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  1. Considering Zach was throwing to lots of TEs in the redzone, I will expect this never happens in the regular season. Because jets.
  2. Nothing like freshly roasted beans.
  3. I'd have to assume Brett Ratliff was unavailable...
  4. You haven't shown any facts that back up your absurd claim.
  5. You certainly do extrapolate quite a conclusion from a parsing of information. Love the way you characterize anyone who disagrees with your outlandish assumptions as engaging in conspiracy theories, except you know...when you're posting them. What a ******* toolbox.
  6. I think you vastly overestimate how much control Joe Douglas has over the entirety of the Jets organization. You think Hymie Elhai is just fetching coffee?
  7. He reminds me of '09 era Sanchez. He is the one thing holding that team back. Stellar defense. Good o-line. Great run game, great skills positions.
  8. Why? Do you think what we do or dont discuss on this forum has any influence on whether or not a particular QB prospect works out?
  9. I would love this. I'd never stop harassing Bills fans around here.
  10. Let's see him play all 17 games. That will impress me.
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