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  1. I feel both ways on the name, tbh. I do feel bad that some people (and I don't give a crap if its 10%, we don't treat ppl poorly just because they are of the tiniest minority) feel that the name is racially charged. It is. Of course it is. That, in and of itself should disqualify it's use. I also feel the sense of a historic name, that legendarily authored some of the NFL'S defining moments. Coach Lombardi's comeback and death. Doug Williams breaking old tropes about black quarterbacks. Those bastards raiding our jets! Losing that name would also be losing a little bit of that.
  2. "Montgomery says this place is awful and I need to get out of here as quickly as possible " Now that would be a headline!
  3. The sun would have spit a solar flare in our direction so massive, that our atmosphere was destroyed and all life on this planet would have been extinguished. The end.
  4. Gase is, at worst, an upgrade from Bowles. At best, an offensive guru who has been saddled with bad QB play. If the result turns out to be somewhere in the middle; a guy who can optimize the best offensive talent we've had in decades, then we should be able to win ballgames. Every time we played the fins, I was always impressed (pissed) that they could execute and adjust. Things we seemed incapable of. I think a lot of the time, Gase falls into the trap of "going back to the well once too often" but doesn't allow himself to dig in heels for 60 minutes. That, in and of itself gives me a great deal of optimism. I have a feeling that within a couple years, being Sam's OC is going to be very similar to being Peyton Manning's coach.
  5. I honestly expected him gone before Sterling, tbh
  6. Always seems to be one reason for that sorta thing...
  7. I think it's going to surprise everybody when it's at tackle instead of center, too
  8. Lol, it's the Darnold era equivalent of slaughtering a ripe pig. 😂
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