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  1. I feel the same way. Opposite, but the same. I'm rooting for Zach when he becomes our QB. Its gonna bug the sh*t outta me if he sucks here though, and Fields goes on to another team and has success.
  2. So sorry, Reaper. Sadly, this is true. Such a sad story. Oh god man. Sorry. Couldn't possibly imagine. My parents and I lost my sister after she gave birth to my nephew. Different circumstance, but I can say it ripped something out of my parents that I never saw return. I hope that peace and comfort slowly fill your life again.
  3. Had to. @Integrity28 PMed me and @JiF to get in here for some backdoor modding. We're his go-to guys in these types of situations.
  4. ever heard the song "Martin Scorsese" by King Missle? I won't post it here, but you should look it up if you haven't heard it.
  5. It was the c-word he responded to. Pretty sure he didn't get the quote. I didn't, and I happen to like Taxi Driver. Just use a few ****s in the future and I'm sure you'll be fine. Fer ****s sake.
  6. Totally. He regressed every year at Penn St. Awful pick. The Coples one had me screaming at the TV too...so many moments with this team.
  7. Oh, I'm good @Sperm Edwards got me a good deal on the VIP package. I got the special rate of $55 a month. Shh. Not everybody can get such a good deal. Makes me feel special. Almost...almost like an Insider or sumthin...
  8. The deal is; bad words...porno...the like, they all get logged by Google and max can lose ad revenue as a lot of advertisers won't spend on an adult site. Costs bukoo bucks to keep the place up and max dont ask us for a dime. Thats the real consideration. Nobody's getting personally scandalized, they're concerned for max's ability to pay for the site. (Now, in homage to my good buddy Sar...) Savvy?
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