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  1. If you post the link in addition to imbedding you should be fine in terms of copyright no?
  2. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    Name a better duo, I'll wait.
  3. Belichick praises Jets

    Isn't this Belichicks calling card? I don't think I remember Belichick not praise the Jets before a showdown.
  4. there was this one, where he tore his groin, and then there was the double move against the patriots for a td many years ago
  5. Allowed "just" 59.8% of throws into his coverage to be completed? Is that a typo or is that actually supposed to be good?
  6. Report: Revis set to re-join Patriots

    How anyone believes Revis won't have a career year if he rejoins the Pats is beyond me... This is a classic Jets scenario.
  7. Title reads like an Onion article
  8. The only inaccuracy I see here is that the Jets win 9-10 games in these types of situations and either narrowly miss the playoffs or exit in the wildcard round.
  9. I thought the Sanchez contract was the worst thing Tanny did here...
  10. You'd think it would be addressed in the actual contract if they had any concerns at all...
  11. Oh good, Fitz scored. We get to see him start again next week.