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  1. I just don’t see any of these guys making a major leap. Daniels is fun, but I would take Fields over him in a second. I see people touting Bo Nix...Lol. Really? The 190 pound Spencer Rattler? Hell no. Slovis? Tyler Shough who just transferred to Texas Tech? None of those guys excite me. Maybe JT Daniels makes some noise in Georgia, maybe. This is the year to address the QB, either trade for Deshaun or draft one at 2. Besides, who’s to say you would even be in striking distance to get a Qb next year? You going to trade up for a Keedon Slovis next year? Lol..
  2. Unless you love you some Sam Howell, next years QB class is not good, like at all. Everyone can bring up Cam and Joe Burrow, but I’m telling you right now it’s going to be a s**t class.
  3. Pepe’s white clam pie is pretty damn good.
  4. Agreed, he’s a guard in the NFL and limited to teams running a gap/power scheme. I don’t see a fit with the Jets at all.
  5. Agreed, people act like you can’t restructure that deal either. You can convert some salary to bonus in 2023 and create a little more space. Plus, when the new TV deal revenue kicks in the 2022 cap will most likely be up to around $210-215M. $32M for Watson in 2023 will seem like a bargain.
  6. Totally agree. Don’t trade for Watson because the Jets won’t be good in 2021 anyway, but let’s give Sam another year or wait another year to draft a rookie? How exactly does that speed up the process? I love draft picks as much as anyone, but people are acting like the Jets won’t have any draft picks or cap space for the next 3 years. It’s lunacy around here, I’ve heard some of the most illogical and non-sensical takes around here lately.
  7. This is going to be the biggest problem this year in trying to get accurate metrics. There is a reason guys typically run faster at pro days than the combine. At least the combine provides electronic timed drills and they are all on the same surface. As far as Bateman goes, I’d be more surprised if he ran sub 4.4 than when Claypool put up his surprising times last year.
  8. I am the same way, the more someone keeps telling me how great someone is, the more skeptical I get and want to push back on that. What really opened my eyes was watching practices and seeing the Clemson QBs going through drills, then 7 on 7’s then 11 on 11 and seeing the difference between the QBs running the same plays and drills side by side. It was glaring how much more refined and mechanically sound Trevor was over the other Clemson QBs. It’s like there were a bunch of walk-ons either, you had Kelly Bryant and Chase Brice as the other QBs. Bryant transferred to Missouri and
  9. That’s a knock on almost every QB coming out college, what college QB makes a ton of anticipatory throws in the middle of the field? I’ve watched every throw Trevor Lawrence has ever made, they rarely have those throws in the playbook. The only time you ever see them with Trevor is in the red zone. It’s one of the biggest adjustments going from college to the NFL.
  10. As far as the generational stuff, I don’t really buy into that kind of hype. He’s certainly a really good QB prospect though. I started hearing about him and seeing him in 8th grade so you can see how this hype train has started. To his credit, he has lived up to the hype. I remember watching him in spring practice his freshman year and thinking there is no way this kid is 17 years old. We were talking to Jeff Scott the OC at the time and he said he has never seen a kid come in as mechanically sound as Trevor. I actually think in some ways the Clemson offense hurt his developm
  11. Got ya, sorry. Thought you were a Norte Dame fan.
  12. Well you ARE a Norte Dame fan, so I can understand why it may be difficult for you to recognize good QB play.
  13. Honestly, I don’t hate Wilson as a prospect, I just think people have gone overboard with his praise, and overboard with Justin’s criticisms.
  14. It’s almost as if this guy who wrote this article copied and pasted our posts from this site.
  15. I love Javonte, as for the Jets they would have to take him at 34 because I doubt he makes it to their 3rd round selection. Javonte probably has the best balance of the three and is as natural catching the ball as Najee. He doesn’t have the production or the high profile moments, but I wouldn’t be surprised if has the best career of that group.
  16. What you have to look at is the type of slot receiver that this new system typically utilizes. You don’t see many traditional “slot” guys a la Crowder in these Shanny/McVeigh/Lafleur offenses. You tend to see bigger slots like a JuJu type in those roles. I’d rather see Crowder cut, sign JuJu and Bourne, then draft a Moore/Toney at 34. Way more versatility with that crew. Also, I could definitely see Waddle slipping some, Bama’ s pro day isn’t until March 23rd but word is he’s still dealing with lingering effects from his injury and may not test as well as he should. Will be
  17. It’s not the end all be all in QB evaluations, it’s something to consider when we see a dramatic leap in production from one year to the next. Lance is a whole separate and much more murky eval, minuscule body of work against FCS competition, he’s not even a consideration for me in the first round.
  18. Here’s the ironic part of it, while the Wilson sycophants preach how Fields is just a “system QB” playing with elite talent, the true product of their system is actually Wilson. That, combined with a schedule against high school teams could explain why we saw a huge production jump for Wilson from 2019 to 2020.
  19. Interesting article on the rise of Wilson this year. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/zach-wilson-wide-zone-2021-nfl-draft It’s a long article but I’ll post the conclusion here: To be a perfect fit in an offense that seems ideal for most quarterbacks, then, is just fine. There’s nothing wrong with that, and in the case of teams like San Francisco or New York—both in need of a substantial quarterback upgrade—Wilson’s playmaking ability will be a welcome sight in the building. But we should view with caution the meteoric rise of a player now cast as the clear-cut
  20. Honestly I’ve heard some of the most moronic takes ever around here during these QB “debates”. I’m not sure if these people actually believe them or are just trying to take an opposite point of view sometimes.
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