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  1. Jets win this one. Only when they have no shot can they luck/grit themselves to a win. It'll be ugly, but we win. Defense pulls its head out of it's ass for 3 quarters, Mike White had a good day. We run all over the place. Metlife is electric. Josh Allen gives into his other side and we actually get turnovers. This starts the Bills slide, their whole season unravels and they get a draft pick two spots behind ours. Unfortunately, this lets the pats take the division, but have an early exit from the wildcard round after Mac Jones gets ejected for driving his cleats into the face of an injured defensive lineman (while on the ground, with doctors tending to him) Upon a subsequent investigation, it leaks that Belichick actually ordered him to do it through his headset, but Goodell destroys the evidence and calls the story fake news at Bill Belichick's Lifetime Achievement Award dinner. Patriots are fined a 6th round draft pick. ESPN is horrified at how stiff the penalty is. Teddy Bruschi resigns in an act of protest. Mike Vrabel turns state witness.....wait...what're we talking about again?

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  2. 2 hours ago, The Crusher said:

    I’ve always though if you as an obscure but favorite Uncle type  , so this makes perfect sense. 

    My poor nieces...they have no idea just how much of their sh*tty attitude is all my fault. They grew up with me at family functions, couldn't have had a worse example lol.

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