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  1. I get that the staff may want the receivers to know all the routes for a particular play, it makes sense from a strategic standpoint. But, that seems shortsighted from a developmental perspective. So because Mims may not know what the slot responsibility is on a play, he can’t see the field at X? How are you going to develop any young receivers that way? Are they really telling us that Braxton Berrios needs to know the X role? Lol…come on, he’ll never see the field in that role. I can’t recall seeing him or Jeff Smith ever lined up at X.
  2. Exactly. No sense suffering through it when there is zero rooting interest.
  3. This game has already become unwatchable. Horrendous officiating and an inept Washington offense.
  4. Sanders is a bit of a long strider with a lot of speed. He should be worked into the passing game as WR as the season progresses. Ultimately I think his future in the NFL will be as a WR.
  5. I’m not sure I ever heard anyone saying that Mims could play the Deebo role, maybe the Kendrick Bourne role. Deebo has an entirely different skill set. Moore is probably the best candidate to fill that role.
  6. Either Denzel or Jeff Smith. Maybe both depending on what’s going on with the other position groups.
  7. Having Cole and crowder back is big. With the attention that Davis will be receiving from defenses, it will be nice to have solid vets out there for Zach to throw to.
  8. @Paradis Not sure if you saw or heard anything about this kid yet. 6’2” 225 pounds true freshman. And yea, he wears #5 at Arkansas….Lol. Has WR skills as well. Right now he’s getting more reps in the Razorback backfield.
  9. He can return to practice after week 3, then the Jets have 21 days to put him back on the active roster.
  10. Agreed. He also played LT last year at USC so he is switching positions as well.
  11. I was listening to ESPN U on Sirius radio this morning with coach Neuheisel and he said it’s a distinct possibility. A lot will have to do with how successful he is with the Jags come December.
  12. So I wonder what health ailment Urban will fabricate that requires him to leave the humidity of Florida for the dry sunny weather in Southern California? Possibly a respiratory issue? He already used up the cardiac card. Will be interesting to follow if the Jags are 3-10 heading into December.
  13. I just wonder how much of a vested interest this staff has in developing Mims. This staff inherited Mims, JD drafted him, so I wonder just how much “pressure” JD may be placing on them to make it work with Mims.
  14. I read those comments and it reinforces what I was seeing in camp regarding Mims. Seeing him line up in the wrong positions during walk through was damning. Doing it multiple times in the same session and LaFleur yelling at him for that was even more damning. At this point he can either commit to the process or he’ll find himself on the street next season. I would hope the staff at least gives him a chance to dig himself out of this hole and just doesn’t bury him on the bench, especially when Cole and Crowder return.
  15. The Joyner injury is really tough because him and Maye provided some veteran experience in that secondary. I think Saleh felt like he could roll with rookies at corner because he had so much experience at safety.
  16. Obviously this year needs to play out before we draw any definitive conclusions about this O-line. But, going into 2022 McGovern and Fant will have 2 of the top 5 highest cap numbers on the Jets roster. Combine that with Becton and AVT who were the 11th and 14th overall picks in their drafts, it wouldn’t be unfair to criticize JD if this O-line is still struggling. It’s great he’s dedicating resources to the line, but if those players don’t perform JD will own those results.
  17. So Evan Neal and Tyler Linderbaum in the first round next year?
  18. Agreed, Coleman shouldn’t be getting those short yardage touches. Carter looked decent and I think once Perine comes back we’ll see him get a lot of those.
  19. I agree that LaFluer did a bad job of getting guys involved in the first half. Getting easy throws to the TEs was OK, but our TEs are so unathletic that they can’t do much with them. I thought he went there too much. During the handful of practices I went to I must have watched them run that slot WR screen play 20 different times, I don’t think I saw it once yesterday. What a simple way to get Moore an easy touch. Even if Moore had a drop, you need to keep going back to him, he’s too valuable to ignore in this offense. Davis wasn’t involved early either, LaFluer looked like a
  20. Soooooo after the first game maybe we are looking at a Neal/ Linderbaum combo in the first next year?
  21. Lmao….Joe Judge challenged a scoring play by Denver?
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