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  1. My first game this year. Miserable conditions but man what a different game day environment from the last few years
  2. If the reason Zach Wilson sucks was because of good defenses and not incompetence then maybe this ‘bears defense bad!’ argument might hold more weight.
  3. Keep on posting this sh*t and keep on being you. if you can’t see the difference we can’t help you.
  4. I'd agree if Zach's problems were the results facing tough defenses instead of the inability to run the playbook, see the field, or throw an accurate forward pass. That will be the same no matter who's lining up against him.
  5. There's 'learning on the job' and there's 34th ranked QB in the NFL with horrid mechanics, no field vision, and makes some throws that would make Hackenburg blush. If Zach Wilson performed as a mere adequate QB this season, no one would be crushing him. He has the play makers. Just look competent and play the part. Dude can't even do that.
  6. Beelzebel is a bit harsh but he definitely has the title of worst QB in football.
  7. Zach will start. If he doesn't produce in the first half, the boos will be deafening and I think he gets a 2nd half hook.
  8. Ohhhhh FFS Jeremiah. Enough with the excuses. Mac Jones went 23-27 in the same conditions with a defensive line that was crushing him anytime he dropped back more than three steps. And the game film is showing Zach actually played worse than what we saw on the tv broadcast. Going to be a long week.
  9. You’re better than this. Zach is holding this team back. Emotions run high after the 12 year sh*t show we all just sat through
  10. We drafted Zach #2 overall. He’s supposed to carry the team, not look lost anytime his first read isn’t there.
  11. Hack didn’t hold this franchise back nearly what Zach is doing. That alone makes him worse.
  12. Home crowd next week. Organization can’t hide. If Zach comes out flat going to get ugly.
  13. Sauce admitted in his post game that the defense believed they needed to score to win the game.
  14. The refs did us a favor. Anyone want to watch 10 minutes of 3 and outs from Zach in OT followed by the back breaking int that gives the pats a game winning FG?
  15. Watching the SNY post game and I love this team. Stand up high quality guys. Saying the right things but clearly disappointed. Then there’s Zach. 9 for 22. but not his fault.
  16. It was a sh*tty way to lose a game but did anyone expect they’d win by the 3rd quarter?
  17. Saleh quickly shoots down the Mike White question and says it’s on the coaches
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