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  1. Darnold definitely made up for a lot of faults, but I still saw guys going free past most of the line today. Winters actually held up for most of the game. Still need so many spots filled. I heard a guy say that the jets need a Noah's ark draft...two of everything
  2. Steve McLendon makes a better investment than a Mo Wilkerson
  3. Even before being replaced, he was replaceable. We may be screwed on this idea now that Wash seems to have turned it around too. No more D.C. firesale.
  4. Yeah...I wouldn't be looking for an immediate contribution. Not realistic. Going forward however, Shell and Beachum need to be replaced.
  5. Use the pick you're getting for Leo. We need a tackle.
  6. a Tru talks sh*t then immediately gives up a 1st down🤦‍♂️

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