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  1. Good. The more football, the better.
  2. wouldn't be awesome if Rodgers comes to NY and it turns out Green Bay was holding him back all these years? Epic four year run where we don't lose a game!
  3. Despise is such a strong word. Totally inappropriate for Woody. Even as he messes up, I have no doubt Woody wants to do well for the New York Jets. He's a doofus sometimes but not someone who could rise to such a level of contemptible disgust to say I despise him. That term is useful only to describe a few truly rotten human beings.
  4. Been starting on portraits. Something I've never really done before. Here is Christopher Hitchens...
  5. Holy **** that has to be the most disturbing lack of ability to perceive reality that I've ever seen. And I'm a Jets fan.
  6. I thought JJ looked pretty good in his limited action.
  7. Welcome to the board. If the Packers trade Rodgers, I can't fathom any scenario where they would do so to a team that will be in direct competition for an NFC title. Basically, it would come down to Rodgers preferred choice in the AFC, assuming they can reach agreement on compensation.
  8. "Don't wanna give up a 1st round pick for a guy who's gonna be a two year rental"
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