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  1. Sauce admitted in his post game that the defense believed they needed to score to win the game.
  2. The refs did us a favor. Anyone want to watch 10 minutes of 3 and outs from Zach in OT followed by the back breaking int that gives the pats a game winning FG?
  3. Watching the SNY post game and I love this team. Stand up high quality guys. Saying the right things but clearly disappointed. Then there’s Zach. 9 for 22. but not his fault.
  4. It was a sh*tty way to lose a game but did anyone expect they’d win by the 3rd quarter?
  5. Saleh quickly shoots down the Mike White question and says it’s on the coaches
  6. Not sure. We all thought he was the problem last year too until Zach got hurt. he can be better, no doubt. But tough to put it on his shoulders
  7. Against Fields too. Recipe for disaster. Fields looks electric early and Zach struggles, look out.
  8. They should be.. Too bad the offense sucks so bad it takes the joy out of watching them.
  9. Home crowd coming off this game.. going to hear the Mike White chants during warm ups. I may or may not be leading them.
  10. Not sure how it’s possible but Zach is the worst QB we’ve drafted in the last 15 years.
  11. Crowd is going to be brutal next week. Mike White chants pregame.
  12. They don’t have the balls to bench Zach. We deserve better.
  13. A QB needs to be able to see the field. It’s pretty apparent Zach does not. Painful to watch.
  14. I'd suspect we'll hear more about Fant, Mitchell and Davis once the team returns to practice next week. Brown is entrenched as our LT, which is bad news for Fant since Fant plays much better on the left side. It will be interesting if the team messes with the OL and puts Fant at RT when he's healthy, or if they roll with what's been working. Mitchell probably returns to a bench role- what the team envisioned for him before all the injuries. Looking at 2023, I'd think the plan is to roll with Brown at LT for another year, Mitchell at RT unless Becton finally.. (nah, it will be Mitchell) AVT and Tomlinson at G, and I'd guess they bring back McGovern. Wildcard is if they decide to cut Tomlinson ($8M cap savings but $8M dead money) and bring back Herbig, but I think Herbig is playing himself into a nice starters contract this offseason. Plus Tomlinson is starting to play how the Jets expected he would. Too many lineman. What a good problem to have.
  15. Nope. It’s asinine. We’ve seen Moore’s talent. Scheme a way to get the ball into his hands 3-5 times a game. Besides Garrett he’s the biggest playmaker our offense has.
  16. The idea that they'd deactivate Moore so that Jeff Smith can play special teams is asinine.
  17. For as much of my life I waste lurking and occasionally posting here, it's pretty sad I usually can't match old troll usernames with their current incarnation.
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