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  1. Does Bowles think it’s against the rules to confer with his coaches or players when the Saints call timeout? He just stood there, while Peyton designed a TD on 4th and 2. Fire his ******* ass at halftime.
  2. I can't watch this team

    It would be naive for you to think they don’t. I’m not saying they base decisions solely on us, but I think they look to:see what the pulse of the fan base is and it influences them.
  3. I can't watch this team

    You know who cares? The Jets social media people who report stuff like this to management. You think they operate in a vacuum?
  4. Pre-money Mo was the same lazy slob he was at Temple. Don’t kid yourself.
  5. They’re both a problem for different reasons. Mo is a dog and the Toilet is uninspiring. Bad combination.
  6. Isn’t that part of the problem? Our young guy isn’t prepared, because our moron coach chose to play a 38 year-old never-was to save his chicken-sh*t ass. I’d have more respect for his dumb ass if he lost like a man.
  7. Even Vermin Edwards knew you had to play to win the game.
  8. Or maybe he can throw a TD, or they put someone else in who isn't injured, instead of trotting Frankenstein back out there.
  9. They aren't mutually exclusive, you know (or likely, don't).
  10. Right, it's not like Petty couldn't fumble the game away to the Panthers.
  11. We need to trade up. We HAVE to trade up. We need any QB not named McCown, Hackenburg or Petty on this roster next season.
  12. Secondary sucked for sure. I think the DL did a pretty decent job.