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  1. This Ga. Southern vs. Ragin Cajuns has been pretty good
  2. C'mon. Does anybody really think the jets can actually tank properly? This is the jets we're talking about. There will be four can't-miss prospects and we will pick 5th. The only thing I can possibly root for is: to not go on any kind of a run to make CJ dig in his heels and give Gase another year.
  3. I remember saying to myself that you'll never see a team try to actively screw their QB the way the jets screwed up Sanchez, but here we are. I shoulda known.
  4. This really sucks. The only bright spot I've seen has been the play of the two tackles.
  5. Gore through the A gap for 3. That's half of Gase's playbook right there.
  6. Humorous note that those who throw around "pravda" as some dig likely support Putin's puppet.
  7. I have a sinking feeling that any glimmer of hope, will make CJ commit another year to his genius. Any two wins back to back, regardless of how awful the opponents now will prolong our horror. Part of being a head coach is to have your guys ready week one. Getting things finally hammered out by Oct screws you every freakin year.

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