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  1. Honestly, can't understand the thinking that this team making the wrong decision about a GM or HC hiring would be an outlier. Another staff that can't put together a functional, winning team isnt a crazed conspiracy theory, its our team's entire history.
  2. I would need a BMI readout to determine if he was harder or softer than baby poop.
  3. I dunno...last few years we seem to be aiming waaaay lower.
  4. Without any hindsight involved, I'm sure you can find posts from myself (and others) lamenting the pick on draft day. For myself, seeing Wirfs play in the Big 10, as opposed to Becton in Louisville (which I'll admit, I don't see many of their games) put the former directly on my radar. I was so happy when he was there for our pick, couldn't believe we passed on him. It's just not a good sign to me when a highly paid, expert football GM makes a worse decision than one I can make, stoned sitting on my couch.
  5. If Douglas likes him he probably sucks.
  6. Completely disagree. I'll take the reliable, sturdy RT over a guy who's size is a contributing factor to his inability to play a full season.
  7. Really don't think Becton is a pick to "hang your hat on". Not when Wirfs was sitting right there. ...and before anybody says it, I'm not going to play along and pretend we didn't need a RT along with you.
  8. That word doesn't have any place in this forum. @Maxman
  9. Kaep should be fired for offending people. Gruden shouldn't be. Got it.
  10. The real question is; Should JB Smoove be the MC for the new GM's introductory press conference?
  11. I'll bet there's a thread just like this over at fin heaven.
  12. How about the play action latein the game when everyone in the stadium knew a pass was necessary?
  13. just how long am I supposed to be patient for this "improvement" that's coming at some point? Its like a competitive rebuild, just without the competitiveness. Or the rebuild.
  14. His tenure was our high water mark this century.
  15. I have a funeral to go to later. It'll be the second worst part of my day.
  16. No. He's not right. The Jets will not be superbowl contenders in two years. Thats nonsense.
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