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  1. Too funny. I got texts from Nole fans bragging how they are out-recruiting Clemson and were going to be 6-1 going into the Clemson/FSU game this year, and how that game could be a coin flip game….Lmao. I also heard from a lot ND fans after the Georgia loss, I just reminded them that if your QB pipeline is getting transfer QBs who can’t start at Wisconsin, then you have big problems.
  2. It was comical how FSU fans were running around celebrating a “moral” victory. Just an awful program deflating loss, can’t remember the last time FSU lost to a FCS team. Besides, after watching Notre Dame almost lose to Toledo, that moral victory should pretty much be dead and buried.
  3. That’s a good comparison. EVERYONE knew Trevor was going to be the eventual starter that season. Dabo can be loyal to a fault sometimes, he was fair with Bryant though, he let him know that it was Trevor’s team early enough for Bryant to leave and take a redshirt year and not burn a year of eligibility. He did a similar thing with Cole Stoudt during Deshaun’s freshman year. I’d make the move to Richardson ASAP. He’s the type of QB that you can beat Bama with.
  4. They don’t get involved with major mechanic overhauls. He’s throwing it the same as last year, it’s just that he hasn’t show the ability to throw with touch or accuracy yet. The worst aspect of his game is his mental approach and overall attitude. He walks around like he has a trophy case full of championships, when he hasn’t done anything yet. He’s a problem.
  5. Clemson’s up big, BUT DJ is trash. Big problems at QB this year.
  6. It’s funny how you can have such a dramatic change in level of competition one week to the next in college football.
  7. It’s wide open this year. Even Bama isn’t a vintage dominant Bama team this year. Playoff committee is going to have their hands full this year.
  8. This could be one of the more wide open years in college football. I’m not sure there is a truly dominant team, lots of really good ones, but no real juggernauts.
  9. Ahhhhhhhhh. Thank you…Lol. Didn’t see it in the channel listings.
  10. Why doesn’t Fox Sports have the OSU/Oregon game on an alternate channel? I get wanting to show the 911 memorial stuff, but why not have the game on another channel? Odd.
  11. I hated that it was a week 1 game. I’m all for a re-match, just make sure you beat Florida and we’re all good.
  12. True, the secondary concerns are real. That game was a bloodbath in the trenches, neither offense could get into any type of rhythm, pressure was insane up front.
  13. Agreed. It’s been truly bizarre. Like you said, we can start collecting legit data points starting tomorrow.
  14. Agreed. There’s really nothing about Marino that resembles Zach, like nothing. It was just a very odd comparison.
  15. Crowder’s role is easily replaced especially if Moore is a full go. Hopefully Becton can make it through an entire game without some sort of ailment.
  16. To be fair that 2013 draft class was pretty bad. It was a horrific first round to have picks 9 and 13. There were no QBs or Edge rushers worthy of being taken there. Ideally a trade down would have been wise but I can see why no one would have wanted to move up in that draft, it was pretty barren.
  17. I think after this season plays out for the Jets there will be even more of a glaring need for Edge rushers and CBs. Those two positions, along with TE will probably be the top 3 needs that will be addressed. The potential talent in this first round actually aligns perfectly for those needs. I’m not sure JD will pass up on Edge or Corner for a Center.
  18. This is all a bit premature.
  19. Lol….I think you are more than safe.
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