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  1. Just now, Lith said:

    I agree with you.  I think part of it is the paper he works for and the guy he replaced.  Most of the detail we get from these practices comes from DJ.  He is a Phins fan and that shows through every now and again, but so be it.  I think he does a good job ov covering these practices.  His observaitons in that article certainly seemed fair.

    Agreed.  He puts in more effort than all the other beat guys put together during his camp reports.  

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  2. 13 hours ago, JiFapono said:

    That's cool.  I might go to a Jags TC day with a client, just to see Urban and Trevor work on sh*t in practice.  I think the hardest thing for these guys, especially a rookie and double it for the QB who is a film junky like Zach, is that it's one thing to recognize it, talk about it, work thought it, write it on a white board but it's a whole new ball game to do it on the field and 90% of these practices is just that, working out something specific that you observed and worked on in meetings.  Hence my specific question about footwork.  It's also why you dont read a tweet like "Mims is working with the 3's" or "Trevor Lawrence threw 3 picks" - and make any conclusions. We have no idea what the plan was for that day.

    Agreed.   You should go watch a practice if you can.   It’s definitely a different perspective.  For me, I prefer watching practices up close in person than I do going to games.   I learn more by watching them in drills and in walk through than actual games.  

    Regarding “stats” in training camp, they are essentially useless.   A QB may have thrown 3 picks, but without context it means little.  The only position group that you can make clear 1st team, 2nd team distinctions is the O-line.   Those guys generally always play as a unit and for the most part coaches like to keep the units together during practice.  WRs, RBs TEs, are all interchangeable and dependent on personnel package and situation.   


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  3. 18 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

    It looked it.  He looked like he wanted to go to the flats but readjusted.  Which would be why he was a bit out of whack and understandable why he was a bit late and his feet were pointing toward the sidelines.  It was one play, it means nothing, was just curious if they were working on that stuff with him or not.  No doubt he is very fluid and that ball comes out hot from what I've seen thus far.

    The LBer came up to take away the RB, so the read is to throw where the vacated LBer came from, Moore running an in behind the LBer and in front of the safety.    Ideally you would like him to recognize the LBer taking the RB and get the ball out quicker to Moore.  All in due time.   


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  4. 7 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

    Yeah, as we discussed during the draft time, his footwork makes me very nervous.  So dependent arm strength.  Especially when going over the middle, he just gets all out of whack and loses all mechanics. Was hoping the worked on that but I assume they saw it all on full display during film session, so maybe they dont want to mess with it.  Not sure, but even that clip above on that great route by Moore.  He's jumpy in clean pocket and his feet are pointed at the sideline with the ball delivered across his body to the middle of the field and it's late.   Since they were working on the short passing game/throwing to RB's, I cant tell if his first read was the RB in the flats or not but that play, while sexy, is also what scares me.

    He’s going to get burned no doubt, but you can tell they aren’t giving him anything too difficult yet.   It’s a lot of 2 read hi-low or even low-high in some cases.   

    I believe on that play to Moore they took away the flat and forced Zach to look downfield.   

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  5. 1 minute ago, JiFapono said:

    How's Zach's footwork been during live time?  

    He gets a little jumpy sometimes, but he is really good carrying out ball fakes and bootlegging.   The stuff they were running today was mostly all short stuff designed to get the ball out fast, so he looked decent.  

  6. Some of you guys are funny, it’s day 3 of camp and there are 90 players on the roster right now.  You guys have no idea what packages they were running or what down and distance they were working or what defensive look they were getting.  Way too much is being read into this.  

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