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  1. Again, for the same reason that you want the Jets to acquire Goedert (development of our young QB), is why Philly won’t trade him.
  2. So what are you willing to trade for Goedert? Besides, the Eagles love utilizing 2 TE’s, it’s a major part of their offense. Why would they compromise the development of their young QB for a late round draft pick?
  3. At this point, I’d rather just give Yeboah some reps. I guess if you could get Goedert for a 6th, then maybe. But why would Philly do that when they are trying to develop their own young QB?
  4. Shopping for what exactly? Most of the trade deadline stuff are guys who will be free agents the following year. I don’t think there will be anyone available that’s going to be worth trading draft capital away for and then have to sign that player as a FA. Jets could be sellers for sure, but buyers? Highly doubt that.
  5. It’s going to interesting and it’s going to be a test for Zach and LaFleur. This will be the first time they will see a team for the second time. What will their adjustments be and what will Zach do differently. This Patriot team isn’t very good, rookie QB Davis Mills, with way less preparation than Zach has had this season, looked really comfortable against the Patriot defense. I expect to see a MUCH better performance up in Foxboro than we saw at MetLife. It better improve, or we are in for some big problems ahead.
  6. You aren’t making any moves in late October that will alter or change the trajectory of this team. Anyone on the street right now is there for good reason and should stay there.
  7. Agreed. I don’t think there is a bunch of elite talent at the top of this draft class outside of a couple guys, Linderbaum is one of those guys. There is a bunch of really good edge players after Thibodeaux, but those could be had with the Seattle pick later in the first.
  8. Especially when CMG is probably a better guard than center.
  9. What would be interesting if JD trades up into the top 10 with the Seattle pick to take Linderbaum is that he would have traded up into the top 15 and top 10 in consecutive drafts to take a guard and a center. That’s a lot of draft capital spent on two interior O-linemen. Then add in Becton taken at 11 the previous year. It could present some interesting salary cap decisions down the road if all these guys play to their draft slot. But those are the good kind of cap decisions.
  10. It’s starting to look that way. Is Pouncy at 15 still the highest drafted center?
  11. We saw this coming months and months ago. Merely mentioning that the hype train on Zach Pre draft was getting out of hand resulted in accusations of being a “hater”. Commenting on a bad throw during training camp resulted in the same. These issues Zach is having are LITERALLY the issues that were brought up prior to him being drafted. But now, if you simply say “this play was Zach’s fault” you never want the Jets to be successful, you are only saying this because you loved Fields or you just hate Zach. Like you said, it was a truly bizarre pre-draft process and that has contin
  12. Makes sense, that’s what we are seeing. All in due time……..hopefully.
  13. Just stop. First you said the Jets weren’t running the ball effectively and that’s why the PA wasn’t working. I refuted that premise. Now you are somehow refuting that the ball fake isnt important in PA passing. You’re all over the place and sound pretty confused and foolish at this point.
  14. It’s laughable to think that a play that requires you to fake a run play and make it look as much like a run as possible, isn’t affected if the the actual fake isn’t done properly..Lol. It’s comical some of the stuff you read around here.
  15. Lol…I’d love to get in the QB room and listen to what he’s saying on Monday morning. Could be he gets a defensive look he was more comfortable and sure of, hard to say.
  16. I’m not sure what they script or how ridged their scripting is, I have no idea. His throwing mechanics are just too inconsistent right now. I think he throws that ball on time, he just doesn’t get anything on it and it’s under thrown to the inside, those get picked the majority of the time.
  17. Ok, here is a really smart defensive coach refuting what you have been saying about play action passing. It’s right at the 10 second mark in the video.
  18. Did you even watch the video? He’s lazy and sloppy in his attempt to PA. Plus, you don’t need to run the ball for a 5 yard average to be effective with play action, you just have to have enough run attempts to keep the defense honest and do it on down and distances where running the ball makes sense.
  19. Agreed. His movement in the pocket is poor, it’s like he has zero feel or instincts. His inability to climb the pocket is also why we never see him scrambling out of the pocket. It’s not just because he is a rookie either, Ive seen Trevor and Mac Jones move much better in the pocket. I've mentioned before that they need to work on Zach’s escapability, even when he tries to evade he’s turning the wrong way or spinning in the wrong direction. Lots to work on.
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