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  1. It would end up being a record breaking deal to boot, no doubt.
  2. This thread reinforces why it wont go away
  3. Ole Noodlearm is still the best jets QB this century.
  4. Coastal Carolina, bro! Oh wait. Fields has been neck and neck with TL since high school. The one-hit wonder twink wasn't even a thought until late this past year. Its Watson or Fields. I really like Fields but dont get me wrong, Watson is worth multiple first rounders. If we end up with a trade for him that leaves us with only a single year of not having a first rounder, you make that deal.
  5. I think the source of all these rumors and speculation is @Maxman. He was lamenting the end of the coach search, and knew posts and pageviews would start declining, so...
  6. I like to imagine a world where Mike Maccagnan isn't the biggest ******* idiot to ever walk the earth.
  7. Looks like he retired somewhere around halftime.
  8. Wanted him in April 2017. Still want him. I'd give them both Seattle firsts and #2 overall, tbh. QB position taken care of for 15 years.

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