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  1. Savor what? This is a Jets board, not a Tannehill fanboy site. Do you know how asinine that even sounds?
  2. We know. You can climb down from his nuts now.
  3. Been beaten down since the first game I remember attending in 1973.
  4. Keep calling the same garbage WR screen, genius. Working like a charm so far this season.
  5. Can’t wait to hear Gase explain his offensive game strategy. He is so horrible. Hate him.
  6. We are bad at every facet of the game. There are a few minor positives to glean from this game, but not much, to be honest. Sam Darnold being neutered right in front of us by our bug-eyed failure of a genius head coach is the absolute icing on top of this sh*t show cake.
  7. Bless Austin is feast or famine. And we can’t tackle in general. Painful to watch.
  8. Down 3 TDs. Can’t wait to see the creativity that’s about to flow here.
  9. Absolutely putrid half. Three decent players (Darnold, Q Williams and Becton), three horrific coaches (Gase, Loggins and Williams), and the rest is mostly garbage. Brutal to watch.

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