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  1. Give 'em hell, Jet Nut! Sorry to hear this man. I hope for a very speedy recovery. Its times like these that make you think about the important things in life.... ..like.... ..should we trade Jamal Adams...?
  2. I want to see better than median offense. I can accept the detrimental effect of a disjointed relationship between HC & GM would have on performance last year. That doesn't seem to be the case now. Instead of getting one guy (Crowder) thrown in to appease the coach, Gase seems to be on the same page with his FO. (That Crowder choice turned out rather well I might add) Now that he has "his" guys I expect a competent offense. Add that to Gregg Williams' defense and I think you'd have to be looking at a playoff team. I'm not saying a playoff mandate, just a prognostication. All that said, I dont think his seat is remotely warm this season. The Johnsons are extremely patient with most of their hires. Gase gets all of this year and would have to mire around the bottom of the division yet again to set his seat on fire for 2021.
  3. Yes, fans like to optimistic. Especially during the offseason. Tbh, to be a miserable twat about the team 24-7-365 is antithetical to what football is for me: entertainment.
  4. Where does this leave those who held a belief, but through educating themselves and learning from others' perspectives that the beliefs they held may have been incorrect, harmful or even atrocious? Are these people worthy of disrespect?
  5. I voted piss off as an "other" vote. Gase got rid of Macc and that bought him last year. He deserves one more year to get his offense together. If he doesn't produce a 16th or better offense then it's time to move on.
  6. Buh-bye cupcake. Dont let the door hit ya on the way out.
  7. Well! Now that Adam Schein believes in Sam Darnold, I shall do so too!

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