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  1. When I start to give a **** about a Bills fan's $.02 about any given subject, I'll be sure to let you know.
  2. 30 yr old receivers aren't worth top dollar, Maccagnan deals? Is that so....?
  3. Looks like they're aiming for 12 teams. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/college-football-playoff-12-team-expansion-sec-group-of-five-among-winners-rose-bowl-tops-losers/
  4. Every time I watch John Carpenter's The Thing, I think about how great the practical effects are. The prequel they made s few years ago just didn't have the same impact, all the CGI was a step down from the prehistoric stuff.
  5. 3000 ish yards, 2:1 td/int ratio, TDs ~20. I think the Jets are going to be a run heavy team tbh.
  6. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/momentum-rapidly-growing-for-college-football-playoff-expansion-to-eight-or-more-teams/ Been day drinking...so couldn't paste the article if I wanted to, but you get the gist. Woo hoo! More college football and more playoff action!
  7. I don't. Because...you know...it's not 1992. I only get this interaction here. But Holy sh*t...the daily news must've thought to themselves, "how do we dig lower than Manish Mehta? A DOLPHINS FAN WHO LOVES TROLLING JETS FANS! Thats how!
  8. You guys cannot speculate on Becton missing snaps/games. DWC said so. I guess Zach cannot expect to have blindside protection for those games. That would be mean and disgusting of him. If the FO was so sure Becton could play 40-ish snaps a game for 17 weeks, I highly doubt they'd be exploring signing an insurance policy like this.
  9. Familiar feel for a Daily News guy...I'm gonna hate this dude.
  10. Will it be a long, meandering post filled with wild speculation and a few videos sparced in? An unhinged, devoid-of-reality manifesto ultimately concluding in a crescendo of verbosity? Looking forward to it.
  11. I've never had a sense of humor about that word and I don't have one now. I've gotten into more fights than I care to remember over that word. Gay people who've said it to me have been thrashed. Its a trash word for trash people. Its noteworthy that @Defense Wins Championships gave this post a positive reaction. There must be something seriously wrong with a person to so vehemently argue that their use of a slur is acceptable, appropriate or laudable. F*** you.
  12. That's it. Thats all the internet I need today.
  13. What you did was, call a particular thing he did "gay". Was it meant as a compliment? I can conclude by context that it was not. It was used as a pejorative. As an insult. Completely disregarding your semantic ploy, all you're doing is attempting to rationalize your use of a term meant to insult me and others' sexuality. It's deplorable. @Maxman has made it clear it's unacceptable behavior on the site. Stop doing it.
  14. Calling people gays and drama "queens" just reinforces that image of you as a raging homophobe. Why do you hate gay people?
  15. We're less than 24 hours removed from you telling me and others that we weren't allowed to discuss Becton's foot problem. You characterized anyone questioning whether it might be a problem as "disgusting". Get off the high horse. Oh...and by the way...being gay isn't an insult. Stop trying to use it like it is. Unless you're a DISGUSTING homophobic bigot.
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