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  1. Who are these big ticket OL available in FA? Sign Bell and spend 2 of your first 4 picks on the OL.
  2. Always thought their coach was a Marone
  3. shuler82

    Todd Bowles Presser FIRE HIM

    Does it really matter?
  4. shuler82

    What happens if McKown pulls a Fitzmagic

    Gotta love Jets fans who’d rather ride to 7-9 with 64 year old Josh McCown over breaking in a potential franchise QB. winning games with McCown sets this franchise back.. especially if Bowles uses him in an attempt to save his own arse.
  5. Adams gives it his all every play he's on the field. I'm glad he's pissed off. He should be.
  6. I have little doubt that Bowels is in Bates ear. He hired him wanting to run the ball and be more conservative. Morton 'passed too much' for Bowels. In 2018 saying that should be a fireable offense in the NFL.
  7. Good. Let the players go public. Bowels needs to go.
  8. I spit out my beer. well done.
  9. Dude. You were born in 1996.
  10. shuler82

    They have quit

    And why is Bates the OC? Because Bowles wanted Morton gone for passing 'too much'. Bates is here because of Bowles.
  11. it's a microcosm of what's wrong with this team and its coaching staff.
  12. shuler82

    Fire Todd. Period

    Bowles - we need to execute. create turnovers. Long played fine. we were in the game until the end. we need to execute
  13. think Bowles said 'execute' about 50 times in 5 minutes. Bart Scott comes out and says what Bowles said is 'Bull crap'
  14. Bowles talking about needing to execute better. face palm.

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