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  1. Be that as it may, I'm sure he hasn't had the time to dissect all of Darnold's game tapes yet to make a commitment either way. Dude was just hired, probably busy doing a ton of things to move his family and get acclimated before he delves into that aspect of the job. What else would you expect him to say?
  2. Not really, no. They need someone competent.
  3. I’m no scout, but he looked kinda slow and plodding in that video you shared. Not being sarcastic but what does he do that’s so great (other than nicely running over a few dudes)?
  4. Just saying he’s young and not that worldly, certainly not going to be the most eloquent or extemporaneous speaker at that young age.
  5. He’s also like 22 or 23 and still a kid.
  6. Down two scores and this JO is calling runs up the gut on second and long. I hate him so badly and cannot wait until they fire him. oh, and bye Sam. You SUCK.

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