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  1. shuler82

    The Awful Maccagnan Is Gone

    I appreciate the emphasis on awful.
  2. Stunned? Surprised maybe. And not unhappy about it either
  3. It’s an easy narrative, and even if it’s rooted in some truth and history, these beat guys are happy to stir the pot at every opportunity. Does this organization deserve the benefit of the doubt? Probably not but not every move needs to be turned into ‘the sky is falling!’ Scenario. Mac sucked. Gase has crazy eyes. Timing appears bad. But until proven otherwise I’ll naively pretend that there’s a plan in place moving forward.
  4. These guys just fuel the SOJ mentality and some of you are all too happy to lap it up.
  5. This post just might be beneath a buttfumble
  6. shuler82

    Francesa, Media on Maccagnan Firing.

    It’s almost as if everyone forgot that a sh*tty GM Mac had proven to be.
  7. Lee is a LB who shies away from contact, and who until an outlier last season where he grabbed an INT, was regarded as a liability in coverage. I have a feeling he's not going to suddenly be unleashed as an all-pro in KC.
  8. shuler82


    well, at least this time you're not proclaiming them to be 'deep'
  9. shuler82


    you're doing it wrong. you're supposed to start your own thread.
  10. A jets fan with the handle Mcgahee 21. Seems about right.
  11. shuler82

    Jets add 16 UDFA

    How was your nap?

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