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  1. That was a pretty easy throw though. WR was open by 10 yards.
  2. Big plays killing Minnesota. That’s too easy.
  3. Probably not tonight, but it will be interesting to see how fast they can get Quinn Ewers ready to play this season. He’s the kid who skipped his senior year of HS to enroll at OSU this summer.
  4. Nice to see you! Especially in the college game threads.
  5. He had him, that would have been huge.
  6. Ibrahim is the first one in the cold tub tonight.
  7. Don’t give up a big play on this drive.
  8. Agreed. But if Stroud doesn’t settle down, this will get interesting
  9. Stroud is a little amped up tonight. OSU looks like they are missing their slow processing one read QB they had last year.
  10. Minnesota has to do something to get all these OSU defenders out of the box. They have no chance right now.
  11. I feel bad for him in this offense though, not a lot of targets for TEs in this system.
  12. Jeremy Ruckert with two pancake blocks already.
  13. Wasn’t he suspended for a long time for domestic violence?
  14. I wonder if the Jets even offered him a practice squad invite. That would be pretty telling if they didn’t.
  15. Why did something have to of happened internally? We’re talking about Bless Austin…Lol. What exactly doesn’t make sense?
  16. I wish this game was being played on a campus and not a neutral site, the atmosphere would be even better. These games are so tough as season openers because you don’t really know what you are going to get with all these young kids. Clemson has a bunch of questions going into this one, they need to replace the leadership from last season, mainly Trevor and Etienne. They also need to show that they can run the ball. They were terrible at rushing the ball last year, if that doesn’t improve it could be a long night for the Tigers.
  17. That’s ok, none of the QBs do either. Good news is, after week 1 that stat will be moot. This is clearly a developmental year, has been since Saleh was hired.
  18. It’s Bless Austin, not like they just cut Darrelle Revis.
  19. I’m actually not that surprised. Dunn and Echols have played well and are better and more willing tacklers than Bless was. Plus they’re Saleh boys.
  20. That’s good he’s still a Jet, because I’m sure Kenny wouldn’t want to have to change his Hall of Fame speech where he thanks DWC for being his A1 from day 1……Lol
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