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  1. #allthesafeties “ but having taken Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye last season, it’s highly unlikely the Jets make a bid for Bryant.”
  2. shuler82

    KRL Camp Notes Are Coming

    What’s his rate... a half dozen all beef hot dogs?
  3. Funny. You’d think Brady would do well in a place called Dick’s.
  4. shuler82

    Case for Teddy?

    I’ve always thought you were a quality poster.. except for your frequent recent habit to over generalize differenting opinions than yours to make your viewpoint seem more rational. But you’re right - it’s all blah blah and we’re all hoping for the same end result here
  5. shuler82

    Case for Teddy?

    Another Warfish post dealing in absolutes when describing what other posters say or believe. What’s missing from your analysis is a few things- 1) While Bridgewater is a former #1 pick, hes never really been good- even before his injury. A proficient game manager maybe, but not the future of a franchise. There’s a reason the Jets got him on a super cheap 500K one year deal. Speaking of... 2) IF you play Bridgewater and he has a decent season - then what? He won’t be worth the QB franchise tag price but he’ll certainly get more on the open market than we should be willing to offer with Sam waiting in the wings. So he gets the Jets a few 2018 wins and he walks. Another season down the drain. But let’s backtrack a bit.. 3) No one (well maybe a select few) is saying get rid of Bridgewater now and at any cost. And If Darnold truly looks lost in camp and in the preseason no one wants him handed the job. If those situations simultaneously occur, then maybe it is worth throwing away a potential camp trade to net a 3 or 4 for Teddy in order to achieve a year of stable QB play. And if somehow Darnold is the 2nd coming of Hackenberg we could throw money at him next offseason for some stability at the position. BUT- 4) Darnold will not be a bust. Maybe not an all pro, maybe not ready week 1, but this kid is by all accounts our best QB prospect since Namath. He’ll take some lumps this summer, but if looks the part you get him on the field as soon as he’s ready. If he progresses as many expect, that will be sooner than later. If that’s the case, and Bridgewater is healthy and looks good in camp, that’s when the trade comes into play. McCown is the 2018 hold the fort guy, Sam plays when he’s ready, we get a pick for Teddy, and pick up a #2 QB in 2019.
  6. shuler82

    Can we talk receivers?

    Just came across this.. sorry, took me awhile to finish that cold nutsack. I buttfumbled the OP because - Anderson proved he’s not a one trick pony. You can hate him for his off the field crap but he’s legit -Enunwa was more than just decent in 2016. Now we all don’t really know how he’ll come back and respond after the neck injury but he ‘s a big physical mismatch for defenses and if healthy is a great piece for this offense - panning the 2017 rookies after one season. Sure Stewart had underwhelmed but it suddenly looks like Hansen might be a player. I get the frustration with this organization never using high draft capital on offensive skill positions. But just because there’s not a high draft pick or a high priced FA to be found means that this is an underwhelming group. Some are acting as if it’s 2009 and Stuckey/Cotchery/Clowney all over again.
  7. With all due respect to the 8 year old writing this article, his writing style and content makes it seem like I’m reading the writing of an 8 year old.
  8. I think the roster is better than the credit people give it. Young, but emerging. They’re deeper than they’ve been in awhile. The problem is that Bowles is a bottom 5 coach in this league. But hey, even Rich Kotite won 11 games in a year in this league... hopefully Bates is legit and there’s finally enough talent on defense to compensate for Bowles inability to coach
  9. shuler82

    Jets OTA’s June 5th, 2018

    Would your employer punish you for getting a DWI on your own time?
  10. shuler82

    Every NFL Logo Ranked: Jets 31st

    Looking at these results, i'd either guess the median age of the fans who voted to be around 4.7 years of age, or if not, an inordinate number of floopahs participated in the survey.
  11. The jets pick Rice at #14 and the 49ers pick Toon at #16 and is Rice still the best player ever? Or would that be Toon?
  12. I’d be happy to see a ‘coaching competency’ mandate
  13. shuler82

    Contention Begins in 2019

    They wouldn’t exactly had been wrong, either
  14. The hate for this kid is unreal.
  15. Some of you seem to think this is the 2007 OL or the 2009 pre Braylon WR core. The offensive is middle of the pack - not horrid, not great. If Darnold shows he’s ready he should play. This talk of protecting him from ‘the worstz offensive of allz timez’ is borderline Stockholm Syndrome.