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  1. Our owner may suck balls, but at least he's not a whoremonger.
  2. shevys

    Are the Jets an expansion team?

    This clown above had better be on the roster just to clean dirty jock straps. I don't want that scrub anywhere near the field.
  3. shevys

    Butt Fumble

  4. shevys

    More Trivia

    Gotta be Warren Moon.
  5. shevys

    Darron Lee / LB ~ ~ ~

    And lame, actually. As much whooping and dancing as plays made.
  6. shevys

    Forget about Hunt

    So our chinless wonder had a friend experience domestic violence (sounds horrible, not minimizing it), therefore nobody should ever get a second chance? Damn...I wished they fired that idiot when they flushed the Toilet.
  7. shevys

    **** the Saints

    Well, yeah, there is that.
  8. shevys

    **** the Saints

    Don't forget he screwed the whole team over by not admitting he got hurt and couldn't throw the ball to save his life. Cost us the playoffs. Eff him indeed.
  9. shevys

    Rams are winning the Super Bowl

    I can't bring myself to root for the Pats. Like...ever. Eff them, their scumbag coach and cheating QB. Hope they all rot.
  10. Big difference between free speech and accusing the guy of being on drugs. You used to be a really good poster. What happened to you?
  11. I was going to make the same point, though probably not quite so detailed. Heheh. Anyway, i don’t see it. Burnett looked good late, Kearse looked like hot garbage, so barely a wash. Good luck to him either way.
  12. shevys

    Bob Raissman on Joe Benigno

    That could be painful.
  13. shevys

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Maybe Gore didn’t like being treated like the other 52 guys on the roster?

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