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  1. It’s not about the fans. The NFL owners can probably be fine playing to empty stadiums all season. The question is what happens once a player tests positive? Does the team quarantine? Or do they risk playing the next game and spreading it further? I feel like we’ll have an NBA in March situation where they’ll have to pull the plug.
  2. Your definition of funny Is weak
  3. We’ll have a lot of cash... and with all the one year deals, a lot of potential holes. There’s a lot of one year deals so we’ll be in a similar spot next offseason. That’s part of the reason this draft was so important- if guys like Mims, Davis, Hall and Zuniga hit, that will greatly lessen the resources the Jets will have to spend at CB, WR , edge and S moving forward.
  4. That $18M doesn’t factor in Jenkins so it’s closer to $13M... but it also doesn’t yet add the $11M we get from cutting Trumaine Johnson on June 1st
  5. But if CJ doesn’t offer a playoff mandate, what incentive does Gase have to make the playoffs?
  6. NE has $1.7 in cap space right now. Would be interesting to see how they fit Dalton.. especially since he doesn’t own a sports wellness company that the Pats can funnel money to under the table.
  7. The top names on your list are all wishful thinking.
  8. I had my suspicions he was PatTx but he seems too big of a Giants fan for that.

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