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  1. What a douche. Let it go. You were wrong and still are.
  2. Isn’t LaFleur the reason Rodgers wants out of GB?
  3. That FG call is Todd Bowles all over again .. still down by more than a FG and needs a TD
  4. Adding a 25 year old franchise QB IS building the team. I can’t believe we have so many people here against this. It’s the most no-brainer thing the Jets could do.
  5. I heard this story before. Only it was about Mahomes and the Jets sitting at 6. Maybe a trade back, they said. im not a scout or pretend to be by watching YouTube clips but if JD and ML believe in this kid you pick him at #2 and don’t look back.
  6. Because we still have a few overpaid players we can get off the books (Anderson, possibly Fant or Lewis depending on what we draft ) to use toward other areas of need... all the while absorbing Watson’s 2021 cap # - and still be in good position to make a run at a few of the big ticket FAs.
  7. He didn’t break the story. He made a ‘bold’ prediction without any sources. Same as now. Guy knows how to draw ratings.
  8. I like the old rumor mill as well as anyone but Carton is full of sh*t
  9. Yeah. Let’s go back to debating whether the worst statistical QB in the league can be salvaged into the 25th worst.

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