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  1. Literally not one person who posted before you said it was a bad article.
  2. Gotta ask why you come to talk football if you haven’t watched since 1999. Genuinely curious.
  3. Leo yes, Jamal no. Adams is a player and passionate. Leo just mostly sucks.
  4. Falk sitting there sucking ass getting coached by his Gatorade cup. Someone should be in his ear every second.
  5. Still something to look forward to. Unlike this garbage.
  6. I was really looking forward to this game when I thought Darnold *might* start. This is such a depressing sh*t show it’s not even funny. Falk looks terrible, o-line is putrid, defense can’t stop a nosebleed, can’t even get a flipping punt off without a penalty. Gase is atrocious, no other way to put it.
  7. In my defense, I didn't buttfumble your post. I just didn't agree with the message or the tone, hence the down vote.
  8. If he’s only healthy enough to dink and dunk like week 1, let him rest. We need to see him at full strength and 100% ready to play (normal nicks and bruises notwithstanding).

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