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  1. shevys

    Our owner is good for the team

    As long as he doesn't wear that douchey-looking cap with a green tie like his brother, he's an instant upgrade.
  2. This lady is alright!

    1. shevys


      I thought it was The Kids are Alright?! Ha!

      I don't get the Kelly hate? I thought once we jumped ship from JI that stuff was gonna end...

  3. shevys

    My JetLife - Robby Anderson

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Nobody wants the guy to succeed more than I do for the Jets, but he needs to put his money where his mouth is. Talk is cheap.
  4. shevys

    My JetLife - Robby Anderson

    It's not obvious to me that he's got a decent head on his shoulders. If anything, it's the exact opposite. What am I missing?
  5. It’s called being a self-hating Jew, dummy.
  6. That was the right play. They’re dumb as hell.
  7. Meh. I want Mayfield.
  8. shevys

    Board redirect on new browser tab?

    That’s the one I get on my iPad at times, particularly this past weekend.
  9. Not disagreeing with you at all, just found it odd that you kind of slagged Lyons and Salaam. The whole line was great, each guy had a great motor. It seemed that Mark was a little more about himself and his stats than the team defense.
  10. I'm sorry...how old are you? Not sure if you saw them play?
  11. He was a great pass rusher and a mediocre run stopper, often overrunning his assignment. Doesn't mean he wasn't great at getting after the QB. Abdul Salaam and Marty Lyons covered a multitude of Mark's sins.
  12. Maybe he's thinking Allen is the only option at 6? Whatever the reason, glad he moved up.
  13. shevys

    Jets resign Claiborne - 1 yr 7 million

    Anything other than QB in the first round is simply unacceptable.
  14. shevys

    ftiz part deux

    Except by all accounts Petty was the best performer in pre-season last year and our pansy coach wouldn’t use him. Judging Petty and his garbage performance the last couple games last season wasn’t fair to him or this fanbase. The team gave up and it showed. What’s done is done. At this point we can only hope the light finally switches on for Bowles, or more likely, he gets canned after another dismal season.