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  1. That WR was in wrong spot, that was supposed to be for the TE. Seeing a lot of those type of errors, first game mental mistakes.
  2. Georgia finally working the off tackle runs.
  3. If you want to see a QB process information slowly, look no further than DJ. My goodness he’s abysmal.
  4. I’m not surprised, this o-line was bad last year, and hasn’t improved this year. Combine that with DJ holding the ball and staring down guys, makes for a long night for the Clemson
  5. If this guy can stay healthy, add another one to the stellar TE draft class. Nice to see him back on the field.
  6. No doubt. I called this last year. A lot of people around the program have their doubts about this kid because of his sense of entitlement.
  7. He had no expectations last year and the ND front 7 wasn’t great. He’s not in the same class as Deshaun and Trevor were.
  8. He’s not a great runner, he’s 250 pounds.
  9. DJ ain’t ready for this. He’s in over his head.
  10. I they are also going to be a popular destination in the transfer portal next season. He can get guys to the NFL.
  11. This annoys the piss out of me. He’s played 2 games in his career, has accomplished nothing as of yet, but acts like he has won multiple Natty’s. Maybe I’m getting old?? Lol…
  12. Schiano just recruited the highest rated QB Rutgers has ever signed, if he can get that type of QB there, he could have a nice run. He’s also getting a bunch of 4 star kids to come there.
  13. Miami f**ked up that 4th and goal play though, they try to hurry up but ran a QB keeper out of the shot gun. You just can’t run that play against a defense like Bama, the QB needs to be under center for that play.
  14. Todd McShay looked and sounds like he’s been crying for the past hour.
  15. They are all back, but they all may not play tonight. The problem is the back end of the defense, it’s pretty brutal at safety. My guess is that you guys should be able to run off tackle with a lot of success tonight. The Clemson DEs weren’t very disciplined, and got caught upfield on run plays last year. We’ll see though, Clemson’s o-line was pretty bad last year and by the looks of them in camp this year, they haven't really improved. DJ may have to throw it 45 times tonight.
  16. D’Eriq King is the same age as Sam Darnold…Lmao.
  17. That’s why teams generally dont like to schedule really tough matchups for the first game. Not only is there no pre-season games, college camp is barely 4 weeks long before the season starts. For some schools it’s less than that. You never really know what to expect from 18-21 year old kids. That’s why for as exciting as the matchup tonight is going to be for the fans watching Clemson/Georgia, I’d much rather have a significant game like that in week 2 or 3.
  18. Penn State/Wisconsin is setting football back 100 years. PSU has more penalty yards than yards gained on offense.
  19. I don’t think Clemson will be able to run the ball. And they still haven’t fixed the back end of the defense that got lit up by OSU. DJ isn’t ready for this game either. But since it’s game day, here you go….Lol
  20. Would be a devastating injury for him. Torn Achilles and running backs don’t go well together. Probably the worst position to play if you tear an Achilles.
  21. That calf muscle popping like that is a bad sign.
  22. Agreed. The announcers keep trying to talk him up, but he’s dreadful.
  23. Cant keep running into these 9 man boxes.
  24. Harrison is going to be talked about as an Edge possibility for the Jets this draft cycle. One of many in which could be one of the better Edge drafts we have seen in a long time.
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