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  1. That’s the FA WR I’m most interested in. I’d also kick the tires on Cody Latimer.
  2. Damn, we have very similar taste...Lol. Aside from Tee and Thomas, I also really love Akers and Pittman.
  3. I did one where Tee was available at 48 as well. Maybe he gets to the second round, but 48 is wishful thinking. He’ll probably go 47 because God has a sense of humor at times and I’m sure he would be amused watching me stress out as Tee fell pick by pick in the second round.
  4. I wish I could find those threads about wanting to trade for Khalil Mack. That would be a fun necro.
  5. 4.6 would be a disaster for Tee, doubtful he runs that slow. Most likely he’s right around 4.52. If he runs sub 4.5, he won’t get past Green Bay at 30.
  6. That was more of my point, I can almost see why Chicago did it, but what a disaster that would have been for the Jets.
  7. Agree 1000000000%. If it’s OT at 11, then 48 NEEDS to be a WR. I wouldn’t object if they flipped one of the 3rd round picks to move up from 48. I would prefer higher quality in the second over quantity.
  8. Sure, but imagine if the Jets traded for Mack like so many wanted to. What a s**ty situation they would be in right now. Are there any people around here who were so into trading for Mack, that think it would have been a good deal now?
  9. Imagine IF the Jets traded for Mack, we would be sitting here with no first round or 3rd round pick this year. What a foolish trade by Chicago. Giving up that much draft capital is a disaster unless you’re targeting a QB, no other position on the field is worth it.
  10. I think recently a lot of receivers get too much hype and are slotted and mocked way higher than they actually go. Last year was a perfect example of this. This years depth and quality is different, but I still think there are too many guys with first round hype right now. Are 6 WRs going to go in the first? That seems like a lot.
  11. Right. Have you stopped crying because Joe Douglas hasn’t reached out to you and told you his plans? Or are you still crawled up in the fetal position sucking yours thumb until he does?
  12. You have no f**king idea what goes on behind closed doors. None. Stop pretending like you have a clue about what Douglas is putting in place. Honestly, you seem like a little child with this.
  13. Only his freshman year I believe.
  14. Be a presence how? Again, what do you want him to say? You sound like you just want Joe to come out and give you a hug and tell you everything will be OK. Lol..
  15. True. A.J. Green ran 4.5 at his combine. Tee is so much like A.J was coming out of college.
  16. Could you imagine if Joe did come out and say “ we really love Becton, he’s the guy we really want to be available to us at 11, then when the 2nd round comes around i’d be ecstatic If Denzel Mims is sitting there at 48. That’s my plan guys”.
  17. He won’t be a Jet, I know this, but I have irrational hope that he will be.
  18. Why would he reveal anything about his plan right now? The draft is still more than 2 months away. Not sure what you are expecting him to say right now.
  19. Yea. More wishful thinking on my part.
  20. So I’m hearing my boy Tee Higgins isn’t going to run well at the combine, at least nothing eye opening. Will be interesting to see. He could get pushed into the top of the 2nd, could he be there at 48? I’d say unlikely, but boy it would be nice if he fell there.
  21. Agreed. Smith hasn’t shown nearly enough to make that leap of faith. Depending on other FA signings and the draft, I wouldn’t even say Smith is a lock to make the 53 man.
  22. I think it’s funny that Sam and Joe Burrow were in the same Nike Elite 11 class back in 2014. Both enrolled in college in the same year.

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