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  1. How about those of us who grew up the son, grandson and nephew of season ticket holders who went every weekend to Shea growing up and eventually moved away? We don’t count? Lol. Gimme a break. I bleed green.
  2. It pains me to say it, and I hate him more than I ever hated Marino (which was a lot), but it’s Brady and it’s not even close.
  3. Actually lost a yard after the run. Vermin Edwards: Nice guy, sucky coach.
  4. False. Just false. It’s just not true no matter how many times you say it.
  5. When he's yelling "Eyes up" do you think he's talking to himself?
  6. Wish they kept Sterling and dumped Tomlinson. Talk about a waste of a roster spot. Yeesh.
  7. Why should anyone be satisfied with 9-7? That’s a notch above mediocre.
  8. Not the greatest player ever, but he always plays hard and has always been a really good NY Jet. I would like to see him re-sign with us and eventually retire from the team.
  9. Watching on my home tv, the video quality of Gase’s presser on YouTube is piss-poor. Everything else on YouTube is crystal clear.
  10. He needs to change his name to Austin Nefarious-Jenkins.
  11. Why does the play have to be taken out of the playbook? Maybe there are plays that suit McGuire's running style moreso than Bell's. It's not an all or nothing thing.
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