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  1. Something is about to happen...

    This can only mean one thing: Manziel.
  2. WR T. Pryor Visiting Jets

    Sounds like some war
  3. Who’s confident in the Jets coaching staff taking a developmental prospect like Allen and getting anything out of him?
  4. I’ve been watching the Jets since I was 4 years old. I’m now 40. I don’t give a sh*t what the jets traded to get to #3. Draft the QB, take the chance. Our 3 2nd round picks don’t matter if we’re sitting at #6 drafting Minkah Fitzpatrick
  5. What position do you want taken in Round 3?

    Oline / te or wr
  6. Trading Up Will Happen

    I thought the same until we just signed a guy who posted an illustration on instagram of a cop getting his throat slashed.. Rosen might be in play after all
  7. Can we come off the ledge now?

    He writes a post about how great the Jets moves have been by writing mostly about a player they haven’t signed
  8. It would be so Jets not to sign this guy. Immediate upgrade. Kick Skrine to the curb.

    I’ll take TJ on a big deal over drafting Minkah @6 every single muthafukin day of the week

    Between this and zero chance Denver passes on a QB because Keenum! It will be interesting to see what’s left if the jets don’t trade up
  11. ftiz part deux

    I’m willing to wait until draft day to see the intent behind these moves. They pass on a QB in the first and it’s time to riot

    Deep in your heart you know damn well what this is
  13. Jets bring back McCown

    Clean house. Now.
  14. Jets bring back McCown

    $10m for Josh McCown. And here people were saying Mac would have a hard time spending the money