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  1. better group than what we trotted out there most of 2019 and 2020 as starters
  2. Last year’s draft class with a full camp. Particularly Zuniga, Mims, A Davis. Then this years class- Wilson, Vera Tucker, Carter and Moore. Then our FAs - Lawson, Corey Davis. Rounding out with Mosley.
  3. Their two starters literally started for us last year. Young yes but it’s not as if we’re relying on street FAs
  4. I guess I must only start my threads when you’re on one of your vacations.
  5. Give DWC some credit. He didn’t make this post all about him and his fandom and his Nostradamus prediction claims. .nah, he waited until the replies to do that. Baby steps.
  6. Sam Darnold too soon? weirdly enough this is much tougher than in previous years I’ll echo others - either a top TE or pass rusher not named Garrett
  7. You know we’ve had some bad GMs when 95% of the board is sticking up for Sanchez not being even close to our worst draft pick since 2006. And we’re not wrong.
  8. So giving up 17,52 and three scrubs to move up and draft a QB at #5 is now considered a bad move?
  9. Don’t know you beyond your website Max, but this still hits like a punch to the gut. Prayers to your wife for a full recovery.
  10. It’s not my fault you have reading comprehension issues. I said I was intrigued by Carter but the group as a whole isnt much to get excited over.. if anything they’re a breath of fresh air after having Gore crammed down our throats.
  11. What could make a fan base actually excited about a RB room of Coleman, Perine, Johnson and Carter? They’re not Frank Gore. In all seriousness it’s about the scheme and I am intrigued to see Carter, but it’s tough to really be excited about this group.
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