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  1. Oh, it counts. And it counts hard. The question is.. how do we move forward from here?
  2. There’s enough blame to go around for everyone. Sure the talent isn’t there.. but they can’t block a basic blitz. Darnold is having a melt down. The coaching staff has no answers
  3. I’d like to punch Edelman in his little whiny bitch face
  4. agreed. maybe we actually get a PI out of it.. imagine that
  5. If I'm Gase, I run Robby on flys all game.. let Gimore tackle him out there and clear out the field for Crowder, Bell and Thomas.. Let their #1 CB run decoy routes all game long..
  6. I’m assuming by your confusion that you lack eyeballs or are just trolling ..
  7. I don’t think that’s the case, but this injury has to have been a lot more serious than the team let on. Six weeks for what was originally reported as week to week.
  8. The Jets haven’t proven they can run on anyone. I think Belichick looks to confuse Sam and take away the underneath stuff.. let Robbie try to beat Gilmore over the top. As for what the Jets do, I see a lot of extra safety looks and attempts to take away Brady’s short game. On offense we have to get Bell more involved in the passing game and get him the ball in space
  9. Yay! Another thread dissolving into a Jamal Adams pissing match.
  10. you can't put that on Gase.. that was a great drive until that ill-timed pass at the 5 yard line. A TD there an the game feels a lot different.
  11. Didn't Griffin catch 50 passes last year? guy's not a bad TE2..just needed a QB who could find him.

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