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  1. For all his other faults, Zach Wilson is going to be the reason JD gets fired.
  2. I didn't have that kinda class. I had a '68 Chrysler Newport
  3. I've said it before, I like these uniforms. They let me pretend this isn't my team.
  4. It just really tickled my funny bone, that @Charlie Brown gave this a crying emoji.
  5. Plenty said he was too small, that his record in college was due to weak Pac12 competition.
  6. they do weird things to ya
  7. this is the first I'm hearing this. Anybody else? @T0mShane? https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32707141/robert-saleh-stands-new-york-jets-acquiring-unvaccinated-qb-joe-flacco-describes-trade-playing-house-money
  8. Jack Del Rio will get his third shot at HC and will be building a better program before the Jets next two or three coaches will.
  9. Literally just found out I was exposed to covid Saturday night. Feel fine, but I can't get an accurate enough test in time to go ahead with my plans for Thanksgiving. Was going to a good friend's who has a 3 month old. Going to be sitting home alone tomorrow. This is all thanks to an anti-vax, facebook-epidemiologist girlfriend of a buddy of mine. She was sick, knew it and went to a party with all of us without saying anything. I am ******* livid right now.
  10. So...Dimples starting on Sunday? I couldn't possibly read through all this. What's the skinny? Wilson gonna start?
  11. Lol yup. LaFleur is off the hotseat. Its time to start roasting Ulbrich.
  12. "Actual plans" that lead to 2-8 starts? Oh, no my dear Robert...Jets fans are more than familiar with that.
  13. Yeah, just because PFF has their opinion doesn't mean that McGovern is "technically the second best" anything. He's a liability, along with the turnstile to his right. Fant Moses and AVT are all quality starters. We need 2 more IOL to make it a strong unit. OL is the only unit on the field that stays out there for every play. No rotation, no subbing out on 3rd downs, they stay out there. There's no amount of resources that are too much to spend on o-line. When you put together a stellar group up front, its amazing the flaws and deficiencies that can make up for. Drafting o-line should be like
  14. Of McGovern or Van Roten are back, this team is f***ed. We need a C and RG. Early. Preferably Linderbaum. Unfortunately Joe Douglas will probably grab another Ducasse-like project and we'll be right where we are now this time next year.
  15. Snappy catchphrases aside, this guy's defense is historically bad. A good day for Saleh is when his team doesn't get beat by double digits. So far, not so good.
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