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  1. freestater

    Spam Redirects

    Just letting ya know, boss. I'm at least bright enough to back out instead of hitting the buttons they're trying to make me.👍
  2. freestater

    Spam Redirects

    Spoke too soon. Just happened again
  3. freestater

    Spam Redirects

  4. Well...there's always politics and religion...😜
  5. "Uncle Josh" lol. He's gotta love that
  6. freestater

    Jets signed Upshaw

    Per Darryl Slater on the twitter
  7. freestater

    Hackenberg visiting the Pats

    Most honest thing I've ever heard him say
  8. freestater

    Spam Redirects

    Been happening to me too. Samsung, chrome
  9. I think the 3 down thing ruins it for me
  10. freestater

    Jets OTA’s June 5th, 2018

    there are people who still blow into breathalyzers?
  11. There's another guy who'd have been happy with that pick too! Now we gotta worry about him kicking our ass in a raiders jersey...
  12. freestater

    How are the first-round QBs doing?

    ...or personal punt protector!
  13. freestater

    Can we talk Flowers?

    I don't know about dancing, but I had a bear gaining on me on a 4 wheeler one time. Had to gun that sh*t to get outta there. That's a big freakin animal to see coming at you that fast, I had a .45 on me and still was scared sh*bless.
  14. freestater

    Memorial Day

    Thanks, savage. Crazy era there. God bless all of 'em