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  1. Claypool follows it up with a 4.43.
  2. Justin Jefferson with a 4.44, good time for him.
  3. 4.45 for Claypool. That’s awesome for him.
  4. Mike Williams did the same thing, I didn’t like it then, and I dont like it now.
  5. Tee is sitting out, not a good look. I heard he was testing poorly, this kind of confirms it.
  6. Agreed. The love for Ruggs is getting a little crazy. He’s going to test ridiculously well so it isn’t going away. My buddy told me the buzz around him during his pre-draft workouts is nuts. I still want my proto-typical X though.
  7. Not true. You draft him. It doesn’t do anything to prevent you from adding other WRs.
  8. Some of you guys get caught up way too much in the salaries. The reality is that there isnt that much difference if Robby signs for $11M per year or $15M per year. If you want the player, you pay the player. If you like him at $11M, then you can like him at $15M. In the grand scheme of things it’s not killing you.
  9. This is exactly what my buddy was saying, the people who have been around Ruggs preparing for the draft have been saying these kinds of things. He isn’t just a speed guy, he has some more game to him.
  10. Would be interesting if Tee falls to the 2nd round. I would be in favor of trading up from 48 to let’s say 35 or 36 by giving up pick 79 in the 3rd. Value wise that is more than enough.
  11. Over/Under Higgins 40....4.57 I say just under at 4.55.
  12. Over/under on Ruggs’ vertical. I’ll set it at 39”. I say over at 40.5”.
  13. Wrong thread. Deleted.
  14. I really liked Mayock as well. He put in the work on all these prospects. When you put out opinions on so many prospects you are obviously going to get some wrong.
  15. The Colts have almost $90M in cap space, did you really think they would let him walk?
  16. Agreed. That’s why I laugh at some people’s FA “wish lists”. They’re so unrealistic. Stay away from the high priced stuff, fill holes with mid-level guys, draft well and pay your own guys when the time comes. That’s the way to sustained success. You would think that by watching this franchise for the last decade that people would grasp this.
  17. Me too. I usually put it on in my office and it kills the day for me..Lol.
  18. Hopefully this thread stays on track. Maybe being the draft forum will keep out the riff raff. Should be fun watching this WR group run. I just noticed they are starting at 4pm today, going all the way to around 11pm.
  19. Yesterday was the first day of spring practice. Check out Clemson’s replacement for Trevor. DJ is an early enrollee, he should still be in high school. Kid is a monster.
  20. The Redskins might have interest in a QB this year, they may also WANT people to believe they have interest in a QB as well. It would strengthen any trade down opportunities for them.
  21. Thomas has longer arms and a wider wing span than Becton. Those guys are monsters. Will be interesting to see these guys in drills.

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