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  1. It’s just the logic involved. Saying he’s being pushed up boards just because of his size and not what’s on tape is absurd. It’s the first time I’ve heard a player be called a workout warrior without even working out. I could probably find 10 scouting reports that refute the other ones posted, but that’s just a futile exercise and means little.
  2. Seriously. That’s a crazy wingspan. Love guys who have that reach and can pluck the ball out of the air. His hands are huge too, look at how he covers the ball.
  3. His tape is exactly why he is moving up boards. Again, he hasn’t worked out or been tested yet. You say he’s overweight and sloppy, how do you know what he weighs right now? Some of your logic doesn’t make sense here. Plus, EVERY LT needs work coming into the NFL. Rare to have a day one ready rookie LT come out of college.
  4. Every f**king day of the week!
  5. Holy s**t, what a wing span....Lol.
  6. True. It will be interesting to see if Robby tries to get his deal done before Amari, or wants to wait to see what Amari gets and then sign. Teams may want to see what the market gets “set” at with Amari, and then figure Robby’s value based on that. With few options available in the free agent WR pool, I suspect both these guys get nice deals.
  7. How can he be a “workout warrior” when he hasn’t even worked out yet?
  8. They need it all, but it’s unlikely they solve it all in one offseason. You can definitely get a starting caliber LT and two starting caliber WRs in this draft though. That much I know.
  9. Agreed. People need to take a look and see what exactly is available in the free agent WR market this year. It’s depressing how poor it is. It’s not like there are many options. Keeping Robby gives you an important piece in the WR group. Pair him with a let’s say a Pittman, a traditional outside bigger guy, and a Mims, a faster do-everything guy that you can move around the formation, and you have the start of a decent receiving group. When those guys are ready to pay, Robby will be off the books.
  10. Edge rusher solves many issues. If you can generate pass rush without having to use your safety, you don’t need to drop a LBer in coverage. Solve for Edge.
  11. Lol...so the entire premise of your argument is based on a GM needing to be f**king stupid. That kind of ends the debate here doesn’t it?
  12. Agreed. Especially when, other than Sam, there isn’t one other player on this roster to worry about paying. You still have 93.5% of the cap to work with...Lol
  13. Ok, so let’s play your game. In 2 years the salary cap will be approximately $225 million (probably low estimate considering the new CBA will most likely give the players a larger piece of the revenue pie). Let’s say Jamal accounts for $15 million per year. According to you, someone who accounts for only 6.5% of the total cap is going be this major hinderance to signing other players? Come on, you are smarter than this.
  14. Oh boy. You’re worried about paying talent that isnt even on the roster 4 years from now? I think you’ve come down with Adams Derangement Syndrome.
  15. So? You’re not having to pay any of the players you draft this year until 4 years from now. Adams money will be done by then. Again, how exactly is paying Adams going to prevent the Jets from improving the offense? It’s silly. How are you giving up draft capital exactly? You’re still under this assumption there is some big trade market for Jamal.
  16. This whole Jamal Adams stuff has become pretty comical at this point. People are making it out like if the Jets sign Adams to an extension it somehow cripples them in being able to build an offense. This is team is void of talent, other than a couple players, no one is making serious money right now. If you look ahead a couple years the Jets have very little on the books. Signing Adams will not prevent the Jets from signing any other o-lineman or receiver or whatever else they want to sign. Other than Darnold, the Jets don’t have any other players on rookie deals that they must sign. People need to relax.
  17. Mainly, because he played at Louisville. Same reason that Josh Jones from Houston is just now becoming a thing. Wills from Alabama, Thomas from Georgia, Wirfs from Iowa, all more visible programs to the online “draft community”.
  18. This guy really has zero clue as to what’s going on. Lots of good centers in this years draft? Hardly.
  19. Here is the Notre Dame game. This guy does not look like a “fat slob”. I think by the time the draft comes around, after all the Pre-draft workouts, we are going to be begging that Becton still be available at 11.
  20. He might be the GOAT of O-line coaches.
  21. Once a guy even contemplates retirement in football he is done. Unless it’s a kicker. Lesson learned.

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