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  1. freestater

    The one week we should’ve lost

    I'll do backflips if this franchise actually makes the right move and drafts Williams
  2. freestater

    Sam has elite accuracy

    In the category, "compared to the qb history of this franchise", then yes. Elite. 🤷‍♂️😁
  3. freestater

    Happy Birthday, HawkeyeJet

    Happy birthday buddy!
  4. freestater

    Stop reporting posts

    Bragging, really...
  5. freestater

    Congratulations Sam Darnold . . .

    Very happy. For Sam. For the team. We and they needed it. Hope this is big for the kids confidence
  6. freestater

    Analyzing Darnold Thus Far

    I don't know what the criteria for flashes of greatness might be but I have seen some good signs and some bad signs from Darnold. Early in the season he did a great job of moving around in the pocket when pressure showed up with keeping his eyes downfield. I believe as time went by and he learned not to trust the o-line That was supposed to be protecting him he started to get affected by pressure more. When things did break down in the pocket and he started to scramble his eyes usually kept downfield and he has a good ability to turn and square up his shoulders even when breaking out to the left. He did seem to start stumbling into October and had a lot of questionable decisions towards the end of his run at starter. The story of this kid is going to depend so much on this offseason and who is brought in to develop him. If we go another ground-and-pound defensive Genius Like bowles or Rex were screwed
  7. Dennis Waszak seems like an unbiased, balanced reporter. 😶
  8. Never thought I'd be pining for the "glory" days when Leon Hess owned the team.
  9. freestater

    Today we lay a fellow Jets fan to rest

    Damn, that sucks man. Sorry to hear it. Way too young indeed. R.I.P.
  10. UCF staredown kid is Todd Bowles illegitimate kid!
  11. I liked Mayfield. Probably my first choice. But I gotta say, through camp and into the season, I really think we got a special QB. A lot is going to hinge on who this regime brings in to develop him. This offseasons is huge. And we should have the answer to the biggest question real soon after it's done.
  12. freestater

    Well, then yes, Leonard, you can go too.

    I can't figure out, with the players we have, why we aren't running a 4-3 now. Lee as the M sideline to sideline guy. Williamson on the S side and Jenkins/Copeland on the weak side. Opt one of those guys to the edge on 3rds
  13. freestater

    Was the butt fumble, a fumble?

    Poor Brandon Moore. #HimToo

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