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  1. After he gets that, then he's a true jet.
  2. There may have been some minor editorializing, but only in a manner consistent with the coach's body language during the press conference.
  3. https://elitesportsny.com/2021/09/15/robert-saleh-confident-elijah-moore-underwhelming-debut/ Jets rookie wide receiver Elijah Moore didn’t exactly turn heads during his inaugural NFL appearance this past Sunday. Some guys hit the ground running in their first-ever NFL regular-season game. Others may take some time. After Sunday’s loss to the Panthers, Jets rookie wide receiver Elijah Moore seemingly finds himself in the latter category. The 2021 second-round draft pick caught just one ball for a loss of three yards in Carolina and was targeted four times. He will put th
  4. Why does any criticism of this GM or his often unavailable LT ignite you so? Wirfs has been far more productive because of his availability. Is Becton good? Sure. But Edoga and McDermott are not. Maybe Fant can be serviceable over on the left. Point is, we'll have to keep finding out who can fill in over there as long as Becton is penciled in (and I specifically mean pencil here) as the starter. When Zach is crumpled up on the ground because of a blindside hit, I'll be sure to remember how unfair my criticism was of the guy who can't be counted on to be guarding it. And for the record..
  5. You're the one freaking out in this thread. Work on your own grippage.
  6. Pretty sure we need one of those too. Did you see the free runners coming off the right side?
  7. How many weeks has Wirfs missed? Asking for a certain GM.
  8. Couldn't spare a single sentence to mention how Bill Belichick is a scumbag? I'm angry too.
  9. I know...ending a sentence with a dangling participle.
  10. Oh geez. We know those guys. They're all a pack of ******* idiots. Run. Run away from that course.
  11. Now this might seem like a longshot, but for maximum protection for Zach, I say we sign this guy for RG...
  12. Yes he did. And he gave me the wrong change.
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