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  1. If you didn't see this coming, you haven't been watching this franchise for very long.
  2. How do the refs call a hold on THAT in the end zone?
  3. calm down guys.. not like we're playing an 0-11 team this week.
  4. Just a thought.. might not be the wisest move to sit back, not bring pressure and let the Original Ginger pick us apart. Bengals WRs are legit.
  5. Sign me up for 7-8 and a chance to knock the Bills out of the playoffs.
  6. I think there’s something to the fact that Robbies a long strider- a downfield route runner- so when Darnold has to get rid of the ball quickly, Robbie’s not going to be featured in the passing game. I’m days like yesterday when the OL gives Sam some time, he finds Robbie downfield. there was decent interest in Robbie before the trade deadline, and the FA WR market will be bare. Given we have Crowder and nothing else under contract in 2020 I think we have to bring him back.
  7. Never thought I’d be happy to see Fales take the field
  8. Is it okay to like Gase today? Great preparation, great game plan. It’s about time.
  9. Did Gruden challenge that or was it a booth review? Wtf happened?
  10. What’s this review about? Glad they decide not to tell us before going to commercial
  11. Man if Mac only realized his 2018 drafting prowess sooner maybe he wouldn’t had taken Quinnen #3 overall. Then again he definitely would have.

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