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  1. Interesting Francessa points

    But the fact that Ealy, Davis, Claiborne and Seferian-Jenkins are all FA this year and could walk puts a dent into the 'good nucleus of young talent' on the roster. If they all leave, what's left? Safeties, Lee and Jordan Jenkins (hey, i'm generous), Williams,Anderson and our punter?
  2. i can't even. but i guess i will. The Jets are trotting out a 38 year old JAG journeyman week in and week out. if neither draft pick is good enough to play over him, even in a season that's about to be lost, then they shouldn't have been on the team. I'll concede Warfish's point about Hack - maybe at 22, and as a 3rd stringer, he's a long term 'project'.. But your #2 who's in year 3 in the league should be able to get on the field.
  3. If the young QBs aren't good enough to play they shouldn't be on the roster, and if they're on the roster they should be good enough to play. I don't think we can fault Bowles at this point for not benching McCown. They're 4-6 and still competitive. I think the problem most fans have is that we've seen how this plays out already... and by judging from Bowles comments, we all already know how this will play out in 2018- Unless McCown gets hurt or unless the Jets get to 10 losses (and even then, it's iffy) we wont see either of the young QBs.
  4. It probably has a little something to do with the starting QBs being Fitzpatrick and McCown while draft picks kept the bench warm. Two lost seasons in a row. J-E-T-S.. JETS JETS JETS
  5. can't wait for the carolina game. should be a welcoming home crowd.
  6. The Saints thrashing of Buffalo today has me thinking that maybe, just maybe, Buffalo is big pile of dog poop
  7. Sure, because that's exactly what Bowles is going to do
  8. this OL is horrible, but it's almost as if McCown is getting sacked on purpose.
  9. Can't wait for the Bowles presser. McCown just needs the other guys to step up.
  10. love this offense. under six minutes, down by 2 scores and dinkin n dunkin
  11. After last week and our 4th win I decided that I may as well start rooting for victories this year. Especially with Fitz this week and the opportunity to be 5-5 with a home game vs Carolina. And then Jets.
  12. At least Bowles didn't name him his starting QB this week. i guess that's a start.
  13. If he's making the same mistakes in year 3 as he did in year 1.. probably not
  14. Question For The Tank Crowd

    I agree with you 110%... I don't post a lot, but I've been a pretty vocal 'tank' guy- i was hoping for some hard fought losses this season and a top 3 pick to get a QB. I'm split on Bowles and the QB position - I think there's something to be said about losing the locker room by playing a young, worse QB - but then again, it's not as if we'd be replacing Joe Montana. if you can't replace Josh McCown, who the fukc can you replace?