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  1. I’d be happy to see a ‘coaching competency’ mandate
  2. shuler82

    Contention Begins in 2019

    They wouldn’t exactly had been wrong, either
  3. The hate for this kid is unreal.
  4. Some of you seem to think this is the 2007 OL or the 2009 pre Braylon WR core. The offensive is middle of the pack - not horrid, not great. If Darnold shows he’s ready he should play. This talk of protecting him from ‘the worstz offensive of allz timez’ is borderline Stockholm Syndrome.
  5. shuler82

    Jets Seasoj Tickets Question

    First time season ticket holders have to schedule an appointment with the Jets to receive their season tickets. Clear a day on your calendar and arrange a day to go to Florham Park. They’ll provide you with a low dose of ketamine before they bend you over and insert a 2inch chip implant up your arse. The entire procedure only takes 20 minutes and once it’s done you’re set for life - just make sure to pull down your pants before you sit on the ticket scanner at the stadium- they’re a little finicky and you don’t want to hold up the line.
  6. Man, these ‘told you so’ threads are great before any of these kids even have taken a professional mini camp snap this summer. Im ecstatic with Darnold. Would’ve been happy with Rosen or Mayfield as well. But glad to see the op has already declared Rosen trash. here’s an insane thought - what if it turns out he’s not?
  7. The homie was cut and signed by Cleveland so I think he has just about as much chance of playing a snap for us as Hackenberg does
  8. Going to say it - I’m cautious optimistic about this team. There’s going to some great battles throughout this summer. Now if Bowles could just get his head out of arse we’d be all set.
  9. shuler82

    Welcome to NY/NJ

    Creepy af
  10. Worst center in football = upgraded Winters good in 2016, torn abdominal muscle in 2017 = healthy - upgrade Franchise OTs to be found in rounds 3,4,5,6,7 that would be better than Beacham or Shell = ?????
  11. shuler82

    So does Darnold start in game 1

    Can't wait for week 2, already 0-1, with the Jets down 17-3 in the 2nd quarter. Darnold chants will be off the charts
  12. Cardinals need to trade up for Rosen NOW
  13. If they go Allen Mac needs to be fired and then castrated