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  1. Agreed. Especially since Saleh places such a high importance on being able to pressure the QB with only 4 linemen. Look at the players that were drafted in the first round on the teams he was coordinator for. Lots of pass rushers, no CBS.
  2. I highly doubt they move on from Kingsburry this year, especially since Kyler and Kliff are tied closely together.
  3. What’s interesting about a Gardner/Hall combo would be that Saleh rarely travels the CB in his system, similar to what U of Cincinnati did with Gardner and Bryant. Both Hall and Gardner played the vast majority of their reps on the boundary side of the field. One of them would have to move to the field side.
  4. Yes. Typically NFL Network shows the practice sessions.
  5. My prediction from August 21st of this past season….Lol.
  6. I feel like there is so little separation between guys who will go top 5 to the guys who will go late teens. Almost everyone you mock at 4 and 10 are going to feel like reaches. I think positional value is going out the window this year, you take the cleanest prospect you can that fits your system.
  7. Agreed. Jimmy G did his best to hand that game over, Dallas didn’t take it. Also, Jerreth Sterns of Western Kentucky is a poor man’s version Wan-Dale….Lol.
  8. People obsess WAY too much over what San Francisco does. Just because something may be working in San Fran, doesn’t mean it will work here. It’s all personnel driven. Also, Treylon Burks is not the second coming of Deebo Samuel. Deebo is unique. This comparison isn’t productive.
  9. Cook and Carter would be great together. The Jets needs another RB that can catch the ball. We’ve seen Johnson’s struggles and Perine is essentially useless here. Sign Jeff Wilson as a FA and go to battle with Carter, Cook, Wilson and Walter. That’s a really nice group.
  10. The people who keep “mocking” Stingley to the Jets are ignoring what Saleh and JD just did in the 2021 draft. JD drafted 3 CBs Pinnock, MC2 and Echols. They just spent an entire season developing those young guys, two of which, Echols and MC2, looked decent and progressed. Why waste all this investment in development only to draft a highly questionable CB prospect 4th overall? Maybe they draft another one in the later rounds, that seems to be what Saleh likes to do with his CBs.
  11. Exactly correct. Add in the tweets about his custom pick up truck that he had done while “rehabbing” his injury. I said this when he got injured, Becton like being an NFL player more than he likes actually playing NFL football.
  12. I think you are correct. We are wasting a lot of energy dissecting these WRs when most likely they won’t be taken by the Jets, especially if there isn’t a trade down scenario. I don’t see them being top 10 worthy and most likely not slipping into the second.
  13. Jim Nagy is hooking up his boy Phil Savage.
  14. He had a tough year. Played most of the season with a stress fracture in his foot. He was forced to play in the slot for half the season, (one of my biggest gripes about Tony Elliot), and had abysmal play at QB. He wasn’t cleared to play until late in camp and I think the neck injury was always in the back of his mind. Hopefully he’s past that. I don’t see him going until day 3.
  15. What’s funny is that when DK came out of college some us were saying he was worthy of a top 10 selection in the draft and were met with heavy resistance. Now people want to trade away the 10th pick in the draft for him just 3 seasons later.
  16. Interesting for sure. Although if he runs in the 4.3’s at the combine with electronic timing that would be excellent for him. Is he training with the same guys as Elijah Moore did?
  17. They thought he was Derek Carr’s son. Lol…
  18. I’ve met Hunter and if you were to guess what profession he is, NFL WR would be literally the last thing you would have guessed. To be honest, I really didn’t think he would be having this kind of success. He can just play football.
  19. He’s running 4.35 consistently now?
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