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  1. Tom Brady will be a Jet. Here’s why.

    69 buttfumbles now...lol
  2. Autographed Revis Helmet For Sale

    Not even a SB-winning helmet...?
  3. Should the Jets sign Le'Veon Bell

    Yes! No....Not really😁
  4. I Promise You. Just Watch.

    You. You... I definitely gotta go out with you some weekend!😉
  5. I Promise You. Just Watch.

    Make it happen, Tanny!
  6. Happy 13th Year Anniversary JN

    Wait a minute....this site is about a football team?
  7. He runs out of the Pocket too much for me, instead of stepping up into it. His footwork is sloppy. I'm not saying the kid is the total package, all polished and pro-capable. I answered the question of what I like. 😁 I do think he's the guy I'd most like to gamble on (assuming Rosen is long gone when we pick). I don't think he's as impressive as Watson, no. I was all about Watson last year, him or Fournette would have made me ecstatic. We got a safety. Lol. Got a good feeling about this kid. I see a lot of Favre in him, tbh. Can't imagine what we're seeing so differently about the throwing. I like the mechanics, the velocity and placement
  8. I'll play, 😁 Here's what I like about Mayfield: well above 60% comp, low turnover rate. He does the little things right after the snap you like to see at the college level, he pump fakes after handoffs, looks off safeties, reaclimates to the field after play action. He finds throwing lanes, doesn't have an inordinate amount of passes batted sown for a short guy. He go through his reads, seen him get to 3rd and 4th reads very often, lots of check downs. That's pretty rare for college guys, many lock on to 1st targets. As the pass comes out, he brings the ball to his earhole, it comes off quick. He has excellent velocity and placement. Most of his receivers get the ball in front of them, able to continue in stride instead of adjusting to the ball. When flushed out of the Pocket, he keeps his eyes downfield despite an ability to use his legs.
  9. Will this draft party like it's 1999?

    No...I think you got it right.😁
  10. Will this draft party like it's 1999?

    Lol, me too.
  11. Can we all agree that they're both scumbags?
  12. Easy question....which one stole a million dollars from a dying man?