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  1. shevys

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    Well, that was pretty depressing to watch.
  2. Yeah, poor Tammy. I'm crying in my soup for him.
  3. I kind of appreciate that Cimini put that in context about it being Robbie's contract year. We always seem to hear the same garbage from players with attitude problems and history of acting like clowns when it's a contract year and getting rewarded for words and not deeds (Mo comes to mind). It's kind of pathetic that we even have to contextualize it that Robbie hasn't gotten into any off-field problems this off season. Like big whoopididoo! Welcome to how the other 99.99% of the world has to act. Just catch the freaking ball, work on not fumbling, and act like a professional and things will be fine.
  4. Pretty sure that was Williamson, not CJ.
  5. My thoughts: What the hell was that abomination I just watched? Holy crap that was sad and painful to watch. For crying out loud, if you’re going to do a uniform reveal, can’t our guys wear some pants that actually fit right? Prez Mal and the rest looked stupid with their legs showing between the pants and the socks IMHO. I mean, it’s a show, try to look good for 15 minutes And Chris, if you’re going to talk about energy and winning and al that other stuff you were saying, how about acting like you didn’t just get off a Thorazine drip? I dig the uniforms, mostly. Not a fan of the spotlight white pants Robbie had on against the white top. Dig Gotham Green and I liked Sam’s combo best with white pants and green top. And I liked the helmets too, though I was hoping for some sort of plane getting incorporated back into the logo. Not as bold as advertised but not too bad overall.
  6. For one thing, there’s a new coaching staff who doesn’t have much experience with him. Personally I loved what I saw of him in his limited opportunities, and hope he turns into a diamond in the rough.
  7. Wrong. We would like our players not to be walking penalty machines killing drives with stupidity. Big diff.
  8. shevys

    Johnny Lam Jones passes away.

    RIP. So sad to lose a member of the Jets family.
  9. I had to laugh at this, but you are just so douchey sometimes I can't imagine how you are in real life.
  10. shevys

    Jamison Crowder

    After he gave up last season? Hope so.
  11. He’s a complete and utter idiot, but he never quit on the field. So yes.
  12. Tomlinson is a terrible blocker. I honestly don't understand how he wasn't cut mid-season. He's got no skill set that I see is worth keeping him for.
  13. Actually, I think quite the opposite. I believe he was quite gracious about the Jets giving him an opportunity. That being said, he sucks so no thanks.
  14. shevys

    Elijah McGuire

    Yeah, real awesome and hysterical 🙄 I can honestly say I hate fans like you.
  15. Our owner may suck balls, but at least he's not a whoremonger.

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