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  1. Jets gonna Jet. no answer for Baltimore’s rushing attack. Can’t cover their TEs. offense looks decent but can’t get into the end zone. Ravens 58 Jets 9
  2. This is your most optimistic post since 2021 Jets/Colts 1st quarter!
  3. Crowder is reliable, has pretty good hands and is a nice safety valve. Was that way for four years with the Jets and was the same player with Buffalo last night.
  4. Better thing Flacco is quick on his feet
  5. I’d not be using Will Parkinson tweets as a source. Dude throws sh*t all the time. But with Brown missing the last two practices can’t say it’s not highly likely
  6. Great post. Flacco is fine. At this point all we can do is hope he can lead us to at least one win in the first three, and that Zach comes back vs Pitt ready to go and with the season not already a lost cause.
  7. Because he's spending Monday and Tuesday teasing up that Zach is working out so that he can name Flacco the starter tomorrow.
  8. Seriously, after 10 years of sh*t football, who gives a **** about optics? If Zach is cleared to play and can practice, you play the kid. You don't sit him because you're scared to play him. He'll have a normal practice week to prep. Time for Zach to show us if he can play. He apparently made 'big steps' this season if the off season hype machine can be believed. Let's see it. That said, I'm not sure I read anything into Saleh's interviews this week until they make an announcement- obviously they're trying to play some dumb game with the Ravens and keep them guessing.
  9. Gonna trip over a bar set that low. We have overhauled the roster. We have talent. We have 4 top 40 picks. We have a 2nd year #2 overall QB. The days of longing to be competitive and talks of 2-7 starts being 'okay' should be over. Zach needs to produce in the first half like an NFL QB, and this team needs to win a few games in Sept and October, brutal schedule or not. A sh*t start followed by some competitive games against bottom dwellers shouldn't cut it for anyone.
  10. Might want to look in the mirror. I said if hes cleared to practice this week he should play. One week is what you typically get to game plan for an opponent. If the staff holds him back because he’s not mentally prepared then it says all the off season hype about Zach taking a step was BS.
  11. So if Zach can practice this week he shouldn’t play because he only had a week to prepare for Balt, but should play next week vs Cleveland.. with a week of game planning for Cleveland? got it
  12. So he hasn’t been in the meetings or at practice? If he’s cleared and can practice this week sitting him is basically a cover up- same as when they held him out for a few extra weeks last season . and if that’s what they have to do in year 2 we’re in trouble
  13. If he’s cleared physically he should be on the field week 1. If you’re worried about his mental makeup after sitting a few weeks then you’re conceding he doesn’t have what it takes to succeed. enough with the kid gloves. Time we see what he is
  14. Going to save it for whoever ends up wanting my tickets. But if they don't need it, will let you know.
  15. My nine year old son is starting up tackle football this season, and his games are on.... SUNDAY. At 3:00pm. Through October. As a season ticket holder ... **** me. So I can't make it to any of the home Sept/Oct games.. starting off with opening day vs Baltimore. Two tickets. Section 148. Row 26 on the aisle. Face value- $130 per ticket. Can throw in the parking pass if needed.
  16. if you could diagnose an ACL tear from your living room perhaps if you bend over and squint hard enough you might be able to see whether Zach's practicing with the team today
  17. Pretty sure he likes Pinnock signing with his Giants.
  18. JIC, I'll start the online petition to get Tony to change his number to 33.
  19. Pretty sure that was in reference to off season cuts before yesterday's big cut down. They've had four guys they've waived get picked up else where.
  20. At the game. So glad Saleh decided to sit our starters because we ‘won’ practice. No worries - we’re 6-27 in our last two seasons.
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