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  1. 11 minutes ago, Paradis said:

    Here here! 

    ive had my fill as well. Excited for the gator football this year, and yet bummed to hear about Pickens. 

    interesting about those two TEs Sec101. We’ll see if they can take gaze off of Ruckert.

    Was kind of hoping to following Shough in Lubbock as potential Jets QB target but looks like we’ll do the Beiber thing. 

    Lavel Davis WR from UVA tore his ACL as well.  Another 6’5” gazelle that looked really promising.  

    Lots of QB turnover at the big programs.   Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Florida, Norte Dame, LSU, Oregon all have new starters at QB this year.  

  2. 3 minutes ago, Lith said:

    Georgia is already not healthy.  Geroge Pickens out for the season with an ACL. 

    I watched our spring game this weekend.  Daniels was a little rusty early, but shook it off and looked good. As to his weapons without Pickens, true freshman Adonay MItchell looked really good after an early drop, but he was running with the 1s.  And our TEs should be weapons this year.  Darnell Washington, Soph TE had a much bigger role in the offense.  He is huge - 6'7" 265+ -- and will be a matchup nightmare for defenses.  Really hope to see him as a big part of the offense.  Pair him with Brock Bowers, freshman TE and we have a couple of talented TEs to run 12 personnel as well. 

    Really wanted to see Vandagriff, the freshman QB, but he did not get many reps.

    Only 20 more Saturdays until we take you guys on.

    The Pickens injury sucks, I was really looking forward to seeing him with Daniels for an entire season.  I think Daniels has a chance to put up a really impressive season, I’ve always liked that kid and thought transferring to Georgia was a great move for him.  

    I have plans to go to the Georgia game in September, hopefully everything stays the course and we should have almost full capacity by then.  

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  3. I’ve had my fill of 2021 draft stuff, so onto the 2021 college season.   I started watching a lot of the spring games that are being televised on ESPN and the various conference networks.  I watched Alabama’s last night mainly to see how Bryce Young looked.   He looked ok, he’s not very big, reminds me of Spencer Rattler a little.  It is remarkable how they reload every year though, the best player on the field was probably an early enrollee true freshman WR Agiye Hall.   We’ll be talking about him as a top 10 pick in the 2024 draft no doubt.  For only being on campus a couple months, he certainly looks like he belongs.   

    I could also see a bit of small change in their offense with Bill O’Brien as OC and Doug Marrone as O-line coach.   I wouldn’t be surprised to see some more 12 personnel this year.  Bama has 2 legit TE prospects in Billingsley and Latu.   @Paradis  I’m not sure how you defend these two if they are on the field at the same time.  First year starter at QB and an ex-NFL coordinator suggests the offense will have a different look.  

    Good luck to the rest of the SEC, hopefully Georgia can stay healthy and take them down in SEC Championship game.  

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  4. If Zach Wilson is as great and fantastic as everyone keeps telling us, then why can’t the Jets be decent this year?   We’ve seen rookie QBs come in and play well right away, certainly a rookie with the arm talent that Wilson has should fare just as well.   

    At what point are we allowed to expect to see competitive, winning football?   If the Jets only win 5 games this year it will be a massive failure on all parts.   

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    • Post of the Week 1
  5. 13 hours ago, Paradis said:


    I haven't made time this to do anything but fight over QBs and the usual skill players (WR/RB etc).... All i know is his highlights per game are gorgeous... but I thought Jarvis Jones was the truth. I'd like to hear someone tell me why they're different. 

    Agree about Perkins.  Edge is one position group where I think the testing metrics matter the most.  We’ve seen where the successful players at the position almost always have great testing metrics.  Perkins has some nice tape but the lack of elite athleticism should be a worry, especially because he relied on his speed and quickness to win in college.   He’s not going to bull rush any NFL OTs,  I’d be disappointed to see him taken with one of the Jets first 4 picks.  

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  6. 9 hours ago, Paradis said:

    i kind of wonder if some of this is agents leaking info on purpose... inspire interest in their player - cause yea it's not round 1 or even round 2 for the majority... there;s should be at least a dozen names related to pick #23

    Since there isn’t any sort of official visits where those are tracked and documented by teams for league purposes, I think teams are talking to a lot of players.   I doubt teams are making public every player they are talking to.  Plus teams may be asking prospects to keep things quiet.   

  7. Just now, sourceworx said:

    Something in my gut tells me we're taking Fields. Not sure what it is.

    I don't believe all of the insider talk about how the Jets are locked in on Wilson. Since JD has come on, the insiders have been wrong about pretty much every prediction they've made on the Jets.

    For the record, I'd be happy with either player. They're both good prospects.

    You’re right about the “insiders”, the vast majority, if not all of them don’t actually know anything and are just speculating. Once someone “reports” something the rest run with it.   I’d say very little people know what JD and his small circle of staff are thinking.   

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  8. 3 hours ago, Chrebetfan80 said:

    Gase just was too focused on mentally developing Sam since the amount of responsibility pre and post snap was a lot.  Great offense for a guy like Peyton, or even if some how he was ever hooked up with Brady or Rodgers.. Which i get it "anyone would be great with a hall of fame QB" but its more about their high level of processing pre and post snap that would make them very successful in that system. Sam wasnt there yet so it all fell apart.  So that would be terrible for a guy like Wilson, and even a guy like Fields. 

    Personally, I see Wilson as a better fit for this offense, I think i would say its a more natural fit where as Fields I think would be better served in an offense like buffalo with how they slowly brought a long Josh Allen.  If we had hired Dabol I probably would be more into Fields for this team.. The combination of having some designed QB runs early in his career with easy reads and inside zone playaction passing would fit him better.  I think the outside zone boots and roll outs with deep/intermediate passing will fit Wilsons skill set much better.  Thats my opinion though i fully understand if people disagree. 

    Totally agree.  I think Gase was just a miserable fit with a very young developing QB.  I don’t think he is good at teaching or coaching an offense to inexperienced QBs.  When you consider that Gase didn’t even have a QB coach for Sam, you really see the incompetence and arrogance on his part.  

    Having talked to a lot of college coaches over the past decade or so, they will tell you how you teach and coach your philosophies varies from QB to QB.  There isn’t a one size fits all approach, kids learn and retain differently and knowing how to adjust your approach is critical.  Again, I think Gase was just a terrible teacher of his offense.  

    The biggest task this new staff has is teaching and developing this rookie QB, let’s hope this staff is much better than what we have seen in past few seasons.  

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Paradis said:

    It’s insane. Civil discourse is nearly extinct here. 2 months ago ppl were starting threads about Fields>>Lawrence. it’s fcking toxic here, like look at this trash—

    It’s just made up sh*t. Entirely out of thin air. 

    It is what is until draft day.   

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