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  1. Young is the ONLY defensive player I would take at 11.
  2. I’m not sure I recall a highly touted prospect coming out of college with the type of surgeries and injuries Tua has had. The hip injury is one thing, but the two high ankle’s and two Tightrope surgeries are another. I’d rather tear an ACL than deal with high ankle problems, they’re generally more chronic. He’s not a very big guy to begin with, so if he gets behind a bad o-line then I’d be really worried about him holding up physically
  3. True. How nice would it be to have Beachum plus let’s say Becton? You can start Becton on the right side initially or if Becton looks good swap Beachum to the RT. There’s been so little options for this O-line recently that we forget what it’s like to have choices, especially decent choices.
  4. You still need to sign a starting caliber FA LT though. You can’t go into the draft NEEDING to draft your starting LT.
  5. If the Jets go OT at 11, then this guy can’t be the first WR the Jets select. They need a more well rounded receiver. I can’t imagine this kid will be the best option in the 2nd round.
  6. This scouting report kinda summarizes my thoughts as well. This guy is in no way worthy on the 11th overall pick, and with out a doubt should never be a consideration for this team. K'Lavon aligns as an edge player for the Tiger defensive front. He demonstrates his good overall athleticism on the Edge in his ability to rush, drop, and cover. His skill set epitomizes the schematic versatility coordinators covet in todays NFL. In the run game he is mediocre. Although he has ideal length and overall athleticism for the perimeter, he has yet to consistently utilize these natural tools. He demonstrates good length on the edge and although he is often outweighed, he does a good job of holding the point of attack. He has good pop in his hips and hands and shows sufficient ability to set the edge in the run game. However, when he has to stack and shed defenders he struggles to disengage. He doesn’t have great instincts and struggles to locate the football at times vs RPOs and other misdirection plays. This slows him down some and limits his effectiveness even more. In the passing game he is sufficient. He has good get off and plays from snap to whistle. He does a good job of rushing speed to power and will show enough power to “1 arm” a offensive tackle on the edge. He shows enough athleticism to walk out over a #2 receiver, re route him and drop into space. He also shows the ability to open his hips and run up field with receivers. However, this player is stiff and has absolutely no bend on the edge. He has no swivel in his hips and limits him to just a speed rusher on the edge. He severely lacks technique as a pass rusher. In the NFL, some team may like the overall athleticism and versatility as a 3-4 strong side OLB or a 4-3 DE. However, he will need to excel on special teams in order for him to roster for a team by year 2. On 3rd down, this player could maximize his natural told by limiting his responsibilities to just rushing the passer. He projects with sufficient special teams upside due to his good combination of size, straight line speed and athleticism. However, due to his stiffness avoiding in space as a core special teamer will be an issue for this player. Ultimately, this player is extremely raw who has redeeming attributes in his size, speed and overall athleticism combination. He will need to add weight if an even front team covets him and will need to work on his flexibility to play with better leverage on the edge.
  7. Looks like no set backs so far. Still won’t be able to participate in the combine, other than the medicals. He is expected to throw at the pro day, but it doesn’t sound like he will be doing much running. Here is a brief recap of his injury history at Alabama: In 2018 during spring practice, he hit one of his offensive linemen’s helmets while throwing a pass which broke the index finger on his throwing hand. This required surgery, but Tagovailoa didn’t miss any games. Later in the 2018 season, Tagovailoa sprained his knee but continued to practice and didn’t even miss the following week’s game. One month later, Tagovailoa injured his quad against Mississippi State game. Though he missed the remainder of the game, Alabama won and he started the following week. In the 2018 SEC Championship Game, Alabama offensive lineman Jonah Williams stepped on Tagovailoa’s ankle after he attempted a pass. Tagovailoa suffered a high ankle sprain because of it and missed the rest of the game. But 28 days later he returned to play against Oklahoma in the College Football Playoff. Typically high ankle sprains take about 6-12 weeks to recover from, but Tagovailoa was able to return in just four weeks thanks to a surgical procedure: Knotless Syndesmosis TightRope Implant System (or a TightRope procedure for short). In 2019, Tagovailoa’s ankle was once again in the spotlight, only this time it was his right, not his left. After being tackled by a defender, Tagovailoa suffered another high ankle sprain that was once again surgically treated with a TightRope procedure. Then, of course, there is the dislocated hip Tagovailoa suffered facing Mississippi State. It not only pulled Tagovailoa from the game but also ended his college football career prematurely. Those ankles worry me, I’d be really cautious in investing a high pick in him. I don’t think he’s as big of a slam-dunk prospect as he’s proposed to be.
