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  1. Happy birthday! Belichick is a scumbag.
  2. Also...we haven't made one single draft pick yet. Stupid jets.
  3. I think I'm most impressed that Glenn has managed to hang on to his New York accent after being in England for so long.
  4. Admittedly, its been 30+ years since my high school German classes, but "Gutekunst" certainly does sound like some kinda phrase in German...
  5. So you wouldn't give up #13 for a guy who's going to rework his contract to get more talent here, but you would give up #13 plus next years first to get a guy who's contract demands will hamstring getting new talent and retaining current players?
  6. As opposed to using the 2nd overall on a huge bust? Or trading up for 3rd overall?
  7. Yes, if necessary I'd give up 13 for Rodgers. I have no problem with the waiting game as it stands. If the Packers want to get the highest pick they can they need it by this year's draft. If we have Roger's next year we're going to have a low draft pick
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