Wanogho’s first offer came from Kentucky. He ultimately chose Auburn with only one year of experience. Since stepping foot on campus in 2015, he has proven to be a rock-solid offensive tackle. Wanogho has developed more seasoning as he continued to get repetitions, but there's still a low of rawness to his overall game. The baseline traits to be a reliable starting-caliber option are there, but its early stages. Wanogho's is an easy mover who possesses light feet and an effortless pass set. The biggest area of his game he must improve is his ability to sustain and finish as a run blocker. Wanogho already has the foot speed necessary to run his feet on contact, but it's his grip strength and inability to sustain where strides must be made. If able to do so, he has the makings of being one of the better young offensive tackles in the league by the end of his rookie contract. LATE-ROUND STEAL: ALEX TAYLOR, SOUTH CAROLINA STATE Every season there seems to be a small-school offensive lineman catching everyone’s attention. In years past it was Ali Marpet and Alex Cappa. This time around, it will be Alex Taylor. South Carolina State has recently produced the likes of Indianapolis Colts linebacker Darius Leonard and Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Javon Hargrave. Now there’s Taylor, who also had an interesting journey to small-school prominence. His career originally started as a two-sport athlete at Appalachian State where he played both basketball and football. At 6-foot-9 and hovering at nearly 300 pounds, he's still built like an NBA power forward. That, of course, has its caveats as well. Right now, his game is more of a set, shuffle and extend to win during pass blocking reps. He is still trying to figure out how to match up his twitchy feet with below-average strength. What you want to see from small-school prospects though is how they adjust to the speed of the game throughout the week of practices. Coming from the MEAC, he hasn't seen the speed of edge rushers from the SEC, ACC and other Power Five conferences he will be matched up against next week. Johnny Culbreath was the last offensive lineman to be drafted from the program as he was selected by the Detroit Lions in the seventh-round (No. 209 overall) in the 2011 draft. MOST TO PROVE: BEN BARTCH, SAINT JOHN'S Ben Bartch is another player who comes from lower levels of competition but has plenty to prove in Mobile, Alabama. He converted to tight end after only seeing action in four games prior to his junior season, he bulked up and gained nearly 80 pounds to become one of the better players in program history. Bartch's film is littered with a lot of impressive blocks, but the usual "look at who he's facing" argument will always arise when he's playing smaller players at the position. Bartch has a chance to make an impressive statement as he will face the best competition he's ever seen during his brief career as an offensive lineman. Evaluators will want to see his adjustment to the speed and power he will be matched up against. Bartch is currently listed as a guard on the Senior Bowl roster, which is where his game is suited best without the necessary quickness and stride lengths to survive as an NFL offensive tackle.
  16. FWIW here is the list of players the Jets met with during the Shrine Bowl. New York Jets QB Tyler Huntley, Utah QB James Morgan, FIU RB Tony Jones Jr., Notre Dame WR John Hightower, Boise State TE Giovanni Ricci, Western Michigan IOL Frederick Mauigoa, Washington State IOL Michael Onwenu, Michigan LB Cameron Gill, Wagner
  17. Agreed. I’m selfishly excited though. Now we don’t have to worry about handing over the lead RB duties to the true freshman Demarcus Bowman, even though he’s going to be outstanding.
  18. Wow. I think he should go, but he feels like he has unfinished business.
  19. You also have to at some point assemble a core group of players here that will be under contract for a few years together to build some consistency. Every year it’s been the same thing around here, few holdovers from the previous season with question marks at several important positions. It’s literally rebuilding every year. Look at the good teams, Baltimore has all of their offensive starters under contract for next year. Look at how many 49ers are under contract next year. Good teams aren’t constantly filling the holes that Jets seem to have year in and year out. The Jets have done nothing but get yearly stop-gap rentals at critical positions. It gets old after a while.
  20. It’s entirely possible, and probable, that both Gase AND Bell are to blame for the lackluster run game. Gase’s run game scheme looked incredibly simple and Bell looked incredibly slow.
  21. So re-signing all those players you listed there is only going to cost $32 million against the cap?? Lol... This is some high level fantasy stuff.

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