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  1. You do. Glad you’re here. Every decent message board needs a few good trolls.
  2. It’s not that incredible once you realize he’s not actually a fan.
  3. If 90210 is saying something, you know the opposite is true..
  4. Had this been made official or is it contingent on us landing Rodgers?
  5. I feel like the Jets 2 this year, and a conditional 1/2 next year is more than fair and should get this done. Knowing JD he’s probably offered a 2025 6th and Denzel Mims.
  6. Yeah, uh…. You’re overlooking the minor detail that the Packers don’t want Rodgers and his cap hit would be crippling for them if he was still in their roster this fall…and the Jets are his only suitors. GB is using the little leverage they have before the draft to see if they can get the first round pick, but ultimately if the Jets are patient and don’t mind him missing OTAs there will come a point where GB will need to get the deal done. They don’t want Rodgers back. They can’t have him back at this point.
  7. Rhg1084 is an evil genius. and I’m so relieved I didn’t reply to this a few months back
  8. My sarcasm detector is set to high yet still cannot tell if you’re cereal.
  9. The corpse of Joe Flacco or Tom Tupa.
  10. So hold out for the Jets #13 overall pick in the 2023 draft by waiting until June to deal him while holding a pissed off Rodgers hostage. I think Rodgers creates the pressure. They want a clean break but are attempting to save face. We’ll see who blinks but if past performance is any indication, I don’t think it’s JD.
  11. Wouldn’t be shocked if DT is our 1st round pick
  12. Alludes to interest in joining Raiders for Devante but ... long pause.. eventually says Hackett was big reason wanted to come to the Jets
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