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  1. Maybe he's thinking Allen is the only option at 6? Whatever the reason, glad he moved up.
  2. Jets resign Claiborne - 1 yr 7 million

    Anything other than QB in the first round is simply unacceptable.
  3. ftiz part deux

    Except by all accounts Petty was the best performer in pre-season last year and our pansy coach wouldn’t use him. Judging Petty and his garbage performance the last couple games last season wasn’t fair to him or this fanbase. The team gave up and it showed. What’s done is done. At this point we can only hope the light finally switches on for Bowles, or more likely, he gets canned after another dismal season.
  4. To mentor Baker Mayfield, let's hope...

    False. False. Stop making things up.
  6. Cousins threw for a combined 13,176 yards and 81 touchdowns and 36 interceptions over the three seasons he started. Not sure where that ranks over the other guys, but I'll take it.
  7. What makes him a "good TE" in your opinion? I mean, he's been serviceable, but good? No, he's been decent and has a chance to be better. Let him earn it. For once we aren't going to overpay and you're complaining about it?
  8. Mo released

    Still a wimpy non-disciplinarian: "It was a business decision, it wasn't disciplinary at all," coach Todd Bowles said Wednesday at the scouting combine. "It was good for both parties."
  9. Should've fired the Toilet immediately after that game.
  10. No. They were underdogs because of Brady and Belichick.
  11. I live in Tucson and watched him play at U of A a lot. Dude is clutch, plain and simple.
  12. No interference on the 2-point conversion. Big shocker.
  13. What do you mean he's "obviously a good kid"? Based on what do you say that?
  14. Going to Disney for the week

    Think about the value for a dollar, relative to an NFL game or a concert, and it’s still a pretty good deal, even for a one-day pass. Tons of Broadway-quality shows, live entertainment, and other attractions over the span of 10-12 hours winds up not costing a lot, especially if you plan your days right.