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  1. Yeah...I stopped taking homework assignments like 30 years ago. You want to see my comments from back then, knock yourself out. I think you may be overestimating just how much I give a **** about your opinion.
  2. If he comes back and kicks ass you all owe me a big thank you.
  3. Nothing you'd ever have to concern yourself with...(very low carb)
  4. The guy who had dogged it in college was more risk-limiting than the guy who broke the bench press record at Iowa (an o-line factory)?
  5. Oh ok, I'll check with you on what my timetable for allowable commentary is going forward. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  6. I was happy with the Fant signing from the get go. Wanted Wirfs before the draft. So you're wrong about your zero assertion.
  7. Bumping this for the "Wirfs iZ a RT, wE nEEdeD an Lt!" crowd. We signed our LT a month and a half before wasting a pick on Becton.
  8. We needed both. This line of excuses for Big Raincheck is going to look pretty ridiculous when he comes back and they put him at RT because Fant is doing too well to be replaced on the left side.
  9. Not gonna start eating sardines tho. That's a bridge too far.
  10. Tbh, can't see why we're going back and forth here. We seem to agree. Becton is undisciplined.
  11. Been listening to Sten Ekberg, I'll have to check him out.
  12. well then I guess he'll be a great LT when he turns 40.
  13. Becton? 0% likelihood. It takes discipline.
  14. Just dropped 40lbs myself with VLC. That's during the time of year my cardio gets cut back because of the weather. What you said about not spiking insulin and hydrating is spot on.
  15. Just another flat-out wasted high 1st round draft pick by the Jets. Extremely disappointing first pick from a GM who billed himself as an o-line guy.
  16. I'm done defending him too. Its just too exhausting.
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