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  1. I remember when Ray Ray had that guy pegged as the next CuMar. Lol good times
  2. Didn't we give up a 1st for that never-was?
  3. I agree with most on Mawae as the best. The worst...geez, there's been so many...I think Tebow. Just for the extra special way that one blew up in our faces, and honestly...there was never any upside to that signing save one shirtless jog.
  4. freestater

    Vince McMahon...

    We really shouldn't expect anything different. 😢
  5. freestater

    Vince McMahon...

    It'll be good to have around in a couple years when the NFL is in the middle of their lockout
  6. I'm impressed. Good football so far. I like that the refs aren't stopping play every other second
  7. JN has taught me that, somehow, this is Jamal Adam's fault
  8. Thanks for posting. Pretty good reference. Definitely think this is where we grab an edge guy. Possibly two. If we nabbed Paradis, I'd love to see a QB hungry team give us lots of picks. 😁 wouldn't we all? Jonah Williams or Jawaan Taylor in the 1st would be nice.
  9. freestater

    Jamal lays out Pats mascot

    Lol. That's great!
  10. freestater

    Rams are winning the Super Bowl

    I voted Rams. I think I'm wrong but I hope not. I can/will never root for the Patriots
  11. Lol, I remember those days. I still always rooted for him 2 times a year. ...when he played Marino.
  12. I like the screen name. That's pithy.😁
  13. freestater

    Our coaching staff - 2 HC's

    I think that's the overlooked detail here...

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