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  1. Without throwing 3 ints? All I’m saying is Mark played those games and didn’t personally lose them. Not saying any more or any less.
  2. Fair but did he personally lose any of those games? Can you say the same of the other options? You can’t since they didn’t have the opportunity. All I’m saying is Sanchez played four playoff games and didn’t sh*t the bed. It’s a low bar but that’s where we’re at
  3. If the premise is which QB can win you the big game, Sanchez already proved he can. And I don’t like Sanchez, but those playoff runs of 09 and 10 he showed up
  4. What a sh*t poor executed premise of a thread. Sanchez was the winning QB in four playoff games -4-2 overall -against two guys who’ve never won more than 7 games in a season? And sure Sanchez sucks but he showed up when it mattered. He had just as much a part of those playoff wins as the rest of the team. Unlike Geno and Sam who never showed up at all
  5. WTF Vrabel? Sitting on all three time outs and content with letting the clock run down so you have no time left after the Bills score.
  6. I expect zero changes made after expecting many play calling and personnel changes would be made.
  7. Who's Denzel Mims? Haven't seen him play.
  8. Well to be fair, the coaching staff probably figured that Mims would know all 22 spots on offense and defense by now, and be crushing 65 yard FGs with ease so that they could get him on the field with the offense more than 3 snaps a game and he'd be that Moss/Rice/Megatron/ Largent/Maynard/Jim Brown but at WR playmaker this offense has been lacking.
  9. The Jets are running an offense that uses multiple tight ends on almost every play that isn't 3rd and long. The problem is their TEs aren't very good and shouldn't be on the field nearly as much as they are. Look at the skill position players play by play. - you'll more often see 2 WRs and 2 TEs than them running 3 WRs. Most pass plays seem to involve 2 WRs and a TE running routes until we get into 3rd and long spots. Spread it out, open it up and put your best skill players together on the field once in a while.
  10. Imagine a world where the Jets didn't funnel their offense through Ryan Griffin and Tyler Kroft. Where they designed plays to get their young playmakers the ball in space. And where Mims coming on the field in the 2nd quarter didn't mean with 85% certain it was going to be a running play. I know, I know.. but let me dream.
  11. Look on the bright side- we only have the 3rd worst record in football since 2010!
  12. It's like maybe there's a reason he was available in the 4th round? He's been fine. A few glimpses of the elusiveness that he showed in college, but feels like he should be more of a rotational guy than a bell cow. That said, I'm at a loss on why we aren't dialing up more quick passes to him and Elijah Moore and getting them out in space on a more consistent basis.
  13. Imagine throwing the ball past the first down marker for a completion? Odds of that here?
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