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  1. I have a sinking feeling that any glimmer of hope, will make CJ commit another year to his genius. Any two wins back to back, regardless of how awful the opponents now will prolong our horror. Part of being a head coach is to have your guys ready week one. Getting things finally hammered out by Oct screws you every freakin year.
  2. Really stupifying that we let Jon Harrison walk too. He saved our bacon last year.
  3. The Johnsons haven't fired a coach in-season since they've owned the team. I dont know what drives some to believe that they're going to do it this year.
  4. Ohio State. In the NFL, always had a soft spot for the Lions. Mostly in honor of an old friend who passed 20+ years ago.
  5. Investing 64k in the jets?! This is better than PSL gold!
  6. Maybe the jets can pull a Notre Dame this year and join the Big Ten.
  7. Well, Williams definitely has some 'splainin' to do. That's probably what Gase is whispering into CJ's ear as we speak
  8. I usually take my zen on the rocks with a whiskey back.
  9. and that would be a better game plan than the one Gase put together
  10. McCarthy sucks. He could never get his team to rally like the genius, Gase.
  11. yeah. Must suck having to have to go for an onside kick for an opportunity to win.
  12. Let's go, Gase apologists. Let's hear it. What is it this week?

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