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  1. Aside from the failure to utilize his personnel correctly, another one of LaFleur’s errors has been how he has been coaching Zach. During all of camp and the pre-season games we heard Saleh and LaFleur say how they were “forcing” Zach to stay in the pocket, make his reads and not wanting him to use his feet. Now 3 games in what are we seeing? Zach staying in the pocket too long, holding the ball and not using his feet. His ability to get out of the pocket is abysmal. His escape routes are non-existent. He’s turning the wrong way into the rush, he’s not leaving the pocket when
  2. Anyone see the Arkansas/A&M game? Burks’ skill set was on full display. Hard to believe he is 230 pounds.
  3. Jet fans always seem to take solace in the failures and struggles of other teams. None of that should excuse the absolute s**t show we are seeing this year from this team however. Zach was the only rookie QB anointed the starter from day one in OTAs. He was the only rookie QB to receive all of the #1 reps for his team during the entirety of training camp. It shouldn’t look this bad right now.
  4. I will see your Denzel future All Pro and raise you a Denzel is a future Hall OF FAMER! I even told him on Twitter that I believe he will be a HOFer and to not forget his boy Sec101 during his Hall of Fame speech.
  5. So very true. It’s as if people forget that Mac Jones was also a rookie starting his 2nd game in the NFL. Why didn’t he “look like a rookie”? It’s one thing to be starting a rookie QB, it’s an entirely different thing looking totally non-competitive when doing so. It shouldn’t look like it did against the Pats, just because Wilson is a rookie doesn’t mean it has to be a complete s**t show.
  6. Here’s why I call bull s**t on the whole “not knowing all 3 WR positions” thing as a way of keeping Denzel in jail. Not one of the WRs lined up in all 3 of the receiver positions last Sunday. Berrios, the leading receiver, lined up exclusively in the slot EVERY play. Does this staff really believe that they can throw that BS out there and people just lap it up and believe it? So they can’t come up with a package of plays to try to feature what Denzel can do? It’s not like this franchise isn’t begging for someone to make a play on offense.
  7. The good news is that it really can’t get any worse than what we saw against the Patriots. From a coaching and an execution standpoint it has to get better against the Broncos. If last Sunday isn’t going to be the low point then we are in for a miserable year.
  8. The problem I had with season tickets is that we only ended up going to maybe 3 games a year, due to kids activities on the weekends. As I’ve gotten older my desire to go to the games has declined. I was fortunate enough to be able to unload my PSLs shortly after they instituted them. I used that PSL money to fund the golf club membership. I get way more enjoyment out of that. Now if we feel like going to a game we just grab some tickets from stubhub for half of face value.
  9. He’s not Tyler as a prospect, but an interesting option after the first round. Will be worth watching him as this season goes on.
  10. Yea but… the off platform stuff and the next Mahomes thing. Plus the headband.
  11. Add Terrance Marshall to that list.
  12. 73-107 68% completion percentage. 888 yards. 6 TDS (3 rushing) 1 INT and a 3-0 win/loss record.
  13. I’d add Forsyth to the center watchlist for 2022.
  14. I agree. Before this season started this topic was brought up and I felt for a rookie OC calling plays for the first time it would be more beneficial to be upstairs calling the plays. It’s less chaotic up there and less distractions. You have Calabrese and Cavanaugh to hold Zach’s hand between drives on sideline. I think LaFluer has too much on his plate right now and he isn’t nearly experienced enough to handle this.
  15. The problem is that the other 52 guys on the roster suffer as well. They need development and are playing for their contracts as well. Zach needed to be pulled yesterday, it was beyond obvious.
  16. This becomes the bigger problem. The development of all of your other younger players takes a step back when the QB plays like he did yesterday. You learn nothing and develop nothing from yesterday. Zach needed to sit yesterday, but there wasn’t even a washed up vet on the bench that you could bring in to run the offense.
  17. Actually, the “rebuild” is working exactly as the Johnson brothers have hoped it would. A rebuild keeps fans hopeful while accepting losing. The perennial mantra of “hey we have a top 3 draft pick and $80M in cap room, oh the possibilities” is the ultimate rebuilding mindset. It’s exhausting, wake me up when it becomes about the wins and losses, because this perennial rebuilding has run its course.
  18. Nobody was able to cover him during Senior Bowl week either.
  19. I get that the staff may want the receivers to know all the routes for a particular play, it makes sense from a strategic standpoint. But, that seems shortsighted from a developmental perspective. So because Mims may not know what the slot responsibility is on a play, he can’t see the field at X? How are you going to develop any young receivers that way? Are they really telling us that Braxton Berrios needs to know the X role? Lol…come on, he’ll never see the field in that role. I can’t recall seeing him or Jeff Smith ever lined up at X.
  20. Exactly. No sense suffering through it when there is zero rooting interest.
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