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  1. McClown doing his best Frankenstein impersonation back there is doing this team no favors. It’s been a nice feel-good story for a half a minute, but time to sit that lummox down and put Petty in.
  2. Terrible first half, miraculous to be tied at this stage. Offense is killing this team, obviously. Something needs to change, hopefully Morton figures something out because I have no faith Bowles will.
  3. This team has draft capital, money to spend and a core of good, young talent. A win like this is good for the psyche. Do you expect them to lie down like dogs?
  4. Yeah. You’re a troll, and not a very good one.
  5. We should trade Wilkerson now

    Unfortunately the knock on the guy coming out of Temple was that he was a dog. Not sure he can be taught a new trick...
  6. We should trade Wilkerson now

    His ability has never been a question. It's all about his heart and desire, both of which seem to be lacking.
  7. Good to know that you are the arbiter of all that is relevant to be discussed. Kerley being suspended plays into the whole "Bowles won't play young guys" narrative and is directly related to the subject.
  8. This Bowles debate

    Guy has played in 97 games and YOU decide he's not a veteran. And in your world that somehow makes sense? OK.
  9. This Bowles debate

    Except it's our veterans that are being trotted out (McClown, Kerley) and making the game-breaking mistakes. Not the young guys who are languishing on the bench because our Head Coach is a moron.
  10. This Bowles debate

    Did it ever occur to you that the HEAD COACH should be meddling more when his team lost three games in a row? Three winnable games? You don't have to post every inane thought that pops in your head. Just a tip...
  11. Wrong. Just because you say it doesn't make it so. I never liked him, his pimp 'stache or his game. But go ahead, continue to make sweeping generalizations like you have for years. I guess the more you repeat yourself the more you believe it.
  12. It was a joke...lighten up, Francis. And no kid here, been a fan since the early 70s and I’ve seen way worse than this, with a lot more on the line. If I sat down and thought about it, it’s probably not even top 10.
  13. Really? Were you in a coma for the majority of them?