  8. Outside of Young this Edge class is somewhat mediocre. No way I’m taking the 2nd best Edge at 11 this year. Not. A. Chance.
  9. If you play that game, then Perriman played in offense that threw the ball 630 times and he only had 36 receptions. If you think it was only Mahomes that made Robinson look “awesome” then you didn’t really watch him. Regardless, I’d take Robinson’s upside over Perriman any day of the week.
  10. Paying RBs just isn’t worth it. Look at that list, and then consider the Gurley contract as well.
  11. You just said Robinson would be a pariah around here because of drops and then bring up Perriman? That guy has terrible hands, has his whole career. It was laughable he was drafted in the first round.
  12. Anyone who drops a pass is a pariah around here. There are little options, at least he has some upside and playmaking ability.
  13. If the Jets don’t sign Robby, there is no doubt they will need to bring in a couple FA WRs just to fill out this roster. Obviously the draft will play a huge role in filling out this group, but you can’t go into the draft with only 3 WRs on the roster. Given the lack of options I would stay very very far away from Agholor. I would target Demarcus Robinson from K.C and Cody Latimer from the Giants. Not going to cost a ton of money and both could come in and contribute.
  14. To avoid disaster this year Douglas needs to draft a WR early (rounds 1 or 2) and then come back with another in the mid rounds (3rd or 4th). If he does that there is an extremely good chance he hits on those WR picks. He can not wait on the WR position, not with massive need and not given the talent that will be available in the first 100 picks or so.
  15. That moment for me was on draft day...Lol. I watched Hill at Georgia Tech, his entire game was running a 9 route and relying on the defender to get caught up looking to play the run against the triple option offense.
  16. True, aside from being able to convert to guard, you have 2 tackle positions on the field. You can start a guy at RT and then transition to LT, or keep him at RT. There’s just so much more versatility when drafting OT prospects than there is IOL prospects.
  17. Lol..no. That’s all I have to say about that. Edwards is better than Hill was coming out. Hill had more issues than just his hands, but yes Hill’s hands ultimately caused him to be non-developmental in the NFL.
  18. The benefit of drafting OTs is that they generally can transition to guard if they don’t work out at tackle. You have less “bust” potential and have more versatility. You draft a center or guard high, they better work out because there’s no where else to play them. Besides, the OT position is so much more valuable, look at the available guards in free agency year to year, and then look at the available tackles, it’s night and day.
  19. Aside from being a Gamecock, his biggest flaw IMO is that he body catches a lot of balls, that’s a rarely correctable trait and really stunts a WRs effectiveness in the NFL. He’s not that dynamic athletically so his ceiling is somewhat limited.
  20. There’s no way I’m drafting any of the centers in this class in the second round. If you’re drafting O-line early this year it better be an OT, that’s where the talent and value is.
  21. Here’s what will hurt Dak in his negotiations. Unless a new CBA is reached, the structure of Dak’s deal could be very different. Currently you can not have more than a 30% increase in your base salary year over year. This makes it very tricky in accounting for bonus and guaranteed money. Look at Goff’s contract structure. There is no way to do a deal like that right now. Look at how the base salary varies year to year and how low of a base there was in year 1. That deal can’t be written right now.
  22. Nope, because then there will be no chance of any of them ending up being a Jet.
  23. What will be really interesting is if the Jets go OT at 11, what WRs will be there at 48? I have a feeling that Juedy, Lamb, Ruggs, go in the top 15 picks, then I fear a run on some of the other guys at around 25 to around 40. It’s going to be excruciating watching those 37 picks from 11 to 48. Can 8 WRs go in the first 47 picks? Given the talent in this class it’s not impossible.
  24. As far as Ruggs goes, it’s a function of him being able to create a lot of separation in college and the lack of targets. He only had 40 catches this season, so the sample size is smaller. What my buddy was saying was that just because he might not exhibited a lot of those type of catches doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of them. Ruggs is a tough kid with really good hands and a vertical jump that will open people’s eyes IMO. This isn’t John Ross or Tavon Austin or any number of other guys that were just fast and got vastly over drafted.

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