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  1. Bryce Petty support group thread

    if last year and the last 11 minutes of last year's game are any indication, i don't think the Jets offense will be set up in a way that will enable Petty to show us any kind of skill, unless that skill is handing off to Matt Forte 30 times
  2. to be fair, i believe Mo dropped in the draft due to his lack of motor.
  3. He posted better numbers last year with Petty than he did with Fitz. So I'm not sure how valid that one is.. But agreed, he would be the only one. I'm just getting old and cranky. I started off on Jets boards as a bright eyed college student cheering Mo Lewis knocking Drew Bledsoe out of the game, and now I'm pushing 40 and am beyond tired of seeing the incompetence year in and year out.
  4. it's not 'tanking' to roll with a young QB and see if they can cut it. And we've had 3 years of Bowles and Mac playing journeyman at QB and nothing to show for the future of the position. Back to Mo - It is probably a move to avoid any injury clause. But again, it's egg on the face of this organization who decided it was Mo who should be given the big deal.
  5. Sure. But here's where you're wrong - Teams play younger QBs who aren't necessarily 'better' all the time. The only way to get better is live game action, and most teams recognize this and will sacrifice a dip in quality at the position for potential future return. But not Todd Bowles and not the Jets. There's a real disconnect in the entire organization and a lack of a coherent plan at turning this roster around.
  6. Quick - name the young talent that has benefited from McCown being under center all year. I'd rather had this team go 1-15 and validate all of our fears about how bad Petty/Hack are rather than run ourselves out of a top QB in this year's draft. It's another wasted season, another kick in the face, another stopgap QB on the way while we piss away our draft on attempting to fix Todd Bowles sh*tshow of a defense.
  7. But but but Bowles says the young QBs aren't good enough to play. And look on the bright side - It's Brian Hoyer time in 2018!
  8. The good news is that Mac will have an additional $10M this offseason to spend once Mo is cut. What should that get us - a 5th year of Buster Skrine?
  9. So this is the guy we decided to keep over Sheldon and Snacks. And we want this GM or coach back because why?
  10. Keeping up with the Tank.

    But it sure felt good for that 15 minutes on that random fall Sunday afternoon.
  11. It's almost as if there wasn't a potential 8th loss and almost certain playoff elimination on the line.... from a coaching staff who has told us they continue to trot out 30-somethings who give us the best chance to win.
  12. Breer's Draft Column

    If I'm the Jets this off season, I use the $90M in cap space to re-tool our OL, resign a few of our contributors (Sefarian-Jenkins, Ealy, Davis) and bring in a #1CB. Draft day I trade whatever it takes to get into the position needed to get Cleveland's #1 overall and I grab the QB at the top of my board. It's time to stop ******* around.
  13. now back to reality - Week 17: Petty hands off to Forte 25 times for 77 yards, and Kerley leads the team with a 5/29 stat line.
  14. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    I think Petty is a backup QB and will prove as such. And I’d still rather see 16 games of him than a 38 year old QB-ing this year
  15. And from a coach who had told us over the years that he plays the journeyman QB year after year because it gives us the ‘best chance to win’. Giving up the game when the playoffs are on the line- not realistically but mathematically .. can’t have it both ways Todd