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  1. You could tell he wanted to do that as soon as Petty took the field.
  2. lol. I hear ya. Being able to bitch about (and laugh about) something that is *in the grand scheme of things.....meaningless in my life, is a good distraction today.
  3. I've had a lousy day. Thanks for making me laugh.
  4. I'm completely on board with that. I would love to be the team that gives Jim Schwartz his second chance, tbh
  5. Nope. Get rid of him too.
  6. Maybe others said that first part. Not me. Sick of cluelessness on the sidelines. Wasted timeouts. No perceptible awareness of situational football. Lack of freaking balls. So sick of coordinators who get hc jobs based on their aggressiveness, then when it's their neck that's stuck out there, they curl up in a ball and play Herm-ball.
  7. More like trade up in the 2nd for Barrett...
  8. Man...and here I thought Johnny Abe was the king of mailing it in....
  9. ...ready to read the billboards purchased by angry jets fans, while driving into work to be professional clipboard holders.
  10. No, but they'll trade out
  11. Lol, so sadly my exact thoughts....