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  1. From hero to zero to unemployed.
  2. First off, it's not a one-man team. You have to get to the playoffs first before you can determine the QB can't get you to the Super Bowl. I'll take my chances on making some noise with a fired up defense and an above average QB (assuming the offense can balance the team over the course of a season).
  3. Well, it was holding, not PI. 5 yards and automatic first down. Ticky-tack call, though imho.
  4. 6-foot-3, 265-pound rolling ball of butcher knives Did Bob Jensen write this article??
  5. Pay the man. The defense looked anemic and putrid when he missed time late in the year. His impact was extremely evident then, if it wasn’t beforehand. I was not a fan of the Quinnen pick at the time, but I want him as a Jet long-term. He’s a stud.
  6. You think that was Hackett calling that play? That was all Vermin Edwards.
  7. Not true if there’s a timeout on the field.
  8. Love Keith Moon's scream as the drums come crashing in. RIP Jeff.
  9. If they didn't know it before the Detroit game they sure as sh*t figured it out after.
  10. He did, but like the rest of his crew, had no idea what he was doing.
  11. Were Saleh and McDaniel making out there? Get a room
  12. Yet again dumbass Saleh’s crappy time management coming back to bite this team in the ass. Putrid.
  13. Whatever integrity the NFL has is being wiped out by the refs ignoring blatant penalties.
  14. Saleh with no sense of urgency getting the guys hurried up before the challenge.
  15. Are our running backs instructed to run directly into the offensive lineman’s a$$hole?
  16. Herbig is nothing better than a back up, was a moderately nice story this season until he started to suck these last five games. Gotta go offense and heavy on the offensive line this draft.
  17. Jermaine Johnson is fast and good. The future is bright for the D.
  18. I’m all for trying to keep continuity with this coaching staff, which is desperately needed after all the turnover we’ve had over the years. But I just don’t see how we keep LaFleur after this game/season. He’s out of his depth.
  19. Did not hit him in both hands. The pass was off and he led GW too much.
  20. Whoever the hell is announcing that keeps laughing at the Jets. Annoying as F.
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