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  1. Mac will f**k up this draft. He’s a buffoon. $160 million dollars on a ILBer, slot receiver and a RB. Still have glaring needs at more important and premium positions. He’s incompetent plain and simple. Surprised there are still people making excuses for him.
  2. So you’ve watched all his games at Kentucky?
  3. I think you are evaluating too much from just the bowl game. His body of work doesn’t match what you are saying.
  4. Agreed. But Burns is intriguing. If he can keep the weight on he’s going to be effective.
  5. It’s funny looking back now at the guys we thought were going to be good mid round values, are now being mentioned as consensus first rounders. Hakeem Butler is another guy. I’m surprised he’s now all over first round mocks and projections. I loved him at the top of the 3rd, but now he might be a little rich for my taste.
  6. He needs to add some bulk. He’s really light right now. If he can maintain his quicks with another 15 pounds on him then he’ll be a very productive player.
  7. Houston was never coming to the Jets. Never.
  8. sec101row23

    Pro days

    I kinda think that’s where he was all a long. I didn’t think 4.4 was a possibility given his size. Will still be a good pro, but the hype was getting a little out of hand IMO. He’s not Saquon.
  9. sec101row23

    Pro days

    Josh Jacobs running 4.63 at the Bama pro day. Does that change anyone’s opinion on him?
  10. Why in the world would Miami do that? That would be beyond foolish for them.
  11. Agreed. The heart thing is nothing. If he’s going to play in a 4-3 I think he still needs to add some weight. He played last season at around 245, he put on 15 pounds for the combine to weigh in at 260. Right now he is perfect for a 3-4 IMO.
  12. I wouldn’t say it’s most scouts. They said the same thing about Anthony Barr and he’s played OLB in a 4-3. Besides the scouting report you cited states that he has limitations as a flexible and agile player. That’s entirely false. Just watch the player and you’ll see that scouting report is pure fiction.
  13. But the money you paid the guy for this year would have been added to next years cap.
  14. True, but you carry over unused cap space from year to year. Even if it’s a one year deal that’s money that you could spend next year.
  15. What makes you say Sweat isn’t a good fit for 3-4 OLB? His speed and agility are actually better than Allen, they are actually very similar as prospects and both are better suited for 3-4.
  16. Save some for next year. If there is no one worth signing, just roll it over. Spending just to spend is foolish.
  17. Tomlinson was the biggest waste of a roster spot last year. He will continue to be if he is on the roster this year. Zero value added.
  18. I thought he gave up a lot of ground in those one on one drills. A center that gets pushed back 5 yards like Bradbury was is a bit of a concern for me.
  19. I feel like Bradbury has been given too much love now. He moves great but, he seems easy to push around. I thought he got exposed a little at the Senior Bowl.
  20. Barr was never the edge answer to begin with. Very versatile guy, but not the edge this franchise has been missing for over a decade.
  21. That site sucks anyway. Haven’t visited Walter in a long time.
  22. I’ve made my peace with Allen at 3 if they go that route. Quinnen will be a different story.

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