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  1. 2. Herndon was drafted and Walford signed as a UFA this year.
  2. Agreed. Maccagnan simply doesn’t place any value on drafting RBs. 2015 3rd round selects Mauldin with pick 82, pick 86 is David Johnson. 2017 second round selects Maye with pick 39, pick 41 is Dalvin Cook. 2017 3rd round selects Ardarius Stewart with pick 79, pick 86 is Kareem Hunt.
  3. That’s always great to hear about a young QB. The ability to take coaching and apply it to your game isn’t easy. We see QBs who could never adjust or make refinements in their game and suffer the consequences. Its brought up a lot but it is so significant , Darnold only just turned 21 and is showing nice progress, he will have had two full preseasons, two full regular seasons and two NFL off seasons by the time he is 23, the current age of Baker Mayfield. He’ll sign his extension at the age of 24.
  4. I mentioned this a few years ago, much like these spread offenses have made developing and evaluating QBs harder, it’s done the same thing with OTs.
  5. Agreed, the O line is most important unit on this team, It is priority 1 through 10 right now.
  6. Swearinger has been a complete trash talking, cheap shotting d-bag since his Gamecock days. He deserves zero benefit of the doubt.
  7. Him being hated at OSU comes mostly from Alex Boone his former teammate coming out saying that a lot of Pryors teammates at OSU didn’t like him or his attitude. I don’t think he was beloved at OSU, a bit of a primadona from the first day he stepped on campus.
  8. Like I said yesterday, it’s not just an injury to Keenum that is worrying Elway, he sees him struggling early on and is very nervous. This will be fun to watch over the next couple weeks.
  9. Taking away reps from Darnold to somehow boost Bridgewaters trade value is lunacy. Teddy will show what he needs to with the reps he’s been getting.
  10. No way. Keep feeding Darnold. Bridgewater’s value is only going to be increased by a sudden change of need for another team. Only thing the Jets need to do is show that Teddy is healthy.
  11. Yup. That was him. Stood over him taunting him as he was laying on the ground too. The Gamecock way.
  12. Damn. That’s pretty good praise. He’s still only 21 people.
  13. Not surprised to see Swearinger actling like a cowardly thug. Typical Gamecock who talks and talk and never wins anything.
  14. Agreed. His max value is going to be if a contending teams starter goes down. That will fetch the highest draft pick. I still think that teams like Jax and Denver should bring him in as insurance against bad play from their starters regardless of injury.
  15. Depends on what the Jets do in free agency. Given the large amount of cap space next year, receiving comp picks probably isn’t going to happen.
  16. Lol..that would certainly be one way to go.
  17. Again, that would mean Bridgewater would be happy being a back up. Sure, it would be nice for the Jets, but the Jets can’t force Bridgewater to stay.
  18. Agreed, plus this the Jets call right now, I doubt at this point in camp they are leaving the decision up to Winters, especially given his desire to play through injuries.
  19. Then that would mean that Bridgewater would be content being a back-up QB in this league. I dont think he’s at that point right now. Still way too young to concede a back up role in this league.
  20. I agree but, Elway’s window is closing with this group. If he doesn’t win in the next 2 seasons, it’s rebuild time. Bridgewater would be an inexpensive insurance policy to Keenum. Well worth a second round pick for him. Bridgewater is also extremely cap friendly. Watching Keenum over-throw RBs would give me great concern right now.
  21. We’ll see this week in practice just how many reps Darnold will be getting with the 1’s and if his turn in the QB rotation gets bumped up in the Redskin game. I would think Bowles should announce the starter after the Redskin game so that the starter gets his reps in the 3rd pre-season game. Also, I would be watching the Broncos QB situation closely. Keenum hasn’t looked great in practice and in the first game. If that continues I would be calling them daily about trading them Bridgewater.
  22. Not what I said. Someone said Anderson and Pryor had freakish ability, they do not.
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