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  1. Imagine if he had someone close to a Montana or Young throwing to him for the majority of his career. Fitzgerald has played with some of the worst dregs of the QB rank the NFL has seen over the past 7 years or so. He'd have just about lapped the field by now. I really wish we had drafted him out of Pitt. Loved his game then and now.
  2. Or because of Keith Moon. RIP regardless.
  3. Or conversely, guys like you have a hard on for Darnold and don't want to look at the bigger picture.
  4. Love it. Darnold isn’t that stupid. That I’m sure of.
  5. An undrafted WR who is known for not running good routes, but his numbers are down because the QB “routinely” misses him deep. Ok.
  6. I still think he gets out-muscled at the line too much, especially for a supposed #1 receiver. But to his credit, and just to my eyes, he seems improved both in his route running and with his hands. He’s pulled in some nice balls this season that I don’t know he gets last year. Still not a #1.
  7. Right. Because the Jets asked this hack from a dying rag to inject them into his stupidity. Got it.
  8. They’d better not overturn this fumble here. That would be really uncool.
  9. They should’ve called in on sportsmanlike conduct on Watt for pulling his helmet off on the field.
  10. The point is is that maybe the bad play that happens after the missed good play doesn’t have to happen. Sam not having to throw across the field when he would’ve had a first down on the play prior is just an example. Was it a bad throw? Yes. No doubt. The point remains.
  11. You're entitled to your opinion, as always. I take umbrage with you saying that Darnold often makes "extremely inaccurate passes." Is it extremely inaccurate to miss a 40-yard pass by a yard? Maybe I'm not watching the same games you are, but I don't see any chronic throws that are way too high, way too low or just extremely inaccurate. He's no Geno Smith in that regard. Dude throws a great screen pass, a nice ball while on the run, and I'm excited to see how he can throw without being harassed within 1.5 seconds some day soon.
  12. It’s not sexy, but it’s a necessity. I don’t know this guy, but we need OL help so if he’s the best OL available you’ve gotta take him.
  13. Meh. I’ll take Darnold’s two TDs over Fitz’s yards.
  14. Can someone explain to me how Darnold had a lower QBR than Fitzpatrick? It doesn’t make sense: C/ATT YDS TD INT SACKS QBR R. Fitzpatrick 21/37 245 0 1 2-5 59.4 TEAM 21/37 240 0 1 2-5 -- C/ATT YDS TD INT SACKS QBR S. Darnold 20/36 270 2 1 1-8 45.6

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