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  1. So what would you trade to acquire Adams knowing you are going to have to make him the highest paid WR in the league?
  2. Dead money cap hit doesn’t necessarily mean the Jets are paying that player this year, it could be just an accounting cap charge.
  3. The only player to benefit from Gase’s offense was Crowder, and it’s why people have this massively inflated opinion of what Crowder is. Gase has always featured the slot in his passing game, the entire passing game runs through the slot. It’s what got Jarvis Landry paid. It’s what held back Devante Parker’s development. There’s going to be a role here for Mims, there are adults in charge of the offense for the first time in a long time.
  4. Agreed. Mims didn’t stand a chance in Gase’s offense, it was just a miserable offense for the type of receiver he is. Add in the injuries and zero training camp, and you can see why his role was limited.
  5. If the Jets are content going into the season with a QB room that has zero QBs with an NFL completion, why in hell would they want to add a 31 year old LBer? They drafted two kids who they plan on converting to LBer, Wright offers little to nothing to aid in their development.
  6. I read an article regarding Strong and he said his goal is to have an 85% completion percentage this season..Lol. Nice aspiration, but I hope he doesn’t allow that to influence how he plays too much. He’s an interesting kid though. I have the same doubts about Rattler, he’s getting a HUGE bump because he’s the Oklahoma QB, but he would scare me at the top of the draft. We’ve seen a lot of offense at the top of the draft recently, but after looking at potentially what this class could look like, I think the top 10 will be dominated by defense. I don’t see the WRs that could go th
  7. This is already happening. Now that the transfer portal is wide open, kids can go wherever they want without having to sit out a year. There has been a crazy amount of movement already. Its a good thing for the kids.
  8. They are a benefit if the player plays up to his drafted potential, but there are also a lot of times they do not and the player gets the better end of the deal.
  9. In the case of Bosa it wasn’t just the offset language. The Chargers were, maybe still are, notorious for not wanting to pay the signing bonus up front and would rather defer it over time, that’s why they typically have the most trouble with their first round pick negotiations. When it comes to a highly drafted QB, squabbling over offset is tedious because if it were to be an issue down the road, it would mean that the QB failed to develop and was a failure. If that is the case, the team has far greater problems than whatever offset language was negotiated 4 years earlier.
  10. Just your average Tuesday night for most of us.
  11. As I stated earlier, the denial of bail initially has nothing to do with the severity of the crime, it’s just mandated in domestic violence instances.
  12. Given Washington’s zero tolerance laws regarding domestic violence, all are denied bail until they appear before a judge. I’m sure he’ll see a judge sometime today and be able to post bail.
  13. I wouldn’t put much credibility into the numbers that other teams might have been discussing with Maye. They were NEVER going to actually offer Maye a deal, they were throwing out numbers just to make the Jets negotiations harder.
  14. This is the problem when you are a 24 year old rookie, by the time you are no longer under team control you are 30 years old. His value takes a hit due to his age.
  15. Pete is the de facto GM when it comes to personnel, always has been. He was also behind the Percy Harvin trade, another terrible trade. He overvalues a singular player at times to the detriment of the team. His thinking that he’s only “a player away” clouds his judgement.
  16. That’s why unless it is for an elite QB, you never trade away valuable draft capital for guys who need to be paid. It’s just poor resource management.
  17. A place for random college talk and some 2022 draft eligible prospects. No 2022 mock drafts please...Lol. Going to watch this kid a lot this year, there’s some potential here IMO.
  18. They’ll extend him and give him some window dressing non-guaranteed years that will make the contract look great, but they will no doubt have an out after two years. Cap is going way up over the next few years, Seattle can easily absorb this.
  19. Agreed. No way he sits out and leaves $10M on the table, that simply isn’t happening. He would also have a tough time recouping the lost $10M in a new deal.
  20. Anything is possible with that team. They were highly paid at UNLV, Tarkanian could care less about the NCAA and their “rules”.
  21. Lol...first he’s gonna s**t, then he’s gonna kill us.
  22. Agreed. It obviously bothered Zach enough to the point he asked his mom to take a break from it, then his mom goes out and tells the world it bothered him enough to offer her money to do so. If my kids ever came to me like that and were that bothered by something I was doing, I would do my best to fix it. She has a pretty high opinion of herself and appears to think she is “influencing” a lot of people in a good way. At the end of the day it’s not going to determine Zach’s success on the football field, but why create an unnecessary distraction for her son, who is already dealin
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