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  1. 2 hours ago, Bungaman said:

    I used to have a butt ugly 1970 Caddy Coupe De Ville in kind of a barf green. Ditto the interior. Fun to drive for the two years I had it before rust ate it alive - stuff kept falling out of the trunk on to the road. Five ashtrays and cig lighters. I was able to lay diagonally in the trunk while installing the rear deck stereo speakers without anything hitting my head or feet (I'm 5'8".) My friends called it the Enterprise.


    I didn't have that kinda class. I had a '68 Chrysler Newport



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  2. 1 hour ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:


    I'm guessing 80% of this board picked the Jets because they are green!  




    It's my favorite, but does work best as an accent color.  

    That's why the all whites were our best look.


    Picture this with our current green or our current jersey with the helmet in my avatar:




    Adams looks like he's pooping a football in that pic

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  3. this is the first I'm hearing this. Anybody else? @T0mShane?



    Wilson said he wasn't concerned about contracting the virus from White.

    "I feel like we've taken the precautions and stuff," said Wilson, who is vaccinated. "Obviously, I hope it doesn't happen -- you never know -- but I feel good. I wasn't worried about it at all."


  4. Literally just found out I was exposed to covid Saturday night. Feel fine, but I can't get an accurate enough test in time to go ahead with my plans for Thanksgiving. Was going to a good friend's who has a 3 month old. Going to be sitting home alone tomorrow. This is all thanks to an anti-vax, facebook-epidemiologist girlfriend of a buddy of mine. She was sick, knew it and went to a party with all of us without saying anything. I am ******* livid right now. 

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  5. 6 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    Are you guys aware that you have a choice to not debate vaccine efficacy and that no argument you make is going to make your daughters unmute you on Facebook? Literally nobody cares what you think or believe about it. Shush. 

    So...Dimples starting on Sunday?

    I couldn't possibly read through all this. 

    What's the skinny? Wilson gonna start?

  6. 11 hours ago, Rhg1084 said:

    McGovern has been good, technically he’s the 2nd best player on the team this year. So I don’t know what you’re talking about. We need him back.



    Yeah, just because PFF has their opinion doesn't mean that McGovern is "technically the second best" anything. He's a liability, along with the turnstile to his right. Fant Moses and AVT are all quality starters. We need 2 more IOL to make it a strong unit. OL is the only unit on the field that stays out there for every play. No rotation, no subbing out on 3rd downs, they stay out there. There's no amount of resources that are too much to spend on o-line. When you put together a stellar group up front, its amazing the flaws and deficiencies that can make up for. Drafting o-line should be like voting in Chicago...do it early and often. 

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