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  1. Re: Becton, his weight puts him in an intrinsically susceptible to injury due to the strain on his body at his size. To believe that it wouldn't hold him back in the pros is to bet against the vast majority. With a proven stalwart choice as an option at that same pick, who has gone on to play a lot more games, its a horrible pick. Its a pick that screams "I'm smarter than everybody else", great when it works out, its a red flag when it doesn’t.
  2. the guy with the fortune cookie catchphrase is a ******* idiot?! Say it ain't so.
  3. is he Joe Douglas or is he Santa Claus?
  4. The kid has talent. Developed by a competent staff of good football minds, he may progress into a franchise signal caller. Then there's what the Jets plan to do to him.
  5. I'm getting close to thinking of the Kotite years as the "good old days"
  6. We're watching the Jets play football. They can only assume we're dumb as f***.
  7. I wanted Mike McCarthy and Jack Del Rio. At this point I'll take Melissa McCarthy and Lana Del Ray.
  8. why oh why must I look so stunning in green? When I think of all the heartache I could've avoided...
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