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  1. I am bigger than Lee, lol. Dont think I can get anywhere near his 40 time, though...😁 Honestly, the jersey is the first ever safety jersey for me. After how much I bitched about drafting him, it's kind of a self-pwn
  2. freestater

    Bosa Available at 3 - Trade or Stay?

    I voted for the trade. Don't know if I would have if the 2020 1st is taken off the table. I think you're closer to the "line" than not.
  3. I didn't think of that. Good point. Man, Thursday can't come fast enough lol
  4. freestater

    Bosa Available at 3 - Trade or Stay?

    Yup. He instantly changes the defense, and sets us up to grab a center and tackle this year.
  5. I think that the Raiders wanting a QB (or at least perceived to) helps us out in this regard. 3 is the spot you want to get to, if you need to beat their first pick.
  6. freestater

    At least we're not the Raiders....

    Wow. Bizarre
  7. Oops. My bad. I misread that. My apologies
  8. freestater

    What Jets need to make playoffs ?

    If Bell runs for 1100, and Sam completes >60% with a 2:1 Td/Int ratio, we go to the playoffs.
  9. True. I would not be disappointed with him at 15. The rest of that compensation is unacceptable, though. 2019- 1,2,3 2020- 1,2 at least
  10. Gase said this stuff in private, to his players. Baker talks/ed sh*t constantly in various settings. Very inconsistent take in this whole thing.
  11. Is there a team who's goal is to not win the division?
  12. Why is this insulting pats troll tolerated around here? Any one of us would be banned after the first post, if we acted this way on patsfans. Ban this troll.
  13. How dare he think we can win! How. Dare. He. 🙄
  14. If, by odd, you mean petty miserable prick, then yes. Odd.
  15. freestater

    Stick and Pick

    Good thread. I agree completely. Assuming we aren't drafting a QB, there's no way I'm disappointed with the player we pick up. Oliver included. Offense is going to be improved compared to last year, if we dont draft a single offensive player. I want a top prospect in (what is hopefully) our last chance to pick this high with mighty Sam leading the way

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