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  1. What has shortstack ever accomplished as an OC they gives you faith he’s not just another crony hire? I’ve looked at his resume and he comes up tiny in big spots.
  2. shuler82

    Why no OC announcement yet?

    Kacy. Rodgers. it does matter. When shortstack was the OC of the Bears (after Gase went to Miami) Chicago had one of the worst offenses in football.
  3. something tells he’s going to come up a little short
  4. As OC for the Bears (after Gase went to Miami) he ran that offense into the ground for two years. He’d be a very uninspired hire regardless of who’s calling the plays
  5. Didn’t the Dolphins finish 4th in total defense when he was their DC? He was good enough to land a head coaching gig .. then again so was Bowles
  6. shuler82

    This Oughta Be Fun

    If you’re really done get the **** out of here already
  7. shuler82

    This Oughta Be Fun

    I was about to post the same thing. It’s beyond refreshing to watch a coach pissed off and passionate after a bad performance. I think this organization needs a kick in the arse after the last 7+ years of complacency
  8. Nothing quite says ‘I’ve made it’ in 2019 then working for Yahoo.
  9. If anyone needed any further proof that Manish is just a PR fluffer for the Jets these days. even still, glad Sam’s excited.
  10. shuler82

    20 years ago today...

    Keyshawn had a monster game that day. i didn’t have season tickets in 1998 but by our next home playoff game in 2003 I did... and my 25 year old a$$hole self skipped what would be our last home playoff game to this day to go down to Hampton VA for the reunion of Phish. At least I got to watch that 41-0 drubbing at the local Hooters.
  11. Got competent if not solid QB play from Cutler, Tannehill and Osweiller. Darnold may not be Manning but he’s going to prove to be head and shoulders better than those other guys
  12. If Joes against it it’s probably a good move, bro
  13. shuler82

    Poll Adam Gase vs Matt Rhule

    It’s easy to take the negative viewpoint on everything the Jets do because as history has shown, you’ll usually get proven right. When news leaked about this assistant fall out, I initially agreed that it made the team look bad. But as much as I like the idea of Rhule as an organizational climate changer, he’s never been confused for an offensive mastermind or a QB whisperer. Darnold is the Jets most important asset. This hire had to be someone the team felt could get the most out of him. For all of Rhule’s positives, he’s not that guy. Now is Gase? His past shows mixed signals, but for now I’ll continue to be naively hopeful that the hype of 2016 over him will prove correct this time around now that he has one of the potential best young QBs in the game at his disposal.
  14. shuler82

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    I honestly didn’t know dick about these college coaches and while Gase isn’t the most inspiring hire, I’ll go on record and support the move. It wasn’t that long ago that he was the league’s boy wonder and now he has a QB to mold. Besides, weren’t we all guilty of bending over backwards to felatiate this organization when they hired Bowles? Maybe this guy just needs a second chance and a fresh start... or maybe we’ll be seeing both Gasevand and McCagnan shown the door in two years. Whatever the case it’s out of our hands.
  15. shuler82

    Rhule staying at Baylor

    After four years of Kacey Rodgers, Jeremy Bates and co I can’t totally fault them plus maybe the Jets were hoping to keep Boyer and some of the other staff like Greene around

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