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  1. So baseball games get cancelled because the players can’t cut? Enjoy you’re mother’s day.
  2. Lol.....what? They cancel baseball games because the field becomes unplayable if left uncovered.
  3. Again, good teams are good teams. If you can’t run the ball you can’t win if it’s 80 degrees or 10 degrees. The good teams are good teams because they are balanced. You’re over thinking this, it’s not a big deal.
  4. Good teams are good teams regardless of weather. Weather isn’t a “huge role”.
  5. It’s kind of a myth now in the NFL. The advantage, if any, comes from noise not the weather.
  6. Agreed. It’s especially disappointing when you consider that you had two teams paying for ONE stadium. When you look at what the Rams built in LA, it’s not even close.
  7. Please explain this home field advantage the Jets have taken advantage of by playing outside. You could argue that the home field advantage would be greater by having a roof thus increasing the crowd noise, which is actually an advantage.
  8. Natural grass really isn’t an option so I doubt the NFLPA was demanding a switch to it.
  9. Considering JD didn’t draft any Edge rushers this year and has only invested a 3rd round pick on Zuniga, I would think Edge is certainly in play early in 2022. I’m not sure there are going to be a lot of them though. It’s obviously early but aside from Thibodeaux there doesn’t seem to be too many elite edge prospects. If Zach Harrison from OSU continues his upward trajectory he could be in play. Maybe Sam Williams from Ole’ Miss. Depending on how you view Drake Jackson from USC, he’s sort of a LB/Edge hybrid, he could also be in play in the first. My early WR crush is Treyl
  10. Lol.....I don’t have a clear shot of the fields from my office. Too many trees.
  11. My office is 500 yards away from the facility in Florham Park, there is a lot more activity at the facility today. Most I’ve seen in a long time. You can tell the media is back at the facility as well.
  12. The OP craves the attention he never received as a child apparently.
  13. You’re exactly what is wrong with this place now. You are still an attention craving infant. Hope you get your hugs and kisses that you have been craving.
  14. I’m sure that’s coming if he doesn’t get enough attention in here. Looks like mommy and daddy didn’t pay enough attention to him as an infant.
  15. I agree, I don’t think we’ll see a ton of 2 TE sets, that’s why I think Cole will see the field a lot. I’d be surprised if Moore got a ton of work outside early on, I think they can utilize him best inside, plus he’s under 180 pounds and could get bullied around more outside. Down the road I can see it, once he learns how to get a better release and maybe put on a few more pounds.
  16. Ideally Mims comes out of camp and grabs the split end/X role and is a fixture there for the next 5 years or so. I’m not sure that will be the case right away. Also, so much will depend on what personnel groupings the Jets are in. If they are in 2 TE a lot, then that obviously cuts down on some WR reps. Two WR sets would generally be comprised of Davis, Cole or Mims.
  17. This isn’t even a Zach Wilson thread, the level of vitriol is astounding.
  18. Honestly it was such an over-pay for a player that really isn’t going to transform anything on your team. Seattle just pissed away valuable draft capital.
  19. Lol...seriously. If only they were around to hear about Cole Pre-draft the year he came out.
  20. Bro, he had Cole as a fantasy manager. He knows him.
  21. We’ll see about that Mr. Namath. Let’s revisit in October.
  22. Exactly. If Mims can lock down the X then it becomes more clear. I’m not sure he does that coming out of camp though.
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