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  1. He blocked me. Lol. Not even sure what for. I did enjoy busting his balls with the Wyatt stuff.
  2. Haven't the jets been responsible for enough ED already?
  3. Lawrence. Hard to imagine now,but a lot of people didnt thing Peytonbwas even better than Ryan Leaf.
  4. Taps always teared me up. Standing at sunset, flags going down. Everybody at attention in every direction, frozen where they stood. That used to send chills down my spine.
  5. The ref is a proud Pac12 ref. Which is the only way they'll ever get to the championship game with 4 slots
  6. I always feel for the guys in uniform, at attention and saluting, while someone starts 'improvising' during the anthem. Lol, I remember being very frustrated a time or two.
  7. I think Lawrence's incredible no-int streak ends tonight.
  8. McCarthy, but Rivera is also good. Stefanski. Already seen what that team does with an inexperienced rookie HC
  9. The only excuses I see are the ones made by Gase's Excuse Crew. Beating up a few tomato cans while presiding over the league's dead last offense doesn't impress me.
  10. Isn't "drinking the cool aid" a reference to the lives of ~1000 people being snuffed out? Kind of a flippant and casual use of the phrase to refer to the belief in the abilities of a sports figure. 😝
  11. Regardless of FA acquisitions, if the jets go D line one more goddamned time in Rd1 of the draft, I'm giving up football and taking up needlepoint.
  12. 1- Brady 2- Marino 3- Kelly 4- Gronk 5- Bruschi 6- Jason Taylor 7- Shawn Merriman 8- Jeff George 9- Randy Moss 10- as of recently, Matt F-ing Barkley lol
  13. If Douglas does his job and builds an O-line, we all may be expressing our confidence in Gase.

